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WBZ screen capture
Never forget, 1/31/07

Ten years ago today, Boston was paralyzed - by some battery-operated lightboards advertising an upcoming cartoon movie.

Those were the days.

99 LEDballoons.

Complete Mooninite coverage.

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Alex Goldstein founder of 90 West, a Boston public-relations firm (and former Deval Patrick spokesman) has put together a group of PR professionals to get the word out about immigrants and the lawyers fighting for them. Read more.

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Mike Capuano, who represents a good part of Boston, spoke on the floor of the House, today:

And for those people who say 'Oh, I'm here just to protect our country,' I've been in Boston all my life. The largest numbers of people [who died on 9/11] came from New York City and Boston. It was our people who lost their lives, yet we remain humanistic and open hearted. Open your hearts to the rest of the world.

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A BPS parent forwards a message BPS Superintendent Tommy Chang - himself an immigrant - is sending to parents:

Dear Boston Public Schools Community,

We want all of our families and staff to know that we will continue to stand up for all of our students and families, regardless of their immigration status. We will welcome and teach every single student who enters our classroom. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our values as a school system and as a city. We are a "Culture of We," and we are one BPS family.

We will work with famlies to help students remain focused on learning, both academically and emotionally, especially during these uncertain times. As Mayor Martin J. Walsh said yesterday, we will not retreat one inch from welcoming diverse, global communities into Boston because they make us stronger.

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The owners of 462 Boston medallion cabs yesterday sued Uber for what they say are the profits Uber cost them through unfair competition over a five-year period.

The suit comes days after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by an association of Boston medallion owners against the state's new regulations that allow Uber, Lyft and other "transportation network companies" to operate. Read more.

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Behold the following Twitter exchange between our resident professional crank and our resident mayor:

H/t VinnieTesla.

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Tory Bullock breaks it down.

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The newest Massachusetts drought map shows eastern Massachusetts is now in a "moderate" drought, down from the "severe" drought we were in just last week - and the "extreme" drought in September.

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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone today vowed to continue protecting immigrant families - including enforcing local edicts barring police from turning people into ICE for minor infractions - even at the risk of losing millions in federal aid.

Walsh vowed to use Boston City Hall itself as a sanctuary for immigrants threatened by the federal government if necessary. Read more.

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At-large Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George says she's had enough with suburban parents who try to sneak their kids into Boston public schools - and no longer just the exam schools, but even pre-school, inclusion and special-ed programs.

At-large Councilor Michael Flaherty, meanwhile, is venting similar ire against suburbanites - and even people from New Hampshire - who use "mattress addresses" to get on the civil-service lists for jobs as Boston police officers and firefighters. Read more.

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Boston city councilors agreed today to look at getting Boston into the bulk purchase of electricity from sustainable sources for resale to local residents and businesses.

Council President Michelle Wu said consumers could opt out of any such system, but said the main goal would be to help Boston dramatically reduce its contribution to climate change by maximizing the amount of energy the city consumes from renewable-energy sources. Read more.

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But who will enforce it? The council today voted unanimously to approve amendments to the city's existing construction policy to up the number of Boston residents large developers should hire from 50% to 51%, the number of people of color from 25% to 40% and the number of women from 10% to 12%. Read more.

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Barely a month into his new job as Suffolk County register of deeds, Steve Murphy is slated to get a pay raise, thanks to friends in the state legislature, the Globe reports.

Murphy never met a pay raise he wouldn't angrily support back in his days on the city council. Sadly, he never got to enjoy the pay raise he pushed in 2015, since he wasn't re-elected and the hike went into effect in 2016.

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A federal judge today dismissed a lawsuit by Boston cab owners against state rules that let "transportation network companies" such as Lyft and Uber carry passengers to and from Boston destinations. Read more.

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The city of Boston posted this video yesterday.

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The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports Mayor Walsh is looking for help in the legislature to garner Boston 151 new liquor licenses to be doled out over a three-year period.

Like the 75 new licenses Boston got in 2014, Walsh is proposing that most of the new permits be limited to neighborhoods outside Boston Proper and the waterfront.

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Much to my surprise the hashtag #MartyLostMeWhen continues to get traffic, and not just readers, new posts, too.

Wednesday morning, a person who claimed he started the hashtag posted a comment on the #MartyLostMeWhen article on

Wednesday at midday Fox25 covered the story.