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By - 11/16/08 - 1:20 pm
Obscured ring

With the T teetering on bankruptcy, it sort of makes sense to sell every last surface to advertisers. But if the T is going to let an advertiser splay banners in front of the giant red ring at Back Bay station, so that they only way to fully appreciate it from the outside is with your head cricked at an odd angle at the doorway, why not save some money and just turn the thing off?

By - 11/14/08 - 12:51 pm

Boston Police report a woman who resisted a mugger early this morning was stabbed in the neck, throat and hands.

Police say the woman was walking near 1651 Washington St. (near E. Concord Street) around 4:30 a.m. when she was approached from behind by a man who asked her for a cigarette:

The victim stated that when she turned around, the suspect attempted to take the money that she had in her hand and her backpack from her. The victim reported that when she resisted the suspect's attempts to rob her he started stabbing her.

Around 5:08 a.m., police say, they spotted a man matching her description at Harrison Avenue and E. Lenox Street. When they questioned him, they found blood on his collar and sleeve. Police say they arrested him and brought him to Boston Medical Center, where the victim said she was "200% sure" that the guy, Willie A. Jenkins, 41, of Dorchester, was the man who attacked her. Jenkins was then charged with assault with intent to murder and armed robbery.

By - 11/3/08 - 2:37 pm

John Keith relays the news that the Salvation Army has put two South End properties (433 Shawmut Ave. and 77 W. Brookline St.) up for sale. Unlike on Upton Street, however, the block association says it would support their purchase by a group that would continue to run the properties as places in support of low-income people or people in recovery.

By - 11/2/08 - 2:50 pm

And you don't slam a door in a Boston police officer's face. A Northeastern student allegedly learned that around 1 this morning when he and four other Huskies were arrested on charges of partying a bit too hardy at 610 Columbus Ave.

By - 10/30/08 - 11:38 pm
Herald package

Tprussman was on the scene this afternoon as a Boston hazmat crew removed that "anthrax" package from the Herald.

By - 10/30/08 - 3:02 pm

Anthrax scare prompts Boston Herald evacuation; employees return to work after police crews determine white powder inside an envelope marked "Anthrax" was not anthrax.

Same thing happening at other newspapers.

By - 10/29/08 - 8:21 pm

The Southender returns from wherever he's been hiding to dissect the yuppies who unsuccessfully opposed the Pine Street Inn's purchase of an Upton Street purchase for some low-income housing.

By - 10/29/08 - 8:16 pm

The Missus lists some, asks for more. Criteria: WiFi and good munchies.

By - 10/29/08 - 4:07 pm

Will make U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan, who brought the charges against her, an issue, the Globe reports.

By - 10/29/08 - 8:49 am

And will city councilors Charles Yancey, Sam Yoon, Stephen Murphy, and John Connolly do likewise? You may recall they made a point of not endorsing anybody in the 2nd Suffolk state-senate race after their horse lost by a nose in September. Now that said horse has made them look like, at best, tools, you think they might make the best of a bad situation and endorse their fellow Democrat?

By - 10/28/08 - 11:07 pm

I wonder if Sandy Tennant wants his money back? According to state campaign records, on Oct. 15, the Republican fundraiser and former executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party donated $500 to Wilkerson. His wife, Cynthia, donated another $303.

By - 10/26/08 - 8:16 pm

A man sleeping on a bench at a Silver Line stop in the South End got a rude awakening this morning when, police say, two men held him up at knifepoint. Boston Police report on the incident around 3:30 a.m. at Washington and E. Berkeley streets:

The victim reported one of the two suspects was wielding a knife while the other grabbed him by the jacket. The victim, startled by the event, jumped and ran out of his jacket, which the suspects took. The suspects then chased the victim until he lost them.

Police say they quickly found the suspects - with the man's jacket. Jesus R. Quintero, 32, and Carlos Fuente-Lopez, 29, both of Boston, were charged with armed robbery.

Innocent, etc.

By - 10/23/08 - 8:00 pm

The Phoenix reports on two more issues involving Wilkerson:

One involves a questionable personal loan from a powerful developer who has dealings with the State Senate, and the other involves, yet again, failure to file tax returns, this time for a nonprofit she has run.

By - 10/22/08 - 3:58 pm

The Suffolk County DA's office today dropped a charge of criminal harassment against Gregg Housh, 32, of Woburn, related to protests outside the Church of Scientology's Boston headquarters.

However, a Boston Municipal Court judge continued for one year charges against Housh of disturbing an assembly of worship and disturbing the peace. The ruling means Housh has to stay away from the church's current headquarters and its planned new offices in the South End or the case could be brought to trial, according to the Suffolk County DA's office. In a statement, the office explained the decision to drop the criminal-harassment charge:

After a review of the evidence, prosecutors determined they could not meet their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt on this charge [of criminal harassment] and could not in good faith move forward with it.

Had the case gone to trial, prosecutors would have introduced evidence and testimony to show that Housh and others entered the Church of Scientology's Beacon Street building in a boisterous manner during a March 1 protest, disturbing the proceedings and alarming those inside.

By - 10/22/08 - 2:34 pm

Dianne Wilkerson's campaign Web site is now instead of, so don't even think of going to the latter, especially since the campaign simply pulled the plug on it, rather than doing anything so radical and risky as redirecting people who click there to the new site.

On Monday, the Herald reported the old site still listed endorsements from pols who no longer back Wilkerson, now that she's no longer the Democratic nominee for the 2nd Suffolk State Senate seat. The new site lost the endorsement list, along with the "20" in the URL.

Via PolitickerMA.

By - 10/21/08 - 10:24 pm

Sonia Chang-Diaz, could be on her way as the first Latina-American to become a state senator, representing the 2nd Suffolk District of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill and others.

Meanwhile, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner (African-American) blasted the "Soon-To-Be" first ever Latina on her way to becoming the next State Senator; calling Chang-Diaz "A Non-Latina" with no kind of Latino blood background in her whatsoever.

By - 10/21/08 - 1:38 am

Saturday, October 18th, hundreds of residents "spotted" the duo knocking on doors in Roxbury and Dorchester. Is that Sonia whatever-her-name-is? And is that MC Spice? The conversation is sparked, and the pitch to get support at the polls is made. Residents are wowed to have Ms. Diaz at their front door showing her normality and human side. Most were especially glad to see an old friend of the community supporting the Democratic nominee for state senate.

By - 10/14/08 - 1:28 pm

Boston University assures us they won't let anybody with psychological problems work at its new South End biolab.