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September 8, 2009 11AM to Noon

Readers pose questions and Sam Yoon answers them.

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Slice, a site devoted to all things cheesy and doughy, goes on a Sicilian Slice Crawl of Boston.

Slice is based in New York, so naturally their definition of Boston is "the North End and Harvard Square," but that's OK - more pizza at Romano's in Roslindale for the rest of us.

Via Alison.

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The Boston Business Journal reports on some survey that says we fall before New York (and San Francisco) because we suck on entrepreneurial spirit. You can get a copy of the survey for free, but you'll have to register first.

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The Globe acknowledges Boston public schools are better than they were when Menino first took office, but details why they're nowhere near as good as they should be.

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The Massachusetts Humane Society and the Teamsters, local 25, both say they support Andrew Kenneally's bid for one of four open at-large City Council seats this fall:

The work each of these groups do is vital to Boston's success by providing jobs for our families and excellent services for the city. I look forward to working with these organizations to support and educate others of the work they do and how others can get involved.

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[float=right]IMAGE([/float]Health Care For All, HFCA, organized a Labor Day rally and march in support of health care reform, which started with speeches at the gazebo on the Boston Common and ended after a march and more live music at Copley Square.

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NECN's Katie Davis reports from outside the Annual Boston Breakfast with Union Leaders but offers zero coverage about the what union leaders are saying to politicians or politicians saying to union leaders.

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The Globe reports that city programs intended to get small pieces of land back on the tax rolls by selling them to neighbors have meant profits for at least two landowners in Jamaica Plain - just like mayoral hopeful Kevin McCrea said. The city calls these "oversights."

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The Building and Construction Trades Council of the Metropolitan District, known as the Boston Building Trades, today announced their endorsement of Tom Menino for re-election:

We are confident that your dedication and efforts for the residents of Boston will continue. We will continue to stand with you and your commitment to making Boston one of the best cities to live and work in.

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Correction of the week: Edward Brooke not dead yet.

Via Jim, who notes that the first correction at that link has a mistake of its own.

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No, the city hasn't gone wingnut. For some reason, Boston public schools don't open until Sept. 10 this year.

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The Daily Free Press reports on the change of heart by at-large City Council candidate Ego Ezedi, who once told opponents the lab would be built whether they liked it or not, but who now says he opposes it because of safety concerns.

Third Decade, who always opposed the project, is annoyed:

... It's changes of position (and tepid acknowledgment of those changes) like this that make me skeptical of politics and politicians in general. OK, so now you're opposed to the biolab...kind of. What's next? What do you propose as a solution for the community which you would like to elect you to office? If elected, how do we know that you won't change position again? ...

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Kevin McCrea raised the issue in Wednesday's debate and today the Globe takes a look at city programs aimed at getting vacant lots back on the tax rolls.

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Bruce Mohl runs down some of Kevin McCrea's accusations in Wednesday's debate, says the facts don't all agree with them.

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David Bernstein does the honors (this one isn't on TV).

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The Sierra Club endorsed the two at-large incumbents today; apparently, none of the other 13 people running in the race were green enough for the group. Also winning endorsements: incumbent district councilors Michael Ross and Mark Ciommo.

The clubs says the four "will further the work of protecting the environment, support better transportation options, reduce global warming emissions, increase recycling and help push Massachusetts forward into the new 'Green' economy."

The club also made endorsements in Cambridge, Somerville and Watertown - also almost entirely incumbents.

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What follows are my notes on the debate tonight. Props to Jon Keller for coming up with a form that allowed for an actual debate, rather than one of those stilted side-by-side affairs where the candidates never really address each other. Although with four people running, an hour was too short.

Who won? I'm terrible at judging things like that. At times, it seemed like a debate between Menino, Yoon and McCrea, with Flaherty on the sidelines. Yoon seemed too focused on Menino as the leader of SPECTRE, McCrea seemed too focused on getting the other three indicted, and Menino veered from the question sometimes (like answering some question about city finances by talking about how diverse city commissions are). But if you watched it, what do you think?