By - 4/24/07 - 9:55 pm

Casey Ross lists all the candidates who want to replace Robert Travaglini. Well, both of them.

By - 4/14/07 - 3:39 pm

Angela marvels that saw fit to cover a nacho-fueled girl fight ("I mean, I understand everyone loves a good girl fight but seriously") and then recalls when she beat some girl's ass like a drum in high school:

By - 4/1/07 - 10:33 am

J.L. Bell sets the historical record straight on Henry Longfellow and his poem:

... "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" is bound to be a better story than "The Midnight Rides of Dozens of Guys, Most of Whom I Can't Name." ...

By - 12/21/06 - 12:40 pm
By - 11/27/06 - 7:14 pm

SassyGirl says she's had guys slow down and look at her. But when a guy in a black SUV this morning backed up and asked her if she need a ride to the train station, well, that was going too far.

By - 7/16/06 - 5:53 pm

Snowboard Bunny takes pictures at the sand sculpting competition. People afraid of dentists might want to skip over this one.

By - 6/19/06 - 2:12 pm

Now that summer is in full force, the local beach has a growing population of family groups, and collections of teens. The parents are here to watch their children discover the beach. Play in the sand, dig to china, doing battle with the waves, just being a child. For summer is the best of times to be a child. The days are open to explore the world, to increase their understanding of life. Full of unstructured play, if they are lucky, over structured schedules if not. In a way, I think these children are the lucky ones. Some one cares enough about them to let them do nothing for a time. As yet, the visitors do not outnumber the seagulls, but that time might come.

By - 1/9/06 - 6:19 pm

Barry means it literally: While he was settling in to watch some forgettable movie, two guys got into an argument over cell-phone use and one of them made a point by setting off a stink bomb.

The reason he was in the forgettable movie? All the "unsupervised ten year olds in gangsta gear ... running wild everywhere" had taken over the theater showing the movie he wanted to see.