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By - 12/17/13 - 10:40 pm
Amazing parking job in the South End

Roving UHub photographer Jed Hresko noticed this interesting parking job on Warren Avenue in the South End this morning.

By - 12/17/13 - 3:09 pm

Of course, this being a more genteel age, axe-wielding revenooers didn't bust up a still out back of Estelle's on Tremont Street. Instead, a detective from the BPD Licensed Premises Division issued a paper citation for the bottle of Midnight Moon Moonshine sitting behind the bar.

The restaurant, which serves Southern food, is licensed to offer beers, wines and liqueurs. Moonshine, now a legitimate product,... Read more

By - 12/17/13 - 8:13 am

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley yesterday cleared a Boston police officer for shooting a man in the South End in August, 2012, saying the man was pointing a loaded gun at the officer's head and refusing to drop the weapon.

"The review of more than 1,000 pages of documentary evidence, numerous civilian witness statements, surveillance imagery, and the relevant statutes and case law... Read more

By - 12/13/13 - 7:00 pm
Tobogganing in Franklin Park

The BPL has posted lots of photos of Boston in the snow in the old days, such as this postcard showing tobogganing at Franklin Park sometime in the early years of the 20th century.

Back in 1941, the city still used one-horsepower plows on the Common, as Leslie Jones showed:

One horsepower

In 1939, parents in... Read more

By - 12/11/13 - 9:11 pm

Stanley Staco reports several shots were fired around 8:15 p.m. at 435 Shawmut Ave. Police tracked the apparent getaway car to Parker and Heath streets in Jamaica Plain, where they arrested two people and released a minor in the car.

Felix Ortiz, 30, of Boston, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and discharging a firearm within... Read more

By - 12/7/13 - 10:15 am
Overturned car on Columbus Avenue

Charlie Z., who took the photo around 9 this morning, wonders how you can flip a car on Columbus.

Jef Taylor, who has an eye for detail, wonders how the blue Prius behind turtle car got into that spot.

By - 12/6/13 - 8:03 pm
Blocked sidewalk

Now that the menace of Southie-style wrong-way parking has been dealt with, concerned South End citizens can turn their watchful eyes to other menaces, such as this sidewalk hog of a stroller:

My South End neighbor has locked a baby carriage to a water pipe and is blocking the entire sidewalk.

... Read more
By - 12/5/13 - 7:48 am
Saab parked the wrong way

The horror!

A South End citizen is aghast to see a car parked facing the wrong way on Father Gilday Street:

Where are we, Southie? Who parks in the wrong direction and thinks it's ok?

By - 12/4/13 - 12:39 pm

The owners of jm Curley hoped to replace the shuttered 28 Degrees on Appleton Street with a new restaurant focusing on New England fare, including seafood.

The Boston Licensing Board votes tomorrow whether to let Merrill & Co. spend $300,000 to buy 28 Degrees's all-alcohol license.

At a hearing today, Merrill & Co. managers said they hope to open this spring after renovations.

They... Read more

By - 11/20/13 - 6:48 am
Proposed Harrison Avenue project

The Herald reports on plans for two buildings - one 14 stories, the other 13 - proposed for the old Graybar plant at 345 Harrison Ave.

In their filing with the BRA, the developers say:

The Project will improve pedestrian connectivity and circulation in the neighborhood, introduce a mix of vibrant 18/7 uses by bringing significant residential space along with neighborhood retail, and

... Read more
By - 11/16/13 - 7:23 pm
Passive aggressive note

Jed Hresko forwards this photo of some extreme passive aggressiveness: Somebody peeved at a cardboard box in an alley off Columbus Avenue in the South End spent some serious time explaining how to properly recycle the box - by writing down the directions on two sides of the box itself, because, naturally, whoever put the box out there will come out frequently to admire his... Read more

By - 11/3/13 - 11:55 am

The Boston Fire Department reports a basement short circuit sparked a one-alarm fire at 49 Appleton St. this morning.

The fire was contained to the basement, but smoke spread throughout the four-story, single-family dwelling, the department says, estimating damage at $250,000.... Read more

By - 11/1/13 - 1:05 pm

District 2 (South Boston, South End, downtown, Chinatown), incumbent City Councilor Bill Linehan is shocked almost beyond belief about a mailing from opponent Suzanne Lee, which includes a snippet from a column in which the Globe's Yvonne Abraham called him a dinosaur.

In a statement reminiscent of the time mayoral candidate Ray Flynn accused an opponent of calling him "a lizard," Linehan demands... Read more

By - 11/1/13 - 6:32 am

Stanley Staco reports two people were shot around 2:15 a.m. at W. Newton and Tremont streets in a fusillade of gunfire.... Read more

By - 10/28/13 - 9:49 pm

In a genial, low-key forum tonight, District 2 (South Boston, South End Chinatown) Councilor Bill Linehan and second-time challenger Suzanne Lee seemed to agree on many issues. Both said South Boston needs help to avoid choking on traffic and having longtime families driven out because of neighborhood yuppification, both said they're not endorsing either candidate for mayor but could work with whoever's elected, both said... Read more

By - 10/27/13 - 1:06 pm

The eight at-large council candidates will debate at 5:30 p.m. today in Northeastern's Blackman Auditorium.

Looks like Bill Linehan and Suzanne Lee will debate after all, 6 p.m. at the Lithuanian Club, 368 W. Broadway in South Boston. The South End News reports on a forum featuring Lee and Linehan last week.

Wicked Local Roslindale has answers from District 5 candidates Jean-Claude Sanon... Read more

By - 10/25/13 - 7:02 am

The Walsh campaign has announced an 11;45 a.m. endorsement at the Moakley Courthouse by state Sen. Therese Murray.

CommonWealth reports that the vast majority of outside money pouring into Boston is pouring into Walsh's coffers:

Super PACs and labor unions have upended Boston’s mayoral race, turning what was a relatively even spending contest between Rep. Marty Walsh and City Councilor John Connolly into a

... Read more
By - 10/24/13 - 12:10 am
Two cabs collide in the South End

A roving UHub photographer came across this scene at Berkeley and Chandler in the South End, moments after the Sox game ended.

By - 10/23/13 - 9:23 am

The Globe does the blow by blow. The Herald focuses on schools and unions.

David Bernstein explains why Walsh's sudden demand that Connolly release a list of every law client he ever had was kind of stupid.

To just suddenly toss out this demand two weeks from the election, with no reason, is just a stunt — and not a good one.

... Read more
By - 10/21/13 - 9:03 am
Civil Rights Leader and Boston Legend Mel King celebrated his 85th Birthday with loved ones and supporters at City Year located at 287 Columbus Avenue on October 20th, 2013. Former Mayoral Candidate and TOUCH 106.1FM President Charles Clemons, whom Mel endorsed, gives a keynote speech celebrating Mel King's legacy as public servant, State Representative, and 1983 Boston Mayoral Finalist.... Read more