South End

By - 1/19/05 - 7:48 pm

So Boston University, which keeps telling us Orange Line riders how cute and cuddly its new mega-biolab in the South End will be, sailed through the city regulatory process without publicly disclosing that three BU researchers infected themselves with tularemia, which the CDC calls one of the most infectious pathogenic bacteria known.

As Steve Bailey asks in the Globe: They didn't think we would want to know?

Now, granted, BU says it didn't go public because tularemia can't be spread from person to person. But then it goes and adds that the "researchers had violated procedures intended to protect them from exposure."

Oh, well, no biggie. It's not like researchers at the new facility will be handling some of the most dangerous - and contagious - diseases known to man. Oh, wait, they will.

Ban Bioweapons in Boston
BU Medical Center Biosafety Lab - Be sure to hit reload to see all the pictures of smiling people who can't wait for deadly microbes to be imported into the South End.