By - 10/3/08 - 8:17 am

The Tech reports on tomorrow's anniversary of the Boston area's contribution to the field of weights and measures.

A Salute to Smoot.Read more

By - 9/9/08 - 4:34 pm

The Globe reports that Frank Wilczek, a Nobel-winning physicist at MIT, has been getting death threats because he's publicly said he doesn't think the world will actually end tomorrow when Europeans turn on the world's largest particle collider.

Wilczek is discussing his new book, on the latest advances in physics, tonight, at the Harvard Bookstore.

By - 8/27/08 - 9:07 am

$3-million MIT project includes snow retention systems and snow melters.

So they won't be needing a sign like this one (on a state office building in Montpelier, Vt).

Watch out below!
By - 8/20/08 - 8:48 pm

Steve Nadis reports on his smashing meeting with an MIT bicyclist at Mass. Ave. and Memorial Drive.Read more

By - 8/19/08 - 3:03 pm

Associated Press reports they can now talk about their own documents, the ones the MBTA put into the public record, on insecurity at T stations and with the CharlieCard and CharlieTicket system.

Via Dave Wieneke.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: The Court found that the MBTA was not likely to prevail on the merits of its claim under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse...Read more

By - 8/18/08 - 9:13 am

This Globe story is a decent enough, if largely repetitive, background piece on those three MIT students and the MBTA. Reporter Michael Levenson actually talked to one of them - even if mainly to reveal the guy's been playing with computers since fourth grade and likes doing uber-geeky stuff.

But the headline is: T hacking exposes a deeper clash

What clash has been laid...Read more

By - 8/15/08 - 12:35 pm

Here is the T's latest filing in its effort to shut up those three MIT students. And here is part of the T's arguments to force the students to tell all:

It is unlikely that Professor Rivest would award an "A" for the work represented in the Report and the Presentation, indicating that additional sensitive materials exist in the possession of the Individual Defendants.

...Read more
By - 8/14/08 - 12:58 am

Janice Loux distributes a report by those MIT students, calls for an external audit, the Globe reports.Read more

By - 8/11/08 - 9:08 am
Pure evil

EVIL MIT HACKER steathily infiltrates the T with EVIL MIT HACKER SHOPPING CART (Source).

In focusing on the OMG EVIL MIT HACKERS angle (but also, to give them credit, the First Amendment/prior restraint angle), the media are completely overlooking the first part of the students' presentation, which discusses how easy it is...Read more

By - 8/9/08 - 9:59 am

UPDATE: The MBTA won a temporary restraining order that will keep the students from discussing their findings. Read the judge's order (in PDF). Read the MBTA complaint (in PDF).

Wired reports the T wants to stop three MIT students from giving a talk at a hacker convention this weekend on their efforts to crack the CharlieCard system.

The transit authority, known as

...Read more
By - 5/30/08 - 7:33 am

JPBeat photographs an only-at-MIT happening:

In addition to great bike-paths, the MIT campus provides generous right-of way for freight trains. My son and I watched this CSX engine 6241 pull a load of shredded scrap metal and refrigeration cars through the campus last weekend. A few cars, including a police cruiser, ignored the flashing Railroad Crossing lights and bell. ...

By - 5/8/08 - 11:45 pm

Quite a discussion over at Blue Mass Group about the possibility of taxing the endowments of Harvard ($34b, according to the Globe) and other private universities in the Commonwealth.

Note to Harvard folks: Locked-down campus wifi unavailable to visitors doesn't make you any friends in this discussion....Read more

By - 4/25/08 - 7:17 pm

Maria Varmazis is liveblogging ROFLCon, the laffcon at MIT.

And taking photos, too.

By - 4/22/08 - 6:57 pm

Silber Knocks New Architecture in Book, Built Junk at Boston U.

One guess what the author of that review of John Silber's harangue about new buildings at MIT and Harvard thinks about former BU strongman Silber's own fleet of new buildings across the river.

... Is he angry that his 13 million square feet have risked nothing, aspired to nothing and achieved no

...Read more
By - 3/29/08 - 12:01 am

Leslie Turek reports she worked with one of the original card counters (she was his supervisor, in fact):

... We all knew about his sideline - in fact, he often used our conference room after hours for card counting training and practice sessions. ... My favorite story is the day I walked into my office and found a clean-shaven stranger sitting there waiting for

...Read more
By - 3/24/08 - 4:42 pm

Dave Alpert requests the city of Cambridge get its act together and figure out how many lanes go in which direction on Mass. Ave. near the Charles before somebody fails "this MENSA field sobriety test."Read more

By - 3/21/08 - 8:48 am

The Tech quotes school officials on the difference between their program and a Harvard Harvard women-only period at a gym: It had nothing to do with religion, it's done after regular hours and men are offered their own hour, as well.Read more

By - 3/21/08 - 8:23 am

UPDATE: Judge continued case to May 23; see comments below.

An East Boston District Court judge is expected to rule today on a request by Star Simpson to dismiss those Logan bomb-scare charges, the Suffolk County DA's office advises.Read more