South Boston

By - 4/22/09 - 10:07 am

Ben Affleck has been bouncing around town filming "The Company Men" and today is apparently near the South Station close to the Dunkin' Donuts on Congress Street. Sam Baltrusis has more info.

By - 4/21/09 - 4:33 pm

Boston Police report arresting a South Boston man yesterday for allegedly ending an argument with a friend last night by getting out a baseball bat and smashing in her car's windshield on W. 9th St.

Officers observed that the windshield was, in fact, smashed.

By - 4/17/09 - 11:11 am

Boston Police report an East Broadway residence was broken into between 1 and 4 p.m. on April 10 and that "the operator of a Boston DPW pickup may have been involved in the theft." The thief or thieves took a Dell laptop and two guitars, but apparently didn't think much of the guitars - they were found in a nearby alley.

By - 4/17/09 - 11:06 am

Boston Police report a man was robbed of his Nokia cell phone, diamond earrings, gold chain and gold bracelet by three black males, one with a knife, around 12:30 p.m. on April 11 at 1 Ellery St. in South Boston.

By - 4/15/09 - 9:07 am

Jason declares: Boston Beer Garden in South Boston has the city's best lettuce wraps:

... I thought the lettuce wraps were always a P.F. Chang's highlight, but after tasting the lettuce wraps at Boston Beer Garden, P.F.'s are quite inferior. ...

By - 4/14/09 - 10:42 am

Good to know that, if people see you unconscious on the tracks at Andrew Station, and the Red Line is approaching, they'll jump down to help.

By - 4/8/09 - 10:32 pm

Area C-6 reports a man was "assaulted and kicked by a group of 5-6 white males 17-20 years" around 1 a.m. on Saturday at K and E. 6 streets. The pack then fled on K Street toward East Broadway.

By - 4/8/09 - 10:26 pm

Area C-6 reports a man walking early Saturday was jumped from behind at E. 8 and I streets by a guy who "punched him several times in the face" but failed to wrest away his wallet before fleeing toward G Street.

The perp is described as a white male, thin, about 6 feet tall and wearing a red and white hoodie and earbuds.

By - 4/8/09 - 8:06 am

Boston Police report a 15-year-old who demanded her iPod back from a kid she says had stolen it from her two weeks ago wound up getting stabbed around 2 p.m. yesterday as the bus drove down I Street.

The male suspect refused to give her back her I-Pod and then the Black female that was accompanying the male suspect attacked the victim. The victim was assaulted before being stabbed. The male suspect then stole the victim's cellular phone. Both suspects jumped from the bus through the rear emergency exit door.

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By - 4/5/09 - 6:30 pm

The long line at Sullivan's:

Sullivan's line

Also, kids clambering all over the place:

By - 4/4/09 - 9:55 am

South Boston's Bill Linehan would instead increase tickets to $100.

By - 4/3/09 - 8:56 am

Karin went for a late-night run last night and was enjoying the foggy, moody - and quiet - air along Broadway. And then, on the last block before home, she started hearing a car horn honking, more and more insistently. At her.

By - 4/2/09 - 11:57 am

A South Boston man who started building a house that violated Boston zoning codes will have to justify his actions in court, the Massachusetts Court of Appeals ruled today, in a decision that reaffirms the rights of abutters to complain about their neighbors in court even if they are real-estate brokers (no, really).

The ruling means the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals will have to justify granting after-the-fact variances to people who start construction projects without permission in violation of the city zoning code.

By - 4/1/09 - 12:19 pm

Because of its expansion through annexation and land reclamation, and because of the vast differences in size between its neighborhoods, making a web-ready neighborhood map of Boston is extremely difficult. Most online neighborhood maps currently available are simple line drawings or text paste-overs.

By - 3/26/09 - 8:40 pm

Boston Police report two pack attacks on Wednesday night.

Around 8:52 p.m., a man reported being surrounded at 39 Telegraph St. by five or six black males, between 15 and 20, who punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground, then continued to beat and punch him before giving up and running away down Mercer Street.

Just nine minutes later another man reported being approached at 290 E St. by seven teen-aged black males in dark clothing who knocked him to the ground and beat him, then stole his cell phone before running toward West Broadway.

By - 3/24/09 - 7:57 am

The third in a series of shows with candidates to replace Sal DiMasi is today (Tuesday, 3/24) at 2:30 p.m. The presumptive leader in the 3rd Suffolk House race is on the Left Ahead! podcast. As former Speaker DiMasi’s fixer, the constituent services guy, Aaron Michlewitz is already well known and respected in the district. Listen in for his strategy to build on that.

By - 3/23/09 - 8:26 pm

17 Msgr. O'Callaghan Way, broke out around 8 p.m., Boston_Fireman tweets. Knocked down about a half-hour later.

By - 3/21/09 - 3:43 pm

Boston Police report arresting three teens on charges they beat and kicked a man in South Boston around 2 a.m. today as part of a robbery.

Ryan Millerick, 18, Patrick Ryan, 17, and a 16 year-old male where charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery following the attack at W. 4th and F streets.

Innocent, etc.