By - 10/30/08 - 12:00 pm

Here's what we know about who's who in the case against Dianne Wilkerson, as made in that FBI affidavit. Corrections welcome.

By - 10/30/08 - 11:15 am

More FBI photos of Sen. Diana Wilkerson getting away with the crime.
Another reason why you should vote for Sonia Chang-Diaz on November 4th.

Now, If this video that you are about to see doesn't convince you that Sen. Diane Wilkerson is a liar, a cheater and a stealer of your tax paying dollars to go to Foxwood's, then I don't know what is.

That facts all on this Youtube Video...

By - 10/30/08 - 8:56 am

Kevin McCrea, whose hobby sometimes seems to be suing the Boston City Council over Open Meeting Law violations (in cases he always seems to win), paid close attention to all the Open Meeting Law and state ethics violations in the Wilkerson affidavit (there's a whole section devoted to how Wilkerson's briber got a liquor-license OK from the Boston Licensing Board even though the matter wasn't on the board's agenda). One guess what he did:

I called the [Suffolk County] District Attorney's office today and spoke with the gentleman in charge of ethics and Open Meeting Law violations. Of course he had read the FBI indictment of Wilkerson. So I asked,"did you notice any Open Meeting Law violations?" and he said "you mean at the Licensing Board?"

Hopefully we will have the DA working on some of these cases soon, as the Feds are not interested in State Open Meeting Laws. ...

Meanwhile, west of 495, Jody takes note of our fascinating little case and announces: I am willing to stuff my bra full of any bribe money you want to give me - under one condition:

...[I]f you are going to take photos of me taking the cash and sticking it in my bra, can you make sure you use a flattering camera angle? The whole "under the table" thing really accents areas of my being that we should probably all just ignore.

By - 10/29/08 - 7:52 pm

Michael Pahre wonders why the feds waited until now to nab Wilkerson - since based on that affidavit, they had her cold last year. Are more dominoes about to fall? If so, Pahre predicts the next to go is Boston Licensing Board Chairman Daniel Pokaski - painted in a particularly unflattering way in the affidavit:

By - 10/29/08 - 11:39 am's Wilkerson feed is for people with aggregators who just can't get enough Wilkerson news.

By - 10/29/08 - 10:40 am

The Herald reports City Councilor and prominent Dianne Wilkerson supporter Chuck Turner has been subpoenaed as part of the federal investigation into Sen. Dianne Wilkerson (and props to the Herald editor who came up with the "BUSTED" headline atop one of those surveillance photos).

By - 10/29/08 - 8:55 am

There's just one thing wrong with School Superintendent Carol Johnson's plan to create single-sex schools: The Globe reports it's illegal under state law: "Public schools cannot deny a student admission based on gender under state law."

Johnson, who came to Boston last year from Tennessee last year, told the paper: "I wasn't familiar with Massachusetts law at the time."

By - 10/29/08 - 6:59 am

IMAGE( I received this viral video this morning with a headline that read “Obama’s Loss Traced To Ricco Siasoco.” Needless to say, I was shocked. Then curious. And ultimately, laughing out loud. Move On put together the personalized video, and I’ve gotta say that it’s a great use of technology. The shock of the headline–and the accompanying visuals–is a real doozy.

By - 10/28/08 - 7:38 pm

BOSTON, MA: Reports from 96.9FM WTKK that Boston Mayor Tom Menino agrees to sit down and talk with WTTK hostess, Michele McPhee tomorrow night, to get down to the bottom of the federal charges brought against Senator Diane Wilkerson.

If anyone wishes to talk with the mayor or Michele McPhee, for those that live in the 2nd Suffolk District and wants to defend Diane Wilkerson or agree with Michele McPhee, call 617-822-1969. #969 from a Verison Cell Phone.

By - 10/28/08 - 3:26 pm

[float=right]IMAGE([/float]Tonight in the Garden, the Boston Celtics will play their season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers led by Olympic champion and gold medal winner LeBron James but first, in a pre-game ceremony, the Celtics will raise the championship banner, their 17th, and receive their championship rings for their preeminent success beating LA to win the 2008 NBA Championship.

By - 10/28/08 - 11:27 am

And got Adrian Walker of the Globe involved in her seamy little game. Allegedly, of course.

But Walker shouldn't feel too badly: Aside from then City Council President Maureen Feeney, pretty much everyone involved comes off as an inadvertent enabler of an unscrupulous, determined Wilkerson in the federal complaint against her.

Remember last year when the city council sought state legislation so it didn't have to hold a preliminary election to reduce the number of at-large council candidates from nine to eight?

According to the criminal complaint against her, Wilkerson threatened to hold up that legislation unless the city granted a full liquor license to a proposed restaurant on Melnea Cass Boulevard (unfortunately for Wilkerson, the guy giving her all those bribes wore a wire the whole time).

The affidavit claims that for her cash payments, Wilkerson worked it: She sent letters to all city councilors demanding a hearing on liquor licenses. She convinced Walker to write a column pushing the joint's application - by painting the holdup as proof the city licensing board had it out for non-insiders.

And, allegedly, she then threatened the city council: Get Deja Vu its full license or she'd hold up the election bill. City Council President Maureen Feeney got mad, the complaint alleges, but agreed to meet with Wilkerson.

Then Wilkerson put a hold on a second bill, which would have given raises to Licensing Board staffers. And she got Therese Murray to call Feeney to push for the license.

The Licensing Board eventually did agree to grant the license, after Wilkerson lifted her "hold" on the pay raises and agreed to sponsor legislation to get Boston more liquor licenses. And the council got its home-rule legislation to eliminate the preliminary.

By - 10/27/08 - 7:58 pm

So where are people going to watch the results come in next Tuesday? Are there any bars having election-specific events?

By - 10/27/08 - 11:57 am

Miguel Roberto Del Pozo Castillo, 26, was arrested early Sunday on charges he beat his girlfriend in their Joy Street apartment and threw her chihuahua against a wall so hard its paw was broken, according to the Suffolk County DA's office.

Castillo was scheduled for arraignment in Boston Municipal Court today. According to prosecutors, Castillo went into a beating rage because he thought his girlfriend was stepping out on him.

Innocent, etc.

By - 10/26/08 - 11:47 pm

Sam Baltrusis runs down the EIGHT upcoming movies and pilots about Boston's lovable muggers and thieves. And it looks like Charlestown is in a death match with Southie for the title of grittiest neighborhood in Boston: Two of the movies highlight Townie, um, pride?

One features Dot rat Donnie Wahlberg as a Townie "cop determined to protect the streets he grew up on from crime and corruption." The other is called, simply, "The Town" and stars Cambridge's Ben Affleck.

By - 10/26/08 - 6:53 pm

When the economy is going in the tank what do you do? Design a neighborhood based on Feng shui!

NECN with the story.

By - 10/26/08 - 12:16 pm

IMAGE( I came across “Empire or Humanity?” this morning, an animated video of Howard Zinn on American Empire. It's only about eight minutes long, paced well and visually interesting (and narrated with a dry though passionate narration by Viggo Mortensen).

By - 10/26/08 - 11:03 am

WBZ reports Bruce Wall wants to ban on-street trick or treating this Halloween, saying Boston streets have become too dangerous for kids.

He cites the recent shooting of three kids playing at the Academy Homes project in Roxbury last week (allegedly by a thug from the Bromley-Heath project).

Instead, Wall would have the streets lined with volunteers to guard the kids as they go to indoor events.

Wall is also demanding that elected officials join this patrol:

We will no longer allow elected officials to come see us on Sunday morning in our churches to ask for our vote but then are not there when the families of our city needs them. It is time for our politicians to put their bodies where their campaign promises said that they will be.

By - 10/24/08 - 7:05 pm

13 year old, Steve Odom, was gunned down one year ago outside; a couple feet away from his Mattapan home in Boston, Massachusetts.

A young proud church man from a Christian home and once a proud straight "A" student @ The Tilmity Middle School in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Sadly, his life was taken too soon, mistaken for another target. Unfortunately, the suspect(s) has not been found.

What is cause of the young kids of the City of Boston who are involved in criminal activity?