By - 12/5/13 - 10:26 pm

Remarks by the President at Afternoon Hanukkah Reception - a reception attended by, among others, Dana Gitell, who coined the term "Thanksgivukkah."Read more

By - 11/28/13 - 7:00 pm
Menorah in Copley Square

Arturo Gossage photographed the Copley Square menorah, with Old South Church in the background.

Copyright Arturo Gossage. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.Read more

By - 10/20/13 - 9:40 am

Hizzona tweets:

I'll proclaim November 28, 2013 Thanksgivukkah in the City of Boston. How will you celebrate?

Roslindale's own Dana Gitell has been the holiday's most tireless backer....Read more

By - 12/11/12 - 3:22 pm

More places than you might expect are serving latkes.Read more

By - 11/30/12 - 12:20 pm

UPDATE, 3:20 p.m: Northeastern says two students "have accepted responsibility for vandalizing the university's Menorah" and that they now face disciplinary action. Still no word on just what they did.

Northeastern President Joseph Aoun alerted his campus in e-mail this morning. He didn't specify just how the Krentzman Quad menorah was damaged, but said it's been repaired and that campus police are hunting suspects. His...Read more

By - 11/29/12 - 9:38 am

The Brighton Mills Shaw's was playing Chanukah music this morning:

Right now the store is broadcasting Haveinu Sholom Aleichem!

Meanwhile, a local group is already focusing on Thanksgivukkah next year - when the two holidays overlap for the first time since 1918....Read more

By - 11/30/10 - 11:26 pm

Artist's renderingArtist's rendering

In case you missed it, our own SwirlyGrrl proposed doing something to convince Bank of America to turn its 100 Federal St. building into a giant dreidel for Chanukah. What about it, BoA?...Read more

By - 11/29/10 - 4:30 pm

Need an alternative to WODS and WROR? WUMB is streaming Chanukah music 24/7.Read more

By - 12/15/09 - 3:02 pm

DSG is slowly unraveling the history of the holiday. For example, not all the Maccabees were heroic swordsman kicking Greco-Syrian butt:

... There were the nerds, like Harold The Bookworm Would It Hurt You To Go Outside Once In A While You're So Pasty Maccabee, the wimpy, downright cowardly relatives like Merton Afraid Of His Own Shadow It’s So Mortifying If Only Your Grandfather

...Read more
By - 12/29/08 - 8:56 am

Nothing should stand between a girl and her Chanukah brisket, especially not the crappy, axle-cracking condition of Charles River Drive in Watertown, a grumpy Mels grumps.

By - 12/23/08 - 2:36 pm

I live across the street from the Stop n' Shop on Harvard Street in Brookline and yesterday around 8 pm witnessed the strangest thing! There was a white SUV cruising around the parking lot with what appeared to be a menorah (with 2 lit candles) mounted on its roof and what I suspect was Hanukuah/Hebrew music blaring from some speakers.

Did anyone else see this?...Read more

By - 12/14/06 - 11:52 am

Matthew got one of those dreidels that plays "The Dreidel Song" when it spins. So of course, he promptly hacked it by taking it apart and replacing the sound chip with one that plays Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries."

... Now, like most people, I'm ambivalent about Wagner - I mean, nice music and all, but oy vey, Richard, always with the anti-Semitism -

...Read more
By - 12/14/06 - 10:32 am

Jim Sullivan recounts that his grandfather delivered milk in Mattapan back in the days when it was heavily Jewish. People would ask him his name, he'd say "Sullivan" but they'd hear "Solomon" and assume he was a landsman. Came to a head one day:

... Anyway, one day while he was doing his route, some of the older Jewish men called for him to

...Read more