Tom Menino

By - 5/17/12 - 8:27 am

Summer jobs, more anti-violence street and case workers, chats with people getting out of jail, efforts to broker ceasefires among gangs, more surveillance cameras among the efforts announced yesterday.Read more

By - 5/14/12 - 10:16 pm

Mayor Menino today announced a building swap with the North Bennet Street School that could let the Eliot K-8 School double in size.

North Bennet Street will pay the city $11.4 million for 150 North St. and 130-140 Richmond St. and will give the city its current buildings at 37-39 North Bennet St. and 48-52 Tileston St.

The Eliot currently has 322 students...Read more

By - 5/9/12 - 6:39 pm

Channel 4 reports the mayor's not happy with the latest blackout in the Back Bay and nearby areas.Read more

By - 5/3/12 - 8:17 am

Venu in repose.Venu in repose.

The Herald reports the mayor's fed up with deadly violence outside six Theater District clubs and wants the Boston Licensing Board to hold a club summit and consider rolling back their 2 a.m. closing times.

Separately, the owners of one of the clubs, Venu on...Read more

By - 4/30/12 - 3:35 pm

In a recent post, The Mayor's new budget -- which raises our real estate tax the maximum amount -- I asked the question: "Do residents get good value?"

Today's Globe Editorial criticizes the city's handling of fiscal issues, in particular, school renovations:

The Boston school department wants to increase enrollment at nine of the city’s highest-performing schools by relocating, renovating, or enlarging them,

...Read more
By - 4/12/12 - 3:23 pm

Mayor Menino today announced a Host Community Advisory Committee to consider the ramifications of a proposed resort casino at Suffolk Downs, chaired by Brian Leary, partner at McCarter and English (and, yes, former Channel 5 reporter).

Other members: Sarah Barnat, VP of development, National Development (and East Boston resident); Lisa Calise, CFO, Perkins School for the Blind (and former top financial aide to the...Read more

By - 4/11/12 - 6:41 am

In fact, things are almost looking sort of rosy, thanks to a reduction in health-care costs and an expected jump in revenue, the Globe reports. In fact, the city's looking to hire new firefighters, cops and teachers, the Herald reports....Read more

By - 3/28/12 - 7:30 am

City and BTU negotiators last night threw up their hands and decided there's nothing more they can say to each other, so they'll be seeking state help to mediate a contract.

The declaration comes 21 months of negotiations; firefighters still hold the modern Boston record for going without a contract, at four years.

Meanwhile, BPS has decided to fight back against BTU airplanes with...Read more

By - 3/26/12 - 11:51 am

Over the weekend, the mayor announced a grant and loan program for people who either already own one of the iconic buildings or who want to buy one. Participants in the 3D program can also get discounts at local hardware stores and sign up for classes on maintaining the buildings....Read more

By - 3/15/12 - 3:24 pm

The Herald reports on a Menino press conference.Read more

By - 3/2/12 - 8:00 am

Roxbury Wakeup is a site dedicated to the premise that the city's plans to renovate the Ferdinand building as the new BPS headquarters is just a plot to gentrify the Dudley Square area:

This project will essentially put a stop to any future retail and social growth, as well as any possible wealth building within the community. It is a CIVIC MUNICIPAL BUILDING. It

...Read more
By - 3/1/12 - 8:01 am

The Herald reports on Tom Menino's ire towards the bank that's scheduled an auction of the Charles Street AME Church, whose pastor Menino appointed to the School Committee.Read more

By - 1/31/12 - 2:27 pm

Menino and Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg, late of Medford, posted this photo along with a note:

We disagree on who'll win the #Superbowl, but @MayorTomMenino & I agree on fighting illegal guns. Tune in Sunday

H/t Andrew Phelps....Read more

By - 1/24/12 - 2:32 pm

West Roxbury Patch reports:

Connolly to Lead Council's Review of Student Assignment Process

City Councilor John Connolly will lead the Council's review of the Boston Public Schools student assignment plan. His announcement comes days after Boston Mayor Thomas Menino's State of the City Address in which the Mayor called for "a radically different student assignment plan."

Connolly's order will be introduced during tomorrow's City

...Read more
By - 1/19/12 - 8:26 am

What if the schools in one neighborhood are all part of what BPS once euphemistically called "the circle of promise?" The last couple of BPS efforts to reform busing all foundered on the issue that one of its new zones would have contained pretty much nothing but underperforming schools. WBUR reports, talks to Roxbury City Councilor Tito Jackson....Read more

By - 1/17/12 - 9:53 pm

Mayor's state of the city address, calls for revamping of Madison Park High School, an all new school-assignment policy at the elementary level, 100 new crime watches, a gambling advisory board and a citywide program to lose 1 million pounds of fat.Read more

By - 1/13/12 - 6:50 am

Otherwise the Paul Revere statute in the North End is going to have to wear a Tebow jersey for a day.Read more

By - 1/1/12 - 11:13 am

MartinezMartinezChannel 25 reports Mayor Menino has given Claudio Martinez of Jamaica Plain another four-year term on the Boston School Committee.

At a School Committee hearing on a school-closing plan in December, 2010, Martinez told a white parent from the doomed Agassiz School to shut up and sit down because...Read more

By - 12/8/11 - 11:15 am

The Globe reports. If Menino's vow of "further action" means eviction, BPD might wait until after then before moving in, like it did last time.

UPDATE: Occupiers have begun moving some tents and equipment offsite. Robin, an Occupy Boston organizer, tweets: "We are moving valuables offsite, not decamping. Last time the BPD destroyed all of our belongings." Chris Faraone reports: "Food...Read more