By - 3/22/09 - 11:49 pm

As several folks noted today, there were some odd things about today's City Weekly section in the Globe, such as the lack of any farewell messages and the fact that readers were invited to submit another cartoon caption entry.

Ron Newman dug up this Globe marketing page, which says the new regional zones start April 2, which means the Globe either pulled a Sopranos on City Weekly readers or they're giving us one last chance to say good bye.

What's also interesting about the new zones is that apparently Brookline readers will now get copies of Globe West (so they'll finally be able to stay up to date on those Westborough highway improvements - but also on what's happening in Newton). Somervillains, meanwhile, will no longer have to worry about missing any news about the Rowley school budget (but they'll also get some Medford news). And Cantabridgians and Bostonians? Sniff, we're just a blank spot on the Globe zone map, as if the sea level's already risen and flooded us out.

By - 3/22/09 - 8:30 pm

Based on what seems not to be a particularly scientific survey of REALTOR-brand real-estate agents, the Globe declares that, except for the South End for foodies, Boston neighborhoods just don't cut it as a "top place" to live. Even Quincy is rated higher on public transit than "Boston" (in quotes, because the other categories mostly mention specific neighborhoods rather than the entire city).

By - 3/20/09 - 6:10 pm

Unless Menino is there, too, McCrea writes:

... Sam [Yoon] and his campaign manager both agreed that it sounded like a good idea, that we could invite Michael Flaherty, and if the Mayor decided not to participate we could have a cardboard cut out of him on stage not participating. Because as we have heard from the Mayor he is too busy to participate in debates. He can open burrito stands but not discuss the future of the city in public. He comes to everything in the city, except a debate!

By - 3/20/09 - 5:43 pm

As many of you saw yesterday, there was confusion on the Boston Fire Department Twitter feed. I am a Boston Firefighter, and not knowing that the city was intending to set up an official Twitter feed, I set one up to keep those interested informed of fire department happenings around the city. Upon learning that an official Twitter feed was set up, I shut mine down.

By - 3/20/09 - 7:11 am

This Globe story starts out by making it seem so - by stating that some Massachusetts communities, including Boston, aren't getting any money at all. But then you read to the bottom and you see a quote from a Menino mouthpiece:

Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Mayor Thomas M. Menino, did not express displeasure that Boston was passed over, and said she expects the city will receive $17 million for schools in later rounds of stimulus funding.

What might have also been helpful in the story was some specific examples of why, say, Wellesley, gets money but Hull doesn't, beyond a vague reference to "changes in student enrollment and demographics."

By - 3/19/09 - 7:55 pm

In the mid to late 1950s, MIT professors Kevin Lynch and Gyorgy Kepes did a five-year study on city planning which involved studying and photographing various parts of the city. The MIT libraries have put up a portion of the Kepes-Lynch Photograph collection on flickr, with more supporting documentation available in the DOME repository.

By - 3/19/09 - 6:39 pm

First, there was @Boston_Fire merrily tweeting away. Then, suddenly @BostonFire comes along and states:

@Boston_Fire is not a department sanctioned feed @bostonfire is the official Twitter site of the Boston Fire Department

Now, after a hasty apology, @Boston_Fire tweeted:

By - 3/19/09 - 3:51 pm

Shortly after 3 p.m., Boston Fire tweeted:

Report on Box 3547: Confirmed Building Fire, L6 reports heavy fire on roof, 1 line charged at this time

Which is a little meaningless unless you happen to be either right there or in possession of a list of Boston fire boxes.

Firebufffeed to the rescue: Whoever runs that does have a list of Boston fire boxes and translates the above to: a three-story apartment building at 563-565 Norfolk St. (in Mattapan).

By - 3/19/09 - 3:29 pm

The commissioner denies the rumor in a memo to Boston Police:

... This rumor is false. I am personally proud to have the opportunity to lead this extraordinary organization and I look forward to our future successes.

By - 3/19/09 - 1:15 pm

Because we've been talking so much about the future of print journalism in Boston, especially the future of the Globe, I thought I'd share a couple of interesting pieces that offer a broader (and even more disturbing) perspective on what this economic threat to the daily paper means:

Here's a very thoughtful piece by Paul Starr, "Goodbye to the Age of Newspapers (Hello to a New Era of Corruption)," in the New Republic -- long but worth printing out and reading -- about how the demise of the daily newspaper impacts public accountability:

By - 3/19/09 - 11:31 am

Keshet's Training Institute for Jewish Educators
May 31 - June 3, 2009
Pearlstone Retreat Center, MD

Apply online!

Join this national gathering of educators, clergy, youth professionals and community leaders to learn:

  • How to design and facilitate workshops on diversity and GLBT inclusion for faculty, staff, youth, and parents in Jewish educational institutions;
  • How to combat homophobia and other forms of bias in Jewish youth culture;
  • By - 3/19/09 - 11:12 am

    The Dorchester Reporter reports that Ego Ezedi, director of the Roxbury YMCA, is running for an at-large seat on the city council this fall. Ezedi ran a close race for the District 4 seat against Charles Yancey in 2003.

    By - 3/19/09 - 9:40 am

    Adam Reilly spends some time with McCrea, the only candidate for mayor who's not already ensconced in City Hall.

    By - 3/19/09 - 12:10 am

    UPDATE: The feed is now gone. A Boston firefighter had set it up after seeing what the Boston Police Department was doing, not knowing BFD was about to launch an official site, at

    The Boston Fire Department is now on Twitter.

    Boston Police jump on Twitter.

    By - 3/18/09 - 11:13 pm

    Following the success of the Boston Police, The Boston Fire Department is now on Twitter.

    This Twitter feed will be updated with information on citywide fire related emergencies whenever possible. Come join us!

    By - 3/18/09 - 10:19 pm

    First was Fringe. Now Jason Meserve tweets (here and here that tonight's episode of Criminal Minds on CBS opened with a car allegedly stranded on a Rte. 128 with just one lane on each side and then had Boston Police responding to something on 128. He rates it a double fail.

    By - 3/17/09 - 11:07 am

    The Boston Business Journal rushes to get us the news.

    This lady would probably not beg to differ. Nor would this guy, who explains what gets his Irish up, or, at least, the part of him that is Irish, rather than Hispanic or French.

    A green drink you might not actually want to down.