By - 3/12/15 - 4:29 pm

A concerned citizen reports rodents of unusual size in the fire swamp at Cambridge and Seattle streets in Allston:

Caller is reporting that there are rats the size of small dogs running around this area.

Up on Morris Street in East Boston, an equally concerned citizen with a rodent problem does not specify the size, but that's not what's concerning him or her:...Read more

By - 7/8/14 - 11:52 am

A concerned citizen posts a photo of some uneven sidewalk bricks on Beacon Street across from the Common, says it's time for the city to spring for some rat poison, pronto:

Rats under side walk burrowing and causing sink holes.

Read more
By - 2/7/14 - 8:43 am

A skeeved out citizen complains about the rats that have taken over Friend Street:

Rats! Lots of them. They get inside car engine compartments, drag garbage with them, eat through wires. We see them scurrying all over the place and see their paw prints in the snow around and under parked cars. There is a hole in wall of the Forecaster Building on the

...Read more
By - 10/23/13 - 7:22 am

Cambridge Day sounds the alarm.

"We have unleashed the fury," City Councilor Ken Reeves warns, in a story illustrated, of course, with a photo showing "the size of a dead Cambridge rat compared with an adult man’s foot."

Mike the Mad Biologist, who, as a Back Bay resident, knows something about rats, was amazed by what he saw in Central Square last night::...Read more

By - 6/26/13 - 1:26 pm

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to approve what could be the first of ritzy new restaurants to go along with the fancy new apartments being built in Allston.

Michael Chapman needs board approval to spend $50,000 to buy the liquor license of Positano Boston in the Charlestown Navy Yard. At a hearing this morning, Chapman and his lawyers described an ambitious project, already...Read more

By - 6/26/13 - 8:19 am

An actual wombat. Via Wikipedia, not Citizens Connect.An actual wombat. Via Wikipedia, not Citizens Connect.

A concerned citizen grouses about rodents of unusual size on Washington Street:

Rats! Huge! Big as a Wombat!

Ed. note: Those would be some rats, since ...Read more

By - 6/10/13 - 9:06 am

A hot-dog-loving citizen humblecomplains from Heldun Street in West Roxbury:

Our dachshund stuck her head under a plant near the sidewalk, found a rat and killed it!! Can inspectional services come by to make sure there isn't a bigger problem?

No need to click on the link, unless you want to see a picture of a dead rat (in surprisingly good condition, given ...Read more

By - 10/21/12 - 9:40 am

A rat-averse citizen submits a photo of a pile of dead baby rats. He says he found all the rats in his car on Farrington Avenue (only click link if you wish to see a photo of a pile of dead baby rats):

There are so many. I have to kill them. They are nesting in my car. Someone needs to fix this so

...Read more
By - 9/6/12 - 8:32 am

The Herald reports an explosion in the rat population on Savin Hill, possibly caused by construction along the Red Line.Read more

By - 9/4/12 - 11:16 pm

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports city officials say the North End's rat population seems to be down, thanks to a variety of efforts to keep the vermin out.Read more

By - 8/10/12 - 8:28 am

A disgusted citizen - no doubt hoping the city doesn't forget Allston in its newfound zeal to go after the rat warrens of the Fenway - posts a photo of a very dead, very flat rat in the middle of Park Vale Avenue, and adds:

A growing regular scene in the neighborhood - large dead rats on the street.

The city promptly...Read more

By - 6/12/12 - 8:14 pm

Somebody in Davis Square has some issues with an unknown neighbor:

[O]n the side street where we park, people throw tons of bread, bird seed, and other random food items [once someone left an entire plate of spaghetti] out several times a week in order to feed a flock of pigeons. As it is, it's pretty disgusting. The street and sidewalk are covered in

...Read more
By - 3/24/12 - 8:47 am

No dead rats, please, in four languages (scroll past the girl with bunny ears).

Via the aptly named Allston Rat City.Read more

By - 3/22/12 - 8:23 am

Rattus norvegicus?

Man Man the Sox Fan captured a moment on the 66 bus a couple weeks back.

Copyright Man Man the Sox Fan. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.Read more

By - 1/27/12 - 5:17 pm

Rat awaits exam at MSPCA-Angell.Rat awaits exam at MSPCA-Angell.The MSPCA reports a Cape woman who bought two rats at a pet store to keep them from becoming snake snacks showed up at Angell Memorial in Jamaica Plain today with 69 more rats than she...Read more

By - 1/17/12 - 8:23 am

Cambridge City Councilor Minka vanBeuzekom tweets this morning:

After light snow best time 2 see urban animal tracks - like rats. Do you have any?

Read more
By - 10/23/11 - 5:08 pm

A concerned citizen reports rats are undermining the very brick sidewalks that help give Beacon Hill its charm, with a photo of their dirty work on Hancock Street:

Large hole in sidewalk. Made by rats. Very dangerous.

Ed. Question: Say, you don't think there's a warren of them living under the Big Dig, do you?...Read more

By - 4/24/11 - 10:22 am

The Herald reports April is prime rat-birthing time and that means city rat fighters are out in force.Read more