By - 10/2/17 - 10:34 am
Turkey vs. driver in Revere

Anthony Gulizia came across this face off on Newhall Street in Revere this morning. He adds:

Grew up here and used to see them occasionally, now it’s a weekly sighting.

By - 9/28/17 - 10:35 am

On Monday, Revere starts a pilot project with a Chinese company called Ofo. The bikes are bright yellow, and one difference from Hubway is you won't have to return bikes to a designated station - just leave the bike anywhere in Revere where it's legal to leave a bike.

Via the ever adorable Elmer.

By - 9/26/17 - 4:31 pm

Police today arrested Vanessa MacCormack's husband, Andrew, on charges he beat and strangled her in their apartment on Grand View Avenue home, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and Revere and State Police announced today. Read more.

By - 9/25/17 - 4:08 pm
Wanted for bank robbery

The FBI Bank Robbery Task Force reports that the suspect in the holdup of the Citizens Bank branch at 26 Central Sq. in East Boston on Sept. 14 is also wanted for a bank holdup in Revere the day before. In the Revere case, he fled by pedaling away on a dirt bike.

If he looks familiar, contact the task force at 617-680-4525.

By - 9/24/17 - 12:13 pm

Authorities are asking for tips related to the death of Vanessa MacCormack, 30, in a Grand View Avenue home yesterday afternoon. Read more.

By - 9/16/17 - 11:47 am

The Globe reports. Why not throw Wonderland in, too, while they're at it?

By - 9/12/17 - 8:28 pm
Signs from Tifereth Israel in Revere

Over the years, the Jewish community of Revere has slowly dwindled. A couple years ago, the few remaining members of Congregation Tifereth Israel voted to dissolve the congregation and sell the 400-seat synagogue to a developer, who will tear it down and put up housing for veterans. Ron Newman reports: Read more.

By - 9/7/17 - 4:32 pm

The Globe interviews a Revere man who has what is now a 500-lb. pumpkin that he plans to hollow out and use to paddle across Boston Harbor, from Jeffries Point in East Boston to the Fish Pier in South Boston.

By - 8/23/17 - 11:53 am

State Police report they are investigating an incident at the Shirley Avenue bathhouse yesterday evening: Read more.

By - 8/7/17 - 4:06 pm
Wanted for skimmers

Cambridge Police have released photos of a guy they say installed a skimmer device on an ATM in Boston last month that let him grab $800 from a Cambridge resident's account. The photos come from a Revere ATM where he used the resident's account information to make a withdrawal.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-349-9322.

By - 7/26/17 - 11:43 pm

Angel "Bravo" Pineda, 21, of Revere, was sentenced to 93 months in federal prison today after admitting involvement in a criminal conspiracy and for his role in a failed bid to kill a leader of a rival gang, the US Attorney's office reports.

Read more.

By - 7/22/17 - 11:31 pm

David Parsons was on hand as sculptor Dmitry Klimenko took in his work at the Revere Beach sand sculpting competition today.

Stevil also strolled the beach today: Read more.

By - 7/19/17 - 11:12 am
Sailing ship made of sand at Revere

RoadTrip New England went down to Revere Beach for the start of the sand sculpting competition.

By - 6/30/17 - 8:45 am

The Revere Journal interviews the owners of the Banana Boat on Revere Beach.

By - 6/14/17 - 3:23 pm
Chelsea Street Bridge sign

MassDOT reports it's turning on a network of eight signs on roads leading to the Chelsea Street Bridge that will alert motorists when the bridge is unpassable because a boat is passing underneath or it's otherwise stuck and unable to carry traffic. Read more.

By - 6/13/17 - 9:51 am

WBZ reports two homes were destroyed on Taft Street by a four-alarm fire that broke out shortly after 4 p.m. Stephen M. reports houses behind them were damaged in the 2014 tornado.

By - 6/3/17 - 11:19 am

Matthew Robare doesn't much like the initial concept of Suffolk Downs being replaced by an Assembly Square clone, because that would mean another car-centric "cargo cult urbanism" type mall with giant garages and pedestrian-forbidding streets that would just suburbanize parts of two cities:

The North End is how Suffolk Downs should be redeveloped. No parking, high lot coverage, narrow streets. Actually urban instead of the "Ye olde towne centre" fakery of Assembly Square.

By - 6/1/17 - 7:05 pm
Rainbow over the Reserved Channel

Krista Easterly enjoyed some rainbow action over the Reserve Channel and Boston Harbor this afternoon.

Dr. B watched the storm retreat from Revere Beach: Read more.

By - 5/5/17 - 9:54 am

The Revere Journal reports NECCO has sold its Revere facility to a couple of out-of-town companies. That's good news for the city, to which NECCO hasn't been paying taxes of late, but raises questions about what happens to the Skybar maker, which moved to Revere in 2003 from Cambridge.

By - 4/16/17 - 9:52 pm

NBC Boston reports multiple cars were hit in the Squire Road parking lot of the Showcase Cinemas.

Police escorted people with their hands up out of the theater, after the theater was first locked down.