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This is YUGE: The Donald endorsed Emerson College this week after an Emerson-based poll showed him leading in Iowa:

Emerson College, very important, great college.

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An Emerson student who says school officials dismissed her story of being raped by a fellow Emerson student and an MIT student in October has filed a federal lawsuit against the college.

In the suit, the student, identified as Jane Doe, charges a classmate took her to an MIT frat party in October, 2012 - possibly after first plying her with a spiked drink - where he and an MIT student raped her. She alleges college officials refused to seriously investigate her claims, in fact, were openly hostile to her, and that dealing with the whole situation drove her to suicide attempts.

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Associated Press reports Emerson officials are trying to find whoever's scrawling swastikas in campus buildings.

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An Emerson student who says she was raped by a fellow student in 2012 is suing the college under federal equal-education and crime-reporting laws.

In her suit, filed this week in US District Court, Jillian Doherty alleges she "endured months of pain and suffering following the attack, and that suffering continues today" as a result of both a 2012 attack and by what she says is the college's mishandling of its investigation into her charges.

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Since January, a group of Emerson College journalism students have been covering East Boston news at All Things Eastie.

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East Boston Online.

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Emerson President Lee Pelton said today the college can and will do more to combat sexual assault on campus, after Huffington Post reported on a complaint alleging the college responded slowly, if at all, to students reporting sexual assaults.

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Eric Twardzik, managing editor at the Emerson student newspaper, took a photo after the race of a guy in a white hoodie being arrested on the Common after the Marathon. He tweeted it. Now he's trying to convince people that a) it was a hoodie, and not a turban and b) that it's not him.

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Boston Restaurant Talk reports Emerson College decided not to renew the leases for Remington's and Dick Doherty's Beantown Comedy Vault. The bar is closing, while the comedy club will seek new digs.

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Phi Alpha Tau set up an IndieGogo campaign when Donnie Collins's insurance company wouldn't pay for the surgery. They set a goal of $2,000; they're now past $15,000.

Via the Dig.

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Note the Dunkin' Gronk cutout in the back.Note the Dunkin' Gronk cutout in the back.

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News item: MBTA may sell station names - and one of the first of the new stations could be Emerson Boylston.

Emerson Boylston knew what they say: Gentlemen never drink before 11 a.m. or east of Tremont.

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Both Ends of Dudley reports the college is thinking about making a bid for St. Margaret's Convent, which is looking to decamp to Duxbury.

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WECB reports Emerson is being more thoreau than Concord, which tried and failed to ban bottled water: It's not only banning the bottles, it's setting up replacement "hydration stations" (Ed. question: And those would be different from water fountains or bubblers how?). Only problem, WECB reports: A student who finds herself without her official college refillable bottle may wind up buying the sugary sodas or juices the college still permits.

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Before Barack Obama arrived in Boston last weekend to campaign for Deval Patrick, three Emerson College students and a fourth from Lesley College arrived at Hynes Convention Center around 6 a.m., more than six hours before doors would open.

Read full article by John Stephen Dwyer

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Brown's HuffPo wanna-be site ranks Emerson the most dangerous campus in America because it's next to the scary Boston Common and two demonspawn Green Line stations.

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Emerson students.

Sixth item down, they were trapped for an hour inside 150 Boylston St.

What is the deal with elevators at Emerson?

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The Berkeley Beacon reports that 16 people (Ed. question: That a record?) had to be freed from an elevator stuck in the basement of 180 Tremont St. on April 7. The paper notes:

Most of the occupants of the elevator were prospective students on a tour of the campus.

The previous record for that building was 15.