By - 2/10/10 - 11:41 am

The Coast Guard reports a valve malfunction at an MWRA facility in Cambridge let 2,000 gallons of Number 2 heating oil drain out around 3:45 this morning. About half that is in the building; the rest flowed into the River, where a contractor is now attempting to contain and clean up the spill.

By - 12/13/09 - 8:39 pm

Says so right here on the Internets, so it must be true. The Enviromental Working Group spent three years building a database of municipal water supplies, and says Providence has the second cleanest, bestest water in the country behind only Arlington, Texas. Boston (more specifically, the MWRA, which serves much of the Boston area) came in fifth out of 100 cities (so not too shabby):

By - 7/1/09 - 6:26 pm

The Bulletin has details on how a Canadian company will help the MWRA determine the best way to upgrade a seven-foot-wide sewer under West Roxbury and Roslindale: Two inspectors will be lowered into the large pipe near the Ohrenberger School - one to inspect the conduit's condition, the other to help get the first guy out in the event of any trouble.

By - 6/26/09 - 5:26 pm

The MWRA this week awarded a contract to an Edmonton company to figure out the best way to renovate an aging sewer main through West Roxbury, that is, a different aging sewer main than the one that forced years of traffic disruption along the VFW Parkway.

By - 3/9/08 - 6:47 pm

The AP has been busy, finding lots of drugs in people's water. Sadly, Boston is on the list of cities that don't test for this stuff. Look on the bright side; you could live in a city run these morons:

Arlington, Texas, acknowledged that traces of a pharmaceutical were detected in its drinking water but cited post-9/11 security concerns in refusing to identify the drug.

By - 10/26/06 - 3:34 pm

The MWRA is enlarging the sewer that runs under the VFW Parkway. And that means blasting. And apparently, the best time to do some blasting and heavy construction is 3:15 in the morning. Ed Symkus wearily reports: