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By - 9/24/08 - 11:58 am

The Boston Business Journal reports somebody this morning damaged the conveyor system that moves newspapers from the printing presses to waiting delivery trucks. The incident comes about two weeks before the paper is due to shut the presses and move printing to Chicopee.

The Journal also reports that you'll be able to instantly identify the new Chicopee Herald because the pages will be smaller....Read more

By - 9/24/08 - 9:21 am

Ron Borges moves to the Herald after a whole month at more

By - 9/13/08 - 9:52 pm

Jay Fitzgerald reports fellow business reporter Scott Van Vorhis has left the paper to freelance fulltime:

... His depature is a huge loss, but the Herald will bounce back as usual. Well, sort of. ...

By - 9/13/08 - 8:21 pm

If you're the Herald, it's a juicy sex scandal involving a Globe reporter (albeit one that allegedly happened before her time at the Globe).

By - 9/10/08 - 4:10 pm

Howie must be working on another book about the Bulgers, or maybe he spent too much time at Fenway with Castig and Obie last night, because based on the amount of time he put into today's CHB-like column about loser Patriots fans, he clearly is too busy to do any actual reporting for the Herald. Or maybe, he just needs a hug....Read more

By - 9/10/08 - 2:18 pm

Here's why I enjoy living in a two-newspaper town.

Globe: At City Hall, a good use for all that wind

Herald: Wind turbine plan spins out of control...Read more

By - 8/24/08 - 11:23 am

Maybe it's just sour grapes that his paper didn't get this month's Interview of the Century, or maybe he's really disgusted at what passes for journalism on Morrissey Boulevard these days, but whatever the reason, Herald Square doyen Jules Crittenden lays into the Globe's interview with the Suspect Formerly Known as Clark Rockefeller today with the sort of joyous vituperation not normally seen...Read more

By - 8/19/08 - 7:47 pm

You'd think, in times like these, a newspaper would do everything it could to keep a home subscriber. Apparently not:

... I've had daily conversations with both the Herald and PCF [the local distributor] who have both promised to elevate my complaint. PCF even offered to drop off my paper later on in the day, which they have done 3 out of the past

...Read more
By - 8/14/08 - 9:50 pm

Adam Reilly has the details on Tony Massarotti jumping from the Herald to the Globe, where he'll become "the face and voice of sports." He also reports on Gordon Edes' replacement.

Dan Kennedy: Massarotti is a leading reason to read the Herald, so this is a huge, huge loss. Also shows Globe is taking seriously as a threat, he says....Read more

By - 8/14/08 - 12:08 am

Adam Reilly compares the Globe and Herald coverage of our own little Zelig, to see who had the most scoops.Read more

By - 8/10/08 - 12:56 pm

The Herald digs deep and uncovers Blue Mass. Group's nasty little secret: It's run by - you are sitting down, I hope - people who want to elect Democrats:

The Blue Mass Group bloggers have never tried to hide their lefty allegiances, but their latest stunt puts to rest any misconception that the site is anything other than an activist network.

And what is...Read more

By - 8/7/08 - 10:03 pm

And so news finally reaches Joe Fitzgerald of the battle between the West Roxbury Loons of Decency and the Boston Phoenix, five months after the whole thing was all over the blogs and West Roxbury papers. Of course, the Herald's short on space these days, which forces Fitzgerald to economize on words and omit the names of the woman the column is about...Read more

By - 7/15/08 - 10:56 pm

Not only has WEEI hired away two Herald sports writers to try to turn its Web site into the major go-to site for New England sports info, but it's advertising for some serious Web/systems help, Mats Tolander reports:

... I like's Director of Product Development:

You recognize Emacs is the one true editor (though I suppose vi will do in a

...Read more
By - 7/12/08 - 12:54 pm

I'm kind of glad Herald reporter O'Ryan Grylls Johnson didn't actually find that great white off Martha's Vineyard, because you know he would've tried to capture it and you know the thing would've eaten him and his boatmates because they wouldn't have a spare oxygen tank to kill it with and the Herald really can't afford to lose any more reporters.

But speaking as...Read more

By - 7/3/08 - 8:47 am

The Boston Herald reports:

For the third time in a little over a year, residents of a Peabody apartment complex were forced to flee as their flame-plagued complex caught fire again.

A three-alarm blaze broke out on the roof of a building at the Highlands at Dearborn yesterday after a lightning bolt struck.

...Read more
By - 6/25/08 - 11:01 am

Herald editor camped out at the Entwistle trial complains because when deliberations were over for the day, he had to drive home during the hailstorm:

Try sitting in a cramped court all day then driving away into traffic and some summer fury. This assignment ain't no picnic. ...

By - 6/24/08 - 9:50 am

Last night, I spoke to some graduate journalism students at Northeastern about, well, things such as Universal Hub. I told them there's a big opportunity for folks like them in non-traditional media because mainstream media, at least in Boston, just misses so much.

I asked them if they'd heard of Rodrick Taylor. Nobody raised their hands. Then I asked them if they'd heard of Neil...Read more

By - 6/22/08 - 1:02 pm

Yvonne Abraham files a nice, simple, well told column on a Dorchester gangbanger who had an epiphany in jail and now is trying to get his life straight in college. Peter Gelzinis expresses angst about the really important things in life, but gets too tied up in knots and his head explodes in a paroxysm of random thoughts - at one point he...Read more

By - 6/15/08 - 11:35 am

On Friday, the front page of the Globe's City & Region section featured a color photo of Neil Entwistle crying and a long story about how distressed he was to see video of his dead wife and daughter (the online version has video for you to enjoy).

You had to turn the page to see one-paragraph rewrites of press releases from the DA's...Read more