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The last year in violent crime

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Date Type Address Neighborhood
11/28/15 - 11:25 am Body found in car engulfed in flames in Mattapan Murder 229 River St. Mattapan
11/27/15 - 2:10 am Early morning gunfire in Dorchester Gunfire Harvard St. and Algonquin St. Dorchester
11/26/15 - 2:00 am Shooting outside Fenway bar leaves one dead, three injured Murder 19 Yawkey Way Fenway
11/26/15 - 2:00 am One shot, one stabbed in Allston Shooting Brighton Ave. and Harvard Ave. Allston
11/25/15 - 3:05 pm Cars, no people hit as gunfire erupts in Roxbury Gunfire Dearborn St. and Eustis St. Roxbury
11/24/15 - 7:00 pm Five face charges over alleged sale of rifle in Roslindale parking lot Illegal gun possession 718 American Legion Hwy Roslindale
11/21/15 - 10:15 pm Man found shot in Roslindale cemetery Shooting 427 Cummins Hwy Roslindale
11/21/15 - 1:10 am East Boston man says he has good alibi for Dorchester gun charges: He's blind Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Washington St. Dorchester
11/21/15 - 12:05 am JP man arrested after gunfire in Roxbury Gunfire 1176 Tremont St. Roxbury
11/20/15 - 5:55 pm Two shot on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain; one dead Murder Centre St. and Wyman St. Jamaica Plain
11/19/15 - 11:30 pm Man found unconscious and bleeding at Roxbury bus stop; police hunt his attacker and a woman seen rifling through his pockets as he lay there Assault and battery Wshington St. and E. Lenox St. Roxbury
11/19/15 - 9:15 pm Egleston Square argument ends with stabbing Stabbing 11 Dixwell St. Jamaica Plain
11/18/15 - 5:50 pm Shots fired on Columbus Avenue Gunfire Columbus Ave. and Dimock St. Roxbury
11/17/15 - 3:00 pm Woman stabbed in Mattapan apartment building Stabbing 435 River St. Mattapan
11/16/15 - 6:40 pm Guy tries, fails to hold up Truman Parkway store at knifepoint Attempted armed robbery 674 Truman Parkway Hyde Park
11/16/15 - 12:40 pm Dorchester teacher robbed at knifepoint outside her school Armed robbery Columbia Rd. and Intervale St. Dorchester
11/14/15 - 9:30 pm Police: Dorchester teen arrested with loaded gun at Bromley-Heath Illegal gun possession 277 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
11/14/15 - 12:15 am Shots fired in Roslindale Gunfire 3 Beram Ave. Roslindale
11/12/15 - 9:00 am Mattapan man charged as fentanyl dealer Illegal drug possession 20 Regis Rd. Mattapan
11/12/15 - 6:00 am DA: Dorchester man who has pursued life of violent crime gets arrested again Illegal gun possession 15 Abbott St. Dorchester
11/10/15 - 9:30 pm Man hit in the back of the head, robbed at gunpoint in the South End Armed robbery W. Rutland Park South End
11/9/15 - 1:15 pm Gallivan Boulevard bank held up for second time in less than a month Bank robbery 780 Gallivan Blvd. Dorchester
11/8/15 - 7:00 pm Police: Officers dragged 100 yards by car driven by man they'd just pulled over in Dorchester Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Stratton St. and Westview St. Dorchester
11/6/15 - 10:35 pm Man opens fire in Roxbury Gunfire Wardman Rd. and Westminster Ave. Roxbury
11/6/15 - 9:07 am Police say 11-year-old girl indecently attacked in South Boston by apologetic man Indecent assault and battery 1 Gavin Way South Boston
11/6/15 - 6:00 am Police: Sunrise predator going after women near the Savin Hill T stop Indecent assault and battery 130 Auckland St. Dorchester
11/5/15 - 7:00 pm Person stabbed in lower Roxbury Stabbing 60 Camden St. South End
11/5/15 - 4:30 pm Shots fired off Melnea Cass Boulevard Gunfire 73 Windsor St. Roxbury
11/4/15 - 3:30 pm South End crash sends two elderly pedestrians to the hospital in bad shape Crash Tremont St. and W. Brookline St. South End
11/3/15 - 12:15 am Man shot to death in Dorchester Murder 15 Shepton St. Dorchester
11/2/15 - 2:50 pm Criminal pro tip: If you've nicked yourself shaving, you might want to put off that bank robbery you'd been planning Bank robbery 441 W. Broadway South Boston
11/2/15 - 3:15 am Police: Teen with loaded gun gets into argument with man in Fields Corner; officers intervene before he can use it Illegal gun possession Dorchester Ave. and Faulkner St. Dorchester
11/1/15 - 5:40 pm Shots fired near Edward Everett Square Gunfire 14 Elder St. Dorchester
11/1/15 - 4:30 pm Person shot near Franklin Field Shooting 20 Stratton St. Dorchester
10/31/15 - 8:00 pm Alleged gun-packing gangbanger unable to outrun fleet-footed lawman in the South End Illegal gun possession Tremont St. and Aguadilla St. South End
10/30/15 - 6:35 pm East Boston bank held up Bank robbery 1 Bennington St. East Boston
10/29/15 - 1:00 am Man stabbed in the neck outside the Point bar Stabbing Marshall St. and Hanover St. Boston
10/28/15 - 3:10 pm Man shot at Whittier Street apartments in incident that started at Ruggles T stop Shooting Tremont St. and Ruggles St. Roxbury
10/26/15 - 10:00 pm Two tossed in lockup on charges they robbed a man of his salad at gunpoint outside Savin Hill T stop Armed robbery 121 Savin Hill Ave. Dorchester
10/25/15 - 2:21 am Woman slashed in fight with knife-wielding purse snatcher in Fenway Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 137 Park Dr. Fenway
10/24/15 - 12:40 pm Police: Woman fatally shoots relative in the head in Hyde Park Murder 239 Wood Ave. Hyde Park
10/23/15 - 12:01 pm Hoodie-wearing robber strikes another Boston bank Bank robbery 780 Gallivan Blvd. Dorchester
10/22/15 - 9:15 pm Three stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing 95 Bloomfield St. Dorchester
10/22/15 - 3:30 pm Person stabbed outside Jackson Square T stop Murder Centre St. and Lamartine St. Jamaica Plain
10/22/15 - 11:55 am Man shot to death in Brighton Murder 124 Telford St. Extension Brighton
10/22/15 - 10:40 am Police: Teen tried to sneak loaded gun into Dorchester school Illegal weapons possession 9 Peacevale Rd. Dorchester
10/19/15 - 11:55 pm Three Lawrence men charged with two armed robberies in the North End Armed robbery North St. and Cross St. North End.
10/18/15 - 2:00 am BU student sexually assaulted in her dorm room Sexual attack 33 Harry Agganis Way Allston
10/17/15 - 10:45 pm Food-delivery guy robbed at gunpoint in Mattapan Armed robbery Orchard St. and Vanderbilt St. Mattapan
10/17/15 - 1:00 pm Guy in hoodie sought for East Boston bank robbery Bank robbery 246 Border St. East Boston
10/17/15 - 12:51 pm SWAT team helps arrest Hyde Park man in JP on charges he fired gun in Roxbury Gunfire 208 Hampden St. Roxbury
10/16/15 - 10:20 pm Car shot up in South Boston Gunfire 19 Gavin Way South Boston
10/16/15 - 8:10 pm Police: When confronted by officers pointing real guns at him, man refused to drop the fake gun he'd been waving in an argument Assault with a dangerous weapon Roxbury St. and Malcolm X Blvd. Roxbury
10/16/15 - 9:00 am Back Bay market robbed this morning Unarmed robbery 21 Massachusetts Ave. Back Bay
10/16/15 - 7:55 am Argument leads to gunfire outside Forest Hills station; Orange Line service, roads were shut Gunfire Asticou Rd. and Washington St. Jamaica Plain
10/15/15 - 11:15 pm Person shot in the back on Shawmut Avenue Shooting 617 Shawmut Ave. Roxbury
10/15/15 - 10:10 pm Gunfire a couple blocks from B3 police station Gunfire 12 Havelock St. Dorchester
10/14/15 - 2:20 am Man shot at on Washington Street at West Roxbury/Roslindale line, suffers only finger injury Shooting 4740 Washington St. West Roxbury
10/13/15 - 10:00 pm Person stabbed in Ashmont station Stabbing 1900 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
10/9/15 - 10:00 pm Car shot up in Codman Square Gunfire 37 W. Tremlett St. Dorchester
10/9/15 - 3:05 pm Beacon Hill bank held up at gunpoint; two arrested while trying to make their getaway in a taxi Bank robbery 80 Charles St. Beacon Hill
10/8/15 - 3:30 pm Man stabbed repeatedly at Park and Tremont Stabbing Park St. and Tremont St. Boston
10/7/15 - 9:30 pm Three stabbed in argument over dog at West Roxbury market Stabbing 243 Grove St. West Roxbury
10/6/15 - 4:35 pm Gunfire at Humboldt Avenue and Hutchings Street in Roxbury Gunfire 76 Hutchings St. Roxbury
10/5/15 - 2:40 am Man stabbed in chest in Dorchester robbery Stabbing Harvard St. and Paxton St. Dorchester
10/4/15 - 9:00 pm Man charged with beating pal nearly to death at Back Bay station; victim lay there for several hours Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 145 Dartmouth St. Back Bay
10/4/15 - 4:12 am Man shot at Bromley-Heath Shooting 900 Parker St. Jamaica Plain
10/3/15 - 11:25 pm Man sliced in attack in East Boston market Stabbing 140 Princeton St. East Boston
10/2/15 - 8:30 pm Northeastern student robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 96 Fenway Fenway
10/2/15 - 6:10 pm Man shot in the back at Franklin Field Shooting 5 Ames Way Dorchester
9/30/15 - 10:10 pm Man shot in East Boston Shooting 130 Sumner St. East Boston
9/30/15 - 2:10 pm South End bank held up by two guys with a gun Bank robbery 540 Tremont St. South End.
9/30/15 - 4:05 am Man shot to death in Hyde Park Murder 493 Huntington Ave. Hyde Park
9/30/15 - 1:15 am Police know that two men wound up stabbed in Egleston Square early one September morning, but not much else Stabbing 3171 Washington St. Jamaica Plain
9/29/15 - 12:45 am Police: Allston highwayman slices and gnaws victim; apologizes when caught Armed robbery Ashford St. and Chester St. Allston
9/28/15 - 8:35 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting 26 Albion St. Roxbury
9/28/15 - 3:00 pm Man sought for bank robbery near South Station Bank robbery One Financial Center Boston
9/28/15 - 12:30 pm DA: Dorchester teen charged with gun possession has bail reduced, gets out, promptly gets arrested on new gun charge Illegal gun possession 8 Rozella St. Dorchester
9/28/15 - 4:55 am Early morning shooting on Columbia Road sends one to the hospital Shooting 450 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
9/27/15 - 11:00 pm Woman robbed, raped at knifepoint in Dorchester Rape Dorchester Ave. and Harbor View St. Dorchester
9/27/15 - 10:00 pm Man caught on video in Fields Corner armed robbery may be responsible for rape on Dot. Ave. the same night, police say Armed robbery Ditson St. and Leroy St. Dorchester
9/27/15 - 8:20 pm Police: Brighton carjacking suspect attacks cop who refused his demand to shoot him Assault and battery 66 Union St. Brighton
9/25/15 - 10:10 pm Shots fired in South Boston Gunfire 64 Dalessio Ct. South Boston
9/24/15 - 2:00 pm Multiple shots fired on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Gaston St. Roxbury
9/23/15 - 8:40 pm Man shot to death on Intervale Street Murder 96 Intervale St. Dorchester
9/22/15 - 9:50 pm Bullets fly at Roxbury intersection Gunfire 79 Dale St. Roxbury
9/22/15 - 4:40 pm Somebody shot on Huntington Avenue in the Fenway Shooting 319 Huntington Ave. Fenway
9/21/15 - 8:25 pm Shots fired in South Boston Gunfire W 7 St. and C St. South Boston
9/21/15 - 4:20 pm Police hunt man they say threatened bus driver with a screwdriver Assault with a dangerous weapon Blue Hill Ave. and Pasadena Rd. Roxbury
9/20/15 - 5:15 pm Man stabbed to death in East Boston Murder 72 Trenton St. East Boston
9/20/15 - 6:00 am Gunfire behind Chinatown building Gunfire 39 Boylston St. Chinatown
9/20/15 - 1:40 am Police: Man's gun goes off as he's pistol-whipping woman after Roxbury car crash; bullets don't hit her Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 21 Dudley St. Roxbury
9/19/15 - 11:20 am Gunfire erupts near scene of double murder in Egleston Square Gunfire Ernst St. and Bragdon St. Roxbury
9/18/15 - 7:38 pm Shots fired on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain Gunfire 340 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
9/18/15 - 12:30 pm Police: East Boston man arrested with armory that included two IEDs Illegal gun possession 36 Eutaw St. East Boston
9/16/15 - 12:15 pm Man shot to death in Mission Hill parking lot near Brigham Circle Murder Calumet St. and Huntington Ave. Mission Hill
9/16/15 - 1:17 am Another woman attacked at intersection near Edward Everett Square Indecent assault and battery Boston St. and Mayhew St. Dorchester
9/15/15 - 12:30 am Police say woman forced into her Fenway apartment, attacked Sexual attack Queensberry St. Fenway
9/14/15 - 3:10 pm Roxbury intersection hit with barrage of gunfire Gunfire 298 Dudley St. Roxbury
9/12/15 - 10:27 pm Man shot in Roslindale Shooting 14 Kittredge St. Roslindale
9/11/15 - 8:45 am Police investigate armed home invasion in Jamaica Plain Armed home invasion 24 Walk Hill St. Jamaica Plain
9/10/15 - 4:40 am Man shot to death in Roxbury Murder 56 Holworthy St. Roxbury
9/9/15 - 9:45 pm Two arrested for string of armed robberies from Mattapan to Brookline Armed robbery 547 Washington St. Dorchester
9/8/15 - 10:20 am Jamaica Plain bank held up Bank robbery 687 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
9/7/15 - 8:00 am Man found stabbed to death on Constitution Beach Murder 1 Rice St. East Boston
9/6/15 - 10:25 pm Three armed robberies in Fields Corner today may be linked Armed robbery 1580 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
9/6/15 - 1:55 am Two shot in hail of gunfire outside Fenway Park overnight Shooting Brookline Avenue and Yawkey Way Fenway
9/6/15 - 1:14 am Man shot repeatedly in Roxbury; suspect arrested Shooting Dudley St. and Clarence St. Roxbury
9/5/15 - 3:00 am Groper on the loose in Dorchester, South Boston Indecent assault and battery Boston St. and Mayhew St. Dorchester
9/4/15 - 2:00 am Knife-wielding, out-of-shape purse snatcher nabbed in Allston Armed Robbery 6 Radcliff Rd. Allston
9/3/15 - 10:45 pm Dorchester street sprayed with gunfire Gunfire 103 Intervale St. Dorchester
9/3/15 - 2:15 pm Shots fired in Uphams Corner Gunfire 600 Dudley St. Dorchester
9/3/15 - 11:10 am One stabbed, one sliced on Mason Street downtown Stabbing Mason St. and Avery St. Boston
9/2/15 - 11:50 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint at Mattapan/Milton line Armed robbery 82 River St. Mattapan
9/2/15 - 11:15 pm Guy fires gun repeatedly at somebody on Heath Street, misses Gunfire 154 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
8/31/15 - 11:40 pm Armed robbery in Brighton Armed robbery 15 Lothian Rd. Brighton
8/30/15 - 8:10 pm Gunfire outside Dorchester park Gunfire 39 Belden St. Dorchester
8/30/15 - 3:00 am Police investigate two sexual attacks in Allston Indecent assault and battery Brighton Ave. and Park Vale Ave. Allston
8/29/15 - 4:15 am Judge orders curfew, GPS for Roslindale woman on gun charges after questioning what she was doing in Franklin Field Illegal gun possession 70 Ames St. Dorchester
8/29/15 - 2:40 am Three shot, one dead on Creston Street, Dorchester Murder 29 Creston St. Dorchester
8/29/15 - 1:45 am Man shot in the face in Mattapan Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Woodhaven St. Mattapan
8/25/15 - 5:55 pm Houses strafed in Mattapan Gunfire Evelyn St. and Norfolk St. Mattapan
8/24/15 - 9:55 pm Man shot in the arm in Dorchester Shooting Hamilton St. and Stonehurst St. Dorchester
8/23/15 - 11:40 pm Man roughed up by guys with machetes in East Boston Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 144 Chelsea St. East Boston
8/23/15 - 11:40 pm Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire 53 Stockton St. Dorchester
8/21/15 - 11:20 pm Two Blue Hill Avenue convenience stores robbed at gunpoint in 24 hours Armed robbery 646 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
8/21/15 - 9:40 am Man hunted for St. Botolph Street carjacking and car fire Carjacking St. Botolph St. and Cumberland St. South End
8/19/15 - 11:25 am Man in car shot in West Roxbury Shooting Spring St. and Baker St. West Roxbury
8/19/15 - 12:30 am South Boston brothers charged with beating, urinating on homeless man outside JFK T stop Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon JFK/UMass Station Dorchester
8/18/15 - 11:10 pm House, car shot up in Roxbury Gunfire 67 St. Richard St. Roxbury
8/17/15 - 11:59 pm Gunfire erupts in Uphams Corner Gunfire Groom St. and Humphreys St. Dorchester
8/17/15 - 2:20 pm Gunman opens fire outside Roxbury pool; building, but no people, hit Gunfire 120 Martin Luther King Blvd. Roxbury
8/16/15 - 8:30 pm Shoeless, shirtless man with dog, two pals sought for attack outside Sullivan Square T stop Assault and battery 1 Cambridge St. Charlestown
8/15/15 - 11:00 pm Alleged drug dealer charged with hitting three cops with her car in escape attempt Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Walnut Ave. and Humboldt Ave. Roxbury
8/15/15 - 3:26 am Bullets, bowling balls flew when gang beef flared at Dorchester lanes Assault and battery 820 Morrissey Blvd. Dorchester
8/15/15 - 12:35 am Person stabbed in Allston Stabbing 30 Holton St. Allston
8/15/15 - 12:30 am Two shot at Bromley-Heath Shooting 26 Walden St. Jamaica Plain
8/14/15 - 9:45 pm Gunfire in Dorchester leaves one with a graze wound Shooting Olney St. and Everton St. Dorchester
8/14/15 - 9:15 pm Gunfire in front of Boston Police headquarters Gunfire Tremont St. and Whittier St. Roxbury
8/13/15 - 11:45 pm Two shot in Dorchester parking lot Shooting Hancock St. and Trull St. Dorchester
8/13/15 - 4:35 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 43 Norton St. Dorchester
8/12/15 - 10:15 pm Three shot, two dead in Egleston Square Murder Ernst St. and Bragdon St. Jamaica Plain
8/12/15 - 10:15 pm Three shot in Mattapan, one dead Murder 41 Hosmer St. Mattapan
8/10/15 - 11:55 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint near mayor's old house Armed robbery Savin Hill Ave. and Tuttle St. Dorchester
8/10/15 - 2:15 pm Man stabbed in South End building Stabbing 143 W. Brookline St. South End
8/8/15 - 4:40 pm Police: Man faces gun, drug charges after driving by a traffic cop while smoking pot Illegal gun possession Dudley St. and Howard St. Dorchester
8/8/15 - 2:15 am Man shot in the head in Roxbury Shooting 40 Annunciation Rd. Roxbury
8/8/15 - 12:40 am Grazed by bullet in Dudley Square Shooting Ziegler St. and Bethune Way Roxbury
8/7/15 - 11:45 pm Gunfire erupts at three locations in Dorchester and Mattapan around same time; one victim shows up at the hospital Shooting Blue Hill Ave. and Clarkwood St. Mattapan
8/7/15 - 7:30 am Bicyclist killed by semi in Back Bay hit and run Hit and run Massachusetts Ave. and Beacon St. Back Bay
8/7/15 - 2:48 am Cabbie tased, carjacked on Expressway; suspects crash cab in Mattapan Carjacking I-93 Dorchester
8/6/15 - 3:00 pm Man robbed at gunpoint and machetepoint in Jamaica Plain Armed robbery Chestnut Ave. and Centre St. Jamaica Plain
8/5/15 - 1:30 pm Man stabbed in Mattapan apartment Stabbing 3 Mulvey St. Mattapan
8/5/15 - 12:00 pm Allston corner freed from threat of taser fiend Assault with a dangerous weapon Harvard Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. Allston
8/3/15 - 12:45 pm Three shot in Roxbury Shooting 92 Academy Terrace Roxbury
8/2/15 - 11:55 pm Man shot in Jamaica Plain Shooting 21 Round Hill St. Jamaica Plain
8/1/15 - 6:00 pm Shooting in Roxbury Shooting Waumbeck St. and Harold St. Roxbury
7/30/15 - 9:00 pm Three robbed by men with a shotgun in Dorchester, Mattapan Armed robbery Mariposa St. and Sefton St. Mattapan
7/30/15 - 9:00 pm Three robbed by men with a shotgun in Dorchester, Mattapan Armed robbery 911 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
7/30/15 - 3:00 pm Man stabbed in South Boston Stabbing Patterson Way South Boston
7/29/15 - 11:30 pm Police: Gun suspect on bike tries to escape; pedals into back of a cruiser Illegal gun possession Parker St. and Annunciation Rd. Roxbury
7/29/15 - 9:18 pm Two shot in Roxbury Shooting Townsend St. and Humboldt Ave. Roxbury
7/29/15 - 7:10 pm Man stabbed with broken bottle in fight Stabbing Harvard St. and Franklin Hill Ave. Dorcehster
7/28/15 - 10:30 pm Woman shot in the chest at Normandy and Seaver Murder 339 Seaver St. Roxbury
7/27/15 - 5:00 pm Police hunt three for home invasion near Cleveland Circle Home invasion 83 Englewood Ave. Brighton
7/27/15 - 8:30 am Woman sexually attacked on East Boston Greenway Sexual attack Bremen St. and Sumner St. East Boston
7/27/15 - 12:10 am Three shot in Mattapan Shooting 17 Elizabeth St. Mattapan
7/26/15 - 7:00 am Two charged with Roxbury carjacking Carjacking Blue Hill Ave. and W. Cottage St. Roxbury
7/25/15 - 9:25 pm Man stabbed in Dudley Square Stabbing Harrison Ave. and Ziegler St. Roxbury
7/25/15 - 3:30 pm Two shot in Roxbury Shooting Homestead St. and Pleasanton St. Roxbury
7/24/15 - 2:47 pm Dorchester traffic stop ends with teen arrested for possession of a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Roseland St and Santuit St. Dorchester
7/24/15 - 1:25 pm Brighton Center bank held up Bank robbery 414 Washington St. Brighton
7/23/15 - 7:26 pm Police: Jackson Square fight ends with two under arrest, one with a gun, one with a knife Illegal gun possession 284 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
7/22/15 - 6:55 pm Woman shot near Morton Street Shooting 29 Wildwood St. Dorchester
7/21/15 - 3:20 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire 25 Fenno St. Roxbury
7/21/15 - 1:00 pm Shots fired outside Morton Street train station Gunfire 875 Morton St. Mattapan
7/20/15 - 10:25 pm Shots fired near Columbia Road Gunfire 9 Powellton Rd. Dorchester
7/20/15 - 10:15 pm Shots fired on Intervale Street Gunfire 89 Intervale St. Dorchester
7/20/15 - 10:30 am Man found shot to death in Roslindale Murder 50 Brookway Rd. Roslindale
7/19/15 - 10:40 pm Person shot at in Heath Street drive-by Gunfire 154 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
7/19/15 - 12:55 pm Man carjacked at gunpoint in Roxbury Carjacking Juniper St. and Cedar St. Roxbury
7/19/15 - 12:35 pm Man fires gun repeatedly behind Roxbury school, walks away Gunfire Walnut Ave. and Westminster Ave. Roxbury
7/17/15 - 11:55 pm Two shot in Dorchester Shooting Harvard St. and Gleason St. Dorchester
7/17/15 - 11:15 pm Food-delivery guy carjacked at knifepoint in East Boston Carjacking Monmouth St. and Marion St. East Boston
7/17/15 - 8:00 pm Man shot in the arm in Egleston Square Shooting Dixwell St. and Columbus Ave. Roxbury
7/16/15 - 11:30 pm Two shot on Mission Hill Shooting Horadan Way MIssion Hill
7/15/15 - 11:10 pm Man attacked, robbed elderly woman at Savin Hill T stop Assault and battery 121 Savin Hill Ave. Dorchester
7/14/15 - 10:20 pm Gunfire exchange between suspects and police in Dorchester Gunfire Bowdoin Ave. and Nottingham St. Dorchester
7/14/15 - 7:40 pm Officer suffers head trauma in Mattapan incident Assault and battery 85 Hiawatha Rd. Mattapan
7/14/15 - 7:24 pm Police: Framingham man didn't have much time to enjoy the Mercedes SUV he carjacked in Bay Village Carjacking 8 Church St. Bay Village
7/14/15 - 6:50 pm Person shot in Mattapan church parking lot Shooting 1500 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
7/14/15 - 10:30 am Person robbed by men with knife in Roslindale Armed robbery Clare Ave. Roslindale
7/14/15 - 1:15 am Man shot near Holborn Street murder scene Shooting 22 Holborn St. Roxbury
7/12/15 - 11:50 pm Two shot in Dorchester Shooting 67 Washington St. Dorchester
7/12/15 - 10:45 pm Person stabbed on Shawmut Avenue along Ramsay Park Stabbing Shawmut Ave. and Hammond St. Roxbury
7/11/15 - 10:15 pm Man shot twice in the legs in Roxbury apartment Shooting Academy Terrace and Academy Rd. Roxbury
7/11/15 - 5:55 pm Man shot to death in Ashmont Murder 88 Bailey St. Dorchester
7/11/15 - 2:14 am Person robbed at gunpoint in South Boston Armed robbery E. 8 St. and K St. South Boston
7/10/15 - 4:50 pm Panic on the bus when man boards with what look like dozens of bullets strapped to his waist Illegal ammunition possession Cambridge St. and Harvard Ave. Allston
7/8/15 - 7:30 am DA: Woman faces charges after shoving elderly woman, who falls, hits head in Chinatown Assault and battery Essex St. and Chauncy St. Chinatown
7/7/15 - 3:00 am Woman with shamrock tattoo sought for Dorchester bank robbery Bank robbery 585 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
7/6/15 - 10:40 pm Person stabbed on MBTA bus in Mattapan Stabbing Blue Hill Ave. and Walk Hill St. Mattapan
7/6/15 - 9:45 pm Shots fired in Roxbury Gunfire 15 St. Richard St. Roxbury
7/6/15 - 3:30 am Man shot in South Boston armed robbery Shooting 100 Msgr. William O'Callaghan Way South Boston
7/4/15 - 10:45 pm Another double shooting, another man dead Murder 12 Holborn St. Roxbury
7/4/15 - 10:00 pm Police hunt alleged gay basher in Kenmore Square attack Assault and battery Kenmore Square Boston
7/4/15 - 6:15 pm Car hit by gunfire in Roxbury Gunfire 124 Eustis St. Roxbury
7/4/15 - 2:30 am Woman knocked down by man who tried to drag her behind a building on Mission Hill Assault and battery Huntington Ave. and Colburn St. Mission Hill
7/2/15 - 11:00 pm Two shot in Roxbury; one dies Murder 21 Greenville St. Roxbury
7/1/15 - 8:50 pm Somebody stabbed on Seaver Street Stabbing 331 Seaver St. Dorchester
7/1/15 - 2:05 pm Man shot in Mattapan; suspect nabbed Shooting Fessenden St. and Norfolk St. Mattapan
6/29/15 - 10:05 pm Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire 37 Kerwin St. Dorchester
6/29/15 - 7:00 am Police hunt man for two Mission Hill break-ins Break in 43 Hillside St. Mission Hill
6/27/15 - 11:15 pm Shot fired in Jamaica Plain Gunfire 48 Round Hill St. Jamaica Plain
6/27/15 - 1:00 pm Three children stabbed in Hyde Park home Stabbing 1608 River St. Hyde Park
6/26/15 - 8:00 am Mother's boyfriend charged with Bella's murder Murder Maxwell St. Dorchester
6/25/15 - 12:10 am Police: North Station panhandler stabs man who wouldn't give him money, punches another Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 135 Causeway St. Boston
6/24/15 - 10:50 pm Shots fired in Egleston Square Gunfire Waldren Rd. and Westminster Ave. Roxbury
6/21/15 - 11:25 pm Shots fired on Maxwell Street in Dorchester Gunfire 18 Maxwell St. Dorchester
6/21/15 - 4:30 pm Police: Man went berserk with a hammer in South Boston until a cop took aim at him with a beanbag gun Assault with a dangerous weapon 838 E. Broadway South Boston
6/21/15 - 3:00 am Shots fired in Allston Gunfire 150 Brighton Ave. Allston
6/21/15 - 12:05 am Dorchester party ends in gunfire; one car hit Gunfire 89 Westville St. Dorchester
6/20/15 - 8:50 pm Somebody stabbed on Linden Street in Allston Stabbing 20 Linden St. Allston
6/20/15 - 4:20 pm One shot in Uphams Corner Shooting Dudley St. and Nonquit St. Dorchester
6/19/15 - 9:10 pm Person shot in Madison Park Shooting Kerr Way and Ruggles Street Roxbury
6/19/15 - 2:40 pm Officers shoot man who came at them with a knife on the Silber Footbridge Shooting Silber Way and Back Street Fenway
6/16/15 - 8:45 pm Three shot in Dorchester Shooting 64 Lawrence Ave. Dorchester
6/16/15 - 1:10 pm As cops are in a Dorchester apartment seizing a gun and drugs, they hear a knock at the door Illegal gun possession 29 Cunningham St. Boston
6/14/15 - 10:00 pm Leather District brawl ends with person hit in the head with a bottle Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Lincoln St. and Beach St. Boston
6/13/15 - 8:30 pm Man shot at Egleston Square party; homicide unit summoned Shooting 30 Egleston St. Jamaica Plain
6/13/15 - 12:30 am Person shot in Dorchester Shooting 28 York St. Dorchester
6/12/15 - 4:15 am Person shot in lower Roxbury Shooting 625 Shawmut Ave. Roxbury
6/11/15 - 1:00 am Local radio personality charged with OUI, attacking trooper
6/10/15 - 8:05 pm Teen shot in the head on Fuller Street in Dorchester Murder 128 Fuller St. Dorchester
6/10/15 - 5:20 pm Car shot in Dorchester; occupants not injured Gunfire Milton Avenue and Armandine St. Dorchester
6/10/15 - 5:00 am Man shot in early morning Ashmont robbery Shooting Bailey St. and Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
6/9/15 - 6:44 pm Police: Teen with loaded gun in hand arrested after foot chase Illegal gun possession Winthrop St. and Greenville St. Roxbury
6/6/15 - 8:35 pm Police: Gyrating man arrested at Back Bay station for indecent assault and battery Indecent assault and battery 145 Dartmouth St. Back Bay
6/6/15 - 3:42 am Police: Scooter driver, gun-packing passenger try to speed away from officers, fail Illegal gun possession Humboldt Ave. and Martin Luther King Blvd. Roxbury
6/4/15 - 9:45 am Man stabbed repeatedly at Hyde Park Avenue soccer field Stabbing Hyde park Ave. and Wyvern St. Roslindale
6/2/15 - 5:30 pm Teen stabbed on Jones Hill in Dorchester Stabbing 150 Hancock St. Dorchester
6/2/15 - 11:20 am Charlestown bank held up Bank robbery 437 Rutherford Ave. Charlestown
6/2/15 - 6:59 am FBI, BPD shoot and kill suspect outside Roslindale drugstore; say he wouldn't drop large knife, but brother disputes that Gunfire 4600 Washington St. Roslindale
5/31/15 - 1:00 pm Shots fired on Roxbury street; car hit Gunfire 44 Crawford St. Roxbury
5/28/15 - 5:10 pm Alleged gunmen arrested in Hyde Park after foot chase through woods along Neponset River Illegal gun possession Fairmount Ave. and Nott St. Hyde Park
5/28/15 - 9:05 am Police clear Downtown Crossing station of groping ninja threat Indecent assault and battery Washington St. and Summer St. Boston
5/26/15 - 1:30 pm Somebody shot on Lyndhurst Street in Dorchester Shooting 38 Lyndhurst St. Dorchester
5/25/15 - 1:15 am Couple of guys fire guns in South Boston; guns recovered, guys still at large Illegal gun possession 28 Gavin Way South Boston
5/25/15 - 1:15 am Man shot in Bromley-Heath Shooting 10 Bickford St. Jamaica Plain
5/24/15 - 4:15 pm Little kid shot while riding his bike in Dorchester Shooting Bowdoin St, and Quincy St. Dorchester
5/23/15 - 11:55 pm Four men with a shotgun burst into North End apartment Armed home invasion 77 Endicott St. North End
5/23/15 - 10:50 pm Police: Tip leads to arrest of man with loaded gun outside Mattapan liquor store Illegal gun possession 1633 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
5/23/15 - 12:57 am Man shot repeatedly in Roxbury, dies Murder 70 Weaver Way Roxbury
5/22/15 - 11:00 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint in the South End Armed robbery 92 Pembroke St. South End
5/21/15 - 11:50 pm Man seriously injured in Roslindale hit-and-run Hit and run Washington St. and Beech St. Roslindale
5/21/15 - 9:00 pm Teen shot in the hand near Mattapan Square; car also shot up Shooting 67 Rexford St. Mattapan
5/21/15 - 4:55 pm Person shot at Ellington and Erie in Dorchester Shooting Ellington St. and Erie St. Dorchester
5/19/15 - 1:55 am Somebody stabbed in the head at Dacia and Dewey streets Stabbing Dacia St. and Dewey St. Dorchester
5/18/15 - 10:20 pm Woman attacked, mugged at Savin Hill T stop Assault and battery Sydney St. and Savin Hill Ave. Dorchester
5/18/15 - 9:20 pm Man found shot in the leg in Hyde Park Shooting 10 Damon Pl. Hyde Park
5/17/15 - 2:00 am Police: Nine arrested, three guns seized in closing-time gang melees outside Theater District club Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 51 Stuart St. Chinatown
5/16/15 - 10:20 pm Man robbed at the point of a gun and a Taser in the Fenway Armed robbery Park Dr. and Jersey St. Fenway
5/15/15 - 6:10 pm Police: Masshole flashes gun in Tremont Street traffic dispute; unfortunately for him, the other guy was a plainclothes cop Illegal gun possession 172 Tremont St. Boston
5/15/15 - 3:30 pm Somebody stabbed in brawl on Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing Stabbing Washington St. and Winter St. Boston
5/13/15 - 3:00 pm Police: Man operating a Home Depot cart under the influence pulls a knife Assault with a dangerous weapon 5 Allstate Rd. Dorchester
5/13/15 - 9:30 am Police: Officers arrest man running away from them with a loaded gun without firing a shot Illegal gun possession 96 Harvard St. Dorchester
5/12/15 - 2:10 am East Boston man charged as drunk driver after Riverway crash that critically injured a passenger OUI Brookline Ave. and Riverway Boston
5/11/15 - 11:05 am Man shot in Dorchester last week arrested for gun possession this week Illegal gun possession 75 Wayland St. Dorchester
5/9/15 - 11:34 am Pack of droogs hunted for weekend attack in South Boston Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon K St. and Emerson St. South Boston
5/8/15 - 11:45 pm Man in car shot in the chest on Dorchester street Shooting 12 McLellan St. Dorchester
5/8/15 - 2:35 pm Man stabbed in Dudley Square Stabbing 154 Dudley St. Roxbury
5/8/15 - 10:46 am Car has window shot out in Roxbury Gunfire Gerard St. and Island St. Roxbury
5/7/15 - 9:30 pm Teens attack two on the Common; two arrested Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Park St. and Tremont St. Boston
5/7/15 - 6:35 pm Dorchester man arrested with loaded gun in Roslindale Illegal gun possession Brookway Rd. and Elven Rd. Roslindale
5/7/15 - 4:00 am Man shot in the chest in Roxbury, dies Murder 67 Winthrop St. Roxbury
5/5/15 - 12:40 pm Police: Three teens who mugged man at Back Bay T stop quickly apprehended Unarmed robbery 145 Dartmouth St. Back Bay
5/5/15 - 4:15 am Person shot in Roslindale Shooting 117 Sycamore St. Roslindale
5/4/15 - 4:15 pm More sexual assaults reported in Allston Indecent assault and battery Ashford St. and Chester St. Allston
5/3/15 - 8:05 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 139 Washington St. Dorchester
5/3/15 - 7:45 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Hancock St. and Trull St. Dorchester
5/2/15 - 3:35 pm Person shot on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury Shooting Walnut Ave. and Bower St. Roxbury
5/2/15 - 1:00 am Police hunt Allston butt grabber Indecent assault and battery Gardner St. Allston
5/1/15 - 7:48 pm Police: Officers arrest man with loaded gun after foot chase Illegal gun possession Mt. Pleasant Ave. and Forest St. Roxbury
5/1/15 - 1:25 am Police: Drug dealer in pajama pants sticks up man at Dorchester ATM Armed robbery 572 Columbia Rd. Dorchester
4/28/15 - 5:55 pm Teen shot on River Street in Mattapan Shooting 130 River St. Mattapan
4/27/15 - 6:00 pm Police issue BOLO for guy who keeps holding up the flower stand at Back Bay station Armed robbery 145 Dartmouth St. Back Bay
4/27/15 - 10:17 am Woman shot in Roxbury Shooting Warren St. and Copeland St. Roxbury
4/24/15 - 11:15 pm Man shot several times in Mattapan Shooting River St. and Groveland St. Mattapan
4/23/15 - 2:30 pm Police: Springfield crack dealer picks up where he left off in Boston, gets arrested Illegal drug possession 44 Arbutus St. Dorchester
4/22/15 - 6:00 pm Three in custody after gunfire and chase down Blue Hill Avenue and Babson Street Gunfire 8 Johnston Rd. Dorchester
4/21/15 - 7:05 pm Man stabbed, bicycle stolen outside Dorchester convenience store Stabbing 187 E. Cottage St. Dorchester
4/21/15 - 11:00 am Loaded, cocked gun found at Jamaica Plain playground Found gun 435 Walnut Ave. Jamaica Plain
4/18/15 - 1:00 am Police stop car near Egleston Square for broken tail light; arrest occupants for loaded guns Illegal gun possession 2044 Columbus Ave. Roxbury
4/17/15 - 6:25 pm Man stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Harvard St. and Gleaon St. Dorcheser
4/16/15 - 3:08 pm Police: Officers subdue, arrest gunman without shooting him Illegal gun possession 30 Harold St. Roxbury
4/12/15 - 9:50 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Norton St. and Bowdoin St. Dorchester
4/12/15 - 5:05 pm Gun battle erupts near Roxbury playground filled with kids; one arrest made Gunfire 135 Humboldt Ave. Roxbury
4/12/15 - 1:10 am Police: Quincy man was loaded for bear while driving around Dorchester early Sunday Illegal gun possession 51 Sumner St. Dorchester
4/10/15 - 9:10 pm Man shot in the head with a BB gun in robbery attempt behind Hyde Park restaurant Shooting 81 Fairmount Ave. Hyde Park
4/9/15 - 3:45 pm Two shot on Roxbury street Shooting 30 Wabon St. Roxbury
4/9/15 - 1:15 pm Police: Man began punching one woman on an Orange Line train after exposing himself to another Assault and battery Washington St. and Essex St. Chinatown
4/8/15 - 8:20 pm Man shot in Dorchester last month has died Murder 50 Richfield St. Dorchester
4/8/15 - 1:45 pm Cambridge man stopped for excessive window tinting, not signaling, arrested on gun, drug charges in Roxbury Illegal gun possession Prentiss St. and Parker St. Roxbury
4/8/15 - 10:00 am Police: Girl brought pink taser, knife to school Illegal knife possession 131 Walnut Ave. Roxbury
4/7/15 - 7:25 pm Dudes try to escape police on the skateboards they allegedly used to smash somebody in the face Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Haymarket Square Boston
4/6/15 - 9:20 pm Person shot in the leg at Dacia and Quincy streets in Dorchester Shooting 15 Dacia St. Dorchester
4/4/15 - 6:00 pm Roslindale market held up at knifepoint Armed robbery 229 Florence St. Roslindale
4/4/15 - 12:05 am Man stabbed in the arm in Dorchester Stabbing Evans St. and Dyer St. Dorchester
4/3/15 - 11:25 pm Roxbury gun battle on wheels ends with two in the hospital Shooting 105 George St. Roxbury
4/3/15 - 3:45 pm Police: Roslindale traffic stop ends with two arrested, loaded gun, heroin seized Illegal gun possession Cornell St. and Colberg Ave. Roslindale
4/3/15 - 2:24 am Man learns nobody likes a smartass, especially not at 2:20 a.m. in a convenience store in JP Assault with a dangerous weapon 684 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
4/2/15 - 6:08 pm Cars shot in Dorchester Gunfire 15 Cunningham St. Dorchester
4/1/15 - 9:40 pm Police: Sleeping Orange Line rider attacked T worker who woke him up at Forest Hills Assault and battery Washington St. and New Washington St. Jamaica Plain
4/1/15 - 8:05 pm Police hunt man for sexual assault on girl at East Boston supermarket Indecent assault and battery 246 Border St. East Boston
4/1/15 - 5:30 pm Spitty in the city: Woman sought for attacking T bus driver with saliva, blunt object Assault and battery Columbia Rd. and Annabel St. Dorchester
3/31/15 - 1:10 pm Two Dorchester schools put in safe mode as police hunt man with gun Illegal gun possession Normandy St. and Intervale St. Dorchester
3/31/15 - 11:45 am Man found shot to death in building on fire Murder 332 Harvard St. Dorchester
3/30/15 - 10:30 pm Woman robbed at knifepoint outside Green Street T station Armed robbery Green St. and Amory St. Jamaica Plain
3/29/15 - 10:51 pm Police use beanbag gun to subdue woman who'd just stabbed a four-year-old in East Boston Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 106 Paris St. East Boston
3/28/15 - 11:10 pm Shots fired on Draper Street, Dorchester Gunfire 134 Draper St. Dorchester
3/28/15 - 9:45 pm Police investigate two armed muggings in the South End Armed robbery Tremont St. and W. Newton St. South End
3/28/15 - 8:45 pm Another woman robbed by a teen in the South End on Saturday; police followed tracking software to suspect Unarmed robbery Shawmut Ave. and Waltham St. South End
3/28/15 - 8:40 pm Woman shot while sitting in Dorchester apartment holding her baby Shooting Senator Bolling Cir Dorchester
3/27/15 - 11:25 pm Man stabbed in Jamaica Plain Stabbing 75 Seaverns St. Jamaica Plain
3/27/15 - 6:40 pm Cop shot in face during Roxbury traffic stop; suspect shot dead Shooting Humboldt Ave. and Ruthven St. Roxbury
3/27/15 - 2:40 pm Gunfire erupts near Roxbury Crossing T stop Gunfire 100 Terrace St. Mission Hill
3/27/15 - 2:15 pm Roslindale credit union held up by man without a belt Bank robbery 10 Corinth St. Roslindale
3/27/15 - 10:37 am Chinatown bank robbed Bank robbery 621 Washington St. Chinatown
3/27/15 - 8:25 am Police: Motorist stops to confront man who seemed to have just fired a gun in Mattapan Illegal gun possession 5 Elizabeth St. Mattapan
3/26/15 - 4:15 am Scruffy hoodie fan sought for downtown bank robbery Bank robbery 63 Franklin St. Boston
3/23/15 - 10:00 pm Man shot near LoPresti Park in East Boston Shooting Sumner St. and Liverpool St. East Boston
3/22/15 - 12:02 pm Teen charged with two armed robberies of Blue Hill Avenue convenience store Armed robbery 646 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
3/21/15 - 6:35 pm Police: 14-year-old on scooter arrested with high-capacity gun Illegal gun possession Johnston Rd. Dorchester
3/21/15 - 4:15 pm Police: Expired inspection sticker trips up guy driving in Charlestown with a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Alford St. Charlestown
3/21/15 - 3:56 pm Gunfire on Ruggles Street Gunfire 290 Ruggles St. Roxbury
3/21/15 - 1:10 am Police: Hapless gunman slips and falls twice during chase, gets arrested Illegal gun possession Woodrow Ave. and Ballou Ave. Dorchester
3/19/15 - 9:40 pm Man found stabbed on South Street in Jamaica Plain Stabbing South St. and Jamaica St. Jamaica Plain
3/19/15 - 5:40 pm Police: Teen in a ski mask was packing a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Glenway St. and Bradshaw St. Dorchester
3/19/15 - 12:50 pm Police say Four Corners raid yields drugs, assault rifle, money Illegal drug possession 14 Rosseter St. Dorchester
3/18/15 - 1:00 pm Daylight shooting in Roxbury sends one to the hospital Shooting Humboldt Ave. and Hutchings St. Roxbury
3/17/15 - 2:20 pm Knifepoint robbery behind the O'Bryant School Armed robbery 55 Malcolm X Blvd. Roxbury
3/15/15 - 7:00 pm Two stabbed at South Station Stabbing Essex St. and Atlantic Ave. Boston
3/15/15 - 3:50 am Two shot in Hyde Park; one dead Murder 23 Lincoln St. Hyde Park
3/14/15 - 10:05 pm Man shot in the leg in Hyde Park Shooting Hyde Park Ave. and Greenwood St. Hyde Park
3/14/15 - 3:45 pm Man shot to death in possible road-rage incident on Dudley Street Murder 571 Dudley St. Roxbury
3/14/15 - 2:15 pm Police: Panhandler displayed gun when rebuffed at Roxbury Crossing; says he was just joshing Armed robbery Tremont St. and Columbus Ave. Roxbury
3/14/15 - 3:00 am Chinatown brawl ends with man stabbed Stabbing Essex St. and Chauncy St. Chinatown
3/14/15 - 3:00 am Man stabbed in Roslindale; in critical Stabbing 4165 Washington St. Roslindale
3/13/15 - 11:35 pm Car, apartment building come under fire in Mattapan Gunfire Babson St. and Fremont St. Mattapan
3/13/15 - 9:20 pm Windows shot at Columbus and Amory Gunfire Columbus Ave. and Amory St. Roxbury
3/13/15 - 1:20 pm Food-delivery guy robbed in Hyde Park Armed robbery 700 Beechmont St. Hyde Park
3/12/15 - 9:55 pm Man stabbed in Mattapan Square Stabbing 1633 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
3/12/15 - 12:20 am Man shot in Dorchester drive-by Shooting Barry St. and Quincy St. Dorchester
3/11/15 - 9:54 pm Third food-delivery driver robbed at Codman Square house, but this time they only took his food Armed robbery 25 Regina Rd. Dorchester
3/10/15 - 6:12 pm Guy with knife tries holding up Fenway pizza place Attempted armed robbery 82 Westland Ave. Fenway
3/9/15 - 10:40 pm Police say food deliverers would do well to avoid 25 Regina Rd. in Dorchester Armed robbery 25 Regina Rd. Dorchester
3/8/15 - 11:40 am Man steals car in East Boston with young boy inside Kidnapping Bennington St. and Porter St. East Boston
3/7/15 - 2:00 am Man shot in Dartmouth Street robbery Shooting 102 Datmouth St. South End
3/6/15 - 12:50 pm Police: Raid on Hyde Park house ends with five arrests and seizure of drugs, cash Illegal drug possession 254 Austin St. Hyde Park
3/5/15 - 4:00 am Police raid Roslindale house linked to drug sales, gang violence; arrest one, seize gun, ammo, marijuana Illegal gun possession 10 Lesher St. Roslindale
3/3/15 - 7:13 pm Minister who was also administrator at two BPS schools charged with shooting teen Shooting 100 Magazine St. Roxbury
3/1/15 - 10:30 pm Person shot in lower abdomen in Dorchester Shooting 38 Wales St. Dorchester
2/27/15 - 6:15 pm East Boston teen charged as gun-toting drug dealer Illegal drug possession 38 Lamson St. East Boston
2/27/15 - 9:00 am Police: Raids, arrests in Dorchester, Mattapan bust up citywide drug ring Illegal drug possession 108 Greenfield Rd. Mattapan
2/27/15 - 12:30 am Confrontation with police in Dorchester ends with man shot, officer stabbed Shooting Howe Terrace Dorchester
2/26/15 - 12:53 pm Police: Alert customer leads them to Dorchester bank robber Bank robbery 494 Gallivan Blvd. Dorchester
2/23/15 - 9:28 am Man only robs banks on West Broadway between F and Dorchester streets Bank robbery 470 W. Broadway South Boston
2/22/15 - 9:20 pm Home invaded, car stolen in Dorchester Armed home invasion 34 Franklin Hill Ave. Dorchester
2/22/15 - 8:00 pm Police: JP residents followed armed robbers until one of them opened fire Armed robbery 280 Hyde Park Ave. Jamaica Plain
2/21/15 - 4:00 pm Off-duty state trooper attacked on Boylston Street Assault and battery Boylston St. and Berkeley St. Back Bay
2/18/15 - 10:03 pm FBI wants to wipe grin off man's face Bank robbery 70 Summer St. Boston
2/18/15 - 6:15 pm Police arrest man trying to jump out window in Charlestown Illegal gun possession 129 Walford Way Charlestown
2/17/15 - 10:30 am Man with cane robs Downtown Crossing bank Bank robbery 6 Ave. de Lafayette Boston
2/12/15 - 6:45 pm Man stabbed at State Street entrance to Aquarium T stop Stabbing 177 State St. Boston
2/11/15 - 10:30 am Man shot to death in Jamaica Plain; suspect fired on officer Murder 891 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
2/10/15 - 8:30 pm Man shot in Dorchester; cops find possible weapon, then follow fresh footprints in snow to another Shooting Normandy St. and Intervale St. Dorchester
2/10/15 - 3:45 pm Man threatened with taser in Hyde Park sneaker holdup attempt; bystanders intervene Attempted armed robbery Greenwood Avenue Hyde Park
2/8/15 - 10:45 pm Armed robbery in Dorchester Armed robbery 51 Lyon St Dorchester
2/8/15 - 12:15 am Two stabbed in Charlestown, one in critical condition; third person robbed not long after Stabbing Medford St. and Monument St. Charlestown
2/7/15 - 7:32 pm Police: Mattapan shooting suspect opens fire as officers chase him, doesn't hit anybody Shooting 1670 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
2/4/15 - 7:40 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting 368 Warren St. Roxbury
2/4/15 - 11:49 am Shots fired at Shawmut station Gunfire Dayton St. Dorchester
2/4/15 - 2:52 am Man attacked, robbed of jacket and boots; police arrest two of four suspects Armed robbery 9 Ditmus Ct. Roxbury
2/1/15 - 1:45 pm Police flood Mission Main area in search of armed robbers with shotguns Armed robbery 875 Huntington Ave. Mission Hill
1/30/15 - 7:00 pm Police: Knife-wielding teen arrested at South Station Assault with a dangerous weapon Essex St. and Atlantic Ave. Boston
1/26/15 - 8:55 pm Man stabbed to death in Roxbury Murder 8 Shetland St. Roxbury
1/26/15 - 2:03 pm Teens arrested for shooting up Forest Hills T station; two women hit, one in critical Shooting Washington St. and Asticou Rd. Jamaica Plain
1/24/15 - 10:20 pm Police looking for driver who hit a man in Mattapan, then sped away Hit and run 890 Morton St. Mattapan
1/23/15 - 11:15 pm Gunfire erupts at Bromley-Heath; six shot Shooting 954 Parker St. Jamaica Plain
1/22/15 - 7:30 pm Two shot in Roxbury Shooting Ziegler St. and Bethune St. Roslindale
1/22/15 - 6:27 pm Another armed robbery in Jamaica Plain, but this time, an arrest made Armed robbery 300 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
1/22/15 - 4:00 pm Police: Three arrested on gun charges after one aimed both SUV and a gun at cops in chase along Gallivan Boulevard Illegal gun possession Adams St. and Granite Ave. Dorchester
1/22/15 - 1:45 am Man shot a couple blocks from fatal hospital shooting Shooting 19 Fenwood Rd. Mission Hill
1/21/15 - 4:30 pm Jamaica Plain bank held up Bank robbery 515 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
1/20/15 - 11:05 am Doctor shot at Brigham and Women's; suspect found dead Murder 70 Francis St. Roxbury
1/19/15 - 9:00 pm Shots fired in Roslindale park Gunfire Firth Rd. and Washington St. Roslindale
1/19/15 - 6:55 pm Downtown bakery robbed at knifepoint Armed robbery 11 School St. Boston
1/19/15 - 9:30 am Woman attacked while jogging near Jamaica Pond boathouse Indecent assault and battery Jamaicaway and Pond St. Jamaica Pond
1/17/15 - 3:30 am Gunfire awakens residents along Mass. Ave. in the South End Gunfire 600 Massachusetts Ave. South End
1/16/15 - 4:00 pm JP armed-robbery spree continues; City Feed latest victim Armed robbery 66A Boylston St. Jamaica Plain
1/16/15 - 2:30 am Man shot in Morton Street drive-by Shooting Morton St. and W. Selden St. Mattapan
1/12/15 - 12:25 pm Police: Man arrested before he could rob a Back Bay bank Attempted bank robbery Dartmouth St. and Boylston St. Back Bay
1/12/15 - 3:38 am Gunfire in Chinatown around corner from where four were shot in August Gunfire 81 Essex St. Chinatown
1/11/15 - 10:00 pm $2 million bail for teen charged with sexual assaults, armed holdups in Fields Corner and on the Red Line Armed robbery Dorchester Ave. and Charles St. Dorchester
1/11/15 - 5:00 pm Another JP store robbed by a guy in sunglasses Armed robbery 316 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
1/10/15 - 9:00 pm Police use beanbag gun to subdue man holding knife to throat after turning gas on in Dorchester home, attacking mother Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 383 Geneva Ave. Dorchester
1/10/15 - 4:05 pm Victim, witnesses keeping mum on near-fatal stabbing outside Newmarket Square chicken-and-waffle joint Stabbing 1033 Massachusetts Ave. Roxbury
1/10/15 - 1:57 am Three charged with early morning Back Bay mugging Armed robbery 329 Beacon St. Back Bay
1/9/15 - 5:55 pm Car's rear window shot out in Dorchester; driver speeds away Gunfire Stonehurst St. and Hamilton St. Dorchester
1/9/15 - 4:00 pm Police investigate stabbing at Burke High School Stabbing 60 Washington St. Dorchester
1/9/15 - 12:32 pm Man sought for failed Ashmont bank robbery Attempted bank robbery 1906 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
1/8/15 - 11:10 pm With friends like these ... Assault and battery 1 Aspinwall St. Dorchester
1/8/15 - 10:46 pm Four in car in Roxbury shot; one dead Murder 104 Harrishof St. Roxbury
1/6/15 - 7:40 pm Police: After gunfire, teen arrested with loaded gun Illegal gun possession Johnston Rd. and Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
1/6/15 - 2:40 pm Man makes off with cigarettes in armed robbery of JP convenience store Armed robbery 162 South St. Jamaica Plain
1/5/15 - 11:44 am Man stopped for tinted windows in Roslindale faces gun and drug charges and deportation Illegal gun possession Hyde Park Ave. and Cummins Highway Roslindale
1/4/15 - 7:00 pm Man shot at Roslindale house where alleged pot dealer was arrested in October Shooting 9 Ridge St. Roslindale
1/4/15 - 3:45 pm Shots fired on Dorchester street; bullet flies into apartment on street behind it Gunfire 88 Devon St. Dorchester
1/4/15 - 10:00 am Bulgy-eyed man sought for indecent assault on Huntington Avenue Indecent assault and battery Huntington Ave. and W. Newton St. Back Bay
1/4/15 - 2:45 am Off-duty Boston cop charged with beating Uber driver, stealing his car Assault and battery E. 1 St and Farragut Rd. South Boston
1/4/15 - 1:20 am Woman pistol whipped in robbery near Ashmont station; victim's phone leads police right to suspects Armed robbery 9 Alban St. Dorchester
1/3/15 - 9:17 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint in Roslindale Armed robbery Washington St. and Granfield Ave. Roslindale
1/3/15 - 6:50 pm Jamaica Plain gas station held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 429 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
1/3/15 - 12:05 am Police: 14-year-old with loaded gun in his waistband arrested Illegal gun possession Normandy St. and Creston St. Dorchester
1/2/15 - 3:13 pm Shots fired near Morton Street Gunfire Nelson St and Selden St. Dorchester
1/1/15 - 1:30 pm Man shot in the chest in Dorchester Shooting Olney St. and Inwood St. Dorchester
12/31/14 - 8:45 pm Officers draw guns in pursuit of failed carjacker, Adderall thief in the Back Bay Attempted carjacking Massachusetts Ave. and Commonwealth Ave. Back Bay
12/29/14 - 9:10 pm Two guys run down a street, shooting at a fleeing car Gunfire Harrow St. and Humpheys St. Dorchester
12/29/14 - 7:55 pm Gunfire in Allston; possible victim Gunfire 10 Armington St. Allston
12/29/14 - 11:55 am DA: Seven teens beat officers serving a warrant Assault and battery Wayne St. Roxbury
12/29/14 - 11:40 am Woman stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Ainsley St. Dorchester
12/29/14 - 12:02 am Gunfire on West Newton Street leaves at least one car damaged Gunfire W. Newton St. and Tremont St. South End
12/28/14 - 11:55 pm Two guys with a gun tried to rob a Dorchester pizza delivery man, but he wrested the gun away from them Attempted armed robbery 71 Church St. Dorchester
12/28/14 - 11:30 pm Woman stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Milton Avenue and Fairmount St. Dorchester
12/27/14 - 11:31 am After gunfire in Roxbury, man in Mercedes SUV arrested on gun charges Gunfire 64 Moreland St. Roxbury
12/26/14 - 10:55 pm Gunfire erupts in middle of Roxbury intersection Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Washington St. Roxbury
12/26/14 - 12:00 pm Car, and man inside, shot up in Jamaica Plain Shooting 119 South St. Jamaica Plain
12/25/14 - 8:20 pm Three shot in Dorchester Shooting Norton St. and Bowdoin St. Dorchester
12/23/14 - 10:20 pm Gunfire along Tremont Street in Roxbury Gunfire Tremont St. and Coventry St. Roxbury
12/23/14 - 5:30 am Man charged with armed robbery of Dorchester convenience store Armed robbery 187 E. Cottage St. Dorchester
12/22/14 - 2:04 pm Police: U-turn results in gun arrest Illegal gun possession 750 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
12/22/14 - 12:10 pm Armed robbery in Egleston Square Armed robbery Columbus Ave. and Weld Ave. Jamaica Plain
12/22/14 - 12:00 pm Nabbed: Three suspects in a Forest Hills break-in Breaking and entering Barlow St. and Wachusett St. Jamaica Plain
12/21/14 - 10:58 pm Police say officer fires at gunman outside Lee School Gunfire 155 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
12/21/14 - 4:30 am One dead in triple stabbing at Blue Hill Avenue house party Murder 568 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
12/21/14 - 1:21 am Cabbie beaten in the Back Bay; four arrested Assault and battery Boylston St. and Berkley St. Back Bay
12/20/14 - 10:40 pm Gunfire on Dorchester street Gunfire 8 Nelson St. Dorchester
12/19/14 - 11:43 pm Police: Teen arrested with gun after gunfire near Ronan Park Illegal gun possession Juliette St. Dorchester
12/17/14 - 6:00 pm Police: Man with loaded gun brought little kid with him on trip to East Boston to sell drugs Illegal gun possession 193 Brooks St. East Boston
12/17/14 - 1:35 pm Man shot dead at same Dudley Street intersection where a man was shot dead in September Murder Dudley St. and W. Cottage St. Roxbury
12/14/14 - 5:15 am Car shot up; two guys inside not injured Gunfire 21 Albion St. Roxbury
12/14/14 - 2:30 am Police investigate sexual assaults in rideshare cars early Sunday Indecent assault and battery 1030 Commonwealth Ave. Allston
12/13/14 - 1:30 am Three sought for attack at State Street T stop Assault and battery 1 State St. Boston
12/12/14 - 7:45 pm Man shot on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Shooting 1551 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
12/12/14 - 6:30 pm Barber-shop owner stabbed to death on Adams Street in Dorchester Murder Adams St. and Pierce St. Dorchester
12/11/14 - 10:00 pm Woman assaulted at gunpoint while walking home from the Stony Brook T stop Armed robbery School St. and Egleston St. Jamaica Plain
12/11/14 - 8:20 pm Man stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester Stabbing 972 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
12/10/14 - 11:00 pm Woman charged with chomping EMT agrees to blood test Assault and battery 5 Blossom St. West End
12/10/14 - 7:43 pm Woman wrests knife away from attacker in Mattapan Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Norfolk St. and Hosmer St. Mattapan
12/9/14 - 2:20 pm Student at Brighton school arrested with gun, police officer bit Illegal gun possession 20 Warren St. Brighton
12/8/14 - 8:30 pm Man shot in Mattapan Shooting Linvale Terr. and Gladeside Ave. Mattapan
12/8/14 - 5:00 am Two stabbed repeatedly in Mattapan Stabbing 40 Deering Rd. Mattapan
12/5/14 - 10:21 pm Police: Man fends off young muggers in Dorchester with a bag of beer cans Armed robbery 481 Washington St. Dorchester
12/3/14 - 7:25 pm Man shot in the chest in Roxbury Shooting 18 Hartwell St. Roxbury
12/3/14 - 12:30 am Man shot in the stomach in Roxbury Shooting 73 Moreland St. Roxbury
12/2/14 - 9:50 pm Man shot repeatedly in Dorchester Shooting 77 Bowdoin Ave. Dorchester
12/2/14 - 6:22 am Man charged with smashing bag in face of Logan worker after she tells him it's too large to take onboard Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 1 Harborside Dr. East Boston
12/1/14 - 12:15 am Shots fired in Dorchester; at least one car hit Gunfire 50 Victory Rd. Dorchester
11/30/14 - 11:15 pm Shots fired on Blue Hill Avenue Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Brunswick St. Dorchester
11/29/14 - 1:45 am Drunk tries to force woman to kiss him Assault and battery Endicott St. North End