Boston Fire Department

By - 2/23/08 - 10:33 pm

It's interesting to compare the second-day coverage of the report on the dead firefighters - and see how the Herald is taking the lead on the story.

The Herald blared it across the front page: WHITEWASH - and disclosed the board of inquiry heard about the toxicology reports but chose not to include the results in its own report. The paper also... Read more

By - 2/22/08 - 12:57 pm

Box 4-281 Report is the Board of Inquiry report into the deaths of firefighters Paul Cahill and Warren Payne at the Tai Ho restaurant in West Roxbury on Aug. 29, 2007 (It's a 9M file, so it might take awhile to download; if you have trouble, I've put a copy here).

It contains a detailed timeline of the night, background on the building... Read more

By - 2/21/08 - 7:36 pm

The Herald posts a brief story on a 134-page report due out tomorrow on the death of firefighters Paul Cahill and Warren Payne at the Tai Ho restaurant in West Roxbury on Aug. 29.

The report is due to be posted on the Fire Department Web site tomorrow.

By - 2/8/08 - 10:35 am

Just when I'd given up hope, he files a column that is not only about Boston, but, indeed, makes an actual point (that Maureen Feeney is in the palm of the firefighters' union).

The only nit: Walker stating, as a fact, that firefighter Warren Payne "died on duty last year with cocaine in his system." It might wind up being true, but the union... Read more

By - 1/27/08 - 1:58 pm

If the union really thinks Tom Menino's contract positions will make firefighters quit, it needs to show exactly how many firefighters really are prepared to quit right now, Jonathan Kamens writes.

By - 1/16/08 - 10:37 am

OK, so the jakes (thanks, Boston Herald) didn't show up at the mayor's state-of-the-city address or spit at his family or anything, but that didn't stop the war of words between the two over a contract, drug testing and the reputations of those two firefighters who died in West Roxbury.

John Daly wonders why the Globe only covered the firefighter angle and... Read more

By - 1/15/08 - 4:27 pm

Michele McPhee couldn't stay away from the written word, it seems. She's signed on with Boston Magazine's Boston Daily and her first post today is a fun one, unless your name is Tom Menino:

Kevin MacCurtain, the department's highest ranking uniformed officer, will boycott the mayor's state-of-the-city address tonight, in solidarity with the firefighters who will be picketing the speech to protest their lack... Read more

By - 12/30/07 - 7:06 pm

Just ask the Hayhurst family, which can now continue its tradition of sending sons into the Boston Fire Department despite bottom-of-the-class test scores, thanks to some meddling by the state senate president, who, last we checked, doesn't actually live in Boston. Oops, we see Tom Menino and the Boston City Council also worked to get the Hayhursts preferential treatment.

TJIC is none too... Read more

By - 6/16/07 - 8:57 am

Dave Alpert was walking by the fire station at Boylston and Hereford yesterday:

... As I was walking past the first garage door, there were some important looking firefighters standing there, talking, making announcements. Just then a torrent of water flew out of the second floor window, entirely drenching one of the guys standing below. Lucky for me, I only got SOAKED! ...

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By - 4/11/07 - 10:03 am

Sure, they were on the way to somewhere in a hurry, but when the driver of one of two fire trucks saw the young boy at the corner, he stuck his arm out the window and waved:

... It made a little boy's morning. I'm proud to have that crew out there saving lives. ...

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