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Anytime there is a large enough crowd of people protesting long enough or in large enough numbers for the media to take more than a passing notice of, there is always pundits who criticize the protesters for not taking part in the electoral process.

It doesn’t matter that many who do protest also actually vote,... Read more

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Both the Phoenix and the South End News have endorsed incumbent at-large councilors Connolly, Pressley and Arroyo. But the Phoenix endorsed incumbent Murphy because he "has made wise use of that position, while the News endorsed Flaherty because "the sheer volume of his past successes as a City Councilor, the important issues raised during his campaign for mayor, and his on-the-ground experiences as... Read more

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The Globe tags along with former City Councilor Michael Flaherty at a meet-and-greet at the Forest Hills T stop, where somebody asks him if he's really just running for mayor again.

Peter Gelzinis writes Flaherty's making a mistake thinking the road to the mayor's office is through the City Council chambers.... Read more

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One man dared protect your children from FROZEN MEAT PATTIES.

Gin Dumcius reports that seems to be the gist of the mailer John Connolly just sent out:

In at-large race, Connolly sends out epic-looking mailer touting expired frozen food investigation. Mailer red and white front: "WARNING: Contents inside were not suitable for children. Until John Connolly Took Action"

Back in March:
Councilor:... Read more

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David Bernstein reports on the battle between Frank Baker and John O'Toole to replace Maureen Feeney:

Defaced campaign offices, character-assassination calls to voters, destroyed lawn signs, intimidation, name-calling - the campaign has seen it all, just in the past couple of weeks.

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At-large councilors Ayanna Pressley and John Connolly say a ban might have prevented the death of Gabriel Josh-Cazir Pierre, who died locked in an unattended van for several hours last month.

"It's very possible that someone might have seen Gabriel in that van and intervened," Pressley said at a council meeting today at which she held up a T-shirt emblazoned with Gabriel's photo. The... Read more

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The Daily Free Press reports on a forum for District 7 (Roxbury, Fenway) City Councilor Tito Jackson and challenger Sheneal Parker.

Both are running for a full term following Chuck Turner's federally sponsored exit from Massachusetts. Jackson was elected in a special election earlier this year.

Report from BNN:

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West Roxbury Patch reports on a candidates' forum at the Deutsches Altenheim.

By - 10/16/11 - 12:41 pm reports several state reps are shepherding an "emergency" bill that would, immediately on passage, let Boston and other communities ban overnight commercial trash pickups. Legislators consider the ide at a hearing on Oct. 18 at the State House, Room A-1, starting at 10 a.m.

The proposal, backed by, among others, Marty Walz (D-Back Bay) and Aaron Michlewitz, would dovetail with an effort... Read more

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The Globe reports ticket topper John Connolly and cash-poor Ayanna Pressley have merged their campaign finances and begun campaigning together as they run for re-election for at-large City Council seats. For Pressley, the move means immediate resources; for Connolly, it means access to new constituencies should he ever run for another office.... Read more

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Arroyo speaks at Occupy Boston.

Local unions came out swinging in favor of Occupy Boston today. At an afternoon rally, the final speaker wasCity Councilor Felix Arroyo, himself a former organizer for the SEIU. Afterwards, Arroyo was asked about Council President Steve Murphy's comments this morning that he's worried about an estimated $2-million-a-month cost for... Read more

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City Council President Steve Murphy talked about Occupy Boston on Channel 25 today. While he said he agrees with some of the points protesters are making - banks got bailouts, Big Oil nearly bankrupted the US auto industry - he said police are now... Read more

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Several Boston Proper neighborhood groups are sponsoring an at-large candidate forum on Oct. 24 at the Park Street School, 67 Brimmer St. on Beacon Hill.

Starts at 6:30 p.m., and you'll get to hear from incumbents Steve Murphy, Felix Arroyo, Ayanna Pressley and John Connolly and challenges Michael Flaherty, Will Dorcena and Sean Ryan. You get four votes in the November election.... Read more

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Tito Jackson in Dewey Square

Ethan Long snapped City Councilor Tito Jackson (Roxbury) at Occupy Boston's tent city in Dewey Square yesterday. Jackson tweeted today:

It is power and momentum in the making! Inspired! Get up stand up!

Posted under this Creative Commons... Read more

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Dorotea Manuela explains why she wants a high school in Mattapan.

City Councilor Charles Yancey (Dorchester, Mattapan) has a new tactic in his long-running battle to get a high school built in Mattapan: Blasting the city's plan - which he voted for - to spend $115 million moving BPS headquarters from Court Street downtown to... Read more

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City Councilor Sal LaMattina (North End, Charlestown, East Boston) says it may be time to require North Enders to put their trash out in metal or plastic barrels rather than bags that can be easily ripped open by rats, reports. There's a hearing on Thursday.

By - 9/28/11 - 11:56 am

The City Council's Ways and Means Committee holds a hearing on Tuesday on Charles Yancey's proposal to borrow $110 million to build a new high school in Mattapan.

The School Committee voted earlier this year to close several schools, including the former Hyde Park High School.

Yancey has pushed the idea of a Mattapan High School for years, arguing it's unfair that Mattapan... Read more

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Mike Ball considers last night's results in District 2, which saw challenger Suzanne Lee of the South End top incumbent Bill Linehan of South Boston:

Like those inconsiderate schlubs who stroll slowly while jaywalking to inconvenience as many drivers as possible, some Boston neighborhoods love a sense of power. South Boston has been one, as in returning the dreadful bigoted Jim Kelly to this

... Read more
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The Dorchester Reporter reports that Frank Baker topped the ballot in today's preliminary election to replace Maureen Feeney and that he'll face off against John O'Toole in November.

In District 2 (South Boston, South End, Chinatown), newcomer Suzanne Lee of the South End topped incumbent Bill Linehan of South Boston 39-35. David Bernstein at the Phoenix thinks part of the results are due... Read more

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David Bernstein has been tweeting the wicked low turnout numbers today in the preliminary council races in districts 2, 3 and 7:

To increase turnout, Boston ballot should have included a referendum on who to blame for Red Sox collapse.