Franklin Park

By - 4/22/15 - 3:55 pm

Boston Police report detectives rushed to a Franklin Park playground off Walnut Avenue yesterday morning when somebody playing with several young children noticed a gun just lying at the base of a tree.

The Smith & Wesson .41 Magnum revolver ... was fully loaded and the hammer was cocked. The firearm was rendered safe and recovered by detectives.

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By - 3/5/15 - 11:27 pm
Richard Davey talks up the Olympics

Richard Davey talks as Rev. Jeffrey Brown (l) and architect David Manfredi listen.

If Boston gets the 2024 Olympics, backers say they would fulfill part of their goal of making permanent improvements to venues by leaving behind a new swimming pool in Franklin Park after the end of the modern pentathlon planned for the park.

The pool would go next to White Stadium, which would undergo a major renovation as a venue for both the pentathlon - whose...Read more

By - 1/22/15 - 7:29 pm
Entrance to White Stadium in Franklin Park

White Stadium entrance might need a bit of paint.

The Boston 2024 organizers have proposed using Franklin Park for equestrian events and for the pentathlon, a sport whose athletes run, ride horses, swim, shoot a gun and fence each other, in emulation of the skills that might be needed by a 19th-century European soldier behind enemy lines.

White Stadium would host some equestrian events - dressage and jumping - and part of the pentathlon....Read more

By - 12/19/14 - 9:51 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette interviews Boston 2024 President Dan O’Connell, who says that the committee has already IDed a North Shore site (hmm, so maybe they're not so short-sighted?) in case the local city councilor comes out against shutting down Franklin Park for use by the horsey set:

If, for example, “[City Councilor] Matt O’Malley came to me and said there is no support

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By - 10/17/14 - 7:48 pm

The Globe reports Olympics backers have come up with a "compact" Olympics plan that would involve shutting off a number of large public venues for the athletes and the rich people who will jet into Boston to watch them.

The marathon would end on Charles Street by the Public Garden. Franklin Park would transform into an equestrian venue.

The proposal does not include plans

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By - 10/10/14 - 4:47 pm

Zoo New England announced today somebody who wants to stay anonymous has given $1 million towards the cost of building a new "Nature's Neighborhoods" children's zoo in Franklin Park.

Zoo New England had already raised $5.65 million in pledges towards the cost of the new children's zoo, announced earlier this year as a more interactive series of exhibits to introduce kids to animals and...Read more

By - 10/6/14 - 12:03 pm

Boston Police report arresting two of three males they say tied up a man walking his dog through Franklin Park near the golf course Saturday afternoon. One of the suspects is 13.

Jamaica Plain News reports police are looking at connections between the alleged muggers and people sought for similar robberies on the path around Jamaica Pond the week before.

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By - 7/31/14 - 1:50 pm

Police are looking for a guy in a silver and black Smart Car who was angrily yelling at kids in the area of White Stadium in Franklin Park early this afternoon.Read more

By - 1/7/14 - 8:06 am
Remains of the bear cages in Franklin Park.

A concerned citizen reports somebody's been busy destroying one of our city's most important cultural ruins: The old bear cages off Seaver Street in Franklin Park:

Bear cages in Franklin Park are being vandalized. Cages are being stolen for scrap. Park Ranger I spoke to said they couldn't do anything about it. This is a city landmark and historic structure and needs to be

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By - 12/18/13 - 8:48 am

You may recall the story this past July when a guy showed up at Faulkner Hospital missing a finger or two and told police it happened in Roslindale, no, wait in Franklin Park and it was muggers, yeah, muggers, who wanted his ring, only the cops couldn't find any blood or missing fingers and his girlfriend told police he never wears rings.

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By - 12/13/13 - 7:00 pm
Tobogganing in Franklin Park

The BPL has posted lots of photos of Boston in the snow in the old days, such as this postcard showing tobogganing at Franklin Park sometime in the early years of the 20th century.

Back in 1941, the city still used one-horsepower plows on the Common, as Leslie Jones showed:

One horsepower

In 1939, parents in...Read more

By - 7/25/13 - 5:14 pm

UPDATE, 12/17/13: Per Boston's Finest, he had his finger and half another finger chopped off in a Hyde Park apartment used for cocaine distribution.

Boston Police are investigating how a man who showed up last night at Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain with stab wounds lost his left index finger.

According to a police report, the man gave varying accounts of where and how he...Read more

By - 3/30/13 - 9:06 am

The Herald reports BPD is now investigating the incident, which happened as tensions are rising between dog owners who keep their pets leashed in the park and those who don't.Read more

By - 3/7/13 - 4:48 pm

Boston Police report somebody hot-wired five golf carts at the Franklin Park golf course late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Police recovered four of them near the twelfth hole, but say the fifth remains missing.

The officer observed that the control panel of the carts had been ripped from where they were fastened and that the starters were hot-wired to get the carts moving. A

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By - 10/22/12 - 10:07 am

Sometime overnight, somebody broke into a garage at Franklin Park and ransacked several trucks, making off with several thousand dollars worth of equipment.Read more

By - 10/3/12 - 1:56 pm

Sawed-off burl. Photo by Boston Parks.Missing burl. Boston Parks photo.Boston Police report arresting a man
who may be responsible for vandalizing trees in the Emerald Necklace in recent months - by sawing off burls, large bark protuberances that are popular among woodworkers and sculptors....Read more

By - 8/16/12 - 2:25 pm

Over the past day, rumors have flooded Twitter that the city has canceled the Aug. 25 event because of recent violence, but Jacquelyn Goddard, spokesperson for the Boston Parks and Recreation Department said this afternoon: "The Boston Carnival has not been cancelled."Read more

By - 4/13/12 - 10:38 am

Jacquelyn Goddard at the Boston Parks and Recreation Department says whoever complained about being forced to print out a coupon to get a discount at the William Devine Golf Course is wrong:

The City of Boston does accept "smart phone" coupons. The coupon for the golf course discount says the coupon "must be presented" and this means we allow golfers to show us the

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By - 4/12/12 - 9:03 am

A puttering citizen complains that he was forced to print out a coupon to get a discount on a round of golf at the Franklin Park course:

Boston Parks and Recreation requires golfers to print out coupons and physically bring them to the course to receive a discount. In this day and age, mister mayor, can you please force them to "GO GREEN" and

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