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By - 5/19/09 - 8:54 am

Today's the special Democratic primary to see who runs in the special election to replace Sal DiMasi in the 3rd Suffolk district.

Susan Passoni, Aaron Michlewitz, Brian Ross and Lucy Rivera face off on the Democratic side. Whoever wins will face independent John Keith and Republican David Trumbull on June 16.

Free from any primary responsibilities, and noting the battle between the North End's Michlewitz and the South End's Passoni, Keith recounts another North End/South End battle, back in the 1700s, when Protestant groups in the two neighborhoods would hold annual Pope's Day riots to see who could most show their hatred for Catholics. Fortunately, the social climate in Boston seems to have improved a bit since then.

By - 5/18/09 - 12:12 am

Josh Dawson is a member of the Ward 5 Democratic Committee (Back Bay, Beacon Hill and Bay Village). And he's a bit perturbed over the way 3rd Suffolk state-rep hopeful Aaron Michlewitz may have gotten questions from a Ward 5/Ward 4 debate in advance:

... It's disappointing that our Committee's reputation could be tarnished for a short time because of this mess. As a member of the Executive Committee, I will push to have a meeting as soon as possible to discuss this situation and fix any problems with the forum/endorsement process, so we can get back to doing the things that make our Committee great ...

He also says that despite what ward Chairman Rob Whitney seemed to tell the Phoenix, neither he nor at least three other members got the questions in advance.

By - 5/15/09 - 9:32 am

Boston Police tweet the hazmat team is at 735 Harrison Ave., where one-bedroom apartments go for $567,000

By - 5/14/09 - 9:36 am

Yes, the South End News reports.

By - 5/13/09 - 9:48 am

Hannah was having trouble concentrating, getting settled, in her yoga class. But then came her walk home:

... And as I turned down Shawmut, the lingering smell of lilacs suddenly wafted over me. I stopped, throwing my head back and breathing deeply, eyes closed, heart pounding, a smile spreading across my face. I thought of my father's lilac bushes at home and missed him, terribly. I thought how I was proud of myself for finishing that wacky yoga class. I thought how I've allowed loneliness to creep back in, just a little, like the thin thread of a weed trying to break through brick. I thought how lucky I am for moments like this, moments in which I am alone, yes, but also aware, alive, content, even if life confuses me.

The smell of those lilacs followed me down Shawmut and fed me, like supper, like a calm, yoga stillness, like a sweet, sweet taste of home. ...

By - 5/11/09 - 10:44 pm

Latest campaign reports show he's raised $115,000 so far in his race to replace his old boss, Sal DiMasi. Next in line: Susan Passoni, with $51,000.

If you want to see where the candidates are getting their money (and how they're spending it), click on PP next to their names on the link above.

By - 5/4/09 - 5:34 pm

Boston Police report a man heard somebody knocking on his 406 Harrison Ave. apartment window around 12:45 a.m. on Sunday. When he went to the front door to see who:

[F]our Asian males forced their way in and began kicking and punching him in the common area of the building. While doing so, they stated, "Give me your money". One of the suspects was pulling at the victim's pants pocket and took approximately Twenty-five-Dollars ($25) from him.

Police say officers arrived and found the four still in the building. Arrested and charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (shod foot), unarmed robbery and threats to extort: Khoi Nguyen, 27, of Randolph, Ou Lan, 24, of Boston, Tung Nguyen, 25, of Lowell and Khoa Vo, 25, of Boston.

Innocent, etc.

By - 5/4/09 - 9:39 am

UPDATE: The 28X project is dead.

The state will use $114 million in federal stimulus funds to build enhanced bus corridors along Washington Street and Blue Hill Avenue over the next three years, officials announced at a Dudley Station ceremony today.

Most immediately, Dudley will get a direct Silver Line connection to South Station this fall - which brought exclamations of joy from state Rep. Bryon Rushing, because the plan does not involve a billion-dollar tunnel under the Common.

"The tunnel is dead! The tunnel is dead!" he yelled.

By - 5/2/09 - 11:51 am

Boston Police report a man was shot around 4 p.m. Friday in the doorway to 133 Northampton St. He was taken to Boston Medical Center, expected to survive.

By - 4/27/09 - 9:57 am

Fabulously Out There explains why neither she nor her two friends gave money to the panhandler outside Aquitane on Tremont Street the other day. Has to do mainly with the way he yelled:

Give me money, fat girls!

By - 4/27/09 - 8:53 am

Bay Windows reports some 3rd Suffolk gays are crushing on Aaron Michlewitz as he runs to replace his former boss, Sal DiMasi:

... But despite the long list attributes that Goldman admires in the candidate, he couldn't resist returning to Michlewitz's pretty face when he introduced him to the crowd about 40, which included gay and straight supporters, later in the evening. ...

Meanwhile, independent 3rd Suffolk candidate John Keith has some fans among the architectural set. This ArchBoston post imagines a Boston under a Mayor John Keith (you listening, Mr. Menino?):

... A bright newcomer named John A. Keith came out of nowhere to defeat Menino. Keith fired the entire BRA, then personally selected a small brain-trust of like-minded free-thinkers --free, that is, from the stifling effects of unexamined book knowledge and academic norms. When they talked, these folks sounded much like some members of ArchBoston.

They went to work to fix Downtown. ...

By - 4/22/09 - 7:53 pm

Boston Police tweeted about a fire at 70 E. Newton St., around 6:30 p.m.

By - 4/16/09 - 8:21 am

The Globe reports that the BSL4 lab in the South End will be delayed until at least late next year. Reportedly, the safety review will take longer than projected.

Putting a lab that could handle the most deadly biologicals in a dense urban area has been opposed by residents and some professional organizations. See also a report by the Security Studies Program at MIT.

By - 4/15/09 - 12:58 pm

Yes, it's a Bank of America branch, this time the one at 557 Tremont St. in the South End, Boston Police tweet.

By - 4/11/09 - 4:16 pm

Boston Police report arresting a pair of suburbanites in the South End early this morning when, they say, the two turned on officers trying to break up their fight.

Police say the woman claimed to be an RN at Brigham and Women's Hospital and vowed to remember the names of the arresting and booking officers:

I hope your wives are never on my floor while I'm working...have you ever heard of a code blue?

By - 4/8/09 - 12:27 pm

UPDATE: Boston Police blame crazed patient rights advocate.

Boston's bomb squad and hazmat crews got a workout today, racing to at least five hospitals on reports of "suspicious letters" in mailrooms, all of which appeared to be hoaxes.

By - 4/7/09 - 5:58 pm

Scratch Ryan Higginson, Blue Mass. Group reports.

That leaves Susan Passoni, Aaron Michlewitz, Brian Ross and Lucy Rivera on the Democratic side. Whoever wins the May 19 primary will then face Republican David Trumbull and independent John Keith in the June 16 special election.

By - 4/7/09 - 9:49 am

Groupon is a new site that tries to gather a bunch of people together to get a discount on something. Normally, it's stuff like food, but today, if they get enough people without dental insurance together, everybody gets a big discount on dental exams at a South End dentist.

To sign up, though, you'll need to tear yourself away from the photo of the half-naked dude brushing his teeth outside next to his big-ass SUV. Is that a common sight in the South End?

By - 4/5/09 - 5:37 pm

Boston Police report a pair of armed knuckleheads held up - and possibly shot up - a Globe delivery truck around 10:15 this morning at Harrison Avenue and E. Lenox St. in the South End. They got away with some money, some of it in the form of coins. The driver was not shot, but was taken to Boston Medical Center with some injuries sustained during the robbery.

The robbers were described as two black men wearing black hoodies.