Huntington Avenue

By - 3/24/08 - 12:26 pm

A generator being tested, at the Westin Hotel in Copley Square around 10:30 this morning.

By - 2/13/08 - 9:48 pm

And is not impressed:

... [Y]ou get on the #39, which stops every 10 yards and each time picks up between 6 and 8 students from Wentworth, MassArt or Northeastern, all of whom are carrying backpacks the size of Amy Winehouse's beehive. You are at least 18 stops from your final destination, and already it's like being stuck in an old toolshed with 9 dozen wet dogs, half of whom have wracking, croupy, Dickensian coughs. ...

And that's before the driver decides to take a break to make a call on her cell phone.

By - 2/12/08 - 5:52 pm

Maybe it's just as well the MBTA and its predecessors have spent the last 60 years or so taking out trolley lines; imagine if there were more streets like Huntington Avenue by Mission Hill where Massholes got to scream and curse out trolley drivers for daring to stop to let passengers off?

... This guy is literally leaning out the window, screaming at the driver of the first [trolley] car. I of course had my window cracked to hear every sweet word of invective this moron was letting loose.

And then had a good chuckle because just ahead of the first car, just past the intersection, was a cop car. And as we all started moving again, guess who was getting pulled over? ...

By - 10/29/07 - 3:06 pm

Boston Police report on trouble on Newbury Street:

At about 12:15am, on Monday, October 29, 2007, officers assigned to the Fenway area for the Red Sox World Series game, received a radio call for a large group vandalizing cars along Newbury Street. On arrival, officers observed and counted 16 cars that had been vandalized. Most of the damage consisted of broken or ripped off side view mirrors, broken windows and damaged windshield wipers.

By - 6/14/07 - 6:53 pm

Some Assembly Required noticed today that crews along Huntington Avenue near the Mass. College of Art were replacing seemingly healthy trees with new seemingly health trees, and he wonders why.

Maybe Steven "I came home the other day to find out all my furniture had been stolen and replaced with an exact replica" Wright is now in charge of tree plantings in Boston?

By - 10/17/06 - 11:39 pm

Chad Parenteau says it's a toss up:

... It might just be me, but it seems that in light of the construction that has crippled the E Train's already limited abilities, the MBTA has ordered that all the no. 39 buses be rendered as ineffective as the E train for the next few months. ...