By - 5/8/08 - 11:45 pm

Quite a discussion over at Blue Mass Group about the possibility of taxing the endowments of Harvard ($34b, according to the Globe) and other private universities in the Commonwealth.

Note to Harvard folks: Locked-down campus wifi unavailable to visitors doesn't make you any friends in this discussion.... Read more

By - 4/25/08 - 7:17 pm

Maria Varmazis is liveblogging ROFLCon, the laffcon at MIT.

And taking photos, too.

By - 4/22/08 - 6:57 pm

Silber Knocks New Architecture in Book, Built Junk at Boston U.

One guess what the author of that review of John Silber's harangue about new buildings at MIT and Harvard thinks about former BU strongman Silber's own fleet of new buildings across the river.

... Is he angry that his 13 million square feet have risked nothing, aspired to nothing and achieved no

... Read more
By - 4/11/08 - 5:39 pm
By - 3/29/08 - 12:01 am

Leslie Turek reports she worked with one of the original card counters (she was his supervisor, in fact):

... We all knew about his sideline - in fact, he often used our conference room after hours for card counting training and practice sessions. ... My favorite story is the day I walked into my office and found a clean-shaven stranger sitting there waiting for

... Read more
By - 3/24/08 - 4:42 pm

Dave Alpert requests the city of Cambridge get its act together and figure out how many lanes go in which direction on Mass. Ave. near the Charles before somebody fails "this MENSA field sobriety test."

By - 3/21/08 - 8:48 am

The Tech quotes school officials on the difference between their program and a Harvard Harvard women-only period at a gym: It had nothing to do with religion, it's done after regular hours and men are offered their own hour, as well.

By - 3/21/08 - 8:23 am

UPDATE: Judge continued case to May 23; see comments below.

An East Boston District Court judge is expected to rule today on a request by Star Simpson to dismiss those Logan bomb-scare charges, the Suffolk County DA's office advises.

By - 2/20/08 - 8:16 am

Nate Phillips admires it, but says you have to go inside the 48 Mass. Ave. building for the full effect since the outside is basically a completely uninviting windowless brick cylinder.

... Inside, there is a spectacular use of natural lighting, created by a larger circular skylight. A tall sculpture created by Harry Bertoia dangles metal shards from the skylight and further emphasizes the

... Read more
By - 1/18/08 - 11:09 am

Once a year, Alyssa Boehm's husband leaves her for a weekend to try to find a coin hidden at MIT. She describes her hubby-less life:

... Usually I hang out at home, catch up on E! and go to the movies. This year I'm planning a double or triple-feature of films to be determined. I call friends for dinner. I might get a

... Read more
By - 12/7/07 - 11:09 am

Overmatter writes up a candidate for the most annoying sound in the world:

An M.I.T. student chewing a chocolate chip cookie with his mouth open, to the beat of the weird-ass klezmer music in the coffee shop. ...

By - 11/9/07 - 7:56 am

You know, the Seussian place at MIT now the subject of a bit of litigation. Philip Greenspun posts one worker's report that explains why:

The Stata Center sux big hairy green rocks from the coast of Maine. ...

By - 10/23/07 - 9:43 pm

Sure, the South End will soon have some of the world's deadliest pathogens, but only Cambridge has an urban nuclear reactor.

By - 9/26/07 - 1:29 pm

Oh, those scamps at MIT

Via Bostonist.

The photo led us to a Tech story about MIT students protesting what they consider the school administration delivering Star Simpson and sodium droppers to the cavalier hands of the media. The story includes a quote from MIT Chancellor Phillip L. Clay that suggests students aren't the only ones with some difficulties dealing with the... Read more

By - 9/22/07 - 11:35 pm

Suddenly, the outside world cares a lot about it because of Star Simpson.

Chris Csikszentmihalyi, who directs the Computing Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab, discusses that culture, how Star Simpson fits in and what, exactly, that circuit-boardish thing she was wearing is (it wasn't a circuit board, to start). He also photographs some Fox News reporters who were hounding people on... Read more

By - 9/21/07 - 12:24 pm

So this college student goes up to a counter at Logan with a blinking circuit board strapped to her chest and a blob of unidentifiable material ...

"She claims that it was just art and she was proud of the art and wanted to display it. I am not sure why she had the

... Read more
By - 9/18/07 - 4:43 pm

Makes $6,000 donation toward the cost of cleaning up the cleanup boat on which volunteers and EMTs suffered burns from some sodium floating in the Charles.

Julia Reischel at the Dig has more.

The student paper at MIT, the Tech, weighs in, says while the sodium may not have come from the annual big Sodium Drop, it might have come from... Read more