By - 1/18/08 - 11:09 am

Once a year, Alyssa Boehm's husband leaves her for a weekend to try to find a coin hidden at MIT. She describes her hubby-less life:

... Usually I hang out at home, catch up on E! and go to the movies. This year I'm planning a double or triple-feature of films to be determined. I call friends for dinner. I might get a pedicure. And I suppose I should clean the bathroom. ...

By - 12/7/07 - 11:09 am

Overmatter writes up a candidate for the most annoying sound in the world:

An M.I.T. student chewing a chocolate chip cookie with his mouth open, to the beat of the weird-ass klezmer music in the coffee shop. ...

By - 11/9/07 - 7:56 am

You know, the Seussian place at MIT now the subject of a bit of litigation. Philip Greenspun posts one worker's report that explains why:

The Stata Center sux big hairy green rocks from the coast of Maine. ...

By - 10/23/07 - 9:43 pm

Sure, the South End will soon have some of the world's deadliest pathogens, but only Cambridge has an urban nuclear reactor.

By - 9/26/07 - 1:29 pm

Oh, those scamps at MIT

Via Bostonist.

The photo led us to a Tech story about MIT students protesting what they consider the school administration delivering Star Simpson and sodium droppers to the cavalier hands of the media. The story includes a quote from MIT Chancellor Phillip L. Clay that suggests students aren't the only ones with some difficulties dealing with the non-geek world:

By - 9/22/07 - 11:35 pm

Suddenly, the outside world cares a lot about it because of Star Simpson.

Chris Csikszentmihalyi, who directs the Computing Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab, discusses that culture, how Star Simpson fits in and what, exactly, that circuit-boardish thing she was wearing is (it wasn't a circuit board, to start). He also photographs some Fox News reporters who were hounding people on the MIT campus Friday.

By - 9/21/07 - 12:24 pm

So this college student goes up to a counter at Logan with a blinking circuit board strapped to her chest and a blob of unidentifiable material ...

"She claims that it was just art and she was proud of the art and wanted to display it. I am not sure why she had the Play-Doh in her hands. She could not explain that," Pare said.

Channel 4 has more:

Simpson was "extremely lucky she followed the instructions or deadly force would have been used," Pare said. "She's lucky to be in a cell as opposed to the morgue."

Except she wasn't wearing a hoax bomb. Joshua Glenn explains how she was basically wearing a light-up sweatshirt. The DA's office, of course, begs to differ.

Bonus: She's an MIT student who, according to her overloaded Web site (thanks, Google Cache) lets us know:

... I love to build things and I love crazy ideas. ... I lived for a long time in Hawaii, while traveling the world and saving the planet from evil villains with my delivered-just-in-time gadgets.

More on what she likes to build.

Simpson was released on $750 bail this morning after her arraignment in East Boston District Court on a single count of "possession of a hoax device." The Suffolk County District Attorney's office had asked bail be set at $5,000. She's due to return to court Oct. 29 for a pre-trial hearing.

There's got to be more to this story, though, right?

By - 9/18/07 - 4:43 pm

Makes $6,000 donation toward the cost of cleaning up the cleanup boat on which volunteers and EMTs suffered burns from some sodium floating in the Charles.

Julia Reischel at the Dig has more.

By - 9/11/07 - 9:24 pm

The group whose cleanup boat was contaminated by that exploding sodium says decontamination is so expensive the whole effort might be scuttled. One volunteer writes:

The real problem is the financial cost of the chemical decontamination carried out after the incident. This is an unexpected cost that must be paid by a small nonprofit that does not have any extra funds. Unfortunately, the Cleanup Boat may be forced to stop operating unless more funds are found to pay for the decontamination.

By - 9/11/07 - 6:04 am

In these times what are the aims?..., current accomplishments?... and current achievements?... of the SIPB Student Information Processing Board

Around the time of the founding of the SIPB Student Information Processing Board one aim was to develop what was not available elsewhere, hints, tips and pointers with respect to how to use hardware and software more effectively.

By - 9/8/07 - 4:54 pm

Update: Even though I recently got a new eyeglass prescription, I obviously can't see well, because I missed the fact that Halle wrote his plea 10 YEARS AGO, rather than as a reaction to the recent burning of five people by sodium (watch this year's MIT sodium drop). But that says something as well ...

By - 9/7/07 - 8:49 pm

Oh, those wacky MIT kids. Seems every year, they steal a bar of sodium from the school chemistry labs so they can drop it in the Charles and watch it explode.

Only this year, the bar didn't totally dissolve and now we have five people with burns on the other side of the river.

By - 8/26/07 - 8:07 am

The Grammar Vandal has a fan at MIT - and he's armed with a marker.

By - 4/25/07 - 7:54 am

Will reports:

We got a warning on Monday morning's news that there was an extremely high danger of brush fire in the area. I wouldn't have believed it given the torrential rains that had flooded us just recently, and the continued drizzle and showers that hung on all last week. But I believed it big time when our building began to fill with choking white smoke and a burning leaf smell. ...

By - 4/4/07 - 10:11 am

Could you hum a few bars? In any case, Suzie reports beginning to feel just a bit more like a Bostonian: Sure, she got lost on the way to a meeting at the Dr. Seuss building, but on the way back to the T, somebody else asked her if she knew where the building was:

... I couldn't help my excitement at actually being able to help another lost citizen. I walked back to the T station feeling like a true Boston resident who even knows my way around Cambridge. Next weekend I might even venture into Somerville. ...

By - 2/15/07 - 12:19 pm

For more than 20 years, small theater groups have "borrowed" rooms at MIT for rehersals (specifically, at 50 Vassar Street). But when a group of MIT students reported feeling threatened by one of the ensembles, which allegedly refused to give up space the students had reserved, MIT police cracked down. Big hoo-hah in the local theater community now.

Read here, here and here:

By - 12/28/06 - 9:33 pm

Philip Greenspun notes that the main gym at MIT re-opened this week, and that the men's locker room has a new scale - registering up to 500 pounds.

By - 7/19/06 - 2:52 pm

Jay Levitt posts the real story behind those feuding neuroscientists.