By - 4/13/09 - 10:10 am

Take a page from the T, put ads on the sides of the bridge and then light them up.

By - 4/13/09 - 4:22 am

BU is the NCAA Men's Division I Ice Hockey Champion! As winners of every tournament they entered this season, the team will be riding duck boats from Kenmore to Marsh Plaza with the Championship Trophy to celebrate on Tuesday, April 14 at noon. Be there! There will be cake!

By - 4/12/09 - 10:19 am

Heaven for map nerds: Mass. Historical Society's online collection of colonial-Boston maps.

Via J.L. Bell, who points out some of the highlights.

And let's not forget the BPL's online Boston map collection.

By - 4/10/09 - 8:25 am

Discussses development and community involvement at an Allston forum, the Crimson reports.

By - 4/9/09 - 3:46 pm

The turnpike authority is canning the lights to save money - and is considering shutting off every fourth light in the Big Dig tunnels - the Globe reports, adding, however, the authority will continue to splurge on those red lights that keep planes from crashing into the bridge.

By - 4/9/09 - 2:14 pm

"Cyberbullying" has become a genuine problem on some college campuses, reports BU's Bostonia magazine in its Spring 2009 edition:

In summer 2007, a music professor at BU was shocked to learn that he had a Facebook page — in his name, with a recent photo and a spot-on bio. But, the professor recalls, “embedded in the document were really scurrilous things that were reputed to have been said by me, and they were quite unpleasant and ugly and immature.”

By - 4/9/09 - 9:40 am

Despite Economic Instability, Sponsorship Support Remains Strong for Project Bread's Walk

By - 4/8/09 - 11:41 am

Commonwealth UnBound interviews Edward Glaeser, director of the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston on why Boston rates worse than cities in California and even Rochester, NY in a study of carbon emissions.

Glaeser says one solution would be allowing denser development. He lives in Weston, but says he would "absolutely" support more development there.

By - 4/8/09 - 9:35 am

Third Decade comes across a 1912 Times article on a bill that would have let Boston annex every city and town within 10 miles of the State House. In the end, of course, Boston only annexed the town of Hyde Park, but he wonders how things would be different today if the bill had succeeded - and Boston had taken over all those communities:

By - 4/8/09 - 9:28 am

Globe reports:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino today will propose laying off 565 city workers, including public school teachers, police officers, and librarians, cutbacks that Boston officials said are needed to help balance the $2.4 billion city budget. [...] Signori said that if more unions agree to wage freezes and if stimulus money arrives in time, some jobs slated for elimination in the mayor's budget could be saved.

By - 4/7/09 - 4:24 pm

Michael Jonas argues we should be celebrating a city councilor who calls a hearing on ways of saving money instead of concentrating on dirty tricks like City Hall sending a guy in a wheelchair down to the hearing site because somebody there knew there wouldn't be a ramp available and then alerting the Herald.

Hearing didn't go so well for Sam Yoon.

By - 4/7/09 - 1:19 pm

David Bernstein reports that Robert Fortes is jumping into the race for an at-large seat on the city council. Fortes is that rarest of Boston rarities - a black Republican - and joins Doug Bennett, the man from Nantucket, as a GOP standard-bearer this fall. Or rather, he would, if Boston had partisan elections, which it doesn't. Still, local Republicans haven't seen this much activity since John Sears retired as a city councilor back in the day, unless you count DINO Dapper O'Neil.

By - 4/7/09 - 12:37 pm

2009 Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 3

In the midst of the steepest economic downturn in fifty years, Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 3, takes on urgent meaning for those struggling to put food on the table. “We have never needed it more,” says Ellen Parker, the executive director of Project Bread, the state’s leading antihunger organization. “This year, we’re asking everyone to do something to help. Every dollar, every mile, and every volunteer hour counts.”

By - 4/6/09 - 4:25 pm

Phish really is playing Fenway Park.
May 31, 2009

"I am bouncing around the Green Monster..."

By - 4/6/09 - 1:54 pm

The Boston Public Health Commission is doing video big time these days:

By - 4/5/09 - 9:41 am

It may seem like a twisted suggestion out of Dr. Moreau's "Island of Lost Souls" -- an action that seems to violate nature itself -- but in this new era of extraordinary business machinations, why aren't we talking about finding a way to merge the Globe and the Herald?

By - 4/3/09 - 7:55 am

UPDATE: Site is back up, so go pay your auto-excise tax already.

Looks like somebody at City Hall needs to go into the server room and check on the status of the hamsters running the city Web server - it's dead (pings to don't even come back).

First noticed by Harry Mattison - who is one of those people who check the city Web site earlier than most of us get up.