Rte. 128

By - 8/13/06 - 8:06 pm

Why do people still use '128' to refer to Interstate 95?

As it was explained to me by several Boston and Providence natives, the road is Interstate 95 and no longer actually 128. Naturally, this leaves me very curious about why they do it.

By - 6/27/06 - 6:47 pm

On the one hand, Tim admires the graffiti tagger who has gotten his giant "Syms" on locations that are obviously difficult to reach - such as the side of the I-93 upper deck.

On the other hand, Tim wishes the guy would knock it off already:

... There's a lot of graffiti out there that actually makes things look better. This doesn't. This is

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By - 6/16/06 - 10:56 am

Tim has plenty of time to ponder the question as some, um, Rhodyhole in a minivan tries to race him on 128 north.

By - 6/1/06 - 8:08 am

Tim watches some jerk in a Corolla trying to use his high beams to get ahead on 128 - until he gets behind an Explorer.

By - 2/16/06 - 11:13 pm

Beth gets aggravated by a chick in a Volvo with Vermont plates and a large Quit Smoking bumper sticker during the morning commute, so when she gets ahead of her on 128, she makes a point of lighting up and then flicking the butt out her window.

By - 1/17/06 - 9:18 am

Tim understands weather-related highway accidents. And he groks night-time crashes caused by drunks. But until the other day, while trying to get onto 93 South from 128 South, he could never figure out accidents that happened in good conditions in the middle of the day, he reports on Boston Crazy Driving (fortunately, he has good reflexes):

... Then enter a truck with a cracked

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By - 10/31/05 - 2:33 pm

Today's lesson comes from Adam, who discovers that if your tire blows on 128, you need to save the wheel it went with.

By - 5/25/05 - 4:00 pm

Maybe the person in the minivan on 128 that Tim didn't see as he was changing lanes will read his post on Why I didn't see you this morning:

Sorry to the person I nearly hit while changing lanes on Route 128 in Needham this morning. I didn't see you, but not because I didn't look. I did. Actually, I looked twice, in two

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By - 5/23/05 - 2:27 pm

Tim sees the Boy King on 128 this morning:

Spotted a little after 8:30 driving south on 128: a car carrier with an Egyptianate gold-plated longboat and two giant King Tut heads.


He has the photo to prove it.

By - 5/3/05 - 11:20 am

Vengeance wonders:

anyone see the plane over 128 this morning trailing a banner that says 1-percent mortgage call 1-800-blah-blah? And did anyone get the number? Because I would like to give them a call... and ask them what the hell they are trying to do other than distract drivers and get somebody killed? Is that even legal?

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