By - 9/29/05 - 8:15 pm

WiFi signals may not travel well past the front of stores. Main Streets hopes to encourage business owners to get the signal deeper into their buildings via discounted packages consisting of a Colubris repeater, installation and a decal that let's shopowners let the public know they offer free Wi-Fi. The equipment will cost about $300, installation about $45, although the first storeowners to sign up will get free installation.

The goal of the WiFi program is not to compete with ISPs but instead give business owners in each of the city's 19 Main Street commercial districts an new tool for attracting customers.

By - 9/27/05 - 12:34 pm

The September Boston Wi-Fi Meetup (Wednesday, 28 Sept) is about the Boston Main Streets program to set up community Wi-Fi in Roslindale.

By - 9/14/05 - 12:49 pm

CitySwimmer, who lives in Roslindale, is trying to see if she can go a month without using her car (in which case she could sell it and put the savings toward buying a condo). But much as she loves her Rozzie apartment, she realizes there are still times when a car would come in handy. So rent a Zipcar, right? Wrong:

... Well, there are no Zipcars in Roslindale.

By - 8/9/05 - 9:46 pm

Some marker

If you look, you can still spot signs that Hyde Park was once an independent town, 93 years after Boston annexed it. Above is a former town boundary marker at Dale Street and Windham Road (in what most people would now consider Roslindale) that has somehow survived decades of snowplowing and repaving (there's a "B" on the other side).

Not far from there, Poplar Street abruptly turns into West Street for no apparent reason between two intersections - until you learn that the spot also marks the former boundary between the city of Boston and the town of Hyde Park. Over on Truman Highway, an old pedestrian bridge over the Neponset and the train tracks still bears a plaque with the name of the Hyde Park selectmen who presided over its construction. Others?

By - 7/4/05 - 11:52 pm

You can still see the Esplanade fireworks. Turn onto Beech from Washington (right if you're coming from the south; left from the north), then pull into the Bates School parking lot on your left. You'll miss most of the sound and the big booms will reach you a half-second or so late, but you'll get a perfectly clear view of all the fireworks. And if you're lucky, among the 50 or so people watching with you will be this guy with a really loud voice who manages to make the fireworks sound just like sex:

Oh, yeah! Ahh! Ahh! Oh, yeah, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!

By - 6/28/05 - 9:00 am

The Roslindale Wetlands Task Force is a neighborhood group trying to stop a 10-unit housing development off Walter Street near the Arnold Arboretum (it had previously helped the city Conservation Commission take over 22 foreclosed lots for open space).

Via Cavatica, who says:

By - 6/23/05 - 1:07 pm

When I went down to Rozzie Square today for my weekly fix of chicken massaman curry, I took my laptop to try out this newfangled city-sponsored Wi-Fi hotspot. Bottom line: I should have left the laptop at home.

The full report:

By - 5/5/05 - 8:26 pm

Hey, get some pants on!

At the end of a driveway on Bateman Street.

By - 4/27/05 - 11:39 am


Cthulhu visits the neighborhood.

It represented a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers ...
-- H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu.

By - 4/22/05 - 2:31 pm

Nice wooden sign with shmancy lights

Those of you who live in more enlightened neighborhoods (i.e., JP and points north) would probably be shocked to hear that Roslindale doesn't have a single Thai restaurant. I know, I know, it's been just a terrible burden.

For the past several months, a genteel "Bangkok Cafe" sign has taunted us above a storefront on Poplar Street in Rozzie Square. It was beginning to look as if the place would never open (that maybe they'd spent so much on the sign, they had nothing left for pots, pans and cooks).

Now, I'd promised Greta we'd go out for lunch today. As we were wandering around, trying to come up with something we could both agree on (her:  no Albanian, no Middle Eastern, no West African, no Chinese, no pizza; Me: no Friendly's, no Applebee's), I noticed the paper was gone from the windows of Bangkok Cafe and the lights were on.

Of course, we pulled over as soon as we could and walked over. No, they're not open yet, but there were workers in there, um, working on things. There were Thai Buddhas in the windows. There were tables covered with maroon table cloths. THERE WERE PLEATHER-BOUND MENUS ON A STAND BY THE DOOR!

Oh, this is looking good!

Then we went to Wapo Taco where I got a burrito and taco chips and after that, we drove over to Burger King for a chicken kid's meal for the kidlet (BK fries are not half bad when doused in cheddar-cheese sauce).

By - 4/7/05 - 3:50 pm

Henry the Ice Cream Man, with the truck that has quacking ducks and barking dogs and an insane woman going "HEH-LO!" just drove by the house.

By - 3/22/05 - 10:02 am

A couple days ago, the Boston Direct Action Project staged a protest at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Roslindale, dumping fake blood all over the place and having some camo-clad and "Iraqi" protesters slump to the ground in uncomfortable positions with fake bullet holes in their heads.

By - 3/5/05 - 5:16 pm


Sign in the window of John F. Kennedy TV repair place on South Street, Roslindale Square. It's right around the corner from Wapo Taco, where they must have finally gotten tired of people asking them if they sold subs (they also have a sign advising "No Pizza!"):

No subs!

Apollonia is, I'm delighted to say, right round the corner from us in Roslindale. We were there for lunch today. We had souvlaki sandwiches, our usual lunchtime pick, which make a generous lunch at a great price, and chicken-lemon soup, which we all, including our one-year-old daughter, really enjoyed.

The people there are very friendly. It's well worth a visit for lunch or dinner. They are open every day except Tuesday. You can see the dinner and lunch menus, and other information, at the web site:


By - 1/20/05 - 8:02 pm

Bruce reads about an armed robbery less than a mile from his home in Roslindale and concludes it's Tom Menino's fault:

... Wake up and smell the donuts, Tom. The innocent people of your city are under attack, and have been rendered powerless to do anything about it - all in strict accordance with your despicable, feel-good, do-nothing, liberal la-la land, citizen disarmament policies. Way to go, jackass. ...

By - 11/10/03 - 11:46 am

What the natives call Roslindale, Boston's premier neighborhood; also an adjective for a person or place in the neighborhood. Not to be confused with Southie, Eastie or Westie.