South Boston

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The Herald reports on a struggle between local art groups looking to build an arts center and groups working for housing for veterans over the fate of an old police station.

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Last night, Susan Labandibar of South Boston fired up her copy of Citizens Connect, the mobile app that lets you report problems to the city and see what other people have reported (appless version). As you might expect, it's been dominated of late by reports of potholes and homeowners refusing to shovel their sidewalks. But Labandibar also saw this South Boston report:

Possum in my trash can. Can't tell if it's dead. Barrel in back of 168 west 9th. How do I get this removed?

Labandibar reports:

11:15PM Walked over to West Ninth Street. It’s about three blocks from my house. Locate trash can behind house. Possum? Check. Living? Yep.

Turned the trash can on its side. Walked home. Good night, sweet possum.

Possums sure like their Boston trash cans.

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The Boston Business Journal reports a five-company clean-technology "minicubator" will be moving from Cambridge to the South Boston waterfront.

The news is not necessarily bad for Cambridge, though: All of the five companies are "pre-revenue" and the reason they're being forced out of Boston's Left Bank is because their landlord is tearing down their building for a new biotech facility.

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The Herald reports Cambridge is developing its own benefits package to try to keep Vertex in Cambridge, rather than letting it flee to South Boston - such as municipal "financing incentives."

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Randolph officials are majorly pissed over the 75 truckloads of snow a South Boston property manager had dumped behind a Main Street bakery, right on top of some wetlands that feed the drinking-water supplies of three towns, Channel 4 reports.

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Boston Police report the body of a 36-year-old man was pulled out of the Reserve Channel by Summer Street and Pappas Way around noon today. A preliminary investigation found no obvious signs of trauma on the body, police say.

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South Boston sunset

Sebastian Z. ventured out to Castle Island on a recent cold afternoon for this shot of the Sugar Bowl gazebo.

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District C-6 reports two incidents:

Around 1 a.m. on Jan. 29, a resident at 79 Mercer St. reported interrupting two men trying to break into his apartment.

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The Boston Business Journal reports Vertex might just stay in Cambridge, either because the feds don't approve the drug on which its expansion hinges or because they accept a competing offer from Cambridge to move into new space on Binney Street.

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A concerned citizen alerts the city this morning about a situation on Foster Street in Brighton:

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Unhappy campers at G Street and East BroadwayUnhappy campers at G Street and East Broadway

Ed. note: Amy Ewing e-mailed this photo and the following complaint:

I am a reasonable person. I understand that there is snow, and issues that come up during snow and cold weather. But am I wrong to think that THIS IS NEW ENGLAND?!?! It does this every &$*(& year. Why is it that the MBTA cannot manage to get it together so that they don't leave tons of people on the frigid, un-shoveled, icy sidewalks of Boston in temperatures that could actually cause people hypothermia or worse?

This morning what I experienced was 1) inexcusable and 2) unacceptable. I am seriously considering paying the $400 per month to park, which means I will be driving my car the 3 miles to work because the bus cannot get me to work on time. I cannot rely on the public transportation system.

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The Boston Business Journal reports on a win for the Innovation District - Vertex Pharmaceuticals will move to Fan Pier in a couple years so it can consolidate what are now scattered departments into a two adjacent buildings.

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District C-6 reports:

There have been multiple reports of the theft of packages after they have been delivered to address in South Boston. The packages were from Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS, and other delivery services. The suspects may be following the delivery trucks on their routes.

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Suzanne LeeSuzanne LeeSuzanne Lee, former principal at the Josiah Quincy School, said today she's running for the District 2 council seat held by Bill Linehan:

I've dedicated my entire adult life to making things better for the community, by bringing people together to solve problems. As City Councilor I aim to bring my passion for activism, my commitment to public education, and my ability to solve problems to make Boston a place where all working families can have affordable housing, decent jobs, and thriving neighborhoods.

Earlier this year, Lee helped organize an effort to restore a branch library to Chinatown.

The daughter of immigrants, Lee grew up in Grove Hall, went to Girl's Latin (now Boston Latin Academy) and became the first person in her family to attend college. She spent 35 years as an educator in the Boston school system.

Lee said she's already raised $24,000 for her bid to unseat Linehan for the right to represent South Boston, the South End and Chinatown.

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Alleged ATM thievesAn alleged pair of lunkheads managed to steal an ATM from a Beacon Hill pizza place early this morning and lug it back to South Boston - only to promptly get arrested - officials say.

Gerald Perkins, 37, and William Tierney, 24, were arraigned today in South Boston District Court on charges of receiving stolen property, breaking into a depository and breaking and entering, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Tierney was also arraigned on charges of possession of burglarious tools and possession of a Class B substance - the DA's office says police found about 30 Gabapentin painkilling pills.

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Washing down hot spotsWashing down hot spots on Saratoga Street. Photo by Boston Fire Department.

The cause of a 1 a.m. fire at 645 Saratoga St. remains under investigation, the Boston Fire Department reports.

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Channel 7 reports Nstar crews this morning were continuing to try to stop an underground wire under Bolton Street from smoldering. Nearby residents had to be evacuated last night due to high carbon-monoxide levels from the wires.

The Boston Fire Department reports fire crews responded shortly after 9 p.m. to 305 Bolton St.

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Waterfront lights

Greg MacKay strolled around the South Boston waterfront one recent night. On another recent night, Julie Ciollo watched the sun go down from the top of the Prudential.

Boston at sunset

Copyright Greg MacKay and Julie Ciollo, respectively. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

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Snowed-in bridge

Yesterday, it was River Street in Hyde Park. Today's example of municipal non-compliance with muncipal ordinances comes from W. 2 Street in South Boston, where, as one resident complained to the city this morning:

Please shovel snow. Can't cross bridge. Almost got jut by an MBTA bus walking in the street again.

Ed. note: If you have the city's Citizen Connect mobile apps, you can browse snow complaints in the app. If you don't, though, the city has a Web site for that.