By - 1/17/10 - 5:39 pm

StephGM at Blue Mass Group explains why Mass. voters must embrace the suck.

By - 1/14/10 - 3:05 pm

RMV photoRMV photoPolice today charged a Roslindale resident on parole for gunning down a convenience-store owner 38 years ago with the shooting death of Surendra Dangol, a clerk at the Tedeschi store on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

Edward P. Corliss, 63, was charged with murder and other crimes and is scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday in West Roxbury District Court. In 1972, Corliss was convicted of second-degree murder for the shooting death of the owner of a small store in Salisbury the year before - while on the lam from a Rhode Island prison work camp to which he'd been sent on a breaking-and-entering conviction.

By - 1/13/10 - 2:10 pm

This evolving path runs from the Southwest Corridor at Ruggles Station all the way to Fan Pier in South Boston. Fifteen years in development, the South Bay Harbor Trail is largely ridable today! The trail still needs a few improvements and signage to complete it. The MassDOT public hearing takes place Thursday, Jan.

By - 1/13/10 - 8:51 am

The Globe reports the Brighton man charged in connection with three armed robberies worked for the Boston DPW - at least, until news of his arrest surfaced.

By - 1/12/10 - 11:40 pm

David Weigel of The Washington Independent reports tonight:

Martha Coakley (D) – 49 (-1)
Scott Brown (R) – 47 (+6)

All of that comes after Coakley, roused from what Democrats admit was a fairly lazy campaign, launched new TV ads.

By - 1/12/10 - 6:17 pm

BostonLawyer at Blue Mass Group posted a diary called "Recording on-duty police officers should not be a crime":

By - 1/12/10 - 8:20 am

WBUR examines the case of William Harvey, a city street worker shot in the head by a gang member with bad aim. Harvey survived, with bullet fragments still in his head, but he's still on worker's comp and barely getting by.

By - 1/11/10 - 12:06 pm


The Boston Public Health Commission has posted findings from a study of swine-flu cases in Boston over the past year. One key finding: Hispanics required hospitalization for H1N1 more than four times as often as whites; black three times as often. Almost half the blacks requiring a hospital stay had asthma, which the commission says underscores the need for particularly active vaccination programs for people with certain other existing health issues (UPDATE: Sharp-eyed, statistics-minded SwirlyGrrl notes in the comments the problem seems to be among minority children, not adults).

By - 1/11/10 - 10:28 am

The Globe reports city Councilor Mike Ross wants the BRA to force Northeastern to stop enrolling quite so many students. Seems the school had promised to try to curb enrollment, but it actually now has 585 more students than it promised to have.

By - 1/10/10 - 10:16 pm

Gee, and it's been so nice getting in and out of the post office or the grocery store without standing in line for half an hour, and having parking spaces open for friends to come visit. Oh well, looks like that's all over 'til May.

Students at the bigger/more notable institutions come tromping back:

By - 1/8/10 - 5:59 pm

The mayor's office just announced that Boston DPW and transportation chief Dennis Royer quit today, effective immediately, and is returning to his native Colorado.

That the announcement was made late on a Friday, a time typically reserved for announcements of bad news, is, no doubt, pure coincidence.

By - 1/8/10 - 9:31 am

The Boston Fire Department recently took delivery of a trailer full of equipment to help firefighters dig you out (also new: an "urban search and rescue" trailer).

By - 1/6/10 - 2:02 pm

[center]Closing statements by US Senate candidates
[center][size=7]alt to video[/size]
in the Tuesday, January 5 debate at WTKK 96.9
mediated by Margery Eagn and Jim Braude [/center]

Get the debate podcast (or listen on line) here.

Photos here.

By - 1/5/10 - 11:51 am

Why? Is Democrat support for Martha waning for a reason?

Over at Blue Mass Group in a article called "Poll shows Coakley ahead 50-41 in Senate race", editor David is urging Democrats to support Coakley for US Senate citing poll numbers as a concern and more specifically citing the nominee's positions as not sufficiently progressive to get the progressive vote.

By - 1/4/10 - 5:00 pm

The Boston Public Library is trying to plan out the next ten years and is holding a series of meetings - and posting to a new blog - to solicit public input.

BPL officials will hold "community conversations" Tues., Jan. 5 at at the Mattapan branch library, Thurs., Jan. 7 at the Hyde Park branch and Mon., Jan. 11 at the South Boston branch on its "BPL Compass" planning. All three sessions start at 6 p.m.

The BPL Compass blog has started looking at some of the issues the city's library system expects to face.

By - 1/4/10 - 11:22 am

Via WCVB-TVVia The Boston Channel

Mayor Thomas M. Menino today took his record fifth oath of office at Faneuil Hall.

In his inauguration speech (complete text), Menino said his next four years would be devoted to four main goals: Transforming education in Boston, creating a high-tech research community on the waterfront, improving basic city services through new technologies and bringing the city's residents and neighborhoods closer together.

By - 1/2/10 - 1:39 pm

In a New Year's message to supporters, Michael Flaherty says he's not just going to fade away or move to the suburbs or something:

... With these new friendships and partnerships, we challenged the status quo and advocated for a better, stronger Boston that works for all residents. I continue to be inspired by our collective advocacy. That is why I plan to continue to stay active both in my neighborhood and every neighborhood in our city. Together we can continue the call for more successful charter schools, a greater emphasis on youth crime prevention, and improved city services that hold City Hall accountable. ...

Complete message:

By - 12/31/09 - 12:50 pm

Gearing up for tonight's festivities, I'm curious as to the actual open-container laws here. I tried googling, to no avail.

The past few years, I had no problems carrying around/drinking cheap champagne while walking back through the Common after the fireworks at the Harbor, but I was told Mumbles is promising less leniency this year.

By - 12/31/09 - 9:39 am

J.L. Bell reprints a poetic plea for tips from deliverers of the Censor, a loyalist newspaper, in 1772, including:

May Government her Laws defend,
And foul Misrule to Hell descend;
A happy Year may all enjoy,
And may your FAVOURS bless your Boy.