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Boston Police report that when a woman left the key in the ignition as she got her two young kids out of her car and into a stroller on Tremont Street in the South End yesterday, two punks slipped into the car and drove off (just as she got the second kid in the stroller:

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John KeithJohn Keith, a South End real-estate broker, blogger and columnist, today pulled papers to run in the June 16 election to replace state Rep. Sal DiMasi.

Campaign Web site.

Keith's statement follows:

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Brian RossBrian Ross, 29, is scheduled to announce he's running for the 3rd Suffolk House of Representative's seat at a gathering at Plaza III in Faneuil Hall Marketplace tonight. On his Facebook page, Ross lists himself as a deputy director of business development for the state. He's a 2002 graduate of BC.

Via Jonathan Braedley Welch.

Ross joins Ryan Higginson, Susan Passoni, Aaron Michlewitz and Lucy Rivera in the May 19 Democratic primary to replace stepped-down-because-it-was-time House Speaker Sal DiMasi. There are currently no Republican or independent candidates for the June 16 final election.

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a Sci-fi Comedy

March 1 at 3pm

The Factory Theater
791 Tremont Street
Boston MA

"I am K'Tharr, a Grulark Warrior-Bunny from the planet Trepmalthok, and I would give my life to defend you!"

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They look too good, reports the Urban Paramedic:

... Because we work so closely with the police, we know most of the cops by sight. It was funny to see the female officers, whom we'd known for years, passing themselves off as streetwalkers. Some would really get into it, wearing tight, ultra-short dresses, shiny stilettos, and gaudy jewelry. Despite this ridiculous getup, they tended to look better than the real hookers. While this certainly made it easier to lure johns, it sometimes gave them away. Real-life hookers don't look anything like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Instead, they tend to be dirty, scrawny, pathetic characters, addicted to crack or heroin. Johns occasionally became suspicious of the undercover officers because they looked a little too good. ...

He also describes actual prostitutes in action.

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a Sci-fi Comedy

February 27-March 7

The Factory Theater
791 Tremont Street
Boston MA

"I am K'Tharr, a Grulark Warrior-Bunny from the planet Trepmalthok, and I would give my life to defend you!"

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The South End News reports a newcomer has jumped into the 3rd Suffolk race. Ryan Higginson is in HR at Suffolk and has been involved in the city's Young Bostonian Advisory Council.

By - 2/9/09 - 5:44 pm

Susan Passoni, who made two tries for a seat on the city council, is running for state rep instead this year.

The South End resident today e-mailed potential supporters that she's in the hunt for the seat given up by former House Speaker Sal DiMasi (complete letter below). She filed papers with the state today to create a campaign committee for the May 19 special primary and June 16 special election in the 3rd Suffolk district.

Passoni joins DiMasi aide Aaron Michlewitz, who announced his candidacy in January. Last week, Lucy Rivera, a former aide to state Sen. Tom Birmingham and U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano, filed campaign papers with the state.

Passoni's letter:

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beams of light

Brian Robert Birke finds a cool warehouse in the South End.

Photo used under this Creative Commons license.

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On Chowhound, Winstont reports a rather large crowd protesting outside the still unopened Stephanie's on Tremont Street this morning.

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A guy in a South End coffeeshop clues Jeanne Harnois in about rents in the area where Chinatown, the Theatre District and the South End come together. Of course, there's a reason the rents are so good.

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John Walsh illustrates a South End pothole in each season.

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It's not a metaphor for anything. Carolyn Grantham reports on eating an actual pig's head at Estragon in the South End:

I like to be prepared for unusual situations, so I'd done some research into the best way to approach the task of eating this delicacy. But while I'd discovered plenty of advice on how to butcher and cook said object, there was precious little information on how to eat a pig's head.

And now here one was, eyeing me expectantly. ...

Complete with slice-by-slice photos.

By - 1/31/09 - 9:01 pm

Blue Mass. Group runs down prospective candidates for the 3rd Suffolk seat just vacated by Sal DiMasi. So far, the only "official" candidate (new House Speaker Bob DeLeo has yet to set an election date) is Aaron Michlewitz of the North End (Facebook page), DiMasi's constitutent-services director, who filed organization papers with the state on Wednesday and who opened his campaign office today on Endicott Street in the North End.

Other possibilities: Lucy Rivera (former aide to Tom Birmingham and Michael Capuano), Susan Passoni (who ran against Jimmy Kelly for Boston City Council), both of the South End, and Stephen Passacantilli, of the North End, who is currently an aide to City Councilor Sal LaMattina.

By - 1/30/09 - 11:09 pm

The Web site for Vessel on Tremont Street in the South End exhorts:

This winter, consider Vessel your source for beautiful, practical items that speak volumes for your good design sense.

These photos by the Missus of the ice-covered sidewalk in front of the store may not be beautiful, but they speak volumes for the store's lack of concern for pedestrians.

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The South End News reports a man walking his dog in front of 560 Harrison Ave. on the evening of Jan. 19 did not take kindly to being told to pick up his dog's droppings:

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It's about time somebody tried to figure that out! The Fab Empire gives us the details on a Jan. 30 meeting of the Man Panel in the South End:

The Man Panel is a monthly panel that tackles the issue that is on most women's minds - what the heck are men thinking??

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The South End News reports a fight between three men outside the Pine Street Inn around 9 p.m. on Jan. 17 ended when one of the men pulled a knife and used it on one of the others:

[T]he victim said that after sustaining a deep gash on his cheek he decided to go to J.J. Foley's for a few drinks.

By - 1/20/09 - 8:52 am

In the South End, one building owner clears a parking lot by melting snow and then dumping it into storm drains. In Cambridge, city crews deal with excess snow by dumping it into handicap parking spaces.