By - 12/10/06 - 2:04 pm

There's less chance the dog will be carried off by a coyote. Police report that's what happened early this morning to a terrier running off leash in woods off River Street in Mattapan:

... The coyote and the terrier were not located.

By - 12/4/06 - 10:41 pm

Big fight over whether dog owners should be allowed any time to let their dogs off leash at Winthrop Park. The Park and Recreation Commission is involved. So is the Brookline Green Dog Committee (What, no Blue Dog Committee?). Even Brookline's relations with neighboring communities are at stake: Are Boston and Newton dogs sneaking in? And if so, should Brookline dog owners be forced... Read more

By - 12/1/06 - 10:20 am

DogBoston is aghast at the possibility the state might require dogs to be leashed at all times in state parks. Instead, the group wants certain areas in parks set aside so dogs can form killer packs socialize and frolic.

As a non-dog-owner, I have to say, short of finding an opossum staring at you from your trash, nothing quite stuns you into sudden... Read more

By - 9/15/06 - 2:35 pm

We have our beach back! The tourists and teens are gone, very gone. The beach is empty. To windy for all but the hardiest wind surfers - is that you Senator Kerry - and the local dog walkers.

Byron loves the beach, he enjoys digging in the sand, barking at the seagulls, and rolling in all those smelly things the ocean specializes in throwing... Read more

By - 8/31/06 - 1:17 am

Just wanted to drop a note here for the launch of the revamped dog boston web site.