By - 3/9/15 - 4:29 am

Can the Olympic bid provide an impetus for long-range planning for greater Boston?

By - 3/7/15 - 3:48 pm
Shaun Harrison at a gun buyback program in Roxbury

Although until this week, most people thought it was an interest in getting guns away from teenagers.

In 2006, Harrison was an active participant in a high-profile city gun buyback program, in which people could turn in guns, no questions asked, and get a Target gift card.

By - 3/7/15 - 8:37 am

It seemed a bit odd at the time: There, in the back of a community meeting about the Olympics and Franklin Park sat Deval Patrick, smiling, but not saying anything.

The Globe reports this morning that Patrick's former minion and current Boston 2024 CEO Richard Davey has hired the newly retired governor to go on a lot of foreign trips, in a job as "global ambassador" to the International Olympics Committee. In the role, Patrick will journey overseas to shmooze the panjandrums of the IOC on why they should deign to grant Boston their munificence in 2024.

By - 3/6/15 - 11:37 pm


McDonough said it is necessary to close the alternative schools [Community Academy in Jamaica Plain and Middle School Academy in South Boston] and three others — the Elihu Greenwood Leadership Academy and William B. Rogers Middle School, both in Hyde Park, and West Roxbury Academy — because costs of running the city’s schools are rising much faster than revenues.

By - 3/6/15 - 5:00 pm

CommonWealth Magazine talks to Marty Walsh about the agita that went into deciding to whisper Tommy Chang's name into the ears of School Committee members.

“It was tough,” he said. “I would literally go to bed, wake up, and say, ‘oh my God.’ It was a difficult decision because I knew there was a lot at stake.”

By - 3/6/15 - 1:51 pm

At a City Council hearing today, Boston 2024 Richard Davey said he has finally begun talking to the owners of the food-processing businesses in Widett Circle, which would have to leave to make room for the "Midtown" stadium that would be one of the focal points of a 2024 Olympics in Boston.

Davey also told City Councilor Charles Yancey, who sees pretty much every public event as an opportunity to push for a high school in Mattapan, that, sure, maybe Boston 2024 could help him with that.

By - 3/5/15 - 12:36 pm
Dignitaries announcing MBTA Late Night Service - website

Measured in terms of passenger trips and customer satisfaction, the MBTA's Late Night Service Pilot Program is a success. Measured simply in dollars and cents, however, it's a failure, expected to run a $10.7 million deficit during its first year. If things don't change, it seems likely the service will be cut back, or canceled entirely.

By - 3/5/15 - 10:17 am

Kevin McCrea (yes, that Kevin McCrea) proposes using some of that there smart technology to deal with winter space saving: Basically charge residents for city space savers embedded with GPS devices that could report to City Hall:

After a snowstorm, when a 'host' shovels out a spot and needs to drive off they put their "Official City of Boston Space Saver" in their spot and log that spot into the 'Space Saver Hub'. They give their account and password and enter when they need to return to the spot. The "Space Saver Hub" uses the GPS embedded into the device to log the location. A display screen on the device could flash "Free until 6 pm" or whatever time the person plans on returning. The host is responsible for keeping the device charged and/or batteries installed.

A 'guest' driving through the neighborhood would have two ways of finding a space to park. One is to look for the flashing displays on space savers, the second is to have their smart phone alert them to available spaces in the neighborhood.

By - 3/5/15 - 9:51 am
Tommy Chang's Twitter header

Tommy Chang has a new header image and user name for his Twitter account as he prepares to move from the Los Angeles Unified School District to Boston to become school superintendent.

He's changed his handle from TommyChangLAUSD to SuptChang, although he says "Taking ideas from students for any better handles." And he's already beginning to discuss Boston issues - and that basketball image:

Boston matters! As the birthplace of public ed in America, it needs to serve as a model of a world class education system.

By - 3/5/15 - 7:40 am

Xconomy reports the price of a cab medallion in Boston has dropped from $700,000 to $500,000 in just one year - and that Carriage News, a newspaper for the Boston taxi industry, stopped publishing last month.

By - 3/4/15 - 5:17 pm

The Somerville Community Access Television team conducted a series of interviews with regional filmmakers in the greater Boston area during Boston Indie Mafia’s Hob Nob Social event at the Arts at the Armory. Below is the playlist of all the interviews with clips from their respective film. For more information about upcoming Hob Nob Socials, visit this website.

By - 3/4/15 - 2:24 pm

Joe Keohane, who left Boston for New York, interviews Dennis Lehane, who left Boston for Los Angeles.

By - 3/4/15 - 8:14 am

Freeway Jim takes us on a speeded-up journey along the highways, bridges and tunnels around downtown Boston, set to, no, not "Roadrunner," but Boston's first album. With explanatory notes, photos and history inset along the way.

Via Boston Reddit.

By - 3/4/15 - 7:42 am

Mary Moore writes she had actually been proud to have never taken an Uber car.

My patience ended this morning, when I stood on the street for 20 minutes in temperatures that hovered in the teens, waiting for a taxi that I'd ordered the night before.

By - 3/4/15 - 3:44 am


By - 3/3/15 - 9:01 pm
Tommy Chang

The School Committee tonight selected Tommy Chang, who currently oversees a system of 95,000 students in the Los Angeles school district, as Boston's next school superintendent.

By - 3/3/15 - 2:15 pm

City Council President Bill Linehan said today he'll chair a special committee to look at how Boston can host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

To join him, Linehan chose councilors Mark Ciommo (Allston/Brighton), Frank Baker (Dorchester), Tito Jackson (Roxbury), Tim McCarthy (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan), Michelle Wu (at large), and Matt O’Malley (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain).

By - 3/2/15 - 5:24 pm

Mayor Walsh says he wants to increase the fines for commercial snow infractions from $300 per incident to $1,500.

The fines would be levied in companies that refuse to shovel their sidewalks or dump snow in the street.

The increase would require approval from the state legislature.