South End

By - 7/22/09 - 8:13 am

Boston Police tweet a water main break at East Berkeley and Washington shut East Berkeley from Albany to Tremont; was also messing up traffic on Harrison, Shawmut and Mass. Ave. this morning.

By - 7/16/09 - 11:56 pm

Boston Police report charging Charles Williams, 30, with the shooting death of David Brimley, 24, at 617 Shawmut Ave.

Innocent, etc.

By - 7/10/09 - 8:09 pm

Boston Police tweet a five-year-old suffered "severe burns after explosion in backyard of Bradford St home" this evening.

Channel 4 reports the girl was making smores when somebody poured lighter fluid onto the barbecue pit, setting her dress on fire; burned over 30% of her body.

By - 7/9/09 - 2:29 pm

UPDATE: Medical examiner declares death homicide by multiple stab wounds.

Boston Police report the discovery of a man's body at 1740 Washington St., near Mass. Ave., around 8 p.m. on Wednesday:

Upon entering the room, officers located and observed a male, suffering from what appeared to be some degree of trauma, lying motionless on his back.

By - 7/7/09 - 11:52 pm

Well, firefighters are now harassing individual citizens. I got a SPAM phone message form an autobot - the firefighters want me to know how Menino is putting me in danger with firehouse brownouts. (but they didn't tell me why so many firefighters called in sick they had to brown out my local FD..)

So why is harassing me going to get me on their side?

By - 7/7/09 - 7:38 am

Neal Gaffey photographs a New York City taxi at West Concord and Tremont in the South End - the second time he's seen an NYC cab in that area.

By - 7/5/09 - 12:30 am

UPDATE: Suspect arrested.

Boston Police report finding a man, 24, shot repeatedly at 617 Shawmut Ave. around 2:15 p.m. on Saturday - along with a "large group" standing over him. He was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he died.

By - 7/3/09 - 4:41 pm

DennisDaniel Dennis, who already has three OUI convictions under his belt over the past two decades, was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bail today after he was pulled over for alleged drunk driving in the South End early this morning, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says:

A Boston Police officer in a marked cruiser watched Dennis allegedly sail through a red light at the intersection of Clarendon Street and Columbus Avenue shortly after 2:30 this morning. When the officers caught up to the 2003 BMW – owned by Dennis' passenger, who was also intoxicated – Dennis allegedly slowed but did not stop for approximately 200 yards.

Dennis, 45, then tried to make his escape on foot down West Canton Street; however, officers found him standing over some bushes taking a leak, the DA's office reports. After failing field sobriety tests, he was placed under arrest, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.

By - 7/1/09 - 6:18 pm

A South End correspondent forwards a note (a real note, smart aleck) from the South End Business Alliance warning members to be on the lookout for fake C-notes. They all have the same serial number - DA29101239A - and are "slightly discolored and have a sticky texture." Also, "the reflective embossed 100 in the right-hand corner doesn't turn from green to black on the fake."

By - 6/24/09 - 4:25 pm

The Food Monkey reports the opening of Boston's first Senegalese restaurant, Teranga on Washington Street in the South End. Apparently, the food has both French and Vietnamese influences.

Boston's first West African restaurant of any kind is the African Cuisine, which serves up Nigerian food (and now Jamaican) on Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park.

By - 6/21/09 - 4:18 pm

Boston Police report arresting a guy from Revere and one from Tewksbury after officers allegedly found them fleeing a car at Shawmut Avenue and Union Park shortly after midnight on Saturday.

Jason Ventolieri, 32, of Tewksbury and Andrew Honohan, 26, of Revere were charged with breaking and entering a motor vehicle, possession of burglarious tools and resisting arrest. Police say they had to chase and subdue the pair.

Innocent, etc.

By - 6/19/09 - 2:58 pm

The Boston Real Estate Observer reports how the first-floor restaurant in some fancy-shmancy South End condo project is being replaced with a CVS.

By - 6/16/09 - 9:13 pm

Aaron Michlewitz easily won election today to the state rep's seat vacated by Sal DiMasi, according to city returns.

By - 6/12/09 - 9:39 am

Funny but true: Aaron Michlewitz didn't actually get elected state rep from the North End and the South End last month. He only won the Democratic primary, even though the local press seems to think he's already serving, at least based on the amount of coverage they're not giving the race.

By - 6/12/09 - 9:15 am

Kevin McCrea isn't just a candidate for mayor. He's also a resident. Which means that when a city worker did a half-assed job fixing some loose cobblestones outside his South End job, he got to track and detail how the city responded to the problem - including the dispatching of six workers and three trucks to fix the two-foot-by-two-foot problem. What set off the burst of activity: McCrea asked the city lawyer in charge of public-records requests for the official city tracking reports on the cobblestones, not for a fix to the problem.

By - 6/11/09 - 3:42 pm

Boston Public Schools announced today it's shutting the Carter Development Center in the South End and the Louis Agassiz Elementary School in Jamaica Plain for a week due to high absenteeism that could be caused by Porky Pig's worst nightmare.

That makes 20 public and private schools that have been closed for a week due to the flu.

By - 6/1/09 - 7:11 am

Richard Auffrey much enjoyed the food at Myers and Chang:

... After my initial visit, which went very well, I returned again yesterday afternoon for lunch, to try some more dishes. That second visit was as pleasing as the first time. There will certainly be a third visit, and a fourth, fifth, etc. ...

By - 5/29/09 - 1:10 pm

Prominent restaurants are dropping like flies now. Boston Food and Whine reports Icarus, a South End landmark, is closing forever on July 1, partly because of the economy, partly so owner Chris Douglass can concentrate on his two restaurants in Dorchester.

Great Bay dries up.
Aujourd'hui deviendra Hier.

By - 5/27/09 - 7:31 pm

Stacey reports on the knitted flowers that she and fellow members of a local knitting group made to adorn a bike rack on Carleton Street in the South End.

Also, for those who don't travel in online knitting circles, apparently they can be as ranty and flame-filled as every other discussions - as you'll see if you click on the first link and read the entire debate about whether the flowers are litter or not (really? yes, really).