By - 5/5/16 - 11:18 am

PS Gourmet Coffee reports its newest home of the bucket is now open at Washington and Poplar streets in Roslindale. Read more.

By - 4/22/16 - 11:27 pm

Around 11:15 p.m. at 95 Archdale Rd.

By - 4/21/16 - 9:30 pm

A new indictment against two men allegedly working with Usaamah Rahim on a plot to behead Americans when he was shot to death in the parking lot of the Washington Street CVS last June charges them with "conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries," which could leave them behind bars for life if convicted. Read more.

By - 4/19/16 - 10:26 am

Boston firefighters are back in Stony Brook Reservation this morning because the brush fire they thought they'd taken care of yesterday has re-ignited in two spots near Turtle Pond.

By - 4/19/16 - 9:09 am
Melted plastic at Roslindale playground

Melted plastic at playground. Photo by Chris Kollett.

Yesterday afternoon at the Sumner School on Basile Street. In the Keep Roslindale Quirky Facebook group, Chris Kollett reports the damage appears limited to part of the platform for one slide.

Last August:
Somebody set a playground on fire in West Roxbury.

By - 4/18/16 - 12:24 pm

Boston firefighters are in Stony Brook Reservation for what has turned into a three-alarm brush fire, along the George Wright Golf Course, not too far from the parking lot across from the baseball field.

BFD has requested water-tank brush-fire trucks from DCR because both of Boston's trucks are involved with the Marathon.

By - 4/14/16 - 11:46 pm
Developer and aerial view of the Roslindale parcel he wants to put apartments on

Gill and his parcel. Building in the lower right is the existing Wendy's.

A developer got mixed reviews for his initial proposal for 137 condos in a five-story building on the site of a closed restaurant and the Calisi florist on Walk Hill Street tonight. Read more.

By - 4/14/16 - 9:57 pm

Residents living along and near American Legion Highway in Roslindale were in no mood to think outside the bun this evening: They told a Taco Bell franchisee in no uncertain terms they don't want its restaurant smushed into the space between the Wendy's and the Haley School. Read more.

By - 4/11/16 - 10:29 am
Thoughts about the future from Galadriel on Washington Street in Roslindale

Other parts of the country get Bible quotes. Washington Street in Roslindale gets quotes from "Lord of the Rings."

By - 4/9/16 - 1:54 pm

A concerned, and probably disgusted, citizen requested a cleanup around 1 p.m. at the Roslindale Village commuter-rail stop:

There is a large beheaded rooster next to the commuter rail tracks at the pedestrian crossing.

By - 4/5/16 - 7:58 am
The Arnold Arboretum on a snow April morning

Arboretum snow globe. See it larger.

Mark Smith gazed at the Arnold Arboretum from under the South Street train bridge in Roslindale at first light this morning.

By - 4/4/16 - 4:55 pm
Roslindale snow shoveling in April

Jessica Burko captured a pair of hard-working snow shovelers in Roslindale this afternoon.

By - 3/31/16 - 7:47 am

The Bulletin reports developers are looking at putting in a Taco Bell at American Legion Highway and Walk Hill Street and a 140-unit apartment building across the highway at the site of the Calisi florist. Read more.

By - 3/29/16 - 11:48 am
Future home of Tony's Market in Roslindale

Work began in earnest last week to turn an old dry-cleaning place on Washington Street at Durnell Avenue into the new home of Tony's Market, as Chris Dagdigian shows us.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the neighborhood, Terry Klein reports the old Weld-American gas station at Weld and Centre streets was reduced to rubble today to make way for a 16-unit condo building: Read more.

By - 3/26/16 - 10:33 am
Line for bagels in Roslindale Square

You don't often see people lining up for anything in Roslindale Square, but as roving UHub photographer Chris Dagdigian found, an Exodus Bagels pop-up at Redd's in Rozzie this morning brought out the bagel-starved Roslindalians:

"Hope this encourages them to open a storefront," he says.

By - 3/26/16 - 10:27 am

Around 3:40 a.m. on Kittredge Street near Cliftondale.

On a Roslindale discussion group on Facebook, City Councilor Tim McCarthy reports:

After touching base with the Capt.- It happened at 44 Kittredge Street. People heard shots fired and a car driving away at a high rate of speed about 3:41 AM. BPD doesn't believe he was targeted- No injuries and nothing further- BPD is investigating.

By - 3/23/16 - 9:20 am
Two turkeys atop a house in Roslindale

Laura Kollett spotted these two turkeys this morning atop a house on South Street in Roslindale, near the train station.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sullivan shows us a more grounded turkey, in a parking lot off Truman Parkway and Fairmount Avenue in Hyde Park: Read more.

By - 3/21/16 - 9:48 pm

Shortly after 9:30 p.m. outside 115 Brookway Rd. in the Archdale development by two guys dressed all in black. One was black, the other possibly Hispanic, with a goatee.

By - 3/21/16 - 6:57 pm

Adam Kessel reports that Exodus Bagels will be doing some pop-up bagel sales at Redd's in Rozzie on Washington Street this Saturday morning. You may recall how last month, the Chubby Chickpea did several shakshuka Israeli brunches at 7 Star Bistro. Is a deli popup far behind?

By - 3/17/16 - 7:40 pm
Sunset over Roslindale

Chamomile Tea took in the sunset over Roslindale Square this evening. More sunset and rainbow photos.