By - 7/1/15 - 12:04 pm
Trolley in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo.

By - 6/29/15 - 1:47 pm

First came Boston's Finest on TNT. Now ABC gives us Boston EMS, which will premiere next month (along with Save My Life: Boston Trauma). So when does Boston Jake come out?

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Boston firefighters did have their own series.

By - 6/27/15 - 12:18 pm
City Hall sign pointing to City Hall

What's not to love? 2012 photo.

ArchDaily interviews a trio of architects writing a book about the glory of 1960s and 1970s concrete architecture in Boston and why they prefer to call it "Heroic" rather than "Brutalist." For starters, not all concrete buildings are brutalist. Equally important, they say, all that concrete reflects an era in which city leaders managed to revitalize a city that had been somnolently declining for decades. Read more.

By - 6/26/15 - 1:45 pm

Boston 2024 CEO Rich Davey (right) addresses councilors

UPDATE: Boston 2024 says it will release its new plan at 10 a.m. on Monday.

We'll have to wait until next week to hear any new information about the financials for the proposed 2024 Olympics. The City Council Special Committee on the 2024 Olympics held a hearing today about venue selection and financing but it didn't get many answers. Read more.

By - 6/26/15 - 10:09 am
Jimmy Cawley

Jimmy Cawley, who spent the past eight years with WORK, Inc. of Dorchester, helping people with disabilities train for and get jobs, died overnight from the lung cancer doctors only discovered when he had a stroke a couple of months ago.

Cawley, a Grateful Dead fan who spent 20 years as a newsroom researcher at the Globe, leaves his wife Elisa and his children Christina and Kevin.

By - 6/26/15 - 8:40 am
BINJ logo

Dig News Editor Chris Faraone is starting an effort to support and share investigative and interpretive reporting by Boston-area journalists who don't have an MSM press card. The Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism will, he writes: Read more.

By - 6/26/15 - 8:16 am

Boston Media Networks of Wellesley says it has raised $1.14 million - and hopes to raise another $860,000 - to start up the NewBostonPost, which will offer up Boston-based news and commentary. Read more.

By - 6/25/15 - 4:58 pm

The mayor's office today announced the city is installing sunscreen dispensers at Millennium Park in West Roxbury; Jamaica Pond; Boston Common; Christopher Columbus Park in the North End and East Boston Stadium and Memorial Park.

The dispensers, first proposed by City Councilor Matt O'Malley (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury), make Boston "the first major city in the Northeast" to offer free sun protection to residents and visitors. The city Parks and Recreation Department teamed up with the Melanoma Foundation of New England and Make Big Change to install the dispensers.

By - 6/25/15 - 4:42 pm

David Fitzgerald, a 19-year-veteran of the Boston Police Department, admitted in federal court today that he lied to FBI agents when they asked him about loans he'd made to "a known street-level drug dealer and bookmaker," the FBI reports.

As part of a plea agreement, Fitzgerald resigned from BPD and will be put on probation for a year. According to the FBI: Read more.

By - 6/25/15 - 10:23 am

The Globe reports on Mayor Walsh's plans for "an ambitious multimillion-dollar plan to end homelessness among veterans this year and to end chronic homelessness by 2018."

By - 6/25/15 - 8:15 am

Clover, which offers food both on wheels and in fixed locations, is going for kosher certification:

I had a colleague at McKinsey who kept fairly strict Kosher, and I was shocked what a nightmare it was for her to try to find food she could eat. I have no idea how many people in Boston keep Kosher, but I want Clover to be accessible to everybody and I started thinking about getting Kosher certification a long time ago.

By - 6/24/15 - 11:04 pm

David Bernstein reports on how they voted in advance of the election even though working for a candidate on election day is not one of the reasons you can legally do that in Massachusetts - and even after they were warned about it.

By - 6/24/15 - 9:19 pm

The Boston City Council today approved a budget that includes the addition of 200 summer jobs, the restoration of school truant-officer jobs that were in jeopardy and $1 billion for Boston schools. The budget also restores police cadets. Read more.

By - 6/23/15 - 3:22 pm

Seems Marty Walsh almost snubbed the mayor of London when the guy showed up here in the middle of one of our February snowstorms and Her Majesty's Government was right put out (not that Boris Johnson didn't find people in Boston to talk to).

By - 6/23/15 - 2:35 pm
Giant snow blower ordered by Boston

Photo via Public Works Department.

The Boston Public Works Department says a Woburn company will build the city two truck-mounted snow blowers that will give us Montreal-strength street-clearing power.

Each of the LaRue D55 blowers can shoot 2,750 tons of snow an hour the length of half a football field, although in practice the blowers, to be mounted on new Volvo loaders, will be paired with large dump trucks, into which snow will be blown for transportation to one of the city's fine snow dumps.

The city will pay $645,000 for the new blowers and loaders to Woodco Machinery, Inc. - the only company to meet the city's specifications.

By - 6/22/15 - 4:50 pm

Mayor Walsh's office announced today Boston will host the 2018 US Conference of Mayors, which will bring mayors from around the country to Boston for four days of wild carousing serious discussions on the critical issues facing the nation's cities - most notably income inequality.

By - 6/22/15 - 4:44 pm

Our own Mass. Emergency Management Agency warns we might need to get out the clubs to defend our homes from golf-ball-sized hail tomorrow afternoon - well, rush to a secure place away from windows. Granted, eastern Mass. has only a "low" risk of jumbo hail (as opposed to the "enhanced" risk west of 495), but the assessment also includes "a risk of isolated tornadoes," so keep your eyes on the skies tomorrow.

If you want to feel jitterier, there's always the ALL-CAPS rendition by the National Weather Service: Read more.

By - 6/22/15 - 4:34 pm

Good news: Suffolk County (Boston, Revere, Chelsea, & Winthrop) leads the nation in the percentage of housing considered to be affordable to those in "extreme" poverty (earning no more than $28,300 for a family of four).

Bad news: Only 51 extremely low-income families out of every 100 in Suffolk County are able to access safe and affordable rental housing.

Source: Urban Institute, The Housing Affordability Gap For Extremely Low-Income Renters In 2013

By - 6/22/15 - 11:17 am
An early Boston control center

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can figure out what this control center controlled, and when. See it larger.