South Boston

By - 4/14/16 - 1:54 pm
Seaport Lane

Photo by Melissa Birch.

UPDATE: All clear given around 2:05 p.m.

Congress Street is shut at D Street as State Police and Boston firefighters investigate a suspicious package at 1 Seaport Lane.

It's the second time Congress has been shut today - earlier, a manhole fire briefly shut the road at Farnsworth Street.

By - 4/9/16 - 1:37 pm
Proposed 100 A Street building in South Boston

The new 100 A St.

The Zoning Board of Appeals this week approved the replacement of Williams Tavern, 100 A St. and the Stadium Sports Bar, 232 Old Colony Ave., with the sort of fancy new housing that is rapidly taking over the neighborhood. Read more.

By - 4/8/16 - 11:46 am

James Mahlon Tower wasn't just the owner of Hub Video in South Boston:

Jimmy loved Jujyfruits, Chinese food, banana splits, Bugs Bunny, the zipper lane and polo shirts. He was quite fond of people’s ears (especially earlobes).

H/t Eileen Murphy.

By - 4/8/16 - 10:38 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today it had no reason to overturn Adam Cassino's first-degree murder conviction for the death of neighbor Barbara Tagen, 65, in her Andrew Square apartment in 2011.

The ruling means Cassino will spend the rest of his life in state prison without chance of parole. Read more.

By - 4/7/16 - 6:08 pm
Car with alarm going off

A possibly sleep-deprived citizen reported at 11:04 a.m. that this mini-van's alarm had been "going off every 15 minutes or so for the past 5 hours."

At 5:45 p.m. Jana reported the damn thing was still going off. She added somebody left a note on the car, but that the car's windows are still intact.

By - 4/4/16 - 8:00 am

The Globe reports on a possible residential tower at 7 Channel Center. Current zoning there would only allow roughly seven stories, but that wouldn't be financially feasible, the developer says.

By - 4/1/16 - 12:57 pm
Wad of tickets

A concerned citizen reports on a car that has been sitting on Gates Street "for weeks without moving" (see earlier report) - but whose owner seems a bit put out by the parking tickets he or she keeps getting. Time for a little hook action, the citizen urges.

By - 4/1/16 - 7:44 am

Friends and co-workers of Brian Caron, killed by an ammonia leak at Stavis Seafood in the Boston Marine Industrial Park last week, will remember him tonight with a vigil in South Boston.

The remembrance, organized by the Boston Seafood Workers Alliance, begins at 6:30 p.m. at District Hall, 75 Northern Ave., followed by a candlelight procession down Summer Street to the Stavis Seafood plant.

By - 3/29/16 - 12:22 pm

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday whether the Playwright, 658 E. Broadway in South Boston, could have done anything to prevent a Feb. 6 incident in which a patron decided it was a good idea to beat another man in the head with a beer bottle - and to keep beating him in the head with the bottle even after it broke, opening a gash that required both staples and stitches to close. Read more.

By - 3/25/16 - 6:40 pm
Proposed condo building at 327 W. 1 St. in South Boston

A developer has proposed a 5-story condo building on what is now half of a parking lot at 377 W. 1 St. in South Boston.

Donald Clancy is proposing to use the roughly 8,000-square-foot lot for a building with nine condos - six with two bedrooms and three with three bedrooms - and 15 parking spaces in a first-floor garage. Some space on the first floor would be set aside for commercial use - likely a restaurant - according to his filing with the BRA. Read more.

By - 3/25/16 - 2:55 pm
Easter Bunny behind bars in South Boston

Capt. John Greland at District C-6 reports:

Easter Bunny arrested no permit for Easter Eggs.

By - 3/25/16 - 11:17 am

The Globe reports that GE probably won't actually be buying those two Necco Street buildings from Proctor and Gamble - instead, the BRA will buy them, then let GE occupy them rent-free for 20 years.

By - 3/24/16 - 12:25 pm

UPDATE: Original "World Refrigerator Headquarters" headline changed, because GE is selling off its consumer-appliances division.

GE announced today it's buying a couple of buildings and land on Necco Street from Proctor and Gamble for its new world headquarters. Read more.

By - 3/23/16 - 6:48 pm
Firefighters in hazmat suits at marine industrial park ammonia spill

Hazmat team going in. Photo by BFD.

A worker at a Stavis Seafood facility at 7 Channel St. died from ammonia exposure tonight, Boston Fire officials report.

Firefighters responded shortly before 6 p.m. and tried to go into the Stavis Seafood cold-storage facility in the Boston Marine Industrial Park but were driven back by the ammonia, John Walsh, BFD chief of operations said. Firefighters in special hazmat suits were able to enter the building around 6:48 p.m. Read more.

By - 3/23/16 - 2:35 pm

Boston Police report nabbing the guy who robbed the Citizen's Bank branch at 441 W. Broadway yesterday morning after he ran a few blocks away and then got into a cab. Read more.

By - 3/23/16 - 1:21 pm

City councilors deserve a chance to get answers to questions about the proposed IndyCar Boston race this fall, City Councilor Bill Linehan says.

The council today approved his request to look at a possible hearing where councilors can pose questions to IndyCar organizers and city officials who are backing the plan to shut down streets around the South Boston convention center over Labor Day weekend for the race.

By - 3/22/16 - 2:37 pm

A North Attleboro man was ordered held on $25,000 bail yesterday on gun charges affter an incident on an MBTA shuttle bus after the St. Patrick's Day parade, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 3/21/16 - 2:47 pm

Boston Police report arresting four alleged lunkheads for lunkhead-type behavior during yesterday's extended-version St. Patrick's Day parade - none from anywhere near South Boston. Read more.

By - 3/21/16 - 12:29 am
Bagpiper in South Boston St. Patrick's Day parade

Arturo Gossage took a lot of photos at the St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston.

Copyright Arturo Gossage. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.