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By - 2/11/09 - 3:42 pm

Boston University Police report they are looking for a bronze statue that went missing from a fifth-floor storage room at 808 Comm. Ave. sometime between Nov. 21 and now:

The missing piece is described as a large dog, approximately 6' in length and 4' tall, weighing several hundred pounds.


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By - 2/9/09 - 9:50 am previews tonight's Beanpot final between Northeastern and Boston University:

... Separated by the Charles River, Parker's No. 1 Terriers and Cronin's No. 3 Huskies will meet Monday night in the Beanpot final. ...

Via On Being a Sports Girl.

By - 2/4/09 - 3:01 pm

Boston and BU police responded in force to the BU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 705 Commonwealth Ave., when a student reported seeing a suspicious man:

According to Boston University Police Chief Thomas Robbins, the suspect was described as a white male, approximately 22 years old, with short brown hair and wearing a heavy green coat with a fur collar. "The caller

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By - 1/15/09 - 10:24 pm

Boston University Police report a woman walking in front of 189 Bay State Rd. was jumped from behind around 8:45 p.m. last night by two guys trying to steal her cell phone:

[T]he male suspect came from behind her and put both arms around her and held her as he attempted to take her phone from her pocket. The victim put her arms

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By - 11/29/08 - 3:22 pm

First Belinda the Willow Tree, now the radio tower atop the College of Communications at BU. Ross Levanto reports BU today took down the radio tower that had long symbolized the college, even if it hadn't actually broadcast anything since the 1950s:

... Maybe only a BU COM grad can understand, but it was somewhat of a poignant, if accidental moment. We recognize

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By - 11/17/08 - 7:45 pm

Stop the Brookline thugs picking on BU students!

... I suggest the [BU] administration to either make an effort to buy the property or put pressure on the Brookline Housing Authority to monitor the tenets it accepts to 51-85 Egmont St. BU students who live in the Ashford/Gardner area they face a consistent problem every weekend with residents from the Egmont housing projects who

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By - 11/6/08 - 9:13 pm

Beth Adelson listens as a Green Line conductor tries to remember the name of the stop that comes after BU East outbound.

By - 10/14/08 - 1:28 pm

Boston University assures us they won't let anybody with psychological problems work at its new South End biolab.

By - 10/10/08 - 5:29 pm

But instead, Good Girl Gone reports the two large signs right in the middle of BU's Marsh Plaza warning people to accept Jesus or they'll burn in hell actually made her feel good:

... Clearly, according to the two people holding those signs, I am destined to go to hell, simply because I'm Jewish. But what I got from this experience, was a sense

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By - 10/9/08 - 9:00 am

Did anybody in Boston not get a call last night from the National Institutes of Health about a hearing on BU's Deadliest Things Alive project in the South End?

Just in case, it's on Oct. 14, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Roxbury Center for the Arts at Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley St.

By - 9/17/08 - 10:12 am

Light turns green, BU student on bicycle attempts to turn left in front of car going straight on Comm. Ave. and University Road Tuesday morning, the Daily Free Press reports, adding he was taken away with a head wound.

By - 9/4/08 - 9:17 pm

BU freshman from Kansas learns about the harsh realities of life in Allston after his iPod, GPS and radio are stolen from his car parked on Comm. Ave.

... He ran back to the apartment and told his roomies what happened. They were all very upset on his behalf. Then one of them asked him how the thief got in. As it turns out,

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By - 6/13/08 - 8:04 am

Jennifer Douglas, who told workers at Boston University's Mugar Library she had a bomb on May 4, yesterday admitted to sufficient facts in the case and was sentenced to two years' probation and mental-health treatment - and was ordered to stay the hell away from BU - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced.

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By - 5/6/08 - 4:35 pm

By forcibly removing any bicycles not attached to a rack on Comm. Ave.

By - 5/5/08 - 4:09 pm

Jennifer Douglas, 28, is charged with making a false bomb threat by walking into BU's Mugar Library with two boxes and telling an employee she had a bomb yesterday evening.

The library was evacuated as the Boston Fire Department and the police bomb squad investigated. They eventually concluded the library was safe to re-open. The Daily Free Press reports the boxes contained a cuckoo... Read more

By - 5/3/08 - 9:45 pm

Read for yourself the National Research Council report on why it thinks more study is needed before BU should be allowed to study deadly pathogens in the South End.

Biolab follies - Phoenix report.

By - 4/22/08 - 6:57 pm

Silber Knocks New Architecture in Book, Built Junk at Boston U.

One guess what the author of that review of John Silber's harangue about new buildings at MIT and Harvard thinks about former BU strongman Silber's own fleet of new buildings across the river.

... Is he angry that his 13 million square feet have risked nothing, aspired to nothing and achieved no

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By - 4/11/08 - 9:11 am

Caution signGribley reports:

BU Medical Campus wisely decided to spray the lawn with pesticides the day before the first sunny, warm spring day. Did the nasty smell and the little yellow signs stop people from playing, picnicing, and lying out on the grass? Of course not.

Why are we spraying the lawn with

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By - 4/10/08 - 12:04 pm

The Tab reports police filed a license violation against the Common Ground on Harvard Avenue after a woman allegedly committed "assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (pint glass)" on April 5 by throwing her stein at another patron, getting him in the face and sending him to the hospital (report does not state if the pint glass still had beer in it).

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