By - 3/16/10 - 11:12 am

Geeky Mama reports school officials and civil-rights groups will meet March 27 to consider possible ways to save money on busing while ensuring families have access to decent schools - with the help of a federal grant.

By - 3/16/10 - 10:42 am

The Herald takes a dim view of everything the Boston City Council has ever proposed, or something. Yeah, Steve Murphy's idea to stop roofies with sippy-cup lids was completely nuts, but that was three years ago, not this "season," as the Herald implies. How dare Rob Consalvo "take inspiration from Governing magazine." What a maroon!

By - 3/16/10 - 9:02 am

Members of branch-library friends groups have started a citywide organization to push for enough funding to keep all 26 BPL branches open.

People of Boston Branches was formally organized at a meeting last night at the Connolly library in Jamaica Plain, according to Brandon Abbs, who organized a protest read-in at the Egleston branch on Saturday.

By - 3/15/10 - 9:16 pm

David deconstructs a Pax Centurion article that might help show how un-American Obama is if only it weren't based on a picture flipped in a photo program.

By - 3/15/10 - 10:37 am

The MBTA provides this photo of the temporary dams now in place at the Fenway portal where the Riverside line goes underground. The T had been running Riverside service this morning after the Muddy River receded below flood stage, but it's back above it again and there's no service between Fenway and Kenmore.

By - 3/12/10 - 4:12 pm

Matt Conti posts a copy of a letter from Segway, Inc., to the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council, in which the company disavows any ties to the "irresponsible" Boston Gliders, which leads Segway tours of Boston from Commercial Street.

By - 3/12/10 - 10:24 am

Mike Ball reports on a Boston School Committee budget hearing at Boston English last night; includes a chart showing proposed cuts or increases at a random collection of schools and considers the politics of it all.

By - 3/11/10 - 8:01 pm

The Jamaica Plain Gazette quotes city Councilor John Tobin on BPL officials: "They've said they don't have a list [of branches to close]. Of course they have a list."

The Gazette has more on Tuesday's hearing on BPL finances.

Form letter in support of the North End branch.

By - 3/10/10 - 8:50 am

First libraries, now schools. All kinda vague at this point, and very last-resortish of course, and if it whips up anger and organizing among lots of parents - especially parents of elementary-school kids - well, that's just a coincidence, and surely not at all a repeat of last year's dire warnings of 700 layoffs.

By - 3/9/10 - 8:08 pm

The youngest library supporter: Paul Facklam, 4, and his dad, opposed the closing of the Roslindale branchThe youngest library supporter: Paul Facklam, 4, and his dad
opposed the closing of the Roslindale branch

#bpl2010 - Twitter comments.

Addressing an angry if generally polite crowd of several hundred people at a budget hearing today, BPL trustees Chairman Jeffrey Rudman said that even in an ideal world, the nation's oldest public-library system simply has too many competing demands to address.

And this is far from an ideal world, Rudman said: The BPL faces a $3.6 million deficit in the coming fiscal year. "The arithmetic is the arithmetic, you can't do very much with it," he said.

By - 3/8/10 - 9:12 pm

Vincent Price as ruined landmark: Before it was Christoishly covered upVincent Price as ruined landmark: Before the remains were Christoishly covered up.

Steven Roth, the New York real-estate mogul who gave us the Hole, told an audience of Columbia architecture students last week that he deliberately pulled a similar stunt in New York in the hopes of gaining concessions from the city:

Why did I do nothing? Because I was thinking in my own awkward way, that the more the building was a blight, the more the governments would want this to be redeveloped; the more help they would give us when the time came.

And they did.

Of course, nothing gets Tom Menino's Boston up quite like a New York developer pulling stuff like that. The Globe reports Hizzonah has directed the BRA (which, remember, can do pretty much anything it wants) to start looking at taking the whole site over by eminent domain. Sure, the city's supposed to at least have some pretense it's taking the land for some greater good - maybe they can finally build that downtown swimming hole. Wonder what Roth's Boston partner on the deal, John Hynes, thinks?

By - 3/8/10 - 6:17 pm

Justin Rice reports New Mission High won the Division 4 basketball title at the Garden this afternoon. Madison Park tries for the EMass title in a game starting at 7:45 p.m.

By - 3/8/10 - 2:02 pm

Boston recently increased fines for serious illegal dumping and is looking at expanding its network of cameras to catch people dumping everything from bags of trash to construction debris in 43 "hot spots" around the city.

Illegal dumpers are now liable for fines up to $15,000, depending on the severity of the incident, according to Leo Bulger of the Inspectional Services Department.

"We're going to catch you and we're going to prosecute you," Councilor Sal LaMattina (East Boston, North End, Charlestown) vowed at a hearing today.

By - 3/7/10 - 12:48 pm

With BPL trustees meeting Tuesday to discuss how to start closing neighborhood branches, patrons are organizing to keep that from happening:

Kelly Young writes a letter in support of the Roslindale branch:

By - 3/6/10 - 2:14 pm

The council this week agreed to schedule a hearing on whether forcing Boston cabs to be equipped with credit-card machines last year is hurting individual drivers.

By - 3/5/10 - 11:13 am

Behold, the Immediate Tax Relief for American Workers Amendment sponsored by the Junior Senator from Massachusetts, Senator Scott Brown:


By - 3/4/10 - 1:48 pm

The Globe reports. No specific locations mentioned. The BPL board of trustees will meet next Tuesday (3 p.m., Rabb Hall at the main branch in Copley Square) to begin discussing how to decide which of 8 to 10 branch libraries to close.

By - 3/2/10 - 4:00 pm

Boston Police went live today with a full service, changing it from just a blog of the latest crime news to a Web site for the entire department - where you can now find everything from information about specific districts to police-related forms and applications. The blog is now here.

One interesting thing they're doing is tagging everything by district, so you'll be able to track reports that are closest to home for you. Next cool step would be to better integrate the crime mapping onto the district pages.

By - 3/2/10 - 8:03 am

Jennie White notes that 617 is always one of the most active area codes on Texts from Last Night. But what does it mean? That we're more technologically advanced? That we're a bunch of social misfits?

By - 2/27/10 - 12:13 am

We need a Boston Civic Journal
something like a Cambridge Civic Journal