By - 3/12/17 - 10:24 pm

The Dorchester Reporter reports.

On Wednesday, the City Council approved a new contract with the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association that lets the city and the union re-open the contract section dealing with body cameras - for example, to negotiate department-wide use of them - without re-opening all of the rest of the contract.

By - 3/11/17 - 5:48 pm
Bilzzard Watch along the coast issued by NWS

Blizzard Watch issued for coastal areas by National Weather Service.

So how are your supplies of milk, bread and eggs?

By - 3/11/17 - 10:07 am

Add hamentashen to the list of things Boston does differently than the rest of the country. Seth Gitell explains why the Purim pastries are different here and tells you where to get them (including one outlet in, gasp, New York).

By - 3/10/17 - 9:38 am

Up on the International Space Station, Shane Kimbrough snapped a shot of our fair Hub yesterday:

Beautiful day in Boston! #FenwayPark looks like it is getting ready for play!

By - 3/9/17 - 9:10 am

City councilors yesterday urged the School Committee to declare a formal "sanctuary school" policy that would prohibit ICE agents from entering BPS schools and facilities without "explicit permission" from both the school superintendent and the Suffolk County district attorney. Read more.

By - 3/8/17 - 1:28 pm

Tyler Fitzpatrick asks:

I'm the brewer at Lamplighter in Cambridge, looking for a local Indian market to get some Indian coriander. Know of any?

By - 3/7/17 - 8:48 pm

City officials today unwrapped a wishbook of projects to turn Boston into a 21st-century city with reliable transit service that connects people in remote neighborhoods with jobs in growing districts nowhere near downtown and with bike lanes and sidewalks that become safe and reliable ways to get around. Read more.

By - 3/6/17 - 8:30 pm

Over the weekend there were protests and counter-protests. In Boston, there was a March4Trump at the state house that drew about 100 people and a rally for Planned Parenthood at the band stand on Boston Common only a few hundred yards apart.

By - 3/6/17 - 10:59 am

Mayor Walsh and City Councilor Ayanna Pressley today unveiled a proposal to add 152 new liquor licenses aimed mainly at helping out start-up restaurants in outer neighborhoods.

But their proposal, which would require approval by the state legislature and the governor, would also grant the city the power to give an "umbrella" license to any development of more than 500,000 square feet, such as the South Bay Town Center project now under construction in Dorchester and the Seaport Square development in South Boston. Read more.

By - 3/4/17 - 8:50 pm
Old Orange Line in Fuzz

Channel surfing, we just ran across a movie where Boston has an 87th precinct, across the street from the Orange Line el, Yul Brynner plays an evil-doer and Raquel Welch is a detective urged to get a bite to eat at a cafeteria on Tree-mont. She might've been paired with a detective played by Burt Reynolds, but somebody set him on fire. Plus, he's married to a deaf woman. Yes, of course, we're watching Fuzz, which was based on a New York book that for some reason the directors decided to base in Boston.

And thanks to Matt Robare, we know that somebody stitched together all the El scenes from the movie:

By - 2/27/17 - 2:26 pm

City Council President Michelle Wu is proposing an ordinance that would require a council committee to hold a hearing on any issue backed by at least 250 Boston residents.

The "free petition" proposal would be similar to a section of the state constitution that requires legislators to introduce bills submitted by their constituents - just with a requirement for signatures. Read more.

By - 2/27/17 - 11:17 am
Parlor in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.

By - 2/27/17 - 9:40 am

The National Weather Service is looking at temps near 70 by Wednesday, which the forecasters note is "well above normal." Also, the balmy temps could be accompanied by lots and lots of rain, possibly in the form of thunderstorms.

Then, of course, since this is New England, we could get some snow over the weekend, possibly in the form of two fast-moving "clipper" storms.

By - 2/27/17 - 1:30 am

This is an invitation to use Mapjunction! A free web tool for map lovers and history enthusiasts. In Mapjunction you can compare any two maps from Boston and environ history. You'll see almost 400 maps and aerial photos that are the result of combining about 3000 individual maps and aerial scans. Just move the green wand from side to side to uncover history. Move the wand up and down to change opacity, and use the side bars to pick any map, aerial or atlas to explore.

By - 2/26/17 - 11:19 pm

The Globe talks to probate lawyers who say the register's office under Felix Arroyo is a mess - but that that's no change from the way it was under predecessor Patty Campatelli. The state trial-court system, which relieved Arroyo of his duties - but with pay - says it's found "serious deficiencies" under him, but won't say what they are. Arroyo wants a public investigation, but won't release the trial-court letter detailing the charges against him.

By - 2/25/17 - 12:52 pm

BPS: We Dream Together is available in English, Arabic, Cape Verdean and Haitian Creole, Chinese, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.

By - 2/25/17 - 10:10 am

The Globe reports a startup thinks it's smarter than the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and is now offering to deliver a bottle of lemonade to your door - with a complimentary eighth of an ounce of pot as a "gift."

By - 2/24/17 - 10:55 pm

Hey! Transgender Kids