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Columbus Avenue slobsColumbus Avenue slobs.

It's as if we've been hit by a hurricane of slobbery. Citizens Connect this morning is just filled with reports of mounds of filth and vermin, including:

  • 774 Columbus Ave., Roxbury: "Every week, Residents of 772, 774, and 776 Columbus throw loose trash on the sidewalk. Makes it difficult for garbagemen to pick up everything, so there is usually lots of trash left behind. (worse than usual because many are probably moving on Sept 1)."
  • Huntington Ave., Mission Hill: "Student moving trash all up and down Huntington Ave from Brigham circle to S. Huntington corner."
  • 22 Batterymarch, downtown: "The sidewalk is stained and usually covered in rotting food, bird feces, feathers, avian flu, and pigeons."
  • Downtown Crossing Red Line platforms: "Dead cockroaches are littered all over." Ed question: Well, better than if they were still alive, no?
  • The strip mall on American Legion Highway in Roslindale: "Rubbish fiesta on Legion."
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    The move clears the way for the YMCA and Northeastern to build a 17-story dorm and comes after Y residents sought to block the move by asking the city Landmarks Commission the building with the blinking logo a landmark, the Huntington News reports.

    By - 5/3/11 - 7:06 pm

    The Boston Fire Department reports contractors were doing roof work at a Mass. College of Art and Design building at 621 Huntington Ave. when the building's rubber roof caught on fire. The building was evacuated and Huntington Avenue was shut down; no injuries reported.

    The department says investigators are still looking at the exact cause of the fire.

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    Green Line trolley jumps track

    Night Owl City took this photo of a derailed inbound E trolley at South Huntington and Huntington around 9:30 a.m. AlertNewEngland reports no injuries. Expect, as they say, delays.

    By - 3/23/11 - 11:25 pm

    Absolutely, we shouldn't be encouraging rapscallions to whip out their Sharpies and mark up the T, but you have to almost admire the effort, or at the very least, the amount of time, that went into this defacement of a blank sign on the E line. One wonders if a judge would sentence him based on the number of letters if he gets caught and convicted.

    Via Boston Reddit.

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    The MBTA will expand the number of three-car trolleys on the Green Line on Monday - and will start running them on the E branch for the first time, which also means the return of triple-trolley service to Lechmere.

    The T restored some three-car service on non-E lines last year. The expansion means the number of tripled-up trains will increase from 13 to 32 on weekdays.

    In a statement, T General Manager Richard Davey said:

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    Car on trolley tracks

    Our Eye in the Sky shows us a Honda CR-V being towed off the Green Line at Longwood and Huntington about 1:30 this morning (and no, there was not an even larger tow truck to the right pulling the tow truck that was pulling the tow truck that was pulling the car).

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    Channel 4 reports those skulls that turned up in a Huntington Avenue basement the other day were a) real and b) "likely used for medical research."

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    UPDATE, 7 p.m.: Boston Police identify the victim as Simin Arad, 50, say the bus had a green light, that she walked in front of the bus and that the driver tried to stop.

    UPDATE: Channel 5 reports the victim, a woman in her 30s, has died.

    Not looking good: The intersection is shut as both the homicide and the fatal-accident reconstruction units investigate.

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    The Huntington News reports:

    The manager of Symphony Market reported a student urinated on the shelves in the rear of the store then made a purchase with his credit card.

    By - 10/12/10 - 11:03 pm

    Smoking bus

    Our Longwood Medical Area correspondent files the following dispatch to go with his photo:

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    MBTA 66 bus

    Because, as Stephanie reports, it just ran out of fuel. How does that happen?

    By - 7/14/10 - 11:22 am

    AgrestiMBTA Transit Police report arresting a homeless man for exposing himself to an E trolley driver at Longwood last night after being asked to pay his fare.

    By - 6/22/10 - 3:37 pm

    A Brighton man is charged with robbing a 67-year-old woman in a wheelchair of $10 at the inbound trolley stop at Huntington and Longwood last night, then pushing her onto the tracks.

    By - 4/7/10 - 6:32 pm

    The MBTA confirms a bicyclist died after a collision late this afternoon near the intersection of Huntington and South Huntington avenues. MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said "an active investigation" is underway by MBTA and Boston police.

    By - 12/16/09 - 1:51 pm

    Photo from outside and above the MFA.

    The MBTA reports a car hit the side of an inbound trolley at Huntingon and Forsythe around 1:40 p.m. The trolley was undamaged; the car sustained minor damage to the front bumper and its driver was given a ticket for a moving violation, the T says.

    By - 12/16/09 - 8:12 am

    The MBTA says the outbound E is stopping at Brigham Circle because of "fluid on the tracks" on South Huntington. MBTA Transit Police report it's diesel fuel, which affects the trolleys' traction and makes it harder for them to start. Also, there's a train that doesn't want to move at Government Center, causing what the T says are 10-25 minutesdelays.

    By - 12/11/09 - 1:37 pm

    An MBTA bus was traveling at a low rate of speed down Huntington Avenue shortly after midnight. when it hit a man now in the ICU, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

    State Police homicide investigators have joined MBTA Transit Police in trying to figure out what happened on Huntington Avenue near the Prudential Center because there is a possibility the victim, identified only as a 54-year-old man, could die, the DA's office say.

    According to a statement:

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    Channel 7 reports on the early-morning accident at Huntington Avenue and Ring Road this morning. Channel 4 reports the man is in the ICU at Brigham and Women's.