South Boston

By - 11/7/08 - 4:06 pm

Then again, she was using it to bash in another woman's car, Boston Police report.

By - 11/6/08 - 5:52 pm

Boston Police report a mugging at W. Broadway and C Street involving a gang of eight black males, let by a black male, 6'2", 220 pounds, wearing a black hat, gray hoodie and gray sweatshirt on Sunday afternoon. The victim was robbed of $375, a Seiko watch and a Spring cell phone.

By - 11/6/08 - 4:25 pm

Boston Police report that shortly after 10 p.m. on Halloween, a black male, about 28, 6'2" with a thin build and mustache and wearing a black hoodie, baggy jeans and a gold earring, knocked on a door on the 200 block of W. 8th St.:

[He] stated "I don't want your candy I want your money." The victim struck the suspect with a cane knocking him to the ground. Suspect fled on F St towards W 7th.

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Fake blood, one hopes. In any case, there's a meeting on Nov. 10 (7 p.m. at the Gavin Middle School), at which the "locations department" of the 1,512th movie/TV show about Irish-American thugs shooting up South Boston will explain how they plan to minimize the inconvenience they will cause local residents by, oh, closing up streets so they can film actors getting shot or garroting their enemies or blowing up police cars. Or something like that.

Filming of the cable show with a working title of "War of '04" will take place between Nov. 17 and mid-December "in several Boston neighborhoods," according to a flier about the meeting, which adds: "The show features locations in Boston and portrays a fictional world of Irish-American gangsters struggling for underworld control."

I'm betting one of those locations will be in Charlestown, Boston's other premier location for depictions of Irish thuggism (click to Sam Baltrusis's list and you'll see the "War of '04" may be the Spike TV pilot directed by Walter Hill).

Hey, there are a lot of Irish-Americans living in Westie. How come nobody ever films shoot-em-ups on its gritty streets. For that matter, how come the Real Deal has a whole menu full of wraps named for Italian and Jewish gangsters (like the "Frank 'Lefty' Rosenthal" marinated chicken terayaki wrap), but not a single one named for Whitey Bulger?

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Alicia reports the driver on the 9 bus in South Boston this morning was not grumpy:

... Today, as I breathlessly boarded the bus, while fumbling for my pass, the driver smiled brightly and said, "Good morning!" Completely caught off guard by her greeting, I said, "uh, hello..?"

By - 11/1/08 - 4:11 pm

Boston Police report that an armed robbery on Columbia Road ended with a SWAT team going into a Pilsudski Way apartment, arresting six guys and confiscating three weapons, two with high-capacity magazines and laser sights - which a man in a wheelchair was sitting on.

Police say that around 7:07 p.m., officers responded to an armed-robbery report: A man walking on the 1100 block of Columbia Road was approached by three black males who, after making some chitchat, then demanded money. When he said he had none, the grabbed his cell phone, then fled - with the man and witnesses in pursuit. They caught up with the thugs in front of 20 Pilsudski Way and began fighting, at least until one of the thugs, who turned out to be 15, showed up with a gun, yelling "You got a problem with me?" When the victim and the do-gooders then spotted a second guy in the window with a "two-handled firearm," they fled.

Officers responding to their call eventually formed a perimeter around the building, then called in the SWAT team when somebody in the apartement saw them and pulled the shade down:

After all the appropriate personnel responded, officers were able to peacefully gained entry to the apartment, and secured all occupants. Six males and three female individuals, one of whom was a male in a wheelchair, were removed from the apartment and pat frisked for weapons. Later on, the individuals were removed from the apartment and a more thorough frisk was performed on the occupants. During a more thorough frisk of the occupants, officers discovered suspect, Edwin Prosper, who was seated in the wheelchair, sitting on three firearms."

Edwin Prosper, Jr., 22, of South Boston was charged with three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and numerous counts of unlawful possession of ammunition. Charged with armed assault with intent to rob: Jorge O. Gomez, 21, of Dorchester, Ritchie Prosper, 18, of South Boston, Jean D. Valbrun, 17, of Hyde Park, Marques R. Kersey, 18, of Dorchester, and a 15 year-old juvenile from Jamaica Plain.

Innocent, etc.

By - 10/31/08 - 2:07 pm

Boston Police report that a woman was hit by a small bus around 5:35 p.m. yesterday at 73 Seaport Blvd.

Passengers on the bus say the victim fell into the side of the bus. Witnesses further state that they saw the victim lose her balance and fall backwards from the sidewalk into the side of the passing bus.

The woman, 35, was taken to Mass. General, where she died. Police say they consider her death accidental.

By - 10/30/08 - 4:51 pm

Boston Police report arresting a man for kicking another guy in the face at Murphy's Law, 852 E 1st St, around 1:47 a.m. on Oct. 25. A woman also reported being kicked by a group of white women.

By - 10/30/08 - 4:38 pm

Boston Police report on three incidents on Monday:

At 4:03 p.m., a woman walking past 30 Rogers St. reported being robbed of her cell phone by three black males - 12-14 years old, although one might have been 11, with ponytails. Two wore gray sweatshirts with black doo rags under red hats; one wore a red sweatshirt and a red bandana.

At 9:29 p.m., another woman walking a few blocks away on Dorchester Avenue in Andrew Square reported being mugged by two 13-year-old black males in black hoodies, who took her pocketbook and fled on bikes toward Old Colony.

Around 8 p.m., meanwhile, a delivery man for Alfredo's Kitchen reported three to four black males, all about 17, stole the order he was going to deliver to an apartment at 266 E. 9th St. that turned out to be vacant.

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Jason wonders how his neighborhood's trash truck missed his entire street yesterday.

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The Times of London (!) tracks down Zeituni Onyango to "a rundown public housing estate" on Flaherty Way (the West Broadway project). The paper adds:

A second relative believed to be the long-lost "Uncle Omar" described in the book was beaten by armed robbers with a "sawed-off rifle"” while working in a corner shop in the Dorchester area of the city. He was later evicted from his one-bedroom flat for failing to pay $2,324.20 (£1,488) arrears, according to the Boston Housing Court.

Via Blue Mass. Group.

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Jason cannot figure out how a fish came by to be lying in the gutter along Columbia Road. Unless it's a sign of the End Times:

... It's not like the entire area was flooded by Dorchester Bay and this poor guy didn't make it back. I know we had a pretty major storm come through on Saturday night, with pounding rain and heavy winds. But could the storm have carried this fish-thing a good 200 yards from the water to where I found it?

By - 10/24/08 - 7:08 pm

Boston Police report a man getting out of his car at 301 E. 8th St. in South Boston at 7:55 p.m on Oct. 18 was robbed by by two thugs, one with a gun and one with a knife. They're described as black, around 19, both about 5'7" and both wearing black hoodies.

Suspect stated "you got any change" when victim replied no one of the suspects displayed a black firearm and robbed the victim of his wallet and cell phone. Second suspect put a knife to the victim's side.

By - 10/21/08 - 11:01 pm

Channel 4 reports a carjacker pulled away in an Ohio man's car from the Courtyard Mariott tonight - with the man, a police officer back home, here on vacation with his family - still attached. After the man dropped off, the carjacker abandoned the car nearby on Bellflower Street, then got out and forced a woman at gunpoint to give up her Jeep.

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The Globe reports on efforts by Tom Menino to deal with shrinking investment income and cuts in state aid (hmm, the story doesn't mention it, but you gotta think revenue from the auto excise tax is also dropping).

In addition to a hiring freeze, the city is looking at scaling back $120 million in planned capital improvements over the next year - such as repairs and upgrades to parks, schools and sidewalks. Also on the potential chopping block: The proposed move of City Hall to the South Boston waterfront, for which the city had budgeted several hundred thousand dollars this year just in planning costs.

In an effort to jumpstart the local economy, Menino also asked the BRA to speed up its approval for $1.9 billion worth of construction projects in the Back Bay, near South Station and Downtown Crossing, the Globe reports.

By - 10/9/08 - 4:51 pm

Boston Police report on an incident at the M Street park around 10 p.m. this past Friday:

Victim reported that a group of 15-20 white males began making gender based slurs and threw bottles, cans, and eggs at the participants of a football game injuring one of the players.

By - 10/7/08 - 8:13 am

Alicia reports:

On my way to the corner of L and Broadway this morning, I counted 3 different tow companies within 4 city blocks clearing cars away for street cleaning. (Which takes place on Tuesdays between 5 and 7 am.) ... They reminded me of sharks greedily swimming around fresh kill. ...

By - 10/2/08 - 8:09 pm

Channel 5 reports that the Boston Police Accident Review Board determined Officer Jesse Stotts violated several department rules when he plowed into Ann-Marie McNally of South Boston on Nov. 10.

McNally died and Stotts suffered injuries that continue to keep him off the job. At the time, Stotts was responding to a report of an officer in trouble. The board said Stotts entered the intersection of West Broadway and D Street at 52 m.p.h. even though his view of the intersection was obscured.

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Who knew? There's a company in South Boston that rents out beagles trained to sniff out bedbugs.