Tremont Street

By - 11/24/08 - 9:10 am

Channel 4 reports fires erupted from manholes this morning when an NStar cable failed a bit catastrophically.

Boston Police report emergency crews first responded to an exploding-manhole report at 5:38 a.m. at Stuart and Tremont streets.

By - 11/14/08 - 9:05 am

Dan Miller noticed something amiss as soon as he left Park Street station: There wasn't a pigeon in sight. Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye:

... It's a huge gray hawk, its wing span at least three feet. Maybe more.

The hawk settles on the street lamp, looking down at the Tremont Street traffic and the passersby, including me.

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By - 10/19/08 - 10:59 am

Take a ride from downtown to Copley Square on a 1903 trolley, courtesy Thomas Edison's film company:

Via Somerville STEP by way of Sam Baltrusis.

By - 9/9/08 - 10:57 pm

Skater dude tries to mock street preacher yelling to an audience of, apparently, nobody, on Tremont by the Common, but the preacher guy wasn't taking the bait and dude runs out of mocking moves after awhile, so it's probably a good thing a Boston park ranger pulled up and told him to knock it off because by then he was just sort of standing there...Read more

By - 8/28/08 - 10:39 pm
some door

Lori Magno notices that before you get to the friendly balloons at John McCain's Massachusetts headquarters on Tremont Street, you first have to make yourself presentable and not look like a common bum.

By - 8/28/08 - 10:43 am

Yes, that's Barry Nolan listening in rapt attention as some guy describes his anti-gravity invention on Tremont Street. 16WadeSt captured the action yesterday.

By - 6/2/08 - 1:24 pm

What's special about today's date that would lead people to parade down Tremont Street in uniforms, shooting off cannons? At least, I'm assuming Downtown Crossing isn't under attack; our Downtown Crossing correspondent reports she is still free to walk around.Read more

By - 1/9/08 - 1:17 pm

Jenny Frazier posts some cool photos, taken yesterday:

... I actually turned the corner onto Tremont Street in the South End, gasped at what I saw, immediately pulled over and dumped out the entire contents of my bag looking for my camera so I could shoot it. ...

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By - 1/3/08 - 11:13 am

Dan Miller did not have a good commute this morning:

... Three-hundred pound guy falls face-forward onto the floor of the Green Line, knocking into me on his way down and sending my poor, abused glasses sideways onto my head.

A quick walk up Tremont, the icy chill searing, intense. ...

Jenny Frazier decides she NEEDS that pair of USB-powered heated gloves:


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By - 12/2/07 - 11:37 am

Evan goes into Colonial Trading Company on Tremont Street to see if they might have an old postcard of Symphony Hall and promptly gets into an argument with the guy at the counter over whether they might have one (memo to guy behind the counter: The customer was right this time).Read more

By - 6/22/07 - 8:16 am

Suffolk University wants to expand along Tremont Street.

And let's not forget the proposed 34-story dorm near Northeastern that Northeastern opposes because it won't own it.

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By - 2/14/07 - 7:16 pm

Or maybe it was the several empty wine bottles allegedly under her seat? In any case, a Holbrook woman was arrested on OUI charges around 1 a.m. today after Boston Police spotted her driving the wrong way up Tremont Street.

Also, an East Boston woman learned that if you sideswipe Boston officers writing out a ticket, when they get in their cruiser, chase you...Read more