By - 11/16/05 - 10:41 am

Joel predicts:

You just know that at least one "Law & Order" associate producer is cutting and pasting today's Globe and Herald stories about the death of MIT-educated artist Kevin McCormick in lurid circumstances in Fort Point. ...

Michael ponders his death:

... Heard on the radio news on the way to work - HAMSTERS were discovered in the basement of

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By - 10/12/05 - 12:08 pm

He might aim his ancient-Greek death ray at you.

Via MetaFilter.

By - 5/9/05 - 11:58 am

Watch my video report from the Time Traveler Convention over on my video blog.

It's a rough cut of the footage I shot at the Time Traveler Convention that was held at MIT on Saturday May 7th, 2005.... Read more