Labor Day

By - 9/1/14 - 1:57 pm
Labor Day parade in Boston's Park Square.

Leslie Jones photographed the Labor Day parade through Park Square in 1920, back when "Labor Day Parades were common."

Photo from the BPL's Leslie Jones collection used under this Creative Commons license.Read more

By - 8/30/14 - 2:37 pm
Quint Avenue in Allston

A concerned citizen reported this situation on Quint Avenue around 2:25 p.m.Read more

By - 8/30/14 - 2:02 pm
Moving day in Boston's North End

Jesse Haley shows us a moving scene during the St. Anthony's Feast in the North End today. Looks like nobody had yet started the ceremonial stuffing of the couch cushions with dollar bills.Read more

By - 8/29/14 - 6:39 pm
Truck crash on South Huntington Avenue

Gordon Hallett came upon the aftermath of a rental truck rear-ending a car on South Huntington around 6:20 p.m. today.Read more

By - 8/31/13 - 6:54 pm

Good God, Lion!

About the only thing that could improve this coffee table would be a large leg lamp standing next to it.

Jeremy Sarna captured the table, no doubt snapped up moments later, at the corner of Queensbury and Jersey, where, he notes, "every day is...Read more

By - 9/1/12 - 7:17 pm

Allston still life

We walked the merry streets of Allston today as thousands of students moved in - many with the help of parents, and under the watchful eye of ISD inspectors, police and signup-mad, red-shirted Comcast reps. Here are some photos....Read more

By - 9/1/12 - 9:44 am

Twin Donuts

Greg Hun found the perfect spot to watch the dawn break on Allston Christmas - a window seat at Twin Donuts....Read more

By - 8/28/12 - 8:25 am

OK, so we had a stuck truck on Saturday, but really, that was just a prelim. Place your wagers on times and spots for the Labor Day Weekend Storrow Pool.

GlenDiesel, meanwhile, suggests a new Boston fall tradition:

I want to drink a pumpkin beer on top of a bridge over Storrow Drive that has a moving truck stuck underneath it

...Read more
By - 9/3/07 - 8:32 am

So of course the Brooks Pharmacy on Washington Street in Roslindale is out of charcoal but has a large selection of Halloween candy.Read more

By - 9/2/07 - 10:24 pm

Truck BehindDarkEyes grumps:

I got stuck in my apartment because a family was moving their kid in and blocked the stairwell with all their crap.

Riggs reports from the Green Line:

This chubby little broad starts asking how to get off the trolley. Everyone tells her to go to the

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By - 9/1/07 - 5:08 pm

Andrew Teman notices the Smartraveler report: Stuck truck at the Storrow tunnel inbound. Zachens reports:

It was less stuck and more torn open like a can of tuna.

Mats Tolander takes a photo of what's left of the truck hanging from the entrance to the tunnel (and somebody promptly edits the photo to make it a bit more understandable).

WBZ-TV ...Read more

By - 8/31/07 - 3:42 pm

Shelley spots the first U-Haul truck on Storrow Drive. OK, granted, the truck didn't actually get stuck or flattened, but it was on Storrow Drive, backing up. So when's the first pancaking of the weekend?Read more

By - 8/31/07 - 8:57 am

boxes 'n' stuffFabulously Out There reports from the fabulous streets of Eastie:

... Someone with GREAT taste is clearly moving out of her apartment and I guess some of the stuff she didn't want to take or didn't have room for are now on the sidewalk. I scored almost 10 books. Several art

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By - 8/27/07 - 9:56 pm

This weekend is Labor Day, and around here, of course, that means three things: Somebody will learn why U-Haul sucks, somebody will win the pool for predicting the time the first rental truck gets stuck on Storrow Drive, and students in Allston and Brighton will learn why those inviting mattresses on the sidewalk would not be such a good addition to their apartments,...Read more

By - 9/1/06 - 3:24 pm

For those of you new to the area, GreenLineBoy sums up what you're going through:

... For those of us not moving, such as myself, the only plan is to avoid the city at all costs. Traffic will be terrible. There will be people guarding couches in the street. Yes. Guarding. Mass hysteria ensues. Go to Target and try and find anything 'Rubbermaid'. I

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By - 9/1/06 - 2:55 pm

Starting with Spatch's account:

I saw two guys sitting in a couch as it rode on the bed of a pick-up truck. Folks were cheering 'em as they drove into Davis Square. I was kinda hoping they'd fall out, but that's just me. ...

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