Boston crime

Date Type Street Neighborhood
5/23/17 - 11:25 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shootin Mt. Pleasant Terrace Roxbury
5/21/17 - 10:10 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting Dearborn St. and Zeigler St. Roxbury
5/21/17 - 8:45 pm Gunfire on bridge over the Fairmount Line in Dorchester Gunfire Jones Ave. and Ballou St. Dorchester
5/20/17 - 8:15 pm Man shot on Fuller Street in Dorchester Shooting 335 Fuller St. Dorchester
5/19/17 - 10:10 pm Teen arrested on gun charges; fourth one this week Illegal gun possession 158 Walnut Ave. Roxbury
5/19/17 - 4:50 am You snooze, you lose - the loaded gun on the dashboard Illegal gun possession Abbotsford St. and Harold St. Roxbury
5/17/17 - 6:19 pm Hyde Park phone store robbed at taserpoint; suspect nabbed on his getaway scooter Armed robbery 1266 River St. Hyde Park
5/16/17 - 2:30 am Milton man ordered to stay the hell out of Allston after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at two people for no damn reason Assault with a dangerous weapon Linden St. Allston
5/14/17 - 1:20 pm Car with people in it shot at in Dorchester; one hit Gunfire 35 Downer Ave. Dorchester
5/13/17 - 10:55 pm Man shot to death on Nottingham Street in Dorchester Murder 15 Nottingham St. Dorchester
5/13/17 - 10:25 pm Shots fired on Capen Street in Dorchester Gunfire 82 Selden St. Dorchester
5/13/17 - 4:15 pm Police say they busted up drug sale at West Roxbury gas station Illegal drug possession 1779 Centre St. West Roxbury
5/13/17 - 1:50 pm Daylight shooting injures two in Roxbury Shooting 50 Waverly St. Roxbury
5/12/17 - 6:39 am Person stabbed in Mattapan Stabbing 10 Orlando St. Mattapan
5/9/17 - 11:38 pm Man shot at South Boston project Shooting 57 Orton Marotta Way South Boston
5/5/17 - 11:40 pm Two stabbed in Roxbury Stabbing Mount Pleasant Terrace Roxbury
5/5/17 - 10:22 pm Man stabbed to death in Dorchester Murder 5 Groom St. Dorchester
5/5/17 - 9:49 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan; Boston's fourth murder victim on Friday Murder 50 Rexford St. Mattapan
5/5/17 - 8:38 pm Two dead in South Boston penthouse; police shoot suspect Murder 141 Dorchester Ave. South Boston
5/3/17 - 9:54 pm Two shot in Roxbury Shooting 115 Dale St. Roxbury
5/3/17 - 6:00 am Dorchester minister charged with drug trafficking Illegal drug possession 266 Quincy St. Dorchester
5/3/17 - 2:00 am Two stabbed in the Fenway overnight; suspect arrested Stabbing 111 Gainsborough St. Fenway
4/30/17 - 3:30 am Cyclist seriously injured in Back Bay hit and run Hit and run Commonwealth Ave. and Clarendon St. Back Bay
4/30/17 - 12:05 am One shot in Egleston Square Shooting 3100 Washington St. Jamaica Plain
4/28/17 - 10:30 pm Three shot in Dorchester Shooting 4 Trull St. Dorchester
4/27/17 - 9:57 pm Man shot to death on Cedar Street in Mattapan Murder 55 Cedar St. Mattapan
4/27/17 - 2:40 am Four stabbed overnight in East Boston Stabbing Porter St. and Bennington St. East Boston
4/25/17 - 6:25 pm Man shot in the head in Jamaica Plain Shooting 1 Metcalf Ct. Jamaica Plain
4/24/17 - 8:00 pm Person shot on Columbia Road in Dorchester Shooting Columbia Rd. and Devon St. Dorchester
4/23/17 - 11:00 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 39 Creston St. Dorchester
4/23/17 - 8:37 pm Three shot in Dorchester; one dies Murder 22 Thane St. Dorchester
4/23/17 - 6:40 pm Woman shot in the ankle on Walnut Park Shooting 79 Walnut Park Roxbury
4/23/17 - 6:30 pm Four cops injured subduing man they say was beating a neighbor Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 149 Hemenway St. Fenway
4/21/17 - 8:55 pm 17-year-old shot to death in Roxbury Murder 180 Ruggles St. Roxbury
4/19/17 - 4:55 pm Man stabbed in Mattapan Stabbing Alpine St. and River St. Mattapan
4/16/17 - 7:00 pm Man slashed in the neck with a broken bottle at Roslindale soccer field Stabbing 347 Hyde Park Ave. Roslindale
4/15/17 - 7:30 pm Man charged with sexual attack on the Orange Line Indecent assault and battery Winter St. and Washington St. Downtown
4/14/17 - 3:15 pm Police: Teen near Burke High lifted sweatshirt to show cops he didn't have a gun, except he did Illegal gun possession 60 Washington St. Dorchester
4/14/17 - 2:25 pm Shots fired on Edgewater Drive in Mattapan Gunfire 47 Edgewater Dr. Mattapan
4/13/17 - 6:50 pm Man rear-ends BPD vehicle in Hyde Park, keeps on going, abandons car in Roslindale, is arrested Hit and run 900 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
4/13/17 - 5:45 pm Two stabbed, one in the chest, at Roslindale park Stabbing Walworth St. and Tyndale St. Roslindale
4/13/17 - 4:15 pm Man shot to death on Gallivan Boulevard in Adams Village Murder 511 Gallivan Blvd. Dorchester
4/12/17 - 8:00 pm Man shot repeatedly in Dorchester; pal helping him flee arrested on gun charges Shooting 461 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
4/11/17 - 7:50 pm Person shot in South Boston Shooting Rev. Burke St. and Dorchester St. South Boston
4/11/17 - 6:03 am SWAT team busts into Roxbury house; arrests three, seizes guns, drugs Illegal gun possession 39 Nazing St. Roxbury
4/8/17 - 4:40 pm Person stabbed, slashed in the face at Tremont and Park downtown Stabbing Park St. and Tremont St. Downtown
4/7/17 - 9:15 pm Two shot on Columbia Road near Franklin Park Shooting Columbia Rd. and Wolcott St. Dorchester
4/6/17 - 3:00 pm Worker at Dorchester program aimed at getting kids out of gangs and into college is shot Shooting 222 Bowdoin St. Dorchester
4/6/17 - 12:30 pm Shots fired near Malcom X Park Gunfire Rockland St. and Hewes St. Roxbury
4/5/17 - 9:20 pm Police: Officers free woman forced into prostitution in Dorchester, arrest pimp and gun-toting pal Illegal gun possession 204 Norfolk St. Dorchester
4/4/17 - 4:40 pm Woman sexually attacked in Fort Hill Indecent assault and battery Beech Glen St. and Fort Avenue Roxbury
4/2/17 - 9:35 pm Little kid shot in Roxbury Shooting 14 Copeland St. Roxbury
4/2/17 - 1:30 am Gunfire that injured child was second gun incident in area yesterday; in first, cop tackled man with loaded gun Illegal gun possession 22 Fenno St. Roxbury
4/1/17 - 4:35 pm Police: Driver speeds away from traffic stop in Dorchester during storm, crashes; passenger had a gun Illegal gun possession 15 Neponset Ave. Dorchester
3/31/17 - 5:45 pm Mattapan brothers arrested before on drug charges arrested again on drug charges Illegal drug possession 1670 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
3/31/17 - 10:00 am Roslindale father and son face variety of gun, drug charges Illegal gun possession 158 Fawndale Rd. Roslindale
3/29/17 - 7:00 pm That was a gun in his pocket, so he got arrested, police say Illegal gun possession Orton Marotta Way South Boston
3/29/17 - 3:00 am Guy sought for break in at North End trattoria Break-in 143 Richmond St. North End
3/28/17 - 11:00 pm Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire Chamblet St. and Hartford St. Dorchester
3/28/17 - 2:30 pm 15-year-old arrested, loaded gun seized in Mattapan gang investigation Illegal gun possession Norfolk St. Mattapan
3/27/17 - 5:30 pm Police looking for man they say threatened a woman with a knife on the Orange Line at Stony Brook Assault with a dangerous weapon 180 Lamartine St. Jamaica Plain
3/27/17 - 1:30 pm Police charge more than just food was on the menu at Charlestown eatery Illegal drug possession 156 Bunker Hill St. Charlestown
3/27/17 - 12:00 pm Vineyard duo's mainland trip ends in arrest outside a Mattapan drug house, police say Illegal drug possession Osprey Way Mattapan
3/26/17 - 1:55 pm Person slashed in the face in Codman Square Stabbing 308 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
3/24/17 - 9:05 am Gun-toting burglars make off with safe from Dorchester home Illegal gun possession 151 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
3/23/17 - 10:40 am Shots fired in Roxbury park Gunfire Moreland St. and Fairland St. Roxbury
3/22/17 - 8:15 am Police: Armed robbery and crack-dealer suspect punches cop in face in Roxbury Assault and battery 23 Juniper St. Roxbury
3/20/17 - 10:15 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire Cheney St. and Hartwell St. Dorchester
3/20/17 - 4:55 pm Gunfire on Washington Street in Dorchester Gunfire Washington St. and Eldon St. Dorchester
3/19/17 - 10:25 pm Man stabbed in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Winter St. and Winter Pl. Downtown
3/19/17 - 6:10 pm Man shot in the leg on Lorne Street in Dorchester Gunfire 32 Lorne St. Dorchester
3/18/17 - 11:45 pm Gunfire leads to two arrests in Dorchester Illegal gun possession Jerome St. and Cushing St. Dorchester
3/18/17 - 11:45 pm Gunfire leads to two arrests in Dorchester Illegal gun possession Bowdoin St. and Norton St. Dorchester
3/17/17 - 11:30 pm Woman shot in leg with paintball in Grove Hall drive-by Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Blue Hill Ave. and Devon St. Dorchester
3/16/17 - 5:50 pm Driver hits kid in Mattapan, keeps on going, but doesn't get far Hit and run Blue Hill Avenue and Fessenden Street Mattapan
3/15/17 - 10:30 pm Woman shot at Charlestown pizza place Shooting 106 Bunker Hill St. Charlestown
3/13/17 - 10:10 pm Police pull loaded gun, baby from car parked in front of Codman Square hydrant Illegal gun possession Washington St. and Southern Ave. Dorchester
3/12/17 - 5:15 pm Man charged with chomping cop trying to get him to pay his bar bill at East Boston eatery Assault and battery 65 Maverick Sq. East Boston
3/10/17 - 5:16 am Man spots two guys breaking into his Dorchester home via his surveillance camera; now they're in custody Illegal gun possession 231 Washington St. Dorchester
3/8/17 - 3:51 pm Man sought in connection with shooting on Quincy Street in Dorchester last month Shooting 225 Quincy St. Dorchester
3/7/17 - 7:45 am Man stabbed to death in Dorchester Murder 66 Hartford St. Dorchester
3/6/17 - 6:30 pm Man sought for sexual assault in East Boston Indecent assault and battery Brooks Street East Boston
3/6/17 - 1:55 pm Guys claiming to have bombs holding up banks Bank robbery 391 Market St. Brighton
3/3/17 - 11:45 pm Father, daughter charged with beating up off-duty cop at Community College on the Orange Line Assault and battery Community College Charlestown
3/3/17 - 6:45 am Woman wakes up to find strange man sitting on her bed, watching her Break-in 1 South Point Dr. Dorchester
3/2/17 - 8:05 pm Police: Security guard arrested after he pistol whips suspect downtown, points gun at him Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Tremont St. and Hamilton Pl. Downtown
3/2/17 - 1:45 pm Police: Guy smashes South End man in the head with vase, pan before victim flees out fire escape Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 26 Chandler St. South End
3/2/17 - 11:20 am Man with beef goes after enemy with a needle at Park Street T stop, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon Park St. and Tremont St. Downtown
3/1/17 - 1:30 pm Man sought for Codman Square bank robbery Bank robbery 305 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
2/27/17 - 3:15 pm Food deliverer robbed of both food and car at gunpoint in Dorchester Armed robbery Woodrow Terrace and Jones Ave. Dorchester
2/27/17 - 3:10 pm Person stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing 106 Fairmount St. Dorchester
2/27/17 - 9:30 am Shots fired in Egleston Square Gunfire Columbus Ave. and Weld Ave. Roxbury
2/27/17 - 1:30 am Man stabbed in the neck in East Boston Stabbing 90 Bennington St. East Boston
2/24/17 - 5:00 pm Shots fired in two different Dorchester locations at about the same time Gunfire 157 Adams St. Dorchester
2/24/17 - 5:00 pm Shots fired in two different Dorchester locations at about the same time Gunfire Talbot Ave. and Aspinwall Rd. Dorchester
2/22/17 - 10:25 pm Gunfire erupts at memorial for man shot to death yesterday in Roxbury Gunfire Dudley St. and Albion St. Roxbury
2/22/17 - 8:50 pm Two shot in Dudley Square Shooting Shawmut Ave. and Marvin St. Roxbury
2/21/17 - 5:08 pm Man shot to death on Dudley Street in Roxbury Murder Dudley St. and Albion St. Roxbury
2/21/17 - 3:00 pm Man sought for accosting family at Community College Assault and battery Community College Charlestown
2/20/17 - 10:45 pm Group of teens sought for robbing food delivery person, attacking man in the Fenway Unarmed robbery Edgerly Rd. and Westland Ave. Fenway