Washington Street

By - 12/6/07 - 9:25 pm

Tom Nealon reports the street outside his Rozzie Square store is under attack by starlings:

Every afternoon they descend on Washington Street, chattering noisily, eating locust seeds (or whatever they are - the worst choice for a sidewalk tree imaginable; they bloom for three days then litter the area with tiny yellow flowers only to months later grow sticky seed pods that then drop

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By - 10/10/07 - 10:07 am

Heading south on Washington Street just before the West Roxbury Parkway this morning, I heard the squeal of a vehicle coming to a very sudden stop on wet pavement. I looked over at the other side and saw: One car, stopped because the driver was trying to make a left turn, with several other stopped vehicles behind it - at the end of which was... Read more

By - 12/18/05 - 5:01 pm

Today, I needed to make an emergency visit to Toys R Us in Dedham. I took Washington Street south. When I got past the West Roxbury Parkway, I noticed one of those spiffy new Evacuation Route signs. Hmm, I could try out the city's new evacuation plan, which basically calls for people of my ilk (i.e., Roslindalians) to drive south on Washington Street until... Read more