Cambridge Street

By - 1/9/15 - 8:44 am

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday granted a license to a wine store proposed for Charles River Plaza off Cambridge Street.

At a hearing Wednesday, nearby liquor stores and some residents opposed the VinodiVino outlet, saying it would prove unfair competition for locally owned shops and that the eight liquor stores within a half-mile radius could already meet residents' wine needs. VinodiVino attorney Dennis Quilty,...Read more

By - 1/7/15 - 11:48 am

An upscale wine store that wants to move into a Cambridge Street mall uncorked opposition from neighboring liquor stores and some residents at a Boston Licensing Board hearing today.

VinodiVino, which already has stores in Brookline, Newton and Needham, wants a license to open in Charles River Plaza, within feet of the existing Simmons Liquor and Jobi Liquors.

VinodiVino attorney Dennis Quilty said the...Read more

By - 12/4/14 - 5:21 pm
Police on buses on Cambridge Street

Kate Donaghy photographed buses full of cops on Cambridge Street around 5:10 p.m. - nearly two hours before Tremont Street is shut down for the Nova Scotia tree lighting and protests over that New York grand-jury decision.

Getting off the bus a few minutes later....Read more

By - 8/16/14 - 10:19 am
Car on its side on Cambridge Street in Boston

A car wound up sideways on Cambridge Street shortly before 7 a.m. Maria Elena Cruz captured the scene around 7:20.Read more

By - 8/8/14 - 10:53 am
Rainbow in Allston

Phil captured the rainbow over Cambridge Street and the turnpike in Allston yesterday - from the same storm that gave us that giant cloud.

Copyright Phil. Posted in on Flickr.

Jed Hresko, meanwhile, spotted the rainbow downtown:

By - 7/29/14 - 11:24 pm
Safety rally on Cambridge Street

Chris Rich attended the Cambridge Street safety rally in Allston this morning.

Copyright Chris Rich. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.Read more

By - 5/23/14 - 8:15 am

BostonPoop reports on a collision this morning:

Some guy just crashed into a RotoRooter vehicle on Cambridge Street. Looks like their day just went down the drain.

Read more
By - 5/7/14 - 4:19 pm

City Councilor Josh Zakim says he doesn't hate lawyers - he's one himself - but he says he concerned that too many professionals are taking over street-level storefronts on Charles Street and the Beacon Hill side of Cambridge Street and wants to try to slow the process.

Zakim, who represents most of Beacon Hill, wants to make professional offices a "conditional" use on the two...Read more

By - 1/4/14 - 6:46 pm

Another water main burst this afternoon, this time under Bowdoin Street on Beacon Hill, buckling the roadway and sending a flood down the hill onto Cambridge Street, which had to be shut as well. At least this time, no bus or truck got eaten.

Brian D'Amico, who took the video, also posted photos of the watery mess....Read more

By - 11/26/13 - 12:40 pm

Look what Jose Rios spotted turning onto Cambridge Street from Court today. No word if it was being pursued by Libyans. Hmm, you think MakerBot could print us up a flux capacitor?Read more

By - 11/20/13 - 4:29 pm
Large turnout for bridge meeting

Large turnout for Cambridge Street session.

Pedestrian safety, physically separated cycle tracks, and opposition to a proposed fence were front-and-center last night in Allston at a Massachusetts Department of Transportation meeting about the reconstruction of Cambridge Street between Harvard Avenue and Lincoln Street.

More than 150 people attended the meeting, including Allston residents, business owners and transportation experts. Many wore stickers that read "Union Square to the Charles River:" A...Read more

By - 9/17/13 - 8:01 am
Allston crash

Airbags deployed and at least one person was taken away in an ambulance when several vehicles somehow managed to collide shortly after 7:30 a.m. at Cambridge Street and Harvard Avenue.

OrbitalHalcyon took this and other photos.Read more

By - 7/3/13 - 8:41 am

Today's the last day for filing comments on the state's proposed two-year redo of the Cambridge Street overpass and the Franklin Street pedestrian bridge. Some people aren't all that happy with the current proposal, and think the state could do better to make it safer for pedestrians to get across the turnpike and train tracks. They even have a petition to attach your...Read more

By - 5/9/13 - 8:40 am

Van in Union SquareThe van in Union Square. Photo by Melina Schuler.

Update: The Globe reports the victim, 12, died.

A pedestrian was hit by a van shortly after 7 a.m. on Cambridge Street near the intersection with Brighton Avenue, right by the...Read more

By - 11/15/12 - 8:00 am

An irate citizen complains:

News boxes, dirty, faded and affixed with stickers on the window, along with graffiti on the top or elsewhere, have been dumped along Cambridge St. across from Center Plaza, on the sidewalk near pay phone at City Hall Plaza. One has a town of Belmont sticker, the other a city of Newton sticker. These are boxes for a paper from

...Read more
By - 4/22/11 - 12:06 pm

Marjorie Arons-Barron reports on an incident near Charles Circle yesterday involving ten kids on bicycles riding abreast on Cambridge Street, and an increasingly impatient driver who finally had enough:

It didn't work out too well. The white car sideswiped a weaving cyclist, who flew in one direction, his bike in the other. The car never stopped or pulled over. Fortunately, the bicycle rider picked

...Read more
By - 8/11/10 - 8:27 pm

Channel 4 reports you can look down through the sidewalk to the train tracks below - where trains have been ordered to slow down to minimize vibrations on the decrepit span.Read more

By - 10/19/09 - 7:53 am

Boston Police tweet one inbound lane on Cambridge Street is shut this morning due to a water-main break at 1 Center Plaza. City Hall is open. Channel 25, however, reports that 1 Center Plaza is closed because the main supplies the building's sprinklers.

By - 12/18/08 - 10:51 am

Cambridge Police report that around 6:45 p.m. yesterday:

A Cambridge resident reported being assaulted on Cambridge Street by a member a social club located on that street. The victim stated that he was struck over the head by a bottle of beer causing a laceration over the top of his head.

On a more positive note, police also report nabbing a Dorchester resident in...Read more

By - 9/10/08 - 10:24 am

Cambridge Police report finding a man with multiple stab wounds around 8:49 last night at Fulkerson and Cambridge streets.