South End

By - 4/16/10 - 11:53 am

Charlotte marvels over the elegant bike she spotted locked to a pole in the South End.

By - 4/13/10 - 9:54 am

JD photographed a standoff the other day between a BTD worker and a turkey.

By - 4/9/10 - 1:04 pm

The envelopes, sent to six Boston police stations, turned out to contain ground brown tea from tea bags, but it took the evacuation of a floor at District D-4 on Harrison Avenue and the arrival of the police bomb squad and the fire hazmat team to determine that, police say.

By - 4/5/10 - 9:17 am

Joel Brown reports the Boston Art Dealers Association now has a shuttle between "the Newbury Street and South End gallery districts," at least, on the first Saturday of every month.

By - 3/25/10 - 11:36 am

Workers in the basement of 58 Berkeley St. cut a natural-gas line this morning, sending gas into the building and forcing its evacuation until National Grid could come to repair the damage and the building could be aired out, Boston Fireman tweets.

By - 3/19/10 - 4:54 pm

Boston Police report an argument between a cab driver and the occupants of a car pulled up next to him at Harrison Avenue and Herald Street around 2:40 this morning ended when one of the car's passengers got out, jumped on the cab's hood and started jumping up and down.

Officers on routine patrol noticed the commotion and wound up arresting Emmanuel Taylor, 29, on a charge of willful and malicious destruction of property.

Police did not specify what allegedly got Taylor so heated up.

Innocent, etc.

By - 3/13/10 - 1:09 pm

Boston Police report a man pumping gas at the Sunoco station at 895 Mass. Ave. got into an argument with two other men that ended with one of them stabbing him, around 12:30 a.m. on Friday.

By - 3/10/10 - 6:49 pm

So those steel girders can just slowly turn to dust now - unless some enterprising soul puts some boards across them and turns the ex-construction site into a teeter-totter park.

By - 2/25/10 - 11:09 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today that a gun found in the pants of a suspected drug dealer in a South End alley can be used against him at his trial.

By - 2/18/10 - 5:28 pm

Boston Police report John Harris was about to cross paths with a 60-year-old woman at E. Concord and Albany streets around 8:30 this morning when he shoved her to the ground.

By - 2/10/10 - 12:31 pm

Jed braved the elements to take this exclusive photo of, er, um, a non-snow-covered Columbus Avenue in the South End around noon.

UPDATE: Rapidly deteriorating conditions on the waterfront. And look at these near-whiteout conditions in Dorchester, captured at no small risk by Matt Vaitiskis:

By - 2/8/10 - 1:45 am

Stephanie Rogers checks out the first Cabin Fever indie gift show on what used to be a fairly desolate South End street.

By - 2/5/10 - 7:08 pm

Boston Police tweet the Hingham Institute for Savings at 540 Tremont St., was held up late this afternoon.

By - 2/1/10 - 3:27 pm

Joanne Chang of Myers + Chang responds to a Yelp review that not only accuses it of de-grittifying the South End but of being offensive to Asians, to boot.

By - 2/1/10 - 1:25 pm

Chinatown Blog reports some residents and merchants along East Berkeley Street want to change its name to Dover Street, and that there's a public hearing on the matter on Feb. 9th 6:30 p.m. at Project Place, 1145 Washington St.

Could somebody explain why this is necessary?

By - 1/28/10 - 8:50 am

The Huntington News reports two students and a guest were robbed near Tremont Street and Douglas Park while on a liquor run around 7 p.m. on Jan. 23.

By - 1/26/10 - 4:57 pm

Aquitane, 569 Tremont St., received a citation from police on Oct. 29 because workers cleaning up after a party piled eight chairs in front of a rear exit. Boston Licensing Board members today told the restaurant not to let it happen again.

Board member Michael Connolly noted Boston did not have a single fire-related death in 2009 and he would do everything he can to keep that record going in the new year: "When we hear you have blocked egress and you have eight dinner-table chairs blocking egress, that's a real issue for us. ... This is not something we look at lightly."

By - 1/23/10 - 8:39 pm

The Chinatown Blog has the details on a proposal for 275 Albany St.

By - 1/15/10 - 1:21 am

The Boston Fire Department tweets the rear wall at 56 Berkeley St., from the third to fifth floors, collapsed around 11:30 p.m., Wednesday. The building is vacant and nobody was injured, but as a precaution, a nine-unit condo building at 50 Berkeley St. was ordered evacuated for the night.

By - 1/13/10 - 12:02 pm

Meeting starts at 7 p.m. at Holy Cross Cathedral, 1400 Washington St., according to state Rep. Linda Dorcena-Forry (D-Dorchester):