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First, Happy BH Day, everybody! Yay! What are your plans for today?

The holiday this year coincides with our regular trash pickup day. Normally, when a holiday falls on a Wednesday, we know to put our trash and recyclables out on Thursday. But I guess there are advantages to being half asleep and forgetting it's a holiday and doing your usual trash-day routine, since the recycling truck just came by and emptied our bin. Maybe it's because the guys who man the truck work for a private company and not the city?

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I know, I know: What?!? The Boston Business Journal reports that some survey found that not only is Boston not in a list of the top ten rudest cities for driving, it's actually ninth on a list of the top ten most courteous cities for driving. Compare to the 2008 survey, which found us second only to Miami in road raginess.

Via Todd Randolph, who demands a recount.

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For a city to thrive and grow it needs an economic development and planning strategy that is focused on the future, that seeks out innovative ideas – and acts on them. And as the old proverb goes: “Without a vision, the people perish.”

The planning process in Boston is not working – and it is not working because there is no long-term vision coming from City Hall.

Internal squabbling, a lack of new ideas and stale leadership are choking the city’s development.

Let’s look at just some of what is happening in Boston:

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The Globe reports.

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Mayoral candidate Sam Yoon says he's filing legislation to eliminate the Boston Redevelopment Authority and replace it with "a comprehensive City Department for Community Development & Planning." He said the city needs a planning department that can help guide smart growth and development centered on pedestrians, bicycles and public transit rather than cars.

Our disjointed, dysfunctional planning process is choking the city's development. Boston's future needs to be guided by better planning and real public participation. ...

Boston is the only city in the United States without a planning department separate from its redevelopment authority. The Boston Redevelopment Authority has outlived its usefulness and it should be disbanded. In its place, we need a comprehensive city planning agency which is accountable to the public, not just the developers and the Mayor. Boston's development should benefit the entire city and that requires a public process, not a political one.

It is high time to stop being defensive and secretive - let's open the doors and invite in people with fresh ideas to participate in planning for a new, forward-looking Boston.


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A 30-year-old woman died of swine flu yesterday after more than a week in the hospital, city public-health officials announced today, adding that Boston is experiencing "a tremendous amount of H1N1 activity" - higher than any other city in the country save New York.

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According to a press release that I received from the DCR yesterday, the upstream (south) sidewalk of the Longfellow Bridge reopened yesterday.

Here's the full text of the press release:

For immediate release
Contact: Wendy Fox 617-626-1453

Spectators will be allowed on popular July 4th viewing spot this summer

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You've been to the Common for demonstrations, rallies, festivals, but have you ever been just to toss around a Frisbee?

Had a hard day of work (or a day of Facebooking)? Come join Socializing for Justice for Frisbee for Justice on Boston Common!

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IBEW local 2222 today endorsed at-large City Council candidate Andrew Kenneally. Local 2222 President Myles Calvey said in a statement:

"Andrew is a forward-thinking individual, and understands that the key to growth lies in innovation. He knows the work we do and the need to implement new technologies such as FIOs to ensure that Boston remains competitive in the global economy. Andrew has always been a tireless advocate for working families and the protection of workers' rights. Aside from a passion to help people and his strong roots in Boston, Andrew has the knowledge, experience and vision to help Boston through these tough times to make our great city even greater.  We are proud to put our full support behind him," said the President of IBEW, Local 2222, Myles Calvey.

Kenneally is one of more than a dozen candidates seeking one of four open at-large seats this fall. A September preliminary will whittle the field down to eight for the November final election.

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Kevin McCrea isn't just a candidate for mayor. He's also a resident. Which means that when a city worker did a half-assed job fixing some loose cobblestones outside his South End job, he got to track and detail how the city responded to the problem - including the dispatching of six workers and three trucks to fix the two-foot-by-two-foot problem. What set off the burst of activity: McCrea asked the city lawyer in charge of public-records requests for the official city tracking reports on the cobblestones, not for a fix to the problem.

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Shopping Days In Retro Boston (curiously enough, a website by a fellow in the UK) has some great stuff about the early days of Filene's

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Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral today endorsed at-large City Council hopeful Ayanna Pressley:

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Nearly $200,000 in statewide grants help families cope with the economic crisis

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As if the changes and cuts to Boston's community-center based daycare and pre-kindergarten programming was not enough, it now appears that some additional critical staffing at some community centers is also being cut.

The large community center "clusters," those centers that were joined at the hip for management purposes (2, 3, and 4 buildings in some instances) are cutting their "assistant cluster administrator" position. While that may sound a tad administratively heavy, these people are often the equivalent of a ship's executive officer of "chief of the boat," and are irreplaceable.

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To seek legislation to expand the number of charter schools in Boston; move comes the day after opponent Michael Flaherty called for more charter schools and the day before opponent Sam Yoon planned to call for more charter schools.

But unlike their plans, Menino's proposal calls for the charter schools to be overseen by the Boston School Committee.

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When: Tuesday, June 23, 8:00 am – 2:30 pm
Where: UMass-Boston’s Campus Center, 100 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, MA

Register now to attend the unique conference focused on reducing your business costs by greening your office. Meet business leaders who have made “green” work for them and get project ideas for your organization. This conference is presented by MassRecycle in partnership with the Massachusetts Operational Services Division (OSD), Massachusetts Bar Association, and the UMass-Boston’s UMBe Green Program.

Topics Include:

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The Supreme Judicial Court today rejected a claim by a Whitman police officer injured in a crash while responding to a fatal accident caused by a Brockton Hospital patient whom the hospital released even though he was still under the effects of anesthesia.

The patient died when hit by a car while walking home under the influence of anesthesia he'd been given for a colonoscopy. While driving to that scene, Whitman officer Dean Leavitt's cruiser was hit by another car, resulting in serious - and permanent - injuries.

Although the hospital's own rules forbid patients under the influence of powerful sedatives from being released without an escort, the court said the chain of events did not therefore mean the hospital was to blame for Leavitt's injuries, since the hospital itself did not directly cause them:

... Leavitt's injury was not "caused" by the hospital because it falls outside the scope of foreseeable risk arising from any negligent conduct that would make the hospital's alleged misconduct tortious. ...

Complete ruling:

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Weather-related shutdown of flights on the Northeast Corridor has stacked up planes at Logan. My 6:50 am to BWI has been delayed to 8am. Expect similar delays for NYC and Washington area flights.

Currently stuck on the tarmac at Logan. First mentioned this about an hour ago on twitter.

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In a creative attempt to stem gang violence, yesterday local law enforcement officials gathered 50 purported members of 17 gangs into West Roxbury District Court, for a series of presentations, the Globe reports.

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Via CNN.

Paper to impose 23% pay cut, which will likely lead to court and federal hearings.

Steve Silva tweets the vote was 265-277.

Dan Kennedy tweets:

To everyone's credit, BosGlobe has continued to put out a good paper this year despite months of labor chaos. Assume that will continue.