By - 9/22/09 - 8:02 pm

In today's preliminary election, Mayor Thomas Menino topped a self-imposed 50% margin - if just barely - and he now enters the campaign against Michael Flaherty with a far larger bank account.

By - 9/22/09 - 3:36 pm

Police Commissioner Ed Davis reacts to those recent arrests out of Denver and New York:

... There is no known specific threat to Boston or Massachusetts at this time. However, Boston Police officers are routinely reminded to remain vigilant. ...

By - 9/22/09 - 1:24 pm

J.L. Bell educates us on some of the early, municipally appointed town criers of Boston. One got his job after telling selectmen (yep, Boston had selectmen back in the day) that one of his qualifications was:

"being weake in Body," so he needed a job with no heavy lifting, or else he might become a charity case for the town.

By - 9/22/09 - 7:59 am

Boston residents: Did you vote yet? What are you seeing out there? Report in.

By - 9/22/09 - 12:55 am

Fun fact: you're not allowed to put signs within 150 feet of the entrance to a polling location. The same applies to stickers ("pasters"), petition workers, sign holders, etc. Basically: nothin' except voters, observers, and election workers within 150 feet of the entrance, or inside the building of a polling location. From an admittedly small sampling, nobody seems to be heeding that rule, as at least one polling station I passed was festooned with signage well within that 150 foot zone (Google Earth and its ruler function are your friend.) Voting?

By - 9/21/09 - 9:56 pm

Michael Pahre tweets:

Robo-call for Rob Fortes for Councilor-At-Large... with Mitt Romney speaking. Does Fortes think fewest votes wins in Boston?

By - 9/21/09 - 5:17 pm

Local 718 and the Boston Police Patrolman's Association say they're backing Andrew Kenneally for one of the four at-large city council seats open in tomorrow's preliminary (which will narrow the field of candidates from 15 to 8 for the November final election).

Patrolman's Association President Thomas Nee points to the fact that Kenneally has family members in both departments, worked to keep West Roxbury kids off drugs and, as an aide to City Councilor Michael Flaherty, "labored to pass key legislation to get 'cop killer' guns off our streets."

Kenneally had earlier been endorsed by the union representing EMTs.

By - 9/20/09 - 8:00 pm

A recent political mass mailing from Michael Flaherty has a charming photo of him, his wife, and three of his kids, with this text above it (emphasis added):

A husband, father and lifelong rsident of Boston, Michael is a graduate of Boston College Law School, Boston College, and Boston University School of Law. Michael and his wife Laurene have four children, three of whom attend the Boston Public Schools.

Um, OK, so just out of curiosity, what about child number four?

By - 9/20/09 - 11:22 am

I was reading up on the horrible killing of Yale grad student/lab worker Annie Le, and it appears that the best starting place for news coverage is the New Haven Register.

In any event, when I read comments to their articles, I saw that they have a very nice, un-control freakish way of encouraging responses that remain on the good side of civility:

By - 9/19/09 - 10:36 am

City Councilor Sal LaMattina says it's time to consider regulating Segway use on city sidewalks. Matt Conti posts a copy of a request from LaMattina for a City Council hearing on regulating the dorkmobiles, which are an increasingly common site downtown and in the North End. At least one company even leads Segway tours, which Conti writes have become so prevalent that they are beginning to cause pedestrian issues.

By - 9/19/09 - 9:22 am

And what better place to put a "resort casino" than Suffolk Downs?

Unlike Sal DiMasi, who managed to quash casinos, successor Bob DeLeo favors them.

Tom Menino has long supported a casino in Boston - two years ago, he backed a casino at the racetrack - and repeated that support earlier this week at a candidate's forum in the Back Bay, saying it would help create jobs.

By - 9/19/09 - 7:43 am

John Keith takes a look at the latest campaign finance reports for mayoral and at-large city council candidates (and posts the numbers). Among other things, Tom Menino spent $500,000 in just 15 days on his re-election campaign.

By - 9/18/09 - 3:46 pm

Tomorrow, 25,000 phones across Boston will ring and people will pick up to hear Sam Yoon pleading with them to not hang up, because this is really Sam, live and in person, and please stay on the line for the city's largest ever teleconference: "They can ask questions or adjust their setting through the phone's keypad," Yoon's campaign assures us.

By - 9/18/09 - 2:22 pm

The Jamaica Plain Gazette gets the scoop: Ross is thinking of running for the seat now held by Mike Capuano - if Capuano wins the Senate election.

By - 9/18/09 - 12:19 pm

Check out the end of this Herald article which tells how Mayor Menino and his friends joked about the e-mail scandal at a Councilor Tobin event last night. Note: the mayor was skipping an East Boston event to attend this toast.

The mayor turned down the East Boston event and instead attended a ritzy gala on Newbury Street, where he was given an achievement award. Later that night he went to a 40th birthday party fund-raiser for Councilor John Tobin at a West Roxbury Elks Club.

By - 9/18/09 - 10:24 am

Who would've thought that e-mail issues would rev up the home stretch to the preliminary election!?

Any thoughts/predictions/prognostications on what will happen on Tuesday?

By - 9/17/09 - 9:57 am

Bobby Constantino makes the case why we saw Obama rallies in Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan in 2008 but haven't seen anything similar for mayoral candidates this year:

... In Boston, young men go into the financial district at 9am on workdays and see nearly all white faces. They walk by restaurants and bars in Beacon Hill and the Back Bay and see the same. They return home to deeply segregated neighborhoods and wonder what is going on. They apply to 10, 20 and even 30 entry level jobs and can't get hired. They wonder why African Americans, Cape Verdeans and Latinos are under-represented in the police and fire departments. They walk past construction sites in their own neighborhoods and wonder why people with out-of-state plates and no vested interest there have jobs and they don't.

People in Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury are tired of hearing about how much racial progress has been made when realities like these speak otherwise. Residents here want and need to know whether the candidates plan to acknowledge these realities, which is a huge step in this city, and secondly, how they plan to address them going forward. ...

Ed. note: Yoon, Flaherty and McCrea have all said one of their first priorities would be to get more minorities into the management ranks in the police department. McCrea has said he would eliminate police details and hire people from economically hard hit neighborhoods as flaggers. Flaherty and McCrea say they would actually enforce city guidelines mandating a certain number of city residents be hired on city-funded construction projects.

By - 9/16/09 - 2:07 pm

Of course an at-large city-council candidate named Tito Jackson is going to have a campaign song:

By - 9/16/09 - 12:09 pm

On Tinkering with Urban Mechanics, Sean Bender isn't afraid to visit the giant pear in Edward Everett Square or to recommend events that don't happen anywhere near Copley Square.

By - 9/16/09 - 11:03 am

Also, he's disappointed he couldn't get into Cheers and says it isn't marketed enough. Makes some good points about our insane intersections, but one of his points is how there's almost no parkland along the Charles - somehow he missed the entire Esplanade. Also, the Freedom Trail is confusing. Hmm, maybe he was just cranky because of jet lag or something.