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By - 1/21/13 - 6:24 pm

Government Technology reports Boston is looking for proposals from vendors on how to upgrade the city's network of 2,200 fire alarm boxes, which still use the same basic telegraph technology as when they were first installed in 1852.

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The Boston Fire Department reports that for the second year in a row, "the City of Boston recorded the lowest number of fire deaths for large cities nationwide."

In 2012, only one person died in a fire in Boston, compared to 12 in Baltimore, 25 in Philadelphia, 8 in Milwaukee, 6 in Phoenix and 7 in Washington, DC.

By - 12/28/12 - 9:27 am

A bird in the hand. Photo by Rescue 2.A bird in the hand. Photo by Rescue 2. More photos.

Boston Fire Rescue 2 on Columbus Avenue in Roxbury found itself involved in an unusual rescue yesterday when somebody dropped off an Arctic Little Auk that had apparently been blown into town by the storm the other day. The species, not normally seen in these parts, dines on seafood and cannot take off without an assist.

Firefighters named the exhaused bird Olive. After a Twitter effort to find someone to care for her, Boston animal control showed up at the station and took the bird before an anticipated hand off to the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth today for a little R&R.

By - 12/7/12 - 8:32 am

The tugboat Liberty suffered an engine fire off Georges Island shortly after 8 a.m. today - just as a man was falling off a fishing boat.

The Boston Fire Department promptly summoned its dive team, which promptly got stuck in traffic because it's not based on the water. However, the Coast Guard reports the fire was declared out before the BFD marine unit got out to the tugboat and that a passing boater picked up the person in the water.

By - 9/20/12 - 10:46 am

The Dorchester Reporter reports city officials shut a Chinese restaurant on Blue Hill Avenue yesterday after inspectors found its kitchen air vent clogged with grease - and its basement clogged with rats and cockroaches.

The Fire Department in particular has paid close attention to the condition of restaurant air vents since the 2007 Tai Ho fire in West Roxbury, which started in a grease-filled vent and which killed two firefighters.

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The Herald reports on the sad state of hydrants on roads around the Convention Center in South Boston and north of the Zakim Bridge.

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Video from inside a Boston firetruck navigating downtown traffic and frogs pedestrians.

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Firefighters at Forest HillsFirefighters at Forest Hills. Photo by BFD.

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Instead of blocking pucks, he could cut them in half. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask stopped by Engine 7 and Ladder 17 on Columbus Avenue today to talk about the Muscular Dystrophy Association and get a tour.

By - 11/22/11 - 6:14 pm

A federal appeals court today tossed the First Amendment claims of a group of Boston Fire Department clerical workers passed over for promotions, saying that while it's unfortunate they may have lost out because they weren't friends with the mayor's cronies in management, that doesn't rise to the level of a violation of their First Amendment rights.

The workers alleged they were passed over repeatedly for promotions in favor of friends or members of "the Hyde Park Group" affiliated with pals of the mayor and a similar "South Boston Group."

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Steve Abraira. Photo by BFD.Steve Abraira with Charlestown Engine 50. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department yesterday announced the appointment of Steve Abraira of Miami as its new fire chief, replacing the retiring Ronald Keating. Abraira will report to Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser.

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BFD training video by McElroy Films, filmed at the department's training facility on Moon Island and featuring a simulated "Mayday" situation.

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Hosed carHosed carThe other day, I ran a photo from Mt. Ida Road in Dorchester showing what can happen when you park in front of a hydrant. Turns out it was for a fire on the second floor of a three decker at 36 Mt. Ida that was declared out about a half hour after firefighters arrived around 1:36 a.m.

Steve MacDonald, spokesman for the Boston Fire Department, explains why firefighters might have run the hose right through the car. He emphasized he was not at the scene and had yet to talk to any firefighters who were, so he had no firsthand knowledge of the specific incident:

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Fire Department dispatch center. Photo by BFD.Fire Department alarm operations center. Photo by BFD.

UPDATE: City increased estimate of number of customers without power Sunday evening.

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The Globe reports on bodybuilder Albert Arroyo's verdict in federal court.

Peter Gelzinis writes: Case strong, but dumbbells win.

By - 8/12/11 - 8:46 am

Peter Gelzinis spends the day in court watching the trial of Albert Arroyo, the bodybuilding firefighter with the bad back. He is not impressed.

While he testified he was spooked by stairs, he nevertheless kept climbing them, even when an elevator was nearby.

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The Boston Fire Department shows off the newly renovated Engine 51 in Oak Square.

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Massholes are forever

The Boston Public Library just posted a ton of photos of Boston firefighters and firefighting back in the good old days (like, when horses still pulled fire engines) from its Leslie Jones collection. Do not click on that link if you don't have some time to spare. I'll be posting some photos from the collection over the next few days, but had to start with this photo of a firetruck trying to get out of a fire house because it's just so Boston: Massholism is obviously not a new phenomenon.

Click to see the photo in all its glory; post if you know where that station was.

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