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Once again, it is time to treat our local news women like objects, and rate them not for their abilities to dictate the news to us, or read from a teleprompter, but for their physical beauty.

It's the 2008 edition of the Hottest Boston Newswomen Poll.

Get out and vote...yes we can.

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The School Committee this week approved school reorganization plan that closes fewer schools than originally proposed by Superintendent Carole Johnson, but which opens some new programs but no single-sex school. Details.

On Nov. 19, the committee is scheduled to vote on making the Haley School in Roslindale a pilot school, turning the Mary Lyon School in Brighton into a K-12 school and letting the Boston Teachers Union open a K-8 pilot school in Jamaica Plain. The committee will also discussion Johnson's proposal to close the Dickerman, Stone and P.A. Shaw elementary schools in Dorchester, the Boston International High School building in Jamaica Plain, Hamilton Elementary School in Brighton and Higginson Elementary School in Roxbury.

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Chris Lovett posts a chart showing relative increases in voter turnout by ward this year as compared to the turnout in 2004, 2000 and 1996.

By - 11/6/08 - 9:37 am

Not the guy who lost last time. His son, Felix Arroyo the younger, the Globe reports.

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Park and Pray is a new blog about owning a car in Boston, and it starts off with a chronicle of the five main types of people you compete with every night for a space - and how to defeat them.

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Won't quit her Senate job just yet to ensure "an orderly transition," she claims.

Meanwhile, Daniel Pokaski flees a reporter who wants to know what he thinks about a federal complaint that paints him as a less than flattering character in the Wilkerson affair.

Oh, and a mayoral flunky tells one blogger (and plaintiff) that the mayor has "no influence on the licensing board."

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That Hottness compiles a map of where the parties were - along with videos and photos for each marker.

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Latest results, also show Obama winning Boston, Question 1 losing in the city, Question 2 winning, Question 3 winning, but not by much.

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I haven't seen much, but thought i would pass along. The United Way, Mayor Menino, Fed Ex and Greater Boston Food Bank will be accepting non-perishable food at all polling locations in Boston. Great Cause can you help spread the word and feed some folks this winter.

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[center]Better days[/center][/float]

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Did you know that

more than 8 percent of the state's households [more than 500,000 people] could not afford to buy enough healthy food from 2004 to 2006, the most recent years for which statistics are available.

That's up from the 6 percent during the years between 2001 to 2003.

Advocates blame a souring economy and higher food prices in part for the increase in hungry families. LINK

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(commonly known as "Obama's Counsins' Mama Leak Gate")

credit Canadian Free Press[/float]

The government is investigating whether any laws were broken in the disclosure that Barack Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango(zay-TUHN on-YANG-oh), was living in the country illegally.

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CNN talks up Boston as a great place to visit (thanks!), but gives this advice:

Pahk your cahr: Here's the secret of why Bostonians "pahk their cahr in Hahvid Yahd" -- because it's too expensive to park it in the city.

As Charlie Brown might say if he lived around here: AHHHHHG! Dear CNN: Ditch the extra R and the advice to pahk in Hahvahd Yahd - which nobody does because they don't want to get towed away by Hahvahd Police.

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Somewhat lost in the coverage of Deval Patrick's new interest in State House ethics yesterday was his call to reduce the number of times local cities and towns have to to the legislature for permission to do various things. Mike Ball analyzes his call for greater home rule, in which he said:

The current home rule structure dates from the 1960s and guarantees that the Legislature and the Executive spend an inordinate amount of time deciding when and how localities can tax, borrow, regulate private and, and make rules for municipal elections. Forty percent of all legislation passed over the last two years was local laws that affect only one community. Sponsors of home rule bills are often forced to expend a great deal of time and political capital to get non-controversial, purely local matters moving and enacted, rather than working on matters of broader concern.

Naturally, one could argue this is tied to the Wilkerson case since half of it (the Dejavue part) centers around a holdover from the days of anti-Irish hatred on Beacon Hill - alone among Massachusetts cities and towns, Boston does not control its own liquor licenses, which are instead doled out by a state board. And the Wilkerson complaint alleges she used her influence in the senate to hold up a home-rule petition from Boston to eliminated a preliminary election in 2007 as a way of forcing councilors to put pressure on that board to give Dejavu a license.

By - 11/1/08 - 3:48 pm

Kevin McCrea reports he filed a formal complaint yesterday over the way Dianne Wilkerson's alleged briber got his liquor license.

He posts a copy of his complaint with the Suffolk County DA's office over an Aug. 15, 2007 meeting of the Boston Licensing Board. As noted in the FBI affidavit in the bribery case against Wilkerson, the board did not have Dejavu on its schedule and did not discuss the application and, yet, "on August 16, 2007, the BLB issued a letter notifying Dejavu that its petition for a malt and liquor license had been granted."

Worth noting is that the affidavit specifies that FBI agents attended the Aug. 15 hearing. It'd be interesting if Suffolk County prosecutors interviewed them for their investigation of McCrea's complaint.

By - 10/31/08 - 10:02 pm

Ann Withorn is a professor of social policy and welfare rights at UMass-Boston. She writes how, as a long-time supporter and fan of Dianne Wilkerson, she now feels like an enabler, but adds:

I don't know if it is addiction, depression, or the effects of past trauma that kept our brave beautiful Dianne from asking for help. She will have to face the consequences. But she should not face them alone. We in the Massachusetts Left and the multi-racial progressive movements who knew her (and used her) in the struggles cannot abandon her and pile on as if we couldn't see it coming. She needs help, probably treatment and certainly lots of love - because of the mess she is in, not in spite of it.

And we need to pay more attention to our comrades, to warn them away from their own demons, to pitch in and not wait for the train to go off the track. Let's all learn from this.

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Do you have a party to attend tonight or tomorrow? Are your kids getting dressed up? What's your favorite Halloween party game? Candy? Least favorite?