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By - 10/24/11 - 1:10 am

Following the recent unpleasantness, Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone surprised the crowd at the city's Halloween parade with an unexpected disguise today.

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By - 10/11/11 - 9:31 am

Dan Kennedy analyzes the Globe's explanation on how it found the identity of the woman who turned in Bulger and why it didn't put her at any more risk than she already faced - thanks to the FBI saying a few months ago that the winning tip came from Iceland and, really, how many Icelanders would Bulger and Grieg have run across in... Read more

By - 9/15/11 - 8:04 am

Dan Kennedy analyzes a judge's decision that the Herald has the right to report on court proceedings and documents, even if they happen to involve a libel suit against the paper, in this case by Boston band member Tom Scholz in a libel suit over an Inside Track column on the death of lead singer Brad Delp:

The Herald is still at risk over

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By - 9/6/11 - 3:32 pm

They probably won't be renaming the Seaport Center on D Street New Wingo Square, however.

By - 8/12/11 - 5:29 pm

"In a posting on a website supportive of the Democratic Party," is as close as our Paper of Record gets to helping its readers read Warren's post in its entirety.

The Herald dared mention Blue Mass. Group, as did every other media outlet across the country that wrote about the post.... Read more

By - 6/13/11 - 8:09 am

More than boarded up houses. More than used condoms and broken glass strewn across vacant lots. More than blood splattered on sidewalks. "Nothing says urban blight" like clothes drying outside, Michelle McPhee warns us.

Yes, just when you figured there was nothing left for the Herald/'RKO town crier to kvetch about, she finds sinister new menace in a bill that would prohibit communities from... Read more

By - 6/8/11 - 6:28 am

The Globe reports developers have filed plans to build 262 apartments and stores on the site of the soon to be ex-Herald building.

By - 5/28/11 - 11:14 am

Depends on whether you read the Globe or Herald, John Carroll reports, in the latest chapter of the "It's good to live in a two-paper town" story.

By - 5/18/11 - 6:59 am

Thin-skinned flacks show displeasure at Romney op-ed piece; ban Herald from today's traffic blocker visit.

You know it's bad when even the Outraged Liberal rises to the Herald's support.

But it is curious that Howie Carr didn't weigh in; you'd think Bariatric Boy would relish the idea to spend 10 minutes with his thesaurus stringing together several paragraphs worth of insults. Oh,... Read more

By - 5/7/11 - 7:11 am

He's a lawyer involved in the DiMasi case, but after reading Globe and Herald accounts, John Carroll can't figure out which DiMasi pal he's representing.

By - 4/27/11 - 4:21 pm

South End Patch reports on an initial proposal for replacing the Boston Herald building that calls for a 4-5 story residential and store complex - and that some nearby residents decried the building as "too suburban" for the gritty area.

By - 4/16/11 - 11:48 am

It's a story only the Herald could love: Blue bloods boil over noise of medical helicopters, complete with a classic Herald front page that makes the case that Beacon Hill residents would rather see poor people in medical helicopters headed to Mass. General die than disturb their peace.... Read more

By - 3/2/11 - 7:01 am

Kennedy famously made sure Rupert Murdoch had to choose between keeping Channel 25 and the Herald (a couple decades after the feds stripped the Herald-Traveler of its TV license) and now the Federal Highway Administration thinks the state should make Herald owner Pat Purcell take down the billboard atop the (eventually to be former) Herald plant next to the Expressway.

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By - 2/22/11 - 11:31 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today threw out a lawsuit against the Herald and Michele McPhee by an inmate who placed an online dating ad even though their story falsely accused him of manslaughter and "brutal sexual attack on an elderly woman."

In its ruling, the court said Edmond R. LaChance Jr. did not exactly cover himself in glory by omitting from his "Inmate Connection" ad... Read more

By - 2/21/11 - 10:39 am
Whambulance Pictures, Images and Photos

Wah, poor Howie Carr is upset Scott Brown went to "60 Minutes" to shill his book instead of to him.

Wah, poor Mike Andelman at the Phantom Gourmet is upset a hostess at Grill 23 wouldn't seat him and his fellow Phantom Gourmet'er before the dining room opened:... Read more

By - 2/4/11 - 7:16 am

The Herald declares "experts stunned" that Barney Frank announced he's running for re-election in 2012, then fails to actually quote any experts expressing their shocked amazement (because they all fainted at the news and hit their heads on the floor?). Sean Bielat, however, managed to steady himself by grabbing onto the newel post, at least long enough to express his shock.

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By - 1/21/11 - 10:17 am

The Herald's foreign-correspondent approach to the Whole Foods/Hi-Lo news continues today. Peter Gelzinis, who normally knows better, rushes so fast to get to the class-warfare angle that he loses his way to the real story.

First, the "earthy-crunchy" set in Jamaica Plain doesn't have to drive to Cambridge for organic tomatoes, as Gelzinis claims. Even if they hate the two earthy-crunchy City Feeds,... Read more

By - 1/20/11 - 9:01 am

Both the Globe and the Herald parachuted reporters into exotic and beguiling Jamaica Plain yesterday to cover the news - broken last week by the Jamaica Plain Gazette - that the Hi-Lo is being replaced by a Whole Foods. Both stories read like dispatches from foreign correspondents earning a bit extra by writing something for the travel section, for audiences looking for the next... Read more