By - 4/12/11 - 11:08 pm

Todd Randall, a Revere police officer, was arrested today on charges he was caught accepting $200 in FBI bribe money in exchange for fixing a court case in Chelsea District Court and then lying about it to FBI agents, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

According to the US Attorney's office, Randall, 40, drove to an Everett home of an FBI informant on... Read more

By - 3/21/11 - 4:07 pm

The Globe reports the mesh disks are now turning up on Revere Beach, just six miles north of Boston Harbor.

By - 3/16/11 - 9:22 am

The former director of the Revere Public Library was indicted yesterday on charges he used city money to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of books, DVDs, software and "collectible curios," that he either kept or sold on eBay - including elephant tusks.

Robert Rice, 45, of Rowley, was charged with three counts of larceny over $250, three counts of embezzlement by a city... Read more

By - 3/12/11 - 11:54 pm

Check another one off your bucket list: Watch woman iron the sand at Revere Beach.

By - 3/9/11 - 7:57 am

A Revere man nabbed on Saturday for alleged drunk driving - for the fourth time - told a judge Monday he didn't realize his arrest meant he wasn't supposed to drive, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Chelsea District Court Judge Benjamin Barnes sternly warned Jesse Dalrymple to not drive home from court - or anywhere else - at least until his case... Read more

By - 3/4/11 - 3:27 pm

LaraThe owner of a school-van service was arraigned yesterday on charges he sexually assaulted a young girl in one of his vans on the way home from school on Tuesday.

Sergio Lara, 53, was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail at his arraignment in Chelsea District Court on charges of rape of a... Read more

By - 2/23/11 - 2:20 pm

Nelson Banol of Revere was sentenced to 5 1/2 months in federal prison today for his role in a plot to steal supplies from Mass. General and ship them to Colombia.

Banol, who worked at the hospital, admitted he stole $3,240 worth of sutures over a 19-month period, along with another man who is charged with stealing roughly $163,000 worth of pediatric pulse oximetry sensors,... Read more

By - 2/16/11 - 2:04 pm

A Revere man was arraigned today on charges he went berserk in a pick-up mounted with a snow plow outside his house last month, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office, Michael Ciarlone, 54, came out of his Bradstreet Avenue home late on Jan. 14 to find a car parked in "his" space. Prosecutors allege he used the plow to... Read more

By - 2/10/11 - 11:33 am

The Revere Journal reports on the stabbing at the Squire Lounge this past Friday, allegedly by a man known only for his Irish heritage. A second would-be victim managed to beat off the Irish man and his pals with his cane, the Journal says.

By - 1/30/11 - 10:10 am

State Police are investigating the shooting death of Mario Rosa, 24, at his 170 Bellingham Ave. home about 10 p.m. Saturday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.... Read more

By - 1/20/11 - 5:09 pm

UPDATE: Arrested in Roxbury.

ChappellAlertNewEngland reports a woman abducted from a residential mental-health facility after a bloody attack there early this afternooon was found dead in a church parking lot in Lynn. But the car possibly used by her alleged killer - a resident at the facility - was found on Dorchester... Read more

By - 1/19/11 - 11:32 am

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports the body of an Asian male believed to be in his early 20s was found around 8:30 a.m. today, "partially buried in the snow," by the South Bath House. "There were no signs of blood or obvious foul play at the scene," the DA's office says, adding an autopsy will be performed tomorrow after the body has sufficiently... Read more

By - 1/4/11 - 3:43 pm

Paul Morani, 23, was arrested this weekend on a variety of charges related to a July 30 beating that left his Revere girlfriend with "multiple fractured ribs, a swollen face, and blood streaked across her left wrist," the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Chelsea District Court Judge D. Dunbar Livingston set bail at $10,000. Suffolk County prosecutors had asked for bail for $75,000 for... Read more

By - 12/6/10 - 12:12 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today prosecutors could not use a gun found in a Revere motel room against the man charged with its possession because the woman who let cops in wasn't renting the room.

At issue was a gun seized from what was normally the manager's quarters at the now closed Ocean Lodge motel on Revere Beach Boulevard, which was the kind of... Read more

By - 11/30/10 - 10:18 am

Two foreign nationals were arrested in Revere last night as they allegedly unloaded nearly 200 pounds of cocaine from a trailer, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Gilberto Cruz Padilla, 24, of Tijuana, Mexico, and Rafael Jesus Montero, 22, of the Dominican Republic, were arrested around 8 p.m. on Railroad Street, the DA's office says, adding they were scheduled for arraignment today... Read more

By - 10/22/10 - 8:47 am

Not much happens in Newburyport, and they like it that way, based on what's at the top of today's Newburyport Daily News: Three bold mice scamper around at elementary school.

Gallivan confirmed one brazen mouse appeared mysteriously from the ceiling of one classroom while students were out, presumably from the tracking strip that guides dividing curtains in several of the school's classrooms.

Via ... Read more

By - 10/6/10 - 3:18 pm

Robert Curley, 32, of Revere, was ordered held without bail today after prosecutors accused him of repeatedly punching and kicking his girlfriend over a two-hour period last month - and dragging her back into his home when she tried to escape, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Curley's 10-year-old brother Jeffrey was raped and suffocated with a gasoline-soaked rag in 1997 by two... Read more

By - 10/4/10 - 2:53 pm

SuspectSourceAlen Stijakovic, 19, was arraigned today on a charge of murder for the Sept. 29 murder of Kareem Spurill on Reservoir Avenue in Revere, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Stijakovic, who was born in Bosnia, was ordered held without bail, the DA's office says, adding the... Read more

By - 9/13/10 - 3:28 pm

To preview your primary ballot for tomorrow, click on the link from the Secretary of State's website:
then enter your address and select a political party. It will show you what choices you'll have on tomorrow's primary ballot.

IMAGE( Read more