Tom Menino

By - 4/10/10 - 12:55 pm

First, a confession: I haven't read an Adrian Walker column in months. Somebody tell me if I've missed anything. But Mike Durant posts today that Walker talked to Menino, who admitted that this whole branch closing thing isn't really about money after all, so I wanted to take a look.

And I promptly remembered why I stopped reading Walker - Why waste my... Read more

By - 4/9/10 - 10:51 pm

Hands off Faneuil

Supporters of the Faneuil BPL branch didn't let rain stop their candlelight vigil in Oak Square this afternoon - that's what umbrellas are for. Residents, city councilors Mark Ciommo, Ayanna Pressley and Felix Arroyo, state Reps Kevin Honan and Michael Moran all vowed to reverse today's vote... Read more

By - 3/29/10 - 5:44 pm

Five months after the Secretary of State's office concluded Menino aide Michael Kineavy "inappropriately" deleted e-mail, the state Attorney General's office continues to consider what to do about the matter.

"The investigation into the Kineavy email matter is ongoing at this time," spokeswoman Emily LaGrassa said today.

After Secretary of State Bill Galvin handed the matter over to AG Martha Coakley in October, Coakley said... Read more

By - 3/22/10 - 12:27 pm

Good news for city finances could mean good news for patrons of the Brighton BPL branch, along with fans of Curtis Hall in JP and the Shelburne Community Center in Roxbury.

Tom Menino reports the city recently sold $87.5 million worth of bonds at 2.8% - the lowest rate in 30 years. He says the money will "fund the renovation of community centers and libraries,"... Read more

By - 3/19/10 - 9:10 am

Interesting: Even as the city looks to give one developer a $16-million tax break, it rejects a $50 million offer from another. Of course, one is longtime local stalwart Liberty Mutual, which wants to build its new headquarters in the Back Bay, while the other is Menino foe Don Chiofaro, who wants to put a 59-story tower (and a tinier 40-story one) right... Read more

By - 3/7/10 - 12:48 pm

With BPL trustees meeting Tuesday to discuss how to start closing neighborhood branches, patrons are organizing to keep that from happening:

Kelly Young writes a letter in support of the Roslindale branch:

... I know people have made the argument that students have access to school libraries, so why do they need public libraries. As you know, that's really not the case in

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By - 3/4/10 - 1:48 pm

The Globe reports. No specific locations mentioned. The BPL board of trustees will meet next Tuesday (3 p.m., Rabb Hall at the main branch in Copley Square) to begin discussing how to decide which of 8 to 10 branch libraries to close.... Read more

By - 2/16/10 - 1:57 pm

You can only push the weatherpeople so far. Sure, they were apologizing last week, but enough's enough. When Mayor Menino complains TV meteorologists make big bucks for only being right "25% of the time," that's just going too far, at least for Channel 25 weatherman A.J. Burnett.

Burnett tweets his team correctly called seven of the last eight "sizable storms," which by... Read more

By - 2/12/10 - 4:28 pm

John Keith pulls up the records from the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance on Liberty Mutual-related donations to Tom Menino between July 1 and Sept. 1, 2009.

It was during this period that the company was busy buying up two Back Bay parcels on which it said yesterday it will build a 25-30 story office building, for which the city will... Read more

By - 1/4/10 - 11:22 am

Via WCVB-TVVia The Boston Channel

Mayor Thomas M. Menino today took his record fifth oath of office at Faneuil Hall.

In his inauguration speech (complete text), Menino said his next four years would be devoted to four main goals: Transforming education in Boston, creating a high-tech research community on the... Read more

By - 12/16/09 - 12:52 pm

The City Council today rejected a proposed limit on how long somebody can serve as mayor.

While backers of the measure, sponsored by at-large Councilor Sam Yoon, said it would reinvigorate the political process and prevent the abuses of incumbency, opponents said it was insulting to tell voters they could not vote for the candidate of their choice as often as they want.

Against: Ciommo,... Read more

By - 12/8/09 - 1:54 pm

In his first major speech since his election to a fifth term, Mayor Thomas M. Menino issued a rousing call for new ideas - apparently including such out-of-the-box notions as actually building something (anything!) on the old Filene's site, reviving the proposal for a Business Improvement District in Downtown Crossing, and improving the quality of public education.... Read more

By - 11/6/09 - 9:06 am
What's that big tower there?

The most prominent thing on the Boston Redevelopment Authority's Web site is a Flash package that features Tom Menino standing in front of the Boston skyline - enhanced by the 80-story tower he wants to build at Winthrop Square.

For a building that never got built, Winthrop Square sure gets around:... Read more

By - 11/5/09 - 9:10 am

In one of those wide-ranging interviews reporters love so much, Tom Menino yesterday proposed building "a medical research and residential complex on the South Boston Waterfront" - using some of that political capital that's apparently burning a hole in his pocket.

He explains: "Researchers love to get together. They speak their own language. They like to hang out together."

Isn't that why God gave... Read more

By - 11/4/09 - 9:40 pm

The preliminary precinct breakdowns from the city show that Michael Flaherty actually carried Ward 5 (Back Bay, Beacon Hill and part of Fenway), although barely (2,544 to 2,472). In the September preliminary, that was Menino country.

Floon also carried the day in Ward 16 in Dorchester, another area Menino took in September. Obviously, though, that and the Flaherty strongholds of Charlestown, South Boston and... Read more

By - 11/4/09 - 9:17 am

MeninoThe Globe declares Menino A leader in touch, in gear. The Herald looks ahead to 2013 and wonders if Menino will really stick around that long.

John Carroll predicts Menino will regret running for that fifth term. David Bernstein hopes Menino uses some of his political capital to deal with "some... Read more

By - 11/3/09 - 8:02 pm
Call him Hizzonah again.

Boston today gave Tom Menino a record fifth term today, re-electing him by a 57-43 margin over challenger Michael Flaherty.

"Let's be clear: We haven't made history with this election, but we will in what we create of it," Menino told supporters. History will not record the win until we make... Read more

By - 11/2/09 - 3:24 pm

Kevin McCrea explains why he's voting for Flaherty tomorrow - and how he almost endorsed Menino instead, he and his wife even went to dinner with the Meninos at Hammersley's Bistro in the South End. In the end, he writes it came down to a single issue:

For me, it came down to the elimination of the BRA. I believe that the institution of... Read more