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By - 3/18/14 - 7:50 am
Art in Somerville

Either the Not Art guy has changed directions or he has a rival. Chris Devers spotted this visual commentary in Union Square in Somerville yesterday.

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By - 3/2/14 - 10:28 am
Oops in Somerville

Dan Meade reports that not long after he took this photo yesterday, one of the swords went flying into the assembled crowd of onlookers in Union Square. "And that's the roller coaster of life. Everything is going great until it's not," the sheepish swordsman quipped. Nobody was injured.

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By - 11/8/13 - 11:46 am
No recycling

An incredulous citizen wonders who approved these ads for the Economist for the sides of city recycling bins, in this case the one in Union Square in Allston:

Not to be picky, but seriously?! Who approved a sign that contradicts the act of recycling ON a recycling container the city spent extra money on in gold faith? Come on now people....

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By - 8/11/13 - 9:58 am

Woman with fire on a chain.

R.S.Y. Buchanan took in the fire spinning at Ignite 2013 in Union Square last night.

Throwing fire in the air.

Lady in red with flames by Mike Seneschal.

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By - 8/5/13 - 10:06 am

Sunset over Union Square

After yesterday's rainbow came the sunset, photographed here by Christopher Wagner over Union Square in Allston.... Read more

By - 6/28/13 - 11:31 am

Paris of the '90s? More like the Orlando of the '10s.

Union Square Main Streets posted this video of a truck-eating sinkhole that opened up this morning next to the Dunkin' Donuts.

Via Chris Devers, who asks:

This calls for a “time to repair our crumbling infrastructure” commercial, eh?

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By - 6/27/13 - 7:11 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Griddler's Burger and Dogs on Beacon Hill and Union Square Donuts in Somerville are teaming up on a $6 "bronut:"

The dish will include a Griddler's burger patty that has a fried egg on top, with both being inside a sweet and salty maple-bacon glazed donut "bun" from the donut shop.

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By - 6/18/13 - 8:00 am

Apparently, Union Square Main Streets, which runs the market, keeps getting asked. So they're telling you it has nothing to do with a bias against the city's caffeinated masses. It's because the market's goal is to promote local brick-and-mortar businesses, and none of the local coffee sellers (including the local Dunkin' Donuts) has chosen to get a stall.

To meet the goal of supporting

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By - 5/9/13 - 8:40 am

Van in Union SquareThe van in Union Square. Photo by Melina Schuler.

Update: The Globe reports the victim, 12, died.

A pedestrian was hit by a van shortly after 7 a.m. on Cambridge Street near the intersection with Brighton Avenue, right by the... Read more

By - 2/25/13 - 9:43 am

Rachel Blumenthal checks out Somerville's newest round-treat emporium: Union Square Donuts, where most donuts go for $3, but the maple-bacon specials will set you back $3.50 each:

I found them to be worth the splurge, but I wouldn't make a frequent habit out of it.

She also reports that Backbar is now making ramen, but that it only makes ten portions of the stuff... Read more

By - 9/14/12 - 10:29 am

Amy Casey wonders what the deal is with the women in Union Square in Somerville she keeps seeing with plastic bags covering their legs and purses.

By - 9/6/11 - 9:44 am

Stephanie Clarkson reports Starlab, the practice space and recording studio in Union Square, was broken into over the weekend:

Both of Stephen Konrads's guitars were stolen (a fireglo Rickenbacker 360 and a brown Fender Telecaster '69 Thinline with a pearl pickguard) along with both of Wayne's basses (a sunburst Fender Jazz Bass with pick-up covers and a natural finish Rickenbacker 4003). Also Chris Duggan's

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By - 8/16/11 - 9:35 am

Susan Olsen, better known as the youngest one in curls, will headline the annual Fluff festival in Somerville's Union Square this September. Volunteers are needed to help out. Do you have what it takes?

By - 4/11/11 - 6:50 am

Post Somerville reports on some anti-yuppie sentiment in Union Square.

By - 9/25/10 - 7:25 pm

Fluff pirates

Today was Union Square's annual Fluff Festival, this year celebrating Fluffy whoopie pies (but don't worry: Roving bands of entrepreneurs sold Fluffernutters).

No Fluff Festival would be complete without either the Flufferettes or a Pharaoh of Fluff:

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By - 4/21/10 - 9:23 am

The Somerville News reports on one artist's project to place 20 to 25 outdoor chairs in Union Square. And before you even think about it, she's talking to local businesses about locking them up at night.

By - 10/1/09 - 3:41 pm

Thursday, Oct. 2: John Ford Coley and Terry Sylvester, lead singer of the Hollies, in concert at Kowloon. Yes, the giant Chinese restaurant in Saugus. $25. 781-233-0077 for tickets and the time the concert starts.

Saturday, Oct. 3: Harvest Fest, which will "bring together some of the finest artistic, culinary and musical talents from in and around the city of Somerville. Samples and demonstrations from... Read more

By - 9/26/09 - 9:17 pm

Union Square in Somerville hosted its annual What the Fluff festival today in honor of Archibald Query's invention of peanut butter's BFF.

Ode to Fluff by one of the competitors for the Pharoah of Fluff crown:

By - 7/12/09 - 10:07 am

Kathy Weller, one of the sellers at yesterday's Boston Handmade Somerville Marketplace in Union Square, chronicles how she got ready for the market.