By - 12/10/08 - 4:21 pm

But first: Over at the Phoenix, Adam Reilly gets a press release from Sam Yoon about opening up city government and all he can think is "Don Saklad must be thrilled." Until he realizes the press release doesn't mention stenographic recordings.

In any case, Yoon is proposing that:

... All city commissions and boards would be required to post their members' names, meeting schedules, agendas and minutes on the Internet. ...

By - 12/10/08 - 11:47 am

The 7NEWS team has cooked up a great way to help feed the hungry. For a modest contribution to Project Bread, the state’s leading antihunger organization, donors can treat themselves to more than 20 different holiday recipes - from Randy Price’s “Mud Bug Salad,” and Frances Rivera’s “Crusted Baked Brie and Apricot Dip;” to Pete Bouchard’s “Homemade Chocolate Coconut Bars,” and Joe Amorosino’s “Pan-Seared Halibut with Black Bean Salsa Fresca.” These recipes and more are now available online.

By - 12/9/08 - 4:56 pm

PolitickerMA reports on the indictment released today that charges Turner and Wilkerson with conspiring to extort money from the "Cooperating Witness," whom the feds are now calling "Witness A" and whom everybody else knows as Roxbury businessman Ron Wilburn.

Read the indictment.

By - 12/9/08 - 1:40 pm

The goal is to keep them building, the Globe reports; money could start flowing in four months and will use federal money. The Filene's hole in the ground could be one of the first projects.

By - 12/8/08 - 11:26 pm

If you look at Tom Menino's recent campaign financial statements, there are some expenditures that indicate Hizzona is strongly considering another re-election bid in 2009.

In September, the campaign paid Network Solutions $144 to renew domain names (like - which doesn't have a corresponding Web site yet) - would they do that if their guy weren't running again?

Even more telling is the $30,000 the Menino campaign paid to Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates, a California polling company. Would somebody getting ready to retire on Dec. 31, 2009 do that?

Then again, it's not like the money is denting his campaign war chest. PolitickerMA reported the Menino campaign has more than a million just sitting in the bank right now, in addition to $400,000 or so in his active campaign fund.

By - 12/8/08 - 10:57 pm

Andrew Kenneally, at-large Councilor Michael Flaherty's former policy director, last week filed papers with the state that he's formed a campaign committee to run for an at-large city council seat. Would Kenneally run against his old boss, or is this another sign that Flaherty is, in fact, going to make a run for mayor against Tom Menino?

Kenneally, who lives in East Boston, was most recently a director at Racepoint Group, a Waltham-based public relations company - with an office in London - that specializes in "digital media relations" (among its clients: Digg, Firefox and BlogHer).

There are four at-large seats on the council.

By - 12/8/08 - 7:15 pm

Would-be buyers don't want to buy homes now with interest rates set to go even lower, and would-be sellers would rather wait than lower their prices anymore, so nothing's moving, John Ford reports.

The Boston Condo Guy reports a significant dropoff in downtown condo sales in November compared to last November, but says that while the seven-figure market continues to show price weakness, prices actually went up for condos under $1 million.

By - 12/8/08 - 3:33 pm reports the council's committee on public safety will hold a hearing to consider banning the devices in public places. Councilor John Tobin first proposed the idea after Boston Police shot a guy on the Common when he refused to drop what turned out to be a fake gun this past May.

By - 12/8/08 - 8:55 am

Some Web site ranked us as second best in the country, behind only Minneapolis/St. Paul, based on our concentration of big businesses and treatment of small businesses.

Via Boston Real Estate Blog, which dourly notes the ranking does not consider "quality of life."

By - 12/8/08 - 3:09 am

[float=right]IMAGE([/float]The phenomenon of blogging has been around long enough for writers and pollsters to study it. In July, Pew/Internet and American Life Project published a study called

“BLOGGERS: A portrait of the internet’s new storytellers.”

You can find the full report (pdf) here. Take a quick gander at their findings below. Do you see anything there that surprises you?

    By - 12/7/08 - 6:30 pm

    On Thursday, the Boston Public Health Commission will vote on whether to kill off the few remaining cigar bars and sheesha cafes.

    How can unelected bureaucrats legislate with such power over the rest of us? I blame the heavy hand of Menino, whose attempts to stifle any fun or mild mischief is making Boston a dead place. Maybe it's time to start an initiative petition to elect the Public Health Commission.

    These bars already have stringent ventilation rules, so the impact on workers approaches nil. Anyways, as with a lot of jobs, individuals can assess the risks and benefits.

    By - 12/5/08 - 9:29 pm

    Channel 4 reports Robert Dunford will be returning to his job as superintendent in chief.

    Trysting proves trying for top police official.

    By - 12/5/08 - 3:37 pm

    The Globe reports on the arrest of the regional director of Homeland Security, Customs, and Border Protection on charges she hired illegal aliens to keep her Salem home clean. If convicted, she could get up to 10 years in prison.

    Innocent, etc.

    By - 12/5/08 - 9:31 am

    Help Boston convince the Census Bureau we're really a bigger city - we break the 600,000 mark for first time in decades.

    By - 12/5/08 - 9:19 am

    I would have posted this as a poll question, but there are far too many choices.

    In your opinion, where can one find the best pizza in Boston?

    By - 12/4/08 - 7:19 pm

    If you're planning to attend the New England Auto Show at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center this weekend, I want to know why.

    After spending a few hours at the show already today, I'm astonished at how subdued the dealers and the audience are. Spread out across the entire hall's ground level are nearly 40 brands of car from Aston Martin to Volkswagen and Volvo. But there are few people wandering around between the cars and there are even fewer booth staff.

    By - 12/4/08 - 7:01 pm

    The Dorchester Reporter talks to Bob Terrell, who looks to be trying for one of the four at-large seats in next year's elections. Terrell has served as director of a couple of groups seeking "transportation justice" in Roxbury and Dorchester and as an executive board member of the Roxbury Neighborhood Council.

    By - 12/2/08 - 12:48 pm

    Reporter John Drake gives us a twofer today - and neither story carries a single mention of words like "indictment" or "extortion."

    In one story, he helps City Councilor John Tobin revive his perennial pitch for term limits - which wouldn't apply to anybody currently in office, but which, strangely, never seems to get anywhere.

    In another story, Drake lets Councilor and mayoral wannabe Michael Flaherty channel Maura Hennigan and complain that, when the Big One hits, Boston is toast, and it's all Menino's fault.

    By - 12/2/08 - 8:55 am

    The Outraged Liberal's been wondering about that:

    Now that gasoline prices have plummeted, shouldn't Boston taxi fares do the same? Yeah, I know, pretty stupid. Too much tryptophan-induced delirium I guess. But at the very least, shouldn't the increased rates only apply to cabs that don't have a "Check Engine" light illuminating the dashboard? ...