By - 11/26/08 - 10:28 am

Mike Ball actually watched Turner on BNN last night, files a report on what he said, which seems to boil down to:

  1. He doesn't remember ever meeting Wilburn;
  2. If the guy did slip him $1,000, it was a campaign contribution and, yeah, it was more than the state allows, so he'll return the excess.

What we really need, Ball concludes, is a crusading attorney general to ride into town and clean up the systemic mess but Martha Coakley doesn't know how to ride that horse.

By - 11/25/08 - 11:03 am

Ron Wilburn, the "Cooperating Witness," talks to the Globe's Adrian Walker. Fans of Boston political intrigue need to go read the interview now, if you haven't already.

Ed. Frequent Critic of Walker Note: Adrian, this makes up for all those columns on the Red Sox and beach erosion in Winthrop.

By - 11/25/08 - 8:47 am

Interesting analysis of Obama’s website and the new President-Elect’s use of YouTube. “It’s as if nearly everybody can have a seat at the table if they want to be included. All they have to do is add their voice at and they can be part of the conversation.” Great news for those of us seeking more federal relief for Big Dig woes.

By - 11/24/08 - 3:41 pm

Xconomy's set up a Boston Tech Layoff Tracker.

By - 11/24/08 - 1:10 pm

FeeneyCity Council President Maureen Feeney just announced the council will postpone a meeting on Councilor Chuck Turner, to prevent Turner and his backers from turning it into "a stage for the political theater" and because Turner has yet to be indicted.

"We will take no action based on a mere arrest," she said. "Let's all pray there isn't an indictment. But if there is, we will all need to take further action."

Instead, a council committee and city lawyers will take a look at what to do if Turner is indicted. That could include censure or voting to ask Turner to quit. She is also establishing a new committee on ethics to address such issues for the future, because the city charter doesn't explicitly state what to do in a case like that.

Feeney denied shutting down Turner's phones or computers on Friday. "My interest is to ensure the residents of City Council District 7 continue to receive representation and access to city services."

She also denied putting off action because of lawsuit threats from Turner. "We are not easily intimidated, I can assure you." She said today's meeting was not to try to force Turner out, but to figure out what to do in coming weeks.

However, she did acknowledge stripping Turner of his chairmanship of the education and human-rights committee. She said this allows the committees to continue their work "unfettered" and not "distracted" at a time when the School Department is looking at significant restructuring.

By - 11/23/08 - 10:15 am

If you have a baby in Boston and want to send him or her to a public school, you eventually come up against The Lottery - the game that decides which school your kid goes to. And veterans will tell you that finding the right numbers, um, schools, to play in The Lottery is no easy task.

Geeky Mama lives in Roslindale and has a toddler. On Braving the BPS Lottery, she's posting her reports on her visits to schools in the West Zone (basically, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale and West Roxbury), along with news related to public schools in Boston.

By - 11/22/08 - 9:41 am

Kevin McCrea notes Chuck Turner's alleged sloppiness in collecting money (that affidavit suggests he had several opportunities to get money but kept losing the guy's phone number), wonders if his alleged sin is really so different from other things going on in Boston:

By - 11/21/08 - 5:24 pm

And not just any Irish-thug movie, but the sequel to Boondock Saints, Sam Baltrusis reports.

By - 11/21/08 - 4:55 pm

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports that former state Sen. Jarrett "Fluff" Barrios recently moved to JP, where he is busy co-chairing Felix Arroyo the Younger's bid for an at-large city council seat in next year's elections.

The Gazette also reports that Carlos Henriquez is looking at running again for Chuck Turner's district seat, which just today might have become a bit easier to do.

By - 11/21/08 - 2:31 pm

Against the philistinism of a bunch of tourists, there comes a City Hall defender.

A lot the tourists know. Without City Hall, there'd be none of the "more aesthetically pleasing ameneties" nearby, like Faneuil Hall.

By - 11/21/08 - 12:05 pm

EAST BOSTON — Struggling families and elders have support to help them obtain food stamp benefits in this tough economy. Project Bread, the state’s leading antihunger organization, has granted $15,600 to Action for Boston Community Development – Child Care Choices of Boston (ABCD), a community-based organization providing over 6,000 low-income families with access to child care. The grant enables ABCD to help more families take advantage of the federal Food Stamp Program.

By - 11/21/08 - 8:56 am

WBZ is reporting that Chuck Turner was arrested by federal agents at City Hall this morning. The FBI said the arrest is connected to Dianne Wilkerson.


By - 11/21/08 - 8:33 am

Several reports say it's related to the Wilkerson bribery case. They tried to arrest him at home last night, but he wasn't there.

The Globe reports he'll be charged with extortion and lying to FBI agents in a sting related to Wilkerson's manipulations to get a liquor license for "CW," also known as Ron Wilburn, for his Dejavu club at the Crosstown center on Melnea Cass Boulevard.

To be arraigned in Worcester, of all places.

Take a look at this Jamaica Plain Gazette interview from Nov. 10 in which Turner accused the feds of trying to set him up.

The affidavit in the Wilkerson case doesn't specifically mention Turner. However, in a section on bribery related to a proposed development on Harrison Avenue, it does state:

Associate A also explained that Wilkerson "orchestrates" the "small timers" including a second named member of the House of Representatives and a named Boston City Councilor. Associate A suggested that each of those individuals should be paid $1,000. Associate A agreed to make introductions to the relevant politicians so that UC2 or UC3 could make payments to them. However, Associate A cautioned, "ninety-nine percent of the times, these people would, would accept or receive these things fro a source that tey're comfortable with."

Associate A has been identified as developer Azid Mohammed. UC2 and UC3 were undercover FBI agents (more Wilkerson players). The section raises the question: If this is what Turner was indicted for, are there a couple of state reps who should be worrying about an early morning knock on their doors?

Innocent, etc.

By - 11/21/08 - 7:59 am

The Dorchester Reporter surveys a group of Dorchester women - April Taylor, Nurys Camargo and Catherine O'Neill - looking at potential at-large city-council runs next year. There is currently only one female city councilor, Maureen Feeney, who represents Dorchester.

Other candidates for the four at-large seats include Felix Arroyo, Jr. and Doug Bennett. Two of the current at-large councilors - Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty - are gearing up for possible attempts to dethrone Tom Menino. Kevin McCrea reports a "prominent member" of the city's black community is looking at running citywide.

By - 11/20/08 - 11:49 am

November 20, 2008 — EAST BOSTON — Struggling families and elders have support to help them obtain food stamp benefits in this tough economy. Project Bread, the state’s leading antihunger organization, has granted $30,600 to the American Red Cross, a community-based organization serving 300,000 people across 127 cities and towns in eastern Massachusetts. The grant enables the American Red Cross to help more families take advantage of the federal Food Stamp Program.

By - 11/20/08 - 11:08 am

Fresh back from a tour through Tel Aviv, Barcelona and London, Scott Stearns reports that people in London were dressed as warmly as people were in Somerville last night - except that it was 20 degrees warmer in London.

By - 11/19/08 - 6:59 pm

Mass. High Tech reports the city will use a geographic information system this winter to couple complaints to the city hotline (which is not 311) with GPS signals from snowplow trucks to figure out where to direct the plows during and after snowstorms.

Now if only they could put that on a Web map. ...

By - 11/18/08 - 10:37 pm

Photo from Life magazine of his body in repose at the State House, part of a collection of Life photos from his wake.

Seems Life and Google have posted zillions of photos, so I'm sure there are lots of other cool Boston-related photos (oh, hey, here are Boston University girls from 1950, and here are tons of photos from a 1950 bean supper on the Common, and, oh, darn, I can see myself spending hours here).

Curley running for mayor in 1949.