By - 10/1/09 - 1:13 pm

The Sheriff of Suffolk launches her bid for reelection in 2010 tonight with a fundraiser at the Hampshire House.

Possibly of more immediate concern to Cabral is a Massachusetts Appeals Court ruling today that says she has to submit to arbitration when making shift changes among prison guards due to layoffs. The ruling (which Cabral could appeal to the Supreme Judicial Court) stems from her decision in 2002 to re-assign some workers after layoffs. The union objected, saying any such changes had to go to arbitration first.

By - 9/30/09 - 8:35 pm

Republican State Sen. Scott Brown, and candidate for US Senate,

"has filed a bill to prohibit ACORN from receiving state grants or serving as a state-approved housing counselor in Massachusetts." link

Scott did not cite a single specific allegation, never mind a specific indictment or conviction of wrong-doing by ACORN or ACORN employees in Massachusetts stating only,

By - 9/30/09 - 7:13 pm

The Globe reports Boston will hire a company to "scan" all the internal City Hall messages to and from Michael Kineavy and then post those (so sounds like PDFs, although maybe they'll make it even more fun and post 5,018 GIF images). No word on the other messages, the ones the city claims would cost $250,000 to retrieve - or the messages that were forwarded to the feds.

By - 9/30/09 - 2:01 pm

High in the seats at last year’s Democratic National Convention, Attorney General Martha Coakley rose to register her vote for Hillary Clinton. The vote carried no mathematical weight - Barack Obama had already secured the nomination - but was a symbolic show of support for the woman who had come closest to the presidency.

In fairness, Coakley is not asked why she favored Clinton over Obama and maybe she has reasons that go beyond gender.

By - 9/30/09 - 7:57 am
Owens approves

At yesterday's deputy-mayor press conference/rally, Michael Flaherty never introduced the guy standing right up there with him and Sam Yoon: Former state Senator Bill Owens, who had endorsed Yoon in August. But is the presence of the man defeated by Dianne Wilkerson in 1992 enough to increase Flaherty's vote getting in black neighborhoods?

Chris Lovett writes it could be the deciding factor in Flaherty's bid for mayor, because Yoon peaked in areas with traditionally low turnout in general city elections, such as Jamaica Plain, Back Bay and Allston/Brighton. Lovett talks to former city councilor Larry DiCara about turnout, especially in minority areas where Menino did particularly well.

By - 9/29/09 - 4:22 pm

Boston today lifted its moratorium on new permits for sightseeing vehicles.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says there's no longer any reason to limit the number of permits for tour vehicles given that the original reason for the moratorium - the Big Dig - is long finished. The moratorium went into effect in 1998.

In February, a Medford man sued Boston in federal court over the ban on new licenses. Assuming the city's decision today doesn't make that case moot, it wasn't even scheduled for pre-trial motions before May, 2010.

By - 9/29/09 - 1:54 pm

Bay Windows reports the Federation of Gay Games today chose Cleveland for the 2014 Gay Games.

By - 9/29/09 - 11:00 am

As he introduced the man who would be his deputy mayor, Michael Flaherty predicted 40,000 to 60,000 more people would come to the polls in November - and that the majority of them would vote for change.

"About half the people who voted last Tuesday voted for change," Flaherty said at a City Hall Plaza press conference at which he and Sam Yoon outlined their proposed agenda - which includes dismantling the BRA, performance reviews across all departments and a 311 system.

Roughly 81,000 people voted in this month's preliminary elections, which saw incumbent Mayor Tom Menino take 51% of the vote, with Flaherty and Yoon splitting most of the rest.

By - 9/29/09 - 2:59 am

This is not a good way to win votes...

Here, by the way, is the body of the spam he just sent me:

By - 9/28/09 - 10:56 pm

Dear Universal Hub,

Tomorrow, we are announcing our historic ticket to change Boston politics forever.

One week ago, almost 50% of voters had the courage to vote for change. With their vote, they sent a message to Boston: it is time to transform the way we do business in City Hall with new leadership and a fresh perspective.

By - 9/28/09 - 10:20 pm

File under: Floon!

Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty have scheduled a press conference for 10:15 a.m. tomorrow. Dale Herbeck tweets it's to announce that Yoon will be "running" as Michael Flaherty's deputy mayor.

Herbeck says this is the "BIG development breaking in Boston mayoral race" that David Bernstein at the Phoenix teases he's writing up right this second. Gin Dumcius at the Dorchester Reporter tweets one of his sources has confirmed the story. UPDATE: Bernstein confirms after he got Twitter-scooped on his own story.

By - 9/28/09 - 4:52 pm

Join 7NEWS and Project Bread to STOMP Out Hunger! at the opening night performance of STOMP in Boston, Thursday, October 1 (show runs through October 18 at the Cutler Majestic Theatre). On opening night Project Bread will receive a $10 donation for each ticket sold! STOMP, the award-winning, international percussion sensation, has performed in 350 cities and 36 countries. The eight-member troupe uses everything but conventional percussion instruments — such as matchboxes, wooden poles, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters and hubcaps to fill the stage with sensational rhythms.

By - 9/28/09 - 1:36 pm

The Boston Globe has made available a sample of the 5000 e-mails that City Hall finally coughed up related to Kineavy (these are e-mails from other people's mailboxes that included Kineavy in the To/From/CC fields not from his own mailbox, because he was double deleting his e-mails to avoid archival).

Particularly telling as to Kineavy's motivation for double-deleting all of his e-mail is a heavily CC'd discussion related to 2009 Saint Patrick's Day breakfast roast jokes. Kineavy ends the discussion with his colleagues by stating:

By - 9/28/09 - 8:50 am

Michael Flaherty heads to Suffolk Superior Court today - for jury duty - the Lit Drop folks at the Dorchester Reporter report.

By - 9/27/09 - 7:56 pm

OK, so Nov. 7 is the Big Test - the ISEE exam that helps determine which sixth graders get into one of the Boston exam schools next fall.

You have to fill out a registration form to take the test, of course. With a number-2 pencil. So that you can fill in all your answers in the form of little circles.

No, I am not making this up.

By - 9/27/09 - 7:22 pm

A weekend of pretty awesome cycling events comes to and end. NECN covered Saturday's professional cycling race, the first pro race held in Boston in over 20 years. The 40-mile men's and women's races took place on the .7-mile loop around City Hall Plaza. Five-time US National Criterium Champion, Tina Pic, won the women's event in the final race of her career before entering retirement. Kyle Wamsley took the men's race in a sensational, final three-man sprint.