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The Herald reports on those alleged outlander graffiti artists arrested at a Red Line yard yesterday before they could mark up trains and attend a naked-dancer soiree at a secret Fort Point location (oh, OK: 327 Summer St., but don't let anybody know) tonight. The Globe explores the possibility that one of our favorite LiteBriters was slated to attend the party.

One of the people arrested is Marius Schmieling of Dortmund, Germany. Schmieling, 25, he started tagging when he was 12 (in German, translated at Babelfish).

Germans apparently have a different attitude toward graffiti than we do. Rather than try to eliminate it entirely, some German cities hire taggers to take care of individual subway/monorail stations (hmm, actually, anybody remember when Cambridge-Lee Industries let people tag up their wall near the Allston turnpike entrance - as long as they stayed within the silohuettes of people?). Dortmund hired Schmieling to "arrange" one station.

Last year, he participated in a project to spray paint 66 fiberglass winged rhinos. Here's his.

Portrait of the artist as a young rhino designer:

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Capn Ho reports an interesting sight on the way to work from South Station yesterday:

... Many of the offices are on the first floor and you can see in through the windows, not that I make a habit of peeking in.

So, as I'm walking down the street, I notice this guy sitting at a desk with his back to the window. He's looking at a laptop, which happens to be open to a porn site! ...

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Jay Fitzgerald likes the idea of turning those old brick buildings in Fort Point Channel into a new neighborhood. But then he reads the developers want to label the area BWCo:

... These guys think they're so hip. But they don't have an original thought in their bodies. FYI: The word 'brand' is mentioned. Can't just call it 'Fort Point' or 'Boston Wharf.' Too much local flavor, I suppose. ...

And just a short Silver Line ride to Eabo.

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Spatch reports that birds of the falcony ilk buzzed him last week by Fort Point Channel:

... Two of 'em there were, swooping out over the water. One swooped so close to me that I could hear the fwoosh as it went by. ...

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Michael reads the news that that alleged drug lab where MIT graduate Kevin McCormick died was actually set up to make more sophisticated drugs than meth and says it all might just be a continuation of a long tradition at Cambridge colleges:

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But a "designer drug" lab, instead. The Globe reports on court papers in the case of that alleged sex club / meth lab at 369 Congress St. No meth, but plenty of other drugs and drug pre-cursors, including LSD, magic mushrooms and plenty of chemicals for making West Coast-style designer drugs:

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JL wonders about the effect on the burgeoning art and residential areas in and around Fort Point Channel of the death of Kevin "Frostbyte" McCormick in an alleged sex club/meth lab:

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His death will probably forever outshadow his life, but Kevin McCormick was a sculptor who worked in an unusual medium: Blinking lights. You can see some of his work online:

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Joel predicts:

You just know that at least one "Law & Order" associate producer is cutting and pasting today's Globe and Herald stories about the death of MIT-educated artist Kevin McCormick in lurid circumstances in Fort Point. ...

Michael ponders his death:

... Heard on the radio news on the way to work - HAMSTERS were discovered in the basement of the Condo. There is a major story shaping up on a VERY weird sex & drug party syndicate. This confirms our longtime conviction that, contrary to the general public conception, MIT guys are some of the most serious partiers on the currect collegiate circuit, and that's saying a lot.

J. works across the street from the place:

The building is square, 8 stories tall, white, made of brick and concrete, and concrete stairs are shadowily visible through the dirty windows on the corners, so of course it's hard to think we were able to imagine it containing anything else. Also, it seems that we all really like saying "meth lab." ...

Jonelle also works nearby:

... The meth lab/fetish palace in question is about 200 yards from my office and (more crucially) shares a building with our favorite South Boston bar. If only we'd known! Afternoon meetings would have been far more tolerable.

I wonder how many times reporters will mention that the alleged "kinky dungeon of drugs" (as Channel 7 so discreetly put it last night) is near the Children's Museum - and how long before somebody like Bill O'Reilly starts denouncing Boston for letting perverts molest children like that.

Oh, my God! Like, the meth lab is only a couple of city blocks away from the Childrens' Museum!!!


Source: The Boston Atlas

About Kevin McCormick's art.

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Spatch's new job is in one of those big old brick buildings near Fort Point Channel, and he is loving the walk to work: