Copley Place

By - 2/24/16 - 10:09 am

On the heels of the shutdown of the Gardenside entrance to the Orange and Green Lines at North Station comes news that the pedestrian tunnel from Back Bay to Copley Place will be shut through December, starting March 6, so that Simon Co. can make the Dartmouth Street side of their mall less of a forbidding, soulless expanse of a wall, or something.

By - 9/8/15 - 11:14 am

MassArt student Maj-Britt Pedersen writes about having her non-textile dress rejected from a MassArt showing at Copley Place because it's made out of cigarette packs:

In today's world of Donald Trump and heroin overdoses, how could a dress constructed of cigarette packs be deemed too controversial? Cigarettes are not illegal. Nowhere on the dress does it tell anyone they should smoke. In fact, the bust is made up of the warnings.

By - 9/1/15 - 10:52 am

The Boston Business Journal reports on renovations to Copley Place, one of two 1980's Boston malls designed to let suburbanites experience a taste of life in the city without actually having to interact with it (the other being the failed Lafayette Place downtown). The work is part of an overall mall upgrade that includes "upgraded escalators and glass handrails" and a 52-story residential tower.

By - 5/14/15 - 6:32 pm
Proposed Copley Tower in the Back Bay

Rendering by architect Elkus Manfredi.

The BRA board today approved new plans for a $500-million, 52-story tower atop Copley Place after the mall's owner agreed to add an extra five affordable apartments - an increase housing activists, such as former state Rep. Mel King, said was far from enough. Read more.

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By - 9/30/13 - 6:20 pm

A circuit breaker broke inside the Louis Vuitton store in Copley Place around 6 p.m., bringing firefighters racing to the mall and sending customers fleeing, at least until firefighters had the power cut and said a mall-wide evacuation wasn't necessary.

By - 6/21/13 - 10:09 am

A woman who started getting J. Crew junk mail after she used her debit card to buy some stuff at its Copley Place store now wants at least $50 for herself - and the same for the teeming masses who also got hooked up with mailings after making purchases from the clothing chain. Plus at least double damages and lawyers' fees (and she is represented by four separate law firms).

By - 1/14/13 - 8:59 am

Wanted womanBoston Police report they are looking for a woman who walked into Barney's in Copley Place on Jan. 10 and walked out with a purse selling for $10,290 - without paying for it.

By - 11/27/12 - 6:37 am

Liz recounts a sorry lunch at Osushi in Copley Place:

This place is only surviving on Groupon deals and unaware conference attendees. Don’t go to Osushi (it's difficult to find in the mall, so maybe if you tried to go, you gave up and went somewhere else, anyway). There are plenty of less expensive sushi places in Boston that have fresh fish and good service.

By - 11/2/12 - 9:51 am

John Ford writes the developer is sending out mixed signals about the skyline-changing project.

By - 1/19/12 - 3:01 pm

Channel 5 tracks down the Andover father whose video of his daughter saying "bye!" to people going down a Copley Place escalator became an Internet sensation this week - two years after he posted it.

By - 11/18/11 - 1:22 pm

The Herald reports on last night's BRA meeting on a developer's plan to build a tower with 318 condos and new retail space above the existing Neiman Marcus.

By - 11/5/11 - 7:56 pm

No, not Occupy Boston or Whose Foods. Bob Feldman belts out a protest against the proposed skyscraper on top of Neiman Marcus at Copley Place. Lyrics.

By - 7/19/11 - 9:02 am

The Globe reports a planned 47-story addition to Copley Place has critics roiling.

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Tower of power

Because the thought that Boston Police have a mobile security tower like the one parked outside Copley Place is kind of depressing. Peter the Gr8 took the photo and looked around for Snake Plissken.

By - 4/11/10 - 6:09 pm

Apparently, Copley Place thought you might, so they put one up, as Ryan Durling shows us.

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Underwater table

Jo photographed what appears to be a bobbing raft but is actually a picnic table being submerged by a rising Charles River at Norumbega Park in Newton today.

William Ricker stopped to watch an impromptu fountain formed by an overflowing sewer on Coffey Street in Dorchester on Sunday:

Dorchester fountain

Meanwhile, Penny Cherubino provides photographic proof that not even Copley Place was immune from the power of a nor'easter.

Photos opyright Jo and William Decker, respectively.

By - 3/20/08 - 5:19 pm

Simon Properties, owners of the mall, want to stick a 47-story structure atop it that would include a four-story "winter garden" and 300 condos (starting at $1 million) according to the Boston Business Journal and the Herald.

The Journal notes:

No additional parking is called for by Simon in the plan, which noted the proximity of nearby public transit stations.

When plans for the project first surfaced in 2006, the Herald quoted sources as saying Simon was looking at a 20- to 30-story building.

By - 11/17/06 - 9:45 am

Quite the nuthouse around town early this morning as frenzied people willing to forego showers for several days rushed local retailers trying to get their hands on the latest Playstation console. Cops had to shoo rain-sodden hordes away from the Fenway Best Buy because the store didn't have a permit to open at midnight. Then there was Copley Place, where people camped out for days to await the opening of the Sony Style store this morning. Alexander Sliwinski reports from the scene (and posts photos of people in tents):