South End

By - 11/29/07 - 10:12 am

Apparently, Delta produces employee videos to highlight the cities it flies to. Here, two local Delta workers walk around the South End:

By - 11/13/07 - 3:12 pm

Boston Police report on two incidents in the South End:

Around 8:30 p.m. yesterday, a man walking near Tremont and Kendall streets was attacked by two black men in hoodies:

The victim also stated the two suspects ripped his chain from his neck and stabbed him several times in the neck and back area. The victim was able to retrieve his chain and hailed a cab to the hospital.

By - 11/5/07 - 3:23 pm

SnifBostonDogs reports on the neighborhood's new doggy park, which officially opened yesterday.

By - 10/8/07 - 5:22 pm

The South End News reports that the going price for, er, um, some oral loving on Randolph Street - at least as offered by women named Krystal driving up from Wareham - is $40. That's 400% more than similar services on Tremont Street.

By - 9/26/07 - 9:56 am

Mike Ball tries to unravel the mystery that is the Syrian Grocery Importing Company on Shawmut Avenue:

... The sked is flaky enough - Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 7 p.m. That looks like even a sloth or alcoholic should be able to do that. Double ha!

I had been by a few times during hours, but the padlock was on the door. Today, I came prepared. I biked the five miles or so, bought a big coffee and settled in on the front stoop with a cryptic puzzle. That wasn't a bad way to spend some time. I had arrived precisely at noon and was jolly. ...

By - 9/23/07 - 10:00 am

Ever get the feeling that some people in the South End wish the city would let them build a wall to keep out the darker-skinned and poor people? Forget the battle over a transitional house for homeless people on Upton Street. Just take a look at this Herald story today about how the city tore down a wall at Peters Park that local artists had been decorating for 20 years to replace it with a new wall with an "approved" mural.

By - 9/13/07 - 10:58 pm

Back when we lived in Brighton (man, has it really been 14 years already?), one of the neighborhood characters was the mysterious driver of this ancient brown and white Volvo with "God Loves You" painted on the trunk. We never saw it parked or the face of the driver, but it was always around.

A couple months back, we were driving down Chestnut Hill Avenue in Brookline and spotted him at Rte. 9. Now Cowbark takes a photo of the Jesus Volvo in the South End.

By - 9/12/07 - 9:43 am

Bootsy5000 takes a nice nighttime photo of the South End and adds:

I have discovered that nothing is even in the south end. Those wombledy brick sidewalks aren't even, the light posts are at an angle, even the houses are cock-eyed.

By - 9/5/07 - 1:42 pm

John Keith had a ball at last night's meeting of the South End Landmarks Commission, which approved a plan to turn a parking lot at the Hurley School into a soccer field (despite the outcry from nearby residents who had been parking their cars there overnight) - with the proviso the school raise funds for a classy picket fence instead of an oh-so-irritating chain-link fence (see South End parking smackdown).

By - 9/4/07 - 10:09 am

a. what are the current links?... for candidates' websites ?...

b. what are the candidates' addresses for email ?...

tuesday 25 september 2007 boston city council election
district 7 south end, fenway, roxbury
1. althea garrison
2. chuck turner
3. carlos henriquez

district 9 allston
1. timothy scofield
2. gregory glennon
3. james jenner
4. alessandro alex selvig
5. rosie hanlon
6. mark ciommo

By - 9/4/07 - 9:55 am

What are the current links?... for
a. candidates' websites ?...

b. candidates' email ?...

tuesday 25 september 2007 boston city council election
district 7 south end, fenway, roxbury
althea garrison
chuck turner
carlos henriquez

district 9 allston
timothy scofield
gregory glennon
james jenner
alessandro alex selvig
rosie hanlon
mark ciommo

By - 8/26/07 - 11:58 pm

Miss von Schtoop writes she appreciates the 67 gazillion pedestrian crossing markers popping up all over the South End, but says certain local pedestrians need to get a grip:

... [C]ertain South Enders have a overly inflated sense of entitlement and so lots of them cross s-l-o-w-l-y when they don't have the light and try to stare down drivers to make them stop and reassure the whole universe that they are still the single most important thing since sliced bread. ...

By - 8/25/07 - 12:59 am

Taken to Boston Medical Center and treated.

Drug deal gone bad.

Washington and Mystic streets

More info.

By - 8/23/07 - 11:50 am

White Coat Notes reports the National Institutes of Health has given a green light to BU's proposed biolab on Albany Street.

By - 8/5/07 - 8:29 pm

Note: The author of the original post took it down, then put it back up.

This past Thursday, The Missus found the direct path to the front of other South End apartment blocked by a limo bus. And then she noticed a gaggle of khaki-clad people walking toward the bus and the driver:

... They look annoyed. They look out of place. They sound obnoxious.

By - 8/4/07 - 11:20 am

Jenn Martinelli writes that a fatal car/bike collision happened right outside her office on Tremont in the South End yesterday morning, and that a co-worker who saw the incident reported:

By - 7/29/07 - 9:28 pm

Boston Police report arresting Monty Garrett, 50, in connection with the July 24 rape of an elderly woman in her Clarendon Street apartment.

Police charge Garrett told the woman he was a maintenance worker, then forced his way into her apartment and raped her. He will be arraigned Monday morning in Boston Municipal Court on charges of aggravated rape, kidnapping, assault and battery on a person over 60, unarmed robbery and threats.

By - 7/24/07 - 5:38 pm

Boston Police report they are looking for a guy who allegedly attacked a 67-year-old woman in her apartment at Clarendon Street and Columbus Avenue around noon today:

... The suspect knocked on the victim's door and announced himself as a "maintenance worker". The suspect struggled with the victim and sexually assaulted her. ...