South Boston

By - 1/9/14 - 2:31 pm

Police are looking for a man who stole a gold claddagh ring this afternoon from Gold City on West Broadway. Police describe him as a chubby white guy in a scally cap, with a shamrock tattoo on his left hand. He was also wearing a dark suit and a black leather jacket and had an untied tie around his neck as he strolled out of... Read more

By - 1/9/14 - 12:40 pm

The Herald reports on this morning's rescue off Castle Island.

By - 1/7/14 - 6:15 pm

On Sunday, you may recall, police were summoned to Dot. Ave. and W. 4 Street to deal with a suspicious bag that turned out to contain hockey pucks.

Capt. John Greland at C-6 reports today that somebody didn't just deposit a package of pucks there - they came out of the back of a pickup truck:

The owner's tailgate was down and they

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By - 1/7/14 - 4:19 pm
Andrew suspect

Transit Police report arresting Miguel Velazquez, 20, of Dorchester today on charges he grabbed a disabled man's cane at Andrew station Saturday night and then hit him with it.

Velasquez will be arraigned tomorrow in South Boston District Court on charges of unarmed robbery and assault and batter with a dangerous weapon, police say.

Innocent, etc.

Photo via Transit Police.... Read more

By - 1/7/14 - 8:35 am
Man wanted for Andrew attack

Wanted for attack. Photo by Transit Police.

UPDATE: Arrest made.

WCVB interviews the man who was just standing at Andrew station on Saturday when some guy grabbed his cane and hit him with it.

Meanwhile, Transit Police have released three photos of the man wanted for the attack.... Read more

By - 1/6/14 - 5:16 pm
Telegraph Street in South Boston

An irate citizen complains about space savers on Telegraph Street in South Boston:

WTF?! Space holders in VISITOR PARKING?! Come on! The old Mayor's office was do-nothing on this stuff. I hope Walsh has a backbone.

Separately, the city responds to a similar complaint on Westmoreland Street in Dorchester by saying workers picked up all the cones there.... Read more

By - 1/6/14 - 3:49 pm

Capt. John Greland at C-6 reports that around 11:25 a.m. yesterday, police were summoned to Dorchester Avenue and W. 4 Street for a suspicious bag about the size of a pressure cooker:

Ended up being bag of hockey pucks ... owner notified.

By - 1/6/14 - 11:24 am

UPDATE: Arrest made.

Transit Police report they are looking for the guy in red in this video on charges he attacked and robbed a disabled man around 11 p.m. on Saturday in the Andrew busway.

He was accompanied by the woman in the video, police say.

If he looks familiar, contact Transit Police detectives at... Read more

By - 1/3/14 - 3:05 pm

Per the mayor's office. And you know what that means: 48 hours of space-saving frenzy (and then it all stops, right?).

Ed. note: Video NSFchairs at the end.

H/t JR Strauss.

By - 1/3/14 - 10:59 am

Patrick Maguire gets fed up with Yelp after reading somebody gave the Lincoln Tavern in South Boston just one star, not because of the food, but because they gave her a pizza to go in a generic box:

Maybe it’s a ruse, or maybe Nikki is just looking for a little attention, but restaurant workers have a right to be frustrated and angry when

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By - 1/3/14 - 9:11 am
Summer Street in Boston in the snow and cold

State officials urged people to stay home this morning, and it seems like a lot of people heeded that.

Paul Villanova put on his warm clothes this morning to take photos of an empty Summer Street in Fort Point (above) and an equally empty and windswept Dewey Square:

By - 1/2/14 - 10:03 pm

The L Street Gulf, 57 L St., was held up around 9:50 p.m. by a man, possibly white, in a black mask, black hat, black jacket and black pants, who fled down E. 3 Street towards K.... Read more

By - 1/2/14 - 3:09 pm
I Street parking saver in South Boston

A wary-eyed citizen reports from I Street in South Boston this afternoon:

This is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. This person left for work and left trash on the street to hold a spot. Across the street at 32 I Street another resident left for work and put a foot stool out in their spot (which we moved to park our car because up and

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By - 1/2/14 - 10:26 am

Boston Police report they are looking into what killed a woman whose body was recovered by firefighters around 1:35 p.m. yesterday.

By - 1/1/14 - 5:02 pm
Freezing crazy people in Dorchester Bay off South Boston

One word: Brr!

Greg Cook stayed safely onshore for this morning's annual run into Dorchester Bay by the L Street Brownies in South Boston.

By - 12/21/13 - 11:16 am

Take a look at Scott Parkinson's photo of a partially swallowed bus around 4 a.m. at Dorchester Avenue and W. Broadway, where a water main burst.

Adam reports:

This pothole has been patched over 100 times. The bump was a great reminder everyday that I was home in Southie.

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By - 12/19/13 - 12:30 pm

Surveillance photo from BPD.

Boston Police report they're looking for the guy who made like a bank robber at a South Boston Tedeschi store on Tuesday, passing a note to a clerk to demand money.

Police say the man, white, about 6' and 200-220 lbs. and in his late 20s or early 30s, entered the store at 655 E. Broadway around 6:45 p.m. After handing the clerk his... Read more

By - 12/18/13 - 10:04 pm

The Globe reports the alleged assailant, in his 30s, knocked his 65-year-old neighbor into unconsciousness when they argued over who could park in the space the older guy had paid somebody to shovel out.

By - 12/18/13 - 9:39 pm
Vacuum cleaner space saver in South Boston

Jule Slootbeek couldn't help but photograph this space saver at E. 5 and O streets tonight.

H/t Merryr for the headline.