VFW Parkway

By - 4/2/15 - 7:23 pm
Proposed King David Hotel on VFW Parkway

The BRA will consider a developer's plans to build a four-story, 69-room hotel aimed at observant Jews on VFW Parkway on the Dedham line.

King David Hotels Corp. is proposing a four-story, 69-room hotel at 1625 VFW Parkway - where an old McDonald's burned down in 2013.

The company's plans include a kosher restaurant, a synagogue and a health club featuring his... Read more

By - 8/20/14 - 9:12 pm

A man who allegedly stole something from the Home Depot on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury around 8:45 p.m. jumped into his Passat and roared down the parkway inbound.

Cops on his tail spotted him speeding through two red lights before cops alerted to his presence down the road boxed him in by the Shell station and arrested his alleged GTA ass.... Read more

By - 7/23/14 - 9:59 pm

A truck driver from New Jersey discovered tonight that 18-wheelers like his can't fit under the train bridge that crosses the VFW Parkway by the West Roxbury Education Complex. Boston Police are on scene to help him back up his big rig - and to write him a ticket.

By - 7/21/14 - 5:58 pm

Bagelville on the VFW Parkway, just past the Dedham line and the McDonald's, is now open, joining Brueggers and Panera Bread in stuffing West Roxburyians with round doughy goodness.

By - 9/10/13 - 9:28 pm

Mike Moura reports the Dunkin' Donuts at VFW Parkway and Spring Street was held up shortly after 9 p.m. by a man in a mask who ran across the bridge into Dedham.

The Dunkin' Donuts on Washington Street near the Dedham line was held up at knifepoint last week.... Read more

By - 8/30/13 - 12:29 pm

A sleepless citizen in West Roxbury complains about the new Pet Luxe on VFW Parkway:

For the past two days at the pet luxe the dogs a been barking and having serious fights. I live in the condos next door and have bee hearing this since about 730 am yesterday and into today. The staff screams and blows whistles to calm the dogs but

... Read more
By - 6/27/13 - 7:18 pm

The Boston Licensing Board today approved plans for a liquor store on a busy stretch of the VFW Parkway, despite complaints from nearby residents the store on a highway would mean more noise and young people making packie runs on foot down from their hill and that West Roxbury just has enough liquor stores already.

The vote means Dimpleben Patel can begin work on... Read more

By - 6/26/13 - 1:11 pm

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to OK a liquor-store owner's request to open a new store on the northbound side of the VFW Parkway across from Prime Motors and just up from a Firestone garage, where the road is a four-lane divided highway.

Residents at the hearing opposed Dimpleben Patel's request to buy a license from Brothers Wine and Spirits on Warren Street... Read more

By - 6/7/13 - 11:06 pm

Along the VFW Parkway from the Dedham line to Bertuccis and from the area around South and Walter streets through Washington and Metropolitan down to the Mattapan line along American Legion, as well as the area along Washington to Forest Hills.

UPDATE: Power, at least in Roslindale, started coming back on around midnight.... Read more

By - 3/8/13 - 11:30 pm

McDonald's fire. Photo by BFD.McDonald's fire. Photo by BFD.

Update: three teens arrested on arson charges.

Firefighters are on the southbound side of the VFW Parkway, near the Dedham line, where a long closed McDonald's is on fire (it's across from the still open McDonald's). Around... Read more

By - 11/21/12 - 9:27 am


No doubt the driver of this $40,000 Lexus, spotted on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury the other day, had some old shmatte on.

By - 10/18/11 - 4:46 pm

Meira Levinson of the Arborway explains the ice problem she and other parkway residents have.

MBTA officials told a City Council committee today they will commit resources this winter to shovel out bus stops in Boston - and the connections to the sidewalks behind them.

At a hearing called by City Councilor Matt O'Malley (West Roxbury,... Read more

By - 6/15/11 - 9:16 am

State Police are investigating a collision that killed a 17-year-old West Roxbury resident as he crossed the VFW Parkway with five friends last night, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Francis McInerney was hit around 10 p.m. near Gardner Street by a black Acura. He was transported to Brigham and Women's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 1 a.m., the DA's office says,... Read more

By - 5/26/11 - 9:24 am

West Roxbury Patch reports on a one-alarm fire early this morning at the Dunkin' Donuts at 1630 VFW Parkway (the one near where Savers used to be, not the one by Spring Street).

By - 4/22/11 - 10:00 am

Boston Police tweet the roof gave way at the Bubbles laundry, 1230 VFW Parkway, before 9 a.m. today and that one person was injured.

The coin-operated facility is attached to an old Stop & Shop being renovated into a Savers used-stuff store.

By - 2/27/11 - 2:06 pm

Boston Police report arresting a West Roxbury teen on charges he tried to hold up the McDonald's behind his house at gunpoint Saturday morning. Police say they were aided in their search by footprints in fresh snow leading from the restaurant to his house.

According to police, Robert H. Bunszell, 19, who lives on New Haven Street, walked into the VFW Parkway McDonald's... Read more

By - 2/25/11 - 9:21 am

In 2008, the state erected a sign on Centre St. just before the VFW Parkway that sure seemed to indicate Rte. 1 was just around the bend. Now a brand-new "Rte. 1 Jct" sign has gone up on Washington Street southbound in Dedham, just by the mall and just before the rotary with what was once Rte. 1, before the state decided it was... Read more

By - 10/24/10 - 5:30 pm

>5C's to fade away

The long derelict 5C's liquor store on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury (next to Al Wadi) is finally being replaced. Any bets on when something will go in on the even more derelict old IHOP parking lot next door?

Thanks to Brendan... Read more

By - 1/29/10 - 10:29 am

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday voted to grant a beer-and-wine license to Wee Angel, a Scottish bistro proposed for the site of the old Zon's in Hyde Square. The pub is also seeking a license from a separate city board for acoustic music. More on Wee Angel.

Also yesterday, the board granted a beer and wine license to 660 Al-Wadi, a Lebanese restaurant under... Read more

By - 1/1/10 - 8:06 pm

Boston Police tweet the Shell station at 510 VFW Parkway was stuck up tonight.