By - 5/8/16 - 4:05 pm

Boston Public Schools will hold an "information session" Monday evening about the issue of lead in school water fountains.

The meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. in the School Committee chambers at the Bolling Building, 2300 Washington St. in Roxbury, will be open to the media. Read more.

By - 5/7/16 - 12:40 pm

Tiny Tracks is a documentary, debuting this week, about a woman who has to decide what to do about her late husband's opus: A Boston model-streetcar system he built over 20 years in their Toronto basement. The CBC interviewed her.

Ed. question: Is that the Watertown car barn in one scene?

H/t John Keith.

By - 5/6/16 - 3:43 pm

The Globe posts a letter from 12 city councilors who say they are outraged over the news that kids at some schools may have taken drinks from water fountains with unacceptably high lead levels. Read more.

By - 5/5/16 - 2:18 pm

This just in from School Superintendent Tommy Chang on the news that students at four schools may have drunk water from bubblers with higher than allowed lead levels: Read more.

By - 5/5/16 - 7:42 am

WBZ reports workers turned on fountains at the Lee and Mather schools in Dorchester, the Curley school in Jamaica Plain and Another Course to College in Brighton by mistake and that students may have drunk from them before they were shut off again because of elevated lead levels.

Parents are not amused:

[A BPS administrator] met with staff on January 29th to discuss the water situation. But didn’t notify school families until February 12th. In addition, the families were told not to worry, there were no health risks associated with the elevated levels. BPS was just being proactive by turning off those fountains. If she knew about the issues at the Mather, why did she not include it in last week’s count of schools impacted by elevated levels of lead.

By - 5/3/16 - 4:49 pm

City Councilor Andrea Campbell opened a hearing on an upcoming Boston Police pilot program involving body cameras by announcing she will hold a second hearing sometime this month to let BPD officials comment on the plans. Read more.

By - 5/3/16 - 7:52 am

Benny Wong asks:

I have been looking for a good Dim Sum location not in Chinatown.

By - 5/2/16 - 7:43 am

Fair Foods, which recovers food and building supplies that might otherwise be thrown out and redistributes them, says its delivery truck, Old Betty, has reached the end of the road, and is seeking funds for a replacement:

Old Betty is a 1988 truck with 720,000 miles on her. She has leaks everywhere, holes in the floor, vice grips on handles, no window on one side, and needs a quart of oil added every day. We can't even maintain her anymore because we can't find parts - not even in the junk yards.

By - 4/30/16 - 11:04 am's Alison Pohle reports on an incident in one guy's Uberized Honda Element.

Uber at first told her the driver would receive "coaching opportunities" on how not to make women passengers feel like they're about to be raped, then, after her story went up, announced he was no longer an Uber driver.

By - 4/29/16 - 9:58 pm

Mayor Walsh today announced a plan to pay tuition at Bunker Hill and Roxbury Community Colleges for all BPS graduates with at least a 2.2 GPA who are eligible for federal Pell grants for low-income students. Read more.

By - 4/29/16 - 2:59 pm

Erika Shira asks:

Don't wanna pay for Pru observatory. Any tallish buildings in Boston where public can access high floor and look out windows?

By - 4/29/16 - 11:09 am

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved a plan to begin letting diners at restaurants without liquor licensing bring their own booze.

Before hearing requests from restaurants that want to begin BYOB, however, the board will first draft detailed licensing BYOB requirements and then hold a public hearing on its proposed rules. Drafting the new rules could take several months. Read more.

By - 4/29/16 - 10:56 am

An outside audit of Boston Public Schools concludes the system needs to close and sell off between 30 and 50 of its 125 schools and make a wide range of staffing changes to balance its books and get BPS back on track towards bringing test scores up.

The report, by McKinsey and Co., was actually completed a year ago, but largely kept under wraps by the city and BPS. Quality Education for Every Student (QUEST), a BPS parent group, obtained a copy through a public-records request this month and posted a copy online this week. Read more.

By - 4/28/16 - 8:34 pm

Commissioner William Evans' statements about the police body cam initiative have wavered over time, from 2014 to present,

"[We] are worried about its impact on our
relationship with the community. I fear that
not a lot of people... might not want to have
that interaction with us if they knew they're
on camera..."
Dec 3, 2014, Boston Herald

"We haven't ruled them out."
Jan 13, 2015, WGBH Boston Public Radio

"They're going to happen."
Sep 15, 2015 WGBH, Greater Boston

By - 4/28/16 - 2:09 pm

The Globe reports the most ubiquitous chain in the Boston area is ramping up for store-to-door delivery of its products. No word if direct IV infusion is in the works.

By - 4/28/16 - 12:16 pm

Boston Public Schools yesterday announced an expanded number of seats in a program aimed helping students get ready for the ISEE test that helps determine who gets to go to the city's three exam schools - from 450 to 750.

Using money from both the Boston Latin School Association and an unnamed foundation started by Mayor Walsh, the expanded effort will also include outreach aimed specifically at "Boston students who attend public schools that have been traditionally under-represented in the Exam School Initiative program."

By - 4/27/16 - 10:12 pm

McKinsey uses the same template to audit school systems in every city. They claim that schools should be closed for a variety of reasons. The schools aren't actually closed but reopened usually by an outside operator.

This creates a "portfolio district" something Rahn Dorsey, the Chief of Education in City Hall, has promoted since he was at the Barr Foundation.

By - 4/27/16 - 5:16 pm

Mayor Walsh said today he'll back a referendum on the November ballot to levy a surcharge on property taxes that could mean $16.5 million a year to help build affordable housing and spruce up and expand Boston parklands - plus additional matching funds from the state.

In a statement, Walsh said: Read more.