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By - 9/19/14 - 11:27 am
Obnoxious ad for Suffolk University

The Suffolk Journal reports that one of new President Norman Smith's first acts was to cancel those ads whose main purpose seemed to be to make everybody want to punch the person responsible for them.Read more

By - 7/29/14 - 3:04 pm

Suffolk University, which currently has an ad campaign boasting how many of its law-school graduates are Massachusetts judges, is ending its commitment to the Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service, which trains law students for careers in public service.

The news comes in a mailing from Rappaport Foundation Chairwoman Phyllis Rappaport today:

Suffolk University has recently communicated its inability to sustain its

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By - 7/28/14 - 10:14 pm

The Boston Business Journal tells you more than you probably need to know about a snarky legal blog, Suffolk University's recent series of We-Rule ads and the president of the Boston Bar Association.Read more

By - 1/14/14 - 2:01 pm

When Det. William Gallagher of the BPD's licensed premises unit finds very young looking people drinking in a bar and they hand over licenses that seem to show they're over 21, he likes to ask them questions on the information on the cards. Such as what their Zip code is.

The trick came in handy on Nov. 8 at the Banshee on Dorchester Avenue in...Read more

By - 8/27/13 - 3:40 pm

But the Herald, Suffolk University and NECN are going to try. David Bernstein reports the scrappy tabloid, the upstart university and the basic-cable news network today announced a mayoral forum - for the same exact time as a forum announced weeks ago by an arts coalition that had gotten Kulhawik to moderate.

The Herald, Suffolk and NECN at first proposed a forum at...Read more

By - 2/24/13 - 3:21 pm

Police report a Suffolk University student was arrested on assault and battery charges early this morning when she allegedly slammed her door on the shoulder of an officer investigating a loud party in her apartment.

Police say officers responding to loud-party complaints at an apartment at 28 Fleet St. in the North End knocked on the apartment door for 20 minutes without an...Read more

By - 2/21/13 - 8:44 am

Boston Stay Up:

Boston is a world class city and it's a hub for culture, higher education and the arts; but unlike most world class cities, public transportation doesn't run all night. As students of Suffolk University, the MBTA is our main source of transportation and it keeps us from fully enjoying nightlife.

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By - 11/19/12 - 1:03 pm

Suffolk University Professor Bob Allison as a Pilgrim on approaching winter.Read more

By - 4/27/12 - 6:46 pm

Boston Police are stepping up patrols in the North End to crack down on both loud late-night parties by students and bars and restaurants that violate their license requirements, A-1 Captain Tom Lee says in an open letter to neighborhood residents.

In recent years, college students have come to rival rats as the annoyance most detested by residents. Lee says that among the steps...Read more

By - 2/2/12 - 3:52 pm

Staffers at the Suffolk Journal this week learned one of the most important rules of print journalism: If you put in a joke headline, you're going to forget to take it out and it will run and boy are you going to regret it.

In today's issue of The Journal, we published an inappropriate sub-headline in the article "SLI Involvement Fair a success." We

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By - 1/25/12 - 5:33 pm

The Globe reports Suffolk University is looking at possibly becoming even more of a presence in Downtown Crossing - where it already butts up against Emerson College - by selling off four Beacon Hill buildings and doing something interesting with either the abandoned Border's building, the Filene's Hole or both....Read more

By - 3/20/11 - 10:42 pm

Car Talk: The MusicalWe could find out later this month, when Suffolk University's newly renovated Modern Theatre premieres "Car Talk: The Musical!"

In fact, director Wesley Savick says, the idea was to make audiences leave thinking that maybe the Tom and Ray Magliozzi really did write the play, which...Read more

By - 11/4/10 - 7:23 am

WBUR gives us a peek at the renovated theatre, next to the also renovated Paramount.Read more

By - 10/7/10 - 11:57 am

The Herald reports on the possibility the school could move en masse to a "continguous campus" fronted on Tremont Street, which would let it increase enrollment without worrying about outraged howls of anger from Beacon Hill residents. But would they be butting heads with Emerson?...Read more

By - 4/22/10 - 10:17 pm

At least, if you're the president of Suffolk University and you object to impudent questions about whether you're too remote or why tuition is so high.Read more

By - 11/8/09 - 12:47 pm reports on a trifecta of out-of-control parties in the North End, including one on Halloween at 224 Hanover St.:

... College students were throwing bottles and cans down to the street. The police initially had difficulty gaining access when a male dressed in a baby's outfit refused to open the door. BPD eventually gained access and the officers detained 15-20 Suffolk university students.

...Read more
By - 10/19/09 - 1:57 pm

Boston Police tweet the bomb squad is at Suffolk University's 8 Ashburton Pl. building....Read more

By - 8/14/08 - 12:54 am

Local Spice notices that somebody hates the Suffolk University ads on the T as much as he does.Read more

By - 6/9/08 - 10:34 pm

The Beacon Hill Civic Association Board of Directors voted unanimously tonight to accept the agreement with Suffolk University first reported last week in the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. The agreement had been negotiated by a team representing the group, but it was not final until the board voted to accept it.

The latest chapter in the relationship between Beacon Hill and Suffolk is...Read more