Massachusetts Turnpike

By - 9/13/06 - 3:16 pm

Earlier this year I went through a Fast Lane toll gate to fast for the Fast Lane to pick up my id, but not so fast that they did not take a picture of my car and license plate.

When I received the letter telling me I had been charged 20 dollars for not being picked up on fast lane, my first reaction was to call fast lane, and get all 'Masshole' on them. The person I was talking to suggested it would be easier for me to send in a fax, than to discuss it with him.

What a genius! True genius. Because I sent in a fax, explaining how I did NOT know my car had not been read, and that I would like to pay for the missed toll.

By - 7/12/06 - 9:23 pm

The Hispanic Community Church of Boston and Citizens Bank have set up a fund for the family of the woman who died in that Big Dig ceiling collapse. Donations can be made at any Citizens branch to the Memorial Account for Yetty M Del Valle.

Via Joe Dwinell.

By - 6/28/06 - 9:36 am

After reading about the latest political fighting over at the authority, John Daley wonders.

By - 9/21/05 - 7:30 pm

Irilyth says it took 45 minutes to get from Watertown Square to the Masspike entrance in Newton Corner this morning because of a protest by Newton firefighters:

By - 8/15/05 - 1:19 pm

Tim gets onto Rte. 30 from the turnpike this morning and notices a car on fire:

... I passed the car as the driver was getting out. He was running around to the front of the car, which, I noted with some alarm, now featured flames starting to lick out from around the edges of the hood. And he was trying to open the hood. ...

He also notes that in the DC area, traffic reporters would charmingly refer to such events as "car-B-Q."