Rte. 128

By - 3/26/08 - 11:02 pm

Three-car rush-hour smashup narrowly averted on Rte. 128 today by two drivers far more alert than the loser who slammed on her brakes in the fast lane while texting.

By - 2/20/08 - 11:39 am

Last night on the ice on the southbound side in Weston. Nobody hurt. Meanwhile there was a Masshole in an SUV who took off after hitting an ambulance in Dorchester.

By - 2/1/08 - 9:32 am

Harry knows first-hand why traffic was bollixed up on 128 in Canton this morning: There was this pothole that had been there for a week, but the state didn't do anything about it until it expanded to axle-destroying size last night and MassHighway had to get a state trooper to block a lane to keep people from getting swallowed up by the hole that it hadn't bothered to fix when it was more manageable in size.

By - 1/25/08 - 8:55 am

Dave Atkins ponders the implications of the giant Westwood Station project (massive housing/office complex next to the 128 train station) on the small town:

... I think the alternative to growth is stagnation, so I am supportive of the project. I do wish there was more discussion of the vision behind it and some way in the community to think about this as more than just a tax revenue source or traffic magnet. Time will tell the fate of our growth.

By - 1/14/08 - 6:22 pm

Kirk Williamson's video, above, shows his commute this morning from Cape Ann to Beverly. Not the most exciting thing in the world once you realize he's figured out how to drive down 128 in the snow while holding a camera and so won't be sliding off the road - until the last 15 seconds or so, when you will see something that will make you burst out laughing because it is just so ludicrously absurd.

By - 9/19/07 - 9:59 am

With little else to do during a monumental turnpike backup last week, Liz composed a prayer that begins:

Oh merciful heavens, hear my cry! Your child mourns in the dark valley of the Turnpike, and wails upon the stones of 128, and gnashes her teeth and heaps ashes upon her head when she hath the folly to attempt Route 9 as an alternate route. Oh, maketh my lane to clear, oh Lord! ...

By - 9/17/07 - 1:48 pm

Casey Ross has the details on proposals to raise $20 billion over the next 20 years just to keep our existing roads, bridges, tunnels and public transit systems from falling apart even more. How about 5-cent/mile tolls on I-93, I-95, I-495, to start?

By - 9/13/07 - 10:34 am

So I'm not surprised that the Brazil vs Mexico soccer game was a big draw. (67,584 people, it says here.)

By - 8/19/07 - 11:30 pm

Angela's day does not get off to a good start when 128 traffic gets tied up for miles because people are slowing down to look at the new LED sign the state's put up:

... The sign rotated through messages like, "Drive Safely," and "Buckle Up." Nonetheless, everyone seemed to be mystified by the sign as if it contained detailed instructions on how to win the lottery or something. ...

By - 7/27/07 - 9:00 am

Worried about ceiling tiles? Better add Rte. 128 catchbasin grates to your list.

By - 6/16/07 - 9:00 am

Jo addresses a Saab driver on Rte. 128 north:

... I am terribly, TERRIBLY sorry that I didn't intuit your desire to drive straight across from the fast lane to the exit at Trapelo road in one fell swoop. ...

By - 5/1/07 - 11:03 am

What kind of idiot just slams on the brakes and stops on the onramp from Rte. 9 to Rte. 128? If you're Tommy, the nice people who just sold you their house.

By - 4/24/07 - 10:18 pm

Look, you can change the path of Rte. 1 so it no longer goes down the VFW Parkway, leading us to wonder how to tell people where the Dedham Mall used to be.

But now Channel 5 is running a poll to see if traffic reporters should start calling the highway between I-95 and the Braintree split I-93 instead of Rte. 128.

By - 4/10/07 - 8:11 pm

Endangered Coffee says that would be, no, not the Jamaicaway, but Rte. 128 north of Boston, from I-95 to Cape Ann:

... There are even some onramps where there isn't even the ghost of an acceleration lane. Nope. There are actually stop signs. Stop signs to get onto a major highway. Nothing like testing your reflexes trying to judge when you can go from a deadstop into speeding traffic. ...

By - 2/28/07 - 1:47 pm

Cindy and Jeff highlight why you might be stuck in traffic even if there is no obvious fenda-benda up ahead. Most are pretty familiar to anybody who enjoys traffic on the 3s (and who doesn't?): solar glare, residual backups, vice-presidential motorcades at rush hour, etc., but they also list: Hills. Hills? Apparently, they drive Yugos or 1960s-era VW microbuses loaded with cinderblocks or something:

By - 8/13/06 - 8:06 pm

Why do people still use '128' to refer to Interstate 95?

As it was explained to me by several Boston and Providence natives, the road is Interstate 95 and no longer actually 128. Naturally, this leaves me very curious about why they do it.

By - 6/27/06 - 6:47 pm

On the one hand, Tim admires the graffiti tagger who has gotten his giant "Syms" on locations that are obviously difficult to reach - such as the side of the I-93 upper deck.

On the other hand, Tim wishes the guy would knock it off already:

... There's a lot of graffiti out there that actually makes things look better. This doesn't. This is just about ego, and Syms should be ashamed rather than proud.