By - 3/13/09 - 12:18 pm

The wait is over.

The Family Resource Centers know your kids' school assignments. They haven't mailed the letters out yet, but you can call them to find out.

West Zone Family Resource Center: 617 635 8040.

Get the phones a'ringing!

By - 3/13/09 - 10:52 am

Boston Residents Nourish Food Programs through Walk for Hunger

Boston was named “most generous city” by Project Bread, the state’s leading antihunger organization, for its contribution of 4,000 Walkers and nearly a half million dollars to fight hunger through the annual Walk for Hunger.

This effort allowed Project Bread to contribute $648,000 to 92 area food programs and a total of $909,559 to these and other hunger prevention programs that are helping hungry families in Boston cope with the economic crisis right now.

By - 3/12/09 - 4:17 pm

Nearly half blame her for getting herself beaten up.

In addition, a significant number of males and females in the survey said Rihanna was destroying Chris Brown's career, and females were no less likely than males to come to Rihanna's defense.

The commission says it did the survey as part of a new initiative to combat teen dating violence in the city, under a four-year, $1-million grant it received last year.

By - 3/12/09 - 9:23 am

Both marching in the Southie St. Patrick's Day parade. Tom Menino has boycotted the parade since 1995, following a Supreme Court ruling that organizers could ban gay groups. Bay Windows reports Kevin McCrea will not march, either; talks to the four candidates or their P.R. people.

By - 3/11/09 - 3:26 pm

The Globe reports the Fire Department's truck maintenance just completely sucks (story has a link to the complete report).

By - 3/11/09 - 12:29 am

Boston Police have filed 31 new charges against Fairey, the Globe reports.

Mike Ball harrumphs that that is roughly 31 charges too many:

By - 3/10/09 - 12:08 pm

The Boston Business Journal posts some numbers - Boston residents reported a 7.4% unemployment rate in January, compared to 4.7% in January, 2008. Some 11 cities and towns reported double-digit unemployment numbers in January.

By - 3/10/09 - 6:38 am

The Herald reported Friday that a 225-seat 1960s-themed diner is planned for Downtown Crossing.

The ubiquitous sources with no names say the restaurant will be in the ground floor of a Suffolk University-owned building.

A restaurant planned for a year out wouldn't be such news, except for the Downtown Crossing angle.

By - 3/9/09 - 6:05 pm

Check this out. It's how I know there was a crash, with injuries, involving an MBTA bus at Park and Washington streets in Dorchester and a fire at 30 Pleasant St., also in Dorchester, this afternoon.

By - 3/9/09 - 4:04 pm

Need a break from the stress of (looking for) work, the economy, and everyday life? Looking for something to do that is fun, cheap, and progressive?

We're heading to the Garment District for Thrifting for Justice on Thursday, March 12 at 6pm!

By - 3/9/09 - 1:36 pm

Time Magazine lists 10 major newspapers likely to fold or go digital:,8599,1...

By - 3/9/09 - 5:09 am

The Globe reports all the way from Chicago, "Chicago's pedestrian mall solution: traffic."

The article seems to try to make a case against Downtown Crossing as a pedestrian mall.

By - 3/7/09 - 10:03 am

J.L. Bell lays out the evidence that Revere's famous engraving of the Boston Massacre was actually based on the work of another artist.

By - 3/5/09 - 10:24 am

Register for The Walk for Hunger, May 3

The demand for emergency food has never been greater. Pantries and meal programs supported by Project Bread, Massachusetts’ leading antihunger organization, have never been more crucial. And The Walk for Hunger, Project Bread’s annual fundraiser, has never been timelier. On May 3, thousands of people will come to Boston for the 20-mile pledge walk to raise money during the 41st Walk for Hunger. Every dollar, every mile, and every volunteer hour counts for our neighbors in need. Registration is now open to participate.

By - 3/5/09 - 8:40 am

By way of starting a new Downtown Crossing thread on UH, Menino opened a burrito joint and reaffirmed commitment to DTX as a pedestrian mall.

The Globe story also has an amusing bit about what features of DTX the mayor's walking tour somehow missed.

By - 3/4/09 - 8:57 pm

Commissioner Ed Davis today announced plans to lay off 40 police cadets and 20 civilians, disband the department's mounted unit and take other steps to reduce his budget in advance of whatever Mayor Menino plans to announce for job cuts, possibly as early as Friday.

By - 3/4/09 - 9:12 am

Kevin McCrea details why he (and apparently most municipal unions) think Tom Menino is crying wolf over municipal finances.