South Boston

By - 9/14/08 - 9:53 am

Sam Bertusis reports that What Doesn't Kill You, a buddy-criminal movie set in South Boston ("where small-time crimes were as common as confessionals"), got high praise at the Toronto Film Festival.

By - 9/5/08 - 2:55 pm

Boston Police report that a man wielding a sword walked into Jamie's Variety, 113 H St. in South Boston shortly after 2 p.m. on Sept. 1 and demanded money. However, the man, clad in a black hoodie and wearing a mask, fled before finishing the robbery, police say.

More successful was a guy in a green Irish knit sweater and Timberland boots who held up the Tedeschi's at 405 W. Broadway with a knife near midnight on Aug. 31. He got away with $100, police say.

By - 8/29/08 - 8:45 pm

Boston Police report a group of five or six alleged thugs standing outside Murphy's Law, E. 1st and L streets, beat at least two people in the head with beer bottles, sending them to Mass. General with multiple injuries shortly after 2 a.m. on Wednesday. The assailants were described as white, between 18 and 20.

Also click on the link to read about a man stabbed repeatedly in the back at 109 Mercer St., also in South Boston, around 11:47 p.m. the same day. Police say they are looking for two black men in their early to mid-20s, one with medium-colored skin and braided hair, the other were dark skin and an afro.

By - 8/22/08 - 8:27 pm

Now, don't get me wrong. I thought "Good Will Hunting" was a very good movie and am glad it won a couple of Oscars. And it does a far better job at capturing the real Boston than, say, "Celtics Pride" or "Blown Away" (to the point of including a line that only a local who was around before CharlieCards would understand: "He wanted to get you a T pass"). But even a movie written by a pair of locals has its errors:

Mind your Ps and Qs

When Lambeau goes to the boiler room to find out who the genius kid is, the head blob janitor eventually pulls out an index card that lists Will's address as "Q Street." There is no Q Street in South Boston (or anywhere else in the city).

Who da Man?

When Will walks out of court, he crosses in front of a blue-and-white "Metro Police" car. Boston no longer has any Metro Police, but even when we did, their cruisers never shared the blue-stripe-on-white scheme of Boston police.

Next stop: Quincy-Adams

Quick geography lesson: MIT is north of South Boston. Dorchester is south of South Boston. So why was Will always shown going through Dorchester on his way home from MIT? Maybe he was so deep in thought he kept missing his stop?

By - 8/22/08 - 8:26 am

Channel 4 reports a man on a party cruise on the Provincetown II was gunned down in the Anthony's Pier 4 parking lot around midnight. Despite the presence of several state troopers, there for crowd control, the gunman managed to disappear.

By - 8/15/08 - 10:31 pm

Boston Police report a deliverywoman for Alex's Pizza was held up by two masked gunmen around 10:44 p.m. on Wednesday at 31 Logan Way. They made good on their promise to not hurt her if she handed over her money ($35) and her cell phone.

By - 8/7/08 - 8:07 pm

Boston Police report a takeout delivery guy for South Boston Chinese was approached by two masked black men at 40 Dalessio Ct. When he heard a clicking sound from one, he left the food and fled.

By - 8/2/08 - 1:59 pm

Boston Police report a disagreement between a couple of construction guys turned into a potentially nasty brawl that had to be broken up by co-workers.

Police say a welder at a construction site at 229 A St. in South Boston told another worker to stop walking near him because it was dangerous shortly after 1 p.m. yesterday. Police say the worker disregarded the instructions, one thing led to another and when the worker picked up a hammer and made threatening motions, the welder "commanded" him to put it down and fight like a man. Which he did. Then:

While fighting the suspect observed suspect #2 out of the corner of his eye grab a crow bar and lunge at him to strike him with it. The victim reported that he attempted to avoid being hit but was nevertheless hit in the rib cage with the crow bar.

Edison Gonzalez, 29, of Manchester, NH, and Serafin Rosario, 46, of Lawrence were both charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

Innocent, etc.

By - 7/17/08 - 12:10 am

Maybe the guy just couldn't wait to get inside and the front porch was oh so convenient:

... To Nick's great relief, the man was wearing underwear, but his relief was quickly replaced by horror as the man whipped himself out of his briefs and proceeded to pee off the front porch in broad daylight. ...

By - 7/16/08 - 10:36 pm

But Boston Police need to review their techniques and training for emergency situations to reduce the odds of more crashes, Suffolk County DA Dan Conley says.

Conley announced today that his office found no reason to charge Officer Jess Stots with the death of Ann-Marie McNally in a collision at West Broadway and D Street on Nov. 10, 2007.

Stots was racing toward a report of an officer in trouble and a man with a knife when he entered the intersection just as McNally did.

By - 7/11/08 - 5:19 pm

Boston Police report he got $500 out of the cash register of the W. Broadway store around 8 p.m. yesterday, then escaped in a taxi.

By - 7/9/08 - 12:10 pm

The Herald reports South Boston state Sen. Jack Hart is proposing moving the Aquarium to Southie, City Hall to the Aquarium site and, um, something to City Hall Plaza (ooh, I know, I know: Luxury apartments!).

Of course, the same exact argument made against moving City Hall to South Boston (lack of real mass transit, unless you consider the Silver Line real mass transit) would apply to the Aquarium.

By - 6/25/08 - 12:15 pm

Tom Menino sure pulled a good one on him, slipping $2 million into the city budget to study moving City Hall to South Boston, which Flaherty managed to vote for even though he opposes the move, because, well, it was on page 342 of the budget:

In an interview after the hearing, he said that he did not realize he had already voted to approve the funding for the studies.

As a reporter, I once covered a similar issue in Natick - when one selectman realized he'd been similarly, if not quite so back-of-the-bookishly, bamboozled, he said "If I'd realized what I was voting for, I would have voted against myself."

No offense to Natick, but shouldn't we expect more from Boston councilors, who, after all, get paid full-time wages? Surely a man who would be mayor of Boston would realize he has to be on guard when it comes to the man who is mayor of Boston - even if he does have a point about spending $2 million on a study like that in times like these.

By - 6/15/08 - 3:48 pm

The headline of that particular BPDNews item really tells you all you need to know about why a local man was arrested on East Broadway in Southie yesterday evening:

When asked to explain his actions, the suspect told officers, "I had to go real bad."

Also click on the link to read how a bunch of out-of-towners learned that if Boston police are breaking up your party and telling you to clear out, "we ain't going anywhere" is not the correct reply.

And read about how the local constabulary is cracking down on Cambridge cabbies and unlicensed livery guys picking people up for fares in downtown Boston.

By - 6/9/08 - 7:01 pm

South Boston gets a taste of what Roxbury's been going through of late - developers trying to change the boundaries of the neighborhood - and it doesn't like it one bit.

By - 6/1/08 - 5:07 pm

289 E. 8th St. around 11 p.m. yesterday: Curtis Ashford, 24, found with multiple stab wounds, pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

UPDATE: Three men charged for his stabbing death.

By - 6/1/08 - 11:13 am

This is a great story. And a very depressing one.

DJDiva is outraged:

... Where were these children's grandparents? How could they let their drug addict, criminal, scum bag children continue to have custody of their children after DSS placed the kids in the grandparents custody? Where was DSS all this time? But more to blame is the parents, grandparents, and neighbors that KNEW what was going on! ...

By - 5/24/08 - 11:44 am

At first, it seemed like a wild goose chase as Jason ran around South Boston looking for the townie turkey:

... Walk up to E. 7th St, and I see a lady staring eastward at nothing in particular.

"Did you see the turkey?" I shouted?

"Yeah, it went down H St." ...

Nothing on H Street. But then he saw the crowd.

By - 5/9/08 - 5:04 pm

A Boston Police report describes three incidents of people getting knocked to the ground: