Charles River

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But that's what somebody did early this morning - and after he was fished out of the Charles, he was taken away in the custody of the State Police, Boston_Fireman tweets.

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A new view of the Zakim

Schuyler Ortega took this cool shot of the underside of the Zakim Bridge.

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Saul Blumenthal captured the setting sun setting railings afire over the Broad Canal in Cambridge.

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Penny Cherubino provides an account of August efforts by the Charles River Cleanup Boat.

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Channel 5 reports the two alleged yutzes charged with selling 91,000 pounds of ornamental scrollwork from the Longfellow Bridge as scrap last year are expected to plead guilty.

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Mike Mennonno notes somebody was recently critically injured by a rotted-out tree limb that fell from a tree in Central Parks and that the DCR has been ignoring him for more than two years when he calls to complain about dead trees along the Charles River bike path. He posts photos from a copse of tree corpses:

... As I rode by this morning

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First we learned state officials listened to their inner thetans and gave TC his multi-million-dollar tax credit back. Now Sam Baltrusis reports:

As production moves forward with "Wichita," the upcoming spy flick starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz set to film in Boston this September, the latest rumor is that pre-production crews are currently hashing out an elaborate water-based chase scene slotted to

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Kathy reports there's a gaggle of geese under the BU bridge. By itself, no big deal, except the goslings are now big enough to notice that while some are obviously the spawn of the white adult geese that watch over them, some have the black legs of Canada geese:

... So it looks like maybe some Canada gooselings imprinted on domesticated parents. So what

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Penny Cherubino reports the Boston Landmark Commission has voted to designate the stretch along the Charles as a landmark. It's now up to Mayor Menino and the city council as to whether the Esplanade becomes a landmark, which, among other things, could make it harder for the state to dig it up or pave it over as it rebuilds the Storrow Drive tunnel.... Read more

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It's not that the swimmers are afraid of getting wet, but that all the rain has meant lots of yucky runoff flowing into the river, and that means the Charles River Swimming Club has had to cancel the annual swim, scheduled for tomorrow, June 21. Race Director Ulla Hester says:

It was an unfortunate reminder of the fact that the river is not

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Seems Brady was kayaking in the Charles and he fell in and this woman helped fish him out, thus saving the entire 2009 Patriots' season.

Hey, remember when Nomar Garciaparra dived into Boston Harbor to save some woman who'd fallen in?

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We went to Echo Bridge in Newton today, and it really is amazing - you can basically whisper and hear your voice echo back from the other side of the Charles (so you can imagine what it was like when an exuberant kidlet decided to yell). Up river, near the old mill, we spotted the... Read more

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The Boston Landmarks Commission tonight considers officially designating the Esplanade a landmark, at a hearing that starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Sarah Kelly, executive director of the Boston Preservation Alliance, explains why it should.

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John Halamka sings the praises of his daily after-work six-mile kayak trip through the Lakes District section of the Charles:

... The early evening on the Charles is a perfect time to view widelife - Great Blue Herons, Trumpeter Swans, American River Otters, Snapping Turtles, and enormous Carp. The river is different every time I kayak with variable weather, changing wildlife, and new people.

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State officials consider unleashing the hounds to scare geese away from the Esplanade. They'll love that across the river when all the geese resettle along Mem. Drive.

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Saul Blumenthal shows it's all a matter of perspective along the Esplanade.

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Canoe in Needham

Paul Keleher took in the Run of the Charles canoe and kayak races in Needham today.

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