By - 4/1/09 - 12:45 pm

Keshet works for the full inclusion of GLBT Jews in Jewish life in Boston and across the country. []

Keshet's Training Institute for Jewish Educators & Youth Professionals

May 31 - June 3, 2009
Pearlstone Retreat Center, MD

Apply online!

Join this national gathering of educators, clergy, youth professionals and community leaders to learn:

By - 4/1/09 - 12:19 pm

Because of its expansion through annexation and land reclamation, and because of the vast differences in size between its neighborhoods, making a web-ready neighborhood map of Boston is extremely difficult. Most online neighborhood maps currently available are simple line drawings or text paste-overs.

By - 4/1/09 - 10:57 am

Chris Faraone attended the "official" hearing of the Boston City Council Post-Audit and Oversight Committee in Codman Square last night, reports that the only committee member to show up was Sam Yoon for Mayor and that Yoon wound up getting verbally slapped around: After Yoon complained of one fire official getting paid too much, a firefighters union member had to tell Yoon the guy died last year.

By - 4/1/09 - 9:28 am

People who don't live in Boston always seem befuddled why we keep re-electing Tom Menino. Yvonne Abraham explains why (now if only Abraham could have stifled that yawn while listening to some woman explain her property-title issues).

By - 4/1/09 - 9:16 am

Penny Cherubino reminds us that today marks the beginning of official weekly street sweeping across Boston. And for those of you who live in neighborhoods where the police actually issue parking tickets, my condolences, remember to observe those parking bans or you could come home to find your car not there (Penny thoughtfully lists the fines and fees associated with said towing).

By - 4/1/09 - 8:55 am

The Globe reports at-large Councilor Stephen Murphy wants a six-month moratorium on medallion transfers while and the rest of the council consider the city's new tax regs, which require cabs to be hybrids by 2015 and which require cab owners to ensure their vehicles - and drivers - are actually clean.

By - 4/1/09 - 8:04 am

Yes, the council's now posting like it's 1999, thanks to council President Mike Ross - you can now actually see what the council discussed - and going back to September of last year.


By - 3/31/09 - 10:28 pm

Gareth Saunders, who represented Roxbury before Chuck Turner, is looking at running for mayor, David Bernstein reports.

By - 3/31/09 - 2:00 pm

Sam Yoon's campaign has been making a big push to get people to tonight's city-council budget hearing in Codman Square (chaired by, ta da, Sam Yoon).

Nothing wrong with that, here's your chance to see the Next Mayor of this Great City in action and all, but in addition to the money he's spending on polling ($27,000 to Kiley and Company last month), Yoon might want to throw a few bucks toward somebody who can advise him on how to do a proper e-mail campaign.

Kate Hutchinson reports on the e-mail she got from the Yoon campaign: From the generic "Dear {FIRST NAME}" header to the lack of a way to unsubscribe from mailings she never asked for, she says her only question now is whom can she vote for besides Sam Yoon?

Sam Yoon has, as a city councilor, not made much of a name for himself outside of "the first Asian-American on Boston's City Council." This email doesn't add much to my impression of him. For example, this looks like a news update from a concerned city councilor. What gives this away as an election shill piece is the text at the bottom of the email:

Paid for and Authorized by the Committee to Elect Sam Yoon. ...

By - 3/31/09 - 8:51 am

A group of Boston cab owners has sued the city over its requirement that all cabs be hybrids by 2015, charging the requirement to buy only new hybrids would put them out of business and violates federal clean-air and car-mileage laws.

The cabbies, who say they collectively own 8% of the city's current fleet, say they are not opposed to hybrids in general, but that forcing them to buy only new vehicles, rather than letting them buy used ones - or conventional cars with nearly as good fuel efficiency - will make it economically unfeasible for them to continue driving. Also, federal clean-air and fuel-economy laws bar states or cities from requiring tougher regulations, they charge.

By - 3/30/09 - 9:25 pm
T CFO Davis

Transit and environmental groups will ask local subway riders on Thursday to urge their legislators to support a gas-tax increase that would include money for the T, in a leafletting campaign at Boston T stops - and South Station.

But even as they work to counter rising anger in the western part of the state over alleged money-grubbing by Boston, the groups were failing tonight to get specifics from T officials on just how bad T service cuts could be without extra state funding, which they said will make it harder to convince people to pick up the phone.

By - 3/30/09 - 12:11 pm

Grant Supports Food for Frail Homebound Seniors in Boston

The Wal-Mart Foundation recently awarded Project Bread $25,000 to support the Food for Seniors Program. This program supports Project Bread’s mission by providing immediate hunger relief to homebound elders while helping them enroll in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as “food stamps.” Escalating food costs and fixed incomes are causing an increasing number of seniors to seek out food assistance.

By - 3/29/09 - 11:12 pm

Globe architecture critic Robert Campbell prognosticates on the future of Boston.

Lots of things here for people to crit.

By - 3/27/09 - 9:42 am

Tom LeCompte recently became a Boston cab driver. He's blogging the experience:

... Then, from the back, I heard bodies shifting in the seat, the sounds of murmuring and kissing, of clothes being pulled at and unbuttoned. I glanced up at my rearview mirror, but saw nothing. They were clearly taking advantage of the rear seat couch.

"Say it," she whispered.


"Say it," she repeated, followed by the sounds of more kissing and some slurping noises.

"Never," she said. "Never ever leave me."

The goings-on in the back were becoming a serious distraction. I really needed to fixate on the road. But soon, I was faced with another problem: I didn't know where I was going. I was hoping these two would finish up so I could ask for directions, but after another couple blocks I couldn't wait.

"Excuse me," I interrupted at the next stoplight. "Can you help me out with some directions?" ...

By - 3/27/09 - 2:12 am

Hey Larry, are you still alive?
Larry: (whistles) Lemme check... nope.

I just heard on the Steve LeVeille show that Larry died today after heart surgery.



By - 3/26/09 - 5:40 pm

Wicked Local Roslindale reports on the rally by parents of Boston Public School students at the State House. If you were there, please chime in with your report.

By - 3/26/09 - 12:06 pm

Lynne Mooney Teta, headmaster at Boston Latin, sent out a letter to parents and faculty explaining that there are no vampires at the school:

The notice, which was addressed to faculty and students and forwarded to parents, did not say exactly what the rumors were. Teta's office referred questions to a Boston schools spokeswoman, who didn't immediately have a comment.

"Seriously?" said Melissa Duggan.

By - 3/25/09 - 12:45 pm

I think it's a newsworthy event, and I'm going to try get there myself, but if I can't (I have a meeting in the morning, possibly followed by some work I have to get done), I'd be grateful for anybody who can post or e-mail their accounts and photos. Actually, even if I do make it, file away - it's always good to hear multiple voices on something like this.

Ed. disclosure: We have a kid in the Boston Public School system, so teacher layoffs are of more than just academic or newsgathering interest to me.

By - 3/24/09 - 10:27 pm

Parents of Boston Public Schools will swarm the State House on Thursday demanding more federal money to stave off teacher layoffs - at a rally slated for the State House steps between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Tom Menino will be there, which makes sense, since one of the demands on fliers sent to parents in recent days demands legislation to let Boston raise some local taxes. Menino, meanwhile, is still threatening to send layoff notices to more than 200 teachers unless their union approves a wage freeze.