Charles River

Charles River

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Festive bicyclist

Mike spent some time today watching bicyclists use the newly minted bike lanes across the Charles, including one woman with a lighted wreath.

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Down by JFK Street, numerous people report. Anyone?

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Kenmore Square, 1928.Kenmore Square, 1928.

Complaints about traffic in Boston are nothing new. Even in the 1920s, news photographer Leslie Jones was capturing local traffic jams - and the accidents that often caused them. Here are some from the Boston Public Library's Leslie Jones collection (click on photos to see larger versions).

In 1924, the SS Leviathan moored at a South Boston pier. People flocked to see it; Jones reported "an angry crowd" of jammed motorists:

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Jeff Tamagini took in the first day of the Head of the Charles Regatta yesterday. Charles Connell watched the Dartmouth Alumni Eight:

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She was a 21-year-old Dorchester resident, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports this morning, adding that because the woman's death is not a homicide, her name is not being released.

Several members of the public contacted State Police General Headquarters and members of the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit yesterday after seeing media reports describing the appearance and clothing of the deceased. Based on those tips, State Police detectives assigned to Conley's office made contact with the woman's family. A positive identification was made late yesterday.

By - 10/21/11 - 2:17 pm

UPDATE: Authorities make ID.


The Suffolk County District Attorney's office has released photos of jewelery removed from the body of a woman found in the Charles River yesterday after she jumped off the Harvard Bridge. Officials say she had no identification with her and are hoping somebody recognizes the ring and pendant. If you do, contact Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit at 617-727-8817. She's described as a young black woman, about 5'4" and 110 lbs, with hair shaved on the sides and a longer tuft of hair at the top front.

By - 10/20/11 - 5:55 pm

With no identifying documents to go on, authorities have released some information about the woman whose body was pulled out of the Charles River this morning after witnesses watched her jump off the Harvard Bridge, in the hopes somebody recognizes her. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office:

By - 10/20/11 - 6:45 am

UPDATE: Authorities make ID.

Officials shut the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge this morning after a woman jumped into the river from the Boston side shortly before 6:45 a.m. Emergency workers in a boat recovered her body about an hour later near the bridge.

By - 10/10/11 - 11:21 am

Channel 7 reports she was one of 40 to 50 students just hanging out on the BU dock early Sunday.

By - 8/18/11 - 3:49 pm

The state and the Charles River Conservancy hope to have the fabled Charles River Skatepark under a loop ramp to the Zakim Bridge built by December of next year.

Backers, using Big Dig mitigation funds and private donations, have made similar promises in the past, but this time the state Department of Conservation and Recreation is backing that schedule up with a formal request for bids from companies that want to run and maintain the skate park for five years.

Although the initial concept is to open the park for free use, with no staffing, the bid request asks potential operators to look at ways to recoup costs through such possible revenue sources as "user fees, season passes, food and merchandise concessions, promotion events, and advertisement opportunities" and to propose a cost for having staff on hand May 1 through Oct. 15.

The bid request also asks prospective operators to provide a cost estimate for maintaining restrooms that the state has no initial plans to install but for which it is reserving some room, just in case.

By - 7/20/11 - 9:09 am

Mark Garfinkel was on scene yesterday for the dramatic take-down of a man who dared display his derriere (among other things) as he swam from Cambridge to Boston. Here's hoping there weren't any stinging nettles where the staties made him lie down.

By - 7/5/11 - 8:48 am

The fireworks barge on the Charles caught fire around 5:30 a.m., with 15 live charges on board, sending thick black smoke into the air - and fire departments in both Boston and Cambridge ordering boaters to stay way the hell away, Nichole Davis at New England Roadways reported.

By - 6/15/11 - 8:50 am

NECN reports on the early morning attack. Unlike in a series of other attacks, however, there was no evidence of sexual assault.

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Talking on the Esplanade

Historygradguy takes us back to those halcyon days of yore, like last week.

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Spectral barge

Nathanael Hevelone attended SkyArt, part of MIT's 150th anniversary celebrations, on Saturday. Historygradguy was also there.


More SkyArt photos.

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Historygradguy watched a pair of rowers on the Charles yesterday.

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Charles River bridge

Downtown traffic

Historygradguy captured the Weeks Footbridge over the Charles, while Greg MacKay shot the scene where the Central Artery used to be.

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Serenity on the Charles River

Vikas Anand captured some stillness on an Esplanade dock.

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MassDOT reports the southbound lanes on the Craigie Drawbridge between Cambridge and Boston will be re-opened to traffic on April 26.

The department says some lane restrictions will be put in place during some off hours between then and August to allow for landscaping work.